: Just had a game with a guy who thought he was god
Proof that toxicity exists in all elos and that Diamond is not the true promised land we all believe it is.
: Because they have an overinflated opinion about their own skills and are in denial that they aren't as good as they think they are.
TBH in Silver there are plenty of people who can climb because they have the skills but often the reason they fail to climb is because they cannot consistently maintain a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). They may have the skills, just not the means of expressing their frustration in a constructive manner. That takes time to learn and master. I've been practicing it for a year or so. I'm still bad at it.
Glîtchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Savage the King,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yOeJFURJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-14T05:30:58.553+0000) > > As jungler, finding the right words to make your laners understand you can't be everywhere and there are some lanes that you might not even go during games... this is not ez. You have to act in such a way that they get it, but don't tilt because they feel attacked. Thickening your skin is the best thing you can do. I wasn't bothered so much by that, they just kept bitching while IN LANE and thus kept getting killed
Hey Glitchy, I posted a comment more recently, let me know what you think of what's been written. I totally understand your frustration. From my experience as a laner, I usually express my frustrations with the jungler via things like "this is what I need from you to make this successful" but most treat it as I'm attacking them. Which is not the case. I jungle plenty, I know what laners need and don't need. When I fuck up a gank and give their laner a lead. I do my best to keep the enemy jungler out of their lane by doing things elsewhere, punishing the enemy jungler if they don't answer me.
Glîtchy (NA)
: why do people blame the jungle for their bot lane fucking up?
Well there's a few different schools of thought as to how you can approach their situation. First off let me state this: It is not your fault that they compromised their positioning to play aggressive in the lane. Now think about this. If they're pushed up - and winning the lane - you can do a few things for them to help them out. 1) Split the map - also known as Vertical Jungling. This can isolate their bot lane from any help and disincentivizes them from creating a 3 v 2. The reason this works is because if you've cleared the enemy's blue side jungle, there is nothing for the jungler to gain by ganking them if there isn't a guarantee that they will get a kill. There are no camps to clear (outside of maybe a drake) so they will lose tempo by coming to gank... and they lose even harder if it goes south. 2) Set up deep vision. This gives them information on where the enemy jungler is and if they are pushed up, knowing the enemy jungler is coming can give them some time to pull out and reposition so as to avoid key skill shots. Against junglers such as Rammus and Evelynn this is a little harder to do as they have very reliable means of ganking (high movespeed, point and click CC, and in Eve's case, stealth), so making sure they have as much info as possible will help them out. 3) Sit in lane bushes. If you think the enemy jungler will try and gank them, let them push up and move into the lane bushes. This way when the enemy thinks it's a good opportunity to crash the party, you can go full dad mode on them and kick their teeth in for trying. This can result in a fight that forces the enemy laners to base (or play gray screen simulator for a bit) and you get a short window of time to do whatever you please - take a dragon, get some plates (maybe first blood tower), etc. Let me reinforce that this is only if they're winning. If losing, try and set up vision, but be prepared to abandon them. The best thing for you to do as a jungler when you have no way to single-handedly turn around fights is to abandon them to whatever may come and focus on getting another laner far enough ahead that they can draft off of their success and come back into the game later on. (If they're playing something like Jhin, Sivir or Ashe as an ADC this is much better for the team as they can help the team with Utility which doesn't require items to be useful.)
Rioter Comments
: No, it is a step in the right direction though. Normally the punishments go: >10 game chat restrict 25 game chat resteict 14 day ban Perm ban It is possible to go back down the punishment tiers and recieve a secons punishment at a certain tier. Typically it takes longer to drop a tier than to unlock honor. If your next question is how many game does it take, then the answer is there is no set answer.
In my experience, it takes 3 months of consistent non-toxic behavior in-game to drop one tier of punishment. So to reset your account from whatever step it's at to square one just multiply 3 by the number of steps (3 months for going from 25 game chat restrict to 10 game chat restrict, 6 to go from 2 wk ban to 10 game chat restrict, infinite months to go from permaban to 10 game chat restrict - which no one has ever done xD)
: Just recieved a chat restriction for this 1 game.
Well, you are never informed of when a player receives a penalty from a report you make against them. There is a reason for this. Disciplinary actions are meant to be handled by Riot Games and the only people who are informed of their punishments and can discuss them are Rioters and the punished player. Riot recently implemented a small card that says "Hey, a player you reported recently was given a punishment. Thanks for helping out." This does not show up every time (it only shows up about 10% of the time) but it's Riot's way of saying, "We got you" and "Don't worry, the reporting system works." If you're expecting to be rewarded by Riot for reporting a toxic player, that says a lot about you. The report system is not there to make you feel better. It's there to inform Riot of players who make the experience unpleasant so they can encourage reform through punishments or remove them entirely if they refuse to change.
fear dmt (NA)
: i got suspended for 14 days for saying what was said above it really feels like you cant even type or you get ban
Let me reinforce something that I've learned in the 7 accts that I've gotten banned from this game for "similar things". Riot's stupid bot is designed to notice negativity, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. You may be saying that your jungler is either ignorant or trolling and while that doesn't seem like much to you - it may even be true - Riot is going to see it as you being negative. Trust me that's how #7 got the permanent ban. The system will nail you for anything - and I mean anything - remotely toxic. And it gets more and more strict the farther down the rabbit hole you go. (You can get banned from one game where you show even a mild amount of toxicity. Yes you read that right. One game. One time you lost your cool and said some things you regret.) The 2 week suspension is the last warning you will ever get - and it takes 3 - 6 months of consistent non-toxicity to get the acct back up one tier (that being the 25 game chat restrict). In short you really need to keep your nose clean for the next 6 - 12 months. Otherwise you will get banned.
: You weren't the only player to think that, but like the others you're blind.
Are you sure about that? The champion relied so heavily on Flash to make use of his Ultimate, and that combo alone was so reliably strong that to maintain balance the rest of his kit HAD to be completely useless. It's the reason Riot took away his Flash - Taunt combo. It broke his kit and made it impossible for them to buff him, as any buff pushed him way above the mark. His kit is just a new version of ass but not nearly as bad overall as his old kit.
fear dmt (NA)
: I think after this I am going to quit
When in doubt, just afk. If they really are garbage teammates, just leave the game. No sense getting verbal over it. You can't get banned for leaving games. You just get time punishment (5 games of waiting for 5, 10 or 20 mins depending on how often you leave). It's way worse to get banned. Trust me.
: League isn't dying, and anyone who says it is has no idea what they're talking about.
It's not the same popular game that I fell in love with and most of the content creators who made League content (MagikarpUsedFly, Bricky, Darkkmane, etc.) all moved on and stopped making content for it because it wasn't enjoyable for them anymore. It's losing its appeal in NA because of its community. The majority of NA is made up of these "COD" style of players, where if you are a new player and you don't know how to play the game, you will receive so much undue hatred from players. That was my experience at the start of the game and it still exists today. Players in NA expect that everyone who is playing it for the first time is a master of everything when in reality, most people don't even care about the game, much less playing ranked. Maybe 30% of the player base plays ranked, and that's when the season is tolerable.
Rioter Comments
Saevum (NA)
: Except Riste. Credit where credit is due.
Riste is like one of the few who is not toxic after years of playing League... I'll give him that. The majority of the League community is just fed up with Riot's balance team more so than the game. Riot doesn't necessarily listen to outside opinion all that often. They should have some of the community join in on balancing the game. Bring in people from the 1% (Diamond 4 and up) to talk about the state of the game. They have more insight and a closer finger on the pulse of the game because (unlike Riot employees), for most of them, their livelihood (live-streaming) depends on having this "finger on the pulse" attachment to it. If I had to make a historical example of it, look at colonial society - especially the relationship of Spain to its colonies in Texas and what is now Mexico. The king of Spain made very broad decrees about how he wanted his colonies run. The colonial leadership had this to say about it. "I understand but I do not comply." This was the way they approached the king's decrees because (in all honesty), the king was not there and did not know the natives as in-depth as his governers did. The governers did what they had to because their survival (literally) depended on it. This is how I observe the relationship of League to streamers and League to Devs. In order to really know what's going on with the natives (Solo Queue), listen to the governers (Diamond 4+ Twitch Streamers). Find out what they know and make educated guesses on what can (and should) be done. If you have a champ made for pro-play (like Ryze), let it be. It may not fit into Solo Queue ever... and that's perfectly fine. You can't ever make the community 100% happy, but the goal of the balance team should be to make the majority (90% or better, though for sanity, I think 75% is a reasonable "majority") happy with the state of the game, while stepping on as few players' toes as possible. Riot has not done that, and for that reason, League has been in the crap-shoot state for years. Ways to fix League: 1) Listen to those whose lives depend on your game. 2) Don't balance EVERYTHING for Solo Queue. Some champs just won't fit (sorry, Ryze and Akali), and that's fine. 3) Don't balance EVERYTHING for Pro Play. Some champs won't ever fit (sorry, Garen) and that's fine. 4) Faster patches would be nicer. A patch every 2 weeks to address overall balance, with an interim 1-week patch to hack out all the bugs, hotfixes, etc. (No one will fault you for making more regular adjustments to the game to make it a healthier experience.) The list can continue. But I leave that to you.
: Is it his W or his Ult that make him so much better in Pro play? Or both?
Overall his flash W is where they could invest more of his power budget but they can't have it be that strong while still having all the rest of the bells and whistles.
Sucction (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fear the Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JVXoiX0n,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-06T19:01:49.224+0000) > > At this point its time to stop messing with Galio's numbers and give him a mini update already. It's clear Riot can't balance him without pro players sperging out and complaining like they always do. Just revert. He was legit fine before. He was unpopular then and he's even more unpopular now, but at least he was playable.
: Jax main here. He doesn't need buffs for as long as Spear exists.
Illaoi main here. Even with spear he still can't stand toe to toe with the S tier picks.
: Galio has the lowest pickrate in the game and for some reason jax and lux deserves buffs before him?
Galio's kit is inherently toxic because if you give him high AP ratios (with a flash Taunt), he pulls a Tryndamere and puts on his wizard hat and terrorizes mages by being uber tanky with too much damage. Galio doesn't need to have high damage ratios for what he does. He inherently wins versus AP matchups by tanking their abilities with his passive AP shield and then gives them a sizeable all in with his E-AA-Q-W-AA-Ignite combo. I think Riot needs to make Galio's abilities deal damage based off of % max HP as compared to AP. That way he fits in as an anti tank that is good versus magic damage.
: Why are you buffing Lux support exactly???
I think they want Lux to be viable, but I think the only way to get her off the Aftershock Train is to make other build paths better for her. (Take Mid for example. Aftershock Lux is bad because she has access to better items. In bot lane, she doesn't have access to much unless she takes kills early from her ADC, and that's likely to do more bad than good. Since she's going to be relying on the base stats more than ratios, Aftershock is objectively better than something like Arcane Comet or Summon Aery.)
: Triple thornmail braum.
I don't think that would work very well unless he is the first target focused on your team. If he's the last guy the best you might get is that you don't lose as hard as you would have without it.
: You can't stack Ionic Spark. You can put them anywhere on your team (2 on the same person, 1 on one person and 1 on the other) and it doesn't proc twice. I have tested this several times. Doesn't work—only hits once.
Considering how Spear of Shojin Pyke worked out, I think there is some flaw in your logic. Show me some numbers to back up your point. (I'm not saying you're right or wrong, I'm saying without some numbers it's unclear who's right or wrong.)
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Pyrosan (NA)
: Any ranged champion beats melee champions, taking Grasp on Swain is pretty good especially top lane because they can't really contest the grasp procs if they want to CS He's not overpowered or anything there's a lot of answers to hit kit - one of them would be picking the right champion into swain like Jax for example, anyone with mobility can match him regardless of melee
Ye vs Jax it's definitely a rougher matchup but it's still very doable, you just have to auto Jax when he goes for CS instead of every available opportunity since he can jump on you whenever he pleases. But with your E root, you can get him off you if you place it properly. After getting Catalyst, you can definitely take over the lane because he can't match your sustain in either direction. If he takes your health you get mana to fight him. If you spend mana, you get HP and mana back for getting Passive Procs. It allows him to pretty much ignore the CS for the first few levels and just abuse his lane opponent. When it comes to beating matchups with mobility, you have to wait out the mobility and try to take as little damage in the trade as possible (Bone Plating helps with this a lot), and then turn on them when they have cooldowns up so you can trade back on them harder. Ranged matchups will still give you a really hard time since they can match your poke auto for auto (Champions like Vayne or Quinn can actually mess you up pretty badly if you miss one E in lane at level 1-3).
KingMack (NA)
: LOL true but this can be said about any role. You can't really blame them. Someone gets autofilled mid and gets destroyed by the 1.5 mil mastery Yasuo one trick. It happens and it's just a testament to the flaw of Riot's ranked system.
You're right up to a point, but even when a laner shits the bed you can recover by keeping your already fed laners ahead and stacking their leads to get them further ahead. When jungle shits the bed, you lose control of Rift, Dragon, Herald, all of which aid you in taking the real objectives, the Towers, Inhibitors and Nexus. So when you have a bad jungle it's significantly worse. Now if you have decent laners you can overcome this but nothing saves you from losing drakes because Blue buff is so juicy, the jungler needs it.
: Honestly autofill should be something you can opt out of if you agree to a longer que time. I would much rather be subjected to 5 more minutes of que to avoid being autofilled.
Same bro. I'd rather wait 10 mins for a good 30 min game as compared to a 4 min wait where 50% of the time team wants to go next at 15 mins.
: Haha, but yo, I'm in muh promos, gotta try this game pls.
I will int your game. Try me, bish. I will Ghost Cleanse Ryze Mid that shit.
Rioter Comments
: Surrender option should be removed from ranked
look, surrendering is a good idea if you're getting your teeth kicked in. who wants to get anal sexed for 40 mins... I don't.
Ziabetus (NA)
: Thanks
I say fuck ARAM man, I only play ranked, I've had a shit day, teammates that can't read the minimap and see "hey the jungler got invaded, I should go help him". So after I tried to be positive I said in chat "aight I see how it is" and just left the game. Fuck those degenerate kids. I hope they lose LP. I hope they get tilted into their next 3 days of playing League.
Rioter Comments
: I've discovered the secret to avoiding toxicity.
I was gonna say "uninstall?" but you got a point.
: Occam's razor - the simplest explanation is quite often the best explanation. In this case, the simplest explanation as to why the system "is inconsistent" with detection is that **intentional feeding is inconsistent,** or rather, the actions people can take that would be counted as intentional feeding are not cut and dry. Your case of 24 deaths running it down mid is **probably** cut and dry, but this is an extreme outlier of an example. Remember, **one single death** fed intentionally counts as intentional feeding. How do we detect all of those? And how to we reduce false positives? You're coming at this problem in an intelligent manner, which is a far cry from the **ZOMG RITO NEVER PUNISHES INTERS** shit that we have to deal with here on a daily basis. But when asked, I don't think any of us could come up with the programming necessary to detect intentional feeding in all cases, even in all **egregious** cases. Take your example here. Thresh died 24 times, but his team is fed as fuck. Could he legitimately be intentionally feeding? Absolutely, and probably even likely. But since he has 12 assists **and** his team is fed as fuck, is there also a chance he was dying so his team could crush them in team fights **over and over**? Absolutely. Sion, Zilean, and Garen's scores are comically bad compared to the winning team. Were they intentionally feeding?
There was actually a time when Inting was a common strat to win the game... remember Inting Sion? Inting Nasus? It was a thing man. Hell, even Singed nowadays ints to win the game.
Rioter Comments
: Take a look at Nasus please
Here's an idea. Have you considered picking champions that can manage Nasus or make his lane harder for him. Think any champion that is able to duke it out with Nasus and contest every CS he attempts to grab. My personal pick for fighting Nasus has always been Illaoi, and right now she's in S tier with Nasus. Her Conquerer build gives her enough ways to break down the tank, and her W cdr on R cast means that with a couple of items (which grant her 40% CDR) she can permanently be slapping at whoever she damn well pleases. She's the ultimate answer to Nasus, in my humble opinion. {{champion:75}} : Don't run from me, I want to fight you now. {{champion:420}} : You sure about that, buddy? *grabs spirit* {{champion:75}} : *Casts Ultimate and runs at Illaoi* {{champion:420}} : Alright bitch, let's fucking go. *Casts Ultimate. 3 Tentacles begin hate-fucking Nasus and Spirit* {{champion:75}} : NO! STOP! PLEASE! IT WAS A PRANK, BRO! Announcer: An enemy has been slain. First Blood! *a few seconds later* Announcer: A summoner has disconnected. *Nasus has left the game.*
KubalaLGT (EUNE)
: 9.14. Update
There's more problems with patches like this than just bugs. Those will get fixed. What won't get fixed is J4 feeding, then saying to a fed Illaoi her best option is to teamfight when she's been splitting with success all game. Yes Jarvin, you're right. I should abandon what is working to join you and get poked out and die. That's so much better than you changing your tune and listening to me, cause clearly I have no intellect whatsoever. Fucking dipshits.
Barkley (NA)
: Oh no! Illaoi used her ult! What do we do!?
The problem is Illaoi's ultimate is the best answer to your engage. She'll pull your spirit next to a tentacle while you try and burst her, then proceed to smile, say, "my turn" and 1 v 2 your ass no problem.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: Either im imagining things or Riot just said that wintrading is okay xD
So if wintrading is ok... then nothing is true and everything is permitted. Definitely a type... someone forgot a not in there. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I like the idea of it being AOE, but without any real reference for how long a .25 second delay is, I wouldn't want Melee's to be just more fucked than ranged folk, just for sake of being melee. I'd want it to be at least somewhat fair enough to be able to dodge potentially, but like said, not too familiar with how a .25 second delay feels.
I could see his Q being a short range thing (like directly in front of him only, so it can act as a form of self peel in the jungle or in lane.
: Wouldn't the better way to avoid her poke be to run *towards* her? She can't turn it instantly, it has to curve around. And when close enough it can prevent her Q from enhancing unless she throws it out to the side and sweeps it towards you. Basically the same reason people say to run *towards* Darius once he presses Q instead of away - It's easier to avoid the damage by moving closer than moving farther.
The difference with running towards Darius is that his handle doesn't apply a stack. Yuumi's Q turn radius is actually pretty tight. Distance isn't what gives her Q the slow, it's time spent in flight. She can aim it away from you just so it stays in flight for 1 second before it turns to hit you.
Rioter Comments
: Oh no I know how the ban system works it's just strange to me that I've been getting racist people in my games and they're not being banned even with a report
You don't get notified when a player gets banned every time. Otherwise it would become a witch hunt. Riot gives out the notification of a ban being issued periodically as a way to say, hey don't worry, your reports do get heard.
Rioter Comments
: First game of ranked and already a chat restriction
> Low Elo King: dont follow me ever again u r%%%%%ed moron Umm I assume this was said near the start of the game and wow, you really let him have it. > Low Elo King: stay stuck in ur elo > Low Elo King: u dogshit idiot Wow. I'm sorry but sir, you displayed some **extreme** levels of toxicity and anger. You really deserved worse, but it seems Riot wants to give you a shot at reforming. I suggest you take it.
: Riot's ban bot not working?
Anything involving IFS's Zero Tolerance words will get dealt with within 5-10 minutes of the report and it's usually a 2wk suspension or a permanent ban depending on the account's punishment history. Going AFK isn't immediately going to get them suspended or banned. The system that deals with AFK's is Leaverbuster and it tends to only start incurring punishments after a player AFK's from a set number of games. The punishment for leaving is Low Priority Queue which forces the player to wait 5/10/20 mins before entering the Queue (meaning at the longest, they play 1 game an hour, which for most is enough to encourage them to stop leaving). Hope this helps. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: 7 permanent bans oh my.. And yes your advice seems to be pretty helpful :)) And thank you for telling me about the 'super negative flag' and yes I love tft its a very nice way to just chill out from the rift :) From your comment i believe telling people that theyre inting mightve earned me the ban, i do that quite a lot and i never thought of it being negative.. because most of the champs in those logs that were inting specifically mentioned that they 'were going to int' hence me telling them that they were actually inting (disbelief) Nevertheless, Thank you for your advice :) Do you still play league or just hang out in the coms? (asked because of alll your perma bans)
I still play. I went through a super toxic phase and said a lot of shit that I regret. What I don't regret is speaking my mind. Did saying that a Zac Jungle was either trolling or ignorant get me permabanned? Yeah, but at least I wasn't just letting it fester in my mind. I said it out loud, and supported my thoughts. Even further is that the rest of the team was thinking the same thing... which further validated the thought. Did I deserve the permaban? I don't think so. I stated a fact. I didn't say "OMG report zac 9x ty". I said, he's either trolling us or he's ignorant [of how to play Jungle]". I'm not bothered by ignorance, I'm bothered by inaction or passive aggressiveness. When the Zac said, "It's just a game" when he was the reason we were all gonna lose LP, that pretty much did it. TL;DR I can still have moments, but I'm not consistently a terrible person. I still play this game and try to be a decent individual. I'd be down to play with you if you wanted to.
: but trolls dont get banned???? /s
Trolls get banned if their actions are deemed griefing or toxic in any sense of the word.
: I will never, ever read a chat log that has this much commentary. Jesus Christ.
The commentary is more contextual than anything else, not just feelings. It helps to make the situation clearer.
: I will stick to your advice on muting, maybe /all muting, as much as jax sticks to his lamp. I appreciate your time mister/ms :) Also, say I haven't gotten any sort of reports or done any punishable acts for quite a long time and have made it up to honour lvl 2/3, would I still get a perma ban punishment regardless of my achievement as a honourable teammate? I just want to know how much weight your 'good deeds' have on your punishment, if none thats understandable. Although it is unlikely for a lvl 3 honour player to commit a punishable act. (i use honour lvl 3 here to represent the players state of not have been punished from a report for a long period of time)
Make your best effort to reform. If it helps, mute the offender. I find that vocalizing the problem (i.e. yelling at the screen) tends to be fairly therapeutic. I also find it easier if I can explain the reason for my frustration to myself. From there I can use my frustration and the logic behind it to give direction to my teammates. Also, avoid mentioning inting. For some reason, it gets flagged as super negative by IFS and people get banned for telling their teammates that they're inting. Don't ask me why, I don't work for Riot and I think IFS is stupid since it doesn't understand context. Take it from me, a man who has received 7 permanent bans prior to the acct I'm using to make this comment right now. It is not worth it. If you find yourself going through a phase of being toxic, I suggest giving the game a break and try playing a different game. If you find yourself getting salty on the Rift, I recomment TFT. It's a very chill low-stress experience that can get pretty hype-y sometimes.
: Voting has been disabled due to vote manipulation.
> [{quoted}](name=DaenrysTargaryen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jqZcRpHB,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2019-07-06T06:04:41.215+0000) > > Voting has been disabled due to vote manipulation. I don't think disabling voting is a good move, bud. It's a viable problem and I understand the feeling. I wouldn't like it if I was gold going against Bronze, cause Bronze won't have fun and Gold won't either.
: I picked Poppy support the other day with a Caitlyn on our team. Nobody bitched or whined. Ended up going against vayne/thresh and it was magical for our team. Probably more because of the Morde, but I'mma claim it. :p
Well you can just sit on Cait and deny Thresh's engage for most of the game. And with the new Poppy buffs coming next patch, she's about to become bonkers.
: Meh. Multiple rioters have said it's allowed. Fwiw, it's not all black or white. If my last pick top laner is hovering Kench and the enemy team has first pick, I don't think it's an asshole move to ban the champ.
With Tahm being pick/ban in all elos and your teammate's not first pick, I think it's fair to take it off the table. If I was your teammate, I'd understand.
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