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: Riot ban system??
Riot's ban system is terrible. I've seen and been in many situations where premades (usually 2 or 3) pick whatever role they want and expect the teams to be fine with it. And if someone threatens to troll, they troll with them and then they all report that one person after the game. I've also tried reporting them, but guess what nothing happens, because it's my ONE report compared to their THREE or FOUR. It really is unfair and I think riot should really look this over. There are many others out there that have experienced the same thing. We get banned because there were more reports to our name and yet the real bullies are still out there ruining the game for everyone else and continue to play. They even convince the enemy team to report you because they act like theyre not premades in all chat, that theyre just a bunch of random players that agree you should be banned but that is not the case. The ban system doesn't pick up on these and so many innocent players out there are getting banned whilst these toxic players continue to play and do whatever they want.


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