: He still loses early to all his counters. Rek can still dictate every trade, control the duration of the trade, and space back out of the trade before you get to really do anything, while having better sustain then you. In fact, your chin is even softer now then it was before. You lose these trades even worse, people just actually have to learn to play against Garen again instead of just casually disrespecting his early game.
I have yet to see where Garen loses post level 2...
: **#LeaveGarenAlone**
> #LeaveGarenAlone Play something that is supposed to win into Garen and see how long you have fun. There is almost nothing that can hold a candle to him early. (Maybe Fiora but that's really it.)
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: It was known in PBE and they did nothing... You expect a hotfix now? https://media.tenor.com/images/fca1069c7c0bce7b981e3d8066558d6b/tenor.gif
PBE is known for being a mix of players (from Iron to Challenger) and nothing on the PBE is ever certain to show up in live unless it makes it into the patch notes. There have been many times when Riot thinks something on the PBE is balanced and when the broader playerbase gets their hands on it, they discover something insane that no one expected. Take Illaoi. I saw Spear of Shojin on release and thought, 'Hmm, Riot's recommending that I build it 3rd/4th item on Illaoi... ok...' but after almost 50 games on the champion trying to do what Riot recommended, I decided that the best option is to build Spear after first item (Black Cleaver usually) and boots. It makes Illaoi's good matchups insane since she has 40% CDR within the first 2-3 items.
Rioter Comments
: I've been playing a lot of aram lately just cause I can unwind. Or so I thought. Had a Nautilus last game who stuck out his Q in less than 30 secs. Everyone went in and just like that it was 4 allies dead. Which isn't a big deal in aram. You just come back for the win. This dude basically typed "so we lose. Finished". And walked around base. I just told him that if he's gonna play expecting to win everything, why play at all. He basically just asked if I was r%%%%%ed. Granted this was just aram but I lose at least 30% of my games roughly due to ragers. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
The moment he asked if you were re-tard-ed is the moment he checked out and said 'go next'. Also keep in mind when people use that word or other racial slurs/hate speech, etc... just report them. Riot doesn't take kindly to that type of behavior and it always ends in a 2 wk vacation for the offender.
: I had a Lucian lose his absolute shit on me in a game yesterday because... because... I don't even fucking know. I was Morgana, simply biding time waiting for him to farm and one of my opponents to step out and allow me to snare them, but apparently I wasn't going balls deep or hyper aggressive enough for Lucian. It's like, not even 5 minutes into the game and he's pinging "?" like crazy at me like I should be doing something other than waiting for people to make mistakes and conserving my mana. They weren't even aggressive opponents either. It was a Jinx and Janna, so it's not like it was Thresh or a Leona griefing him.
Jinx Janna is a really abusive lane (especially with how easy it is for Janna to molest people with Comet and W max first). In that case, you just have to accept that the lane isn't going to go your way, wait for ganks and focus on getting the most gold you can safely. If anything the only thing I would do is ward the lane bushes with trinkets to limit Janna's ability to use the bushes closest to you to abuse you with W then walk back out of vision to drop minion aggro. Save Control Wards for the Tribush so your jungler can have a reasonable chance to gank the lane and make a play off of his presence. Sometimes you just gotta mute the teammate and accept that this one **might** end in loss. MIGHT. I've had those types of teammates and oftentimes the way to win is to focus on the other 3 guys who aren't giving you a hard time and work with them. You can come back into the game and have a reasonable shot at winning. The Lucian in question that you're talking about is probably fairly decent at his champion and role but inexperienced in how to keep his temper in check and focus his attention on the game. That's just immaturity. He'll grow out of that one. Hopefully.
: It sucks when your doing your job and your role in a spectacular way and suddenly a stupid guy ruins ur win for trolling or feeding or trying new champ in ranked game...... Adc can't kite....... Etc
If you come across this problem frequently, you can always pull up op.gg and research your team when you get into champion select. This can give you some warning of this and tell you when you need to dodge.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Dreamwalker,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=euhXa127,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-01T17:56:44.896+0000) > > It is also cockiness. If a player gets too cocky, they start being more irrational and do stupid mistakes that cost them towers, dragons, and even baron. Many times I have seen ADCs get ahead, then start diving teams 1v5 because they think they'll win, but they end up feeding the enemy team kill, shutdown, and assist gold, which then leads them to becoming tilted because their team "can't measure up". > > Not just ADCs do this though, top laners, mid laners, and jungles all do this. I don't think supports do this besides the super aggressive ones like {{champion:89}}, {{champion:25}}, {{champion:412}}, etc. Scuse me ill have you know full well I intend to win 1v9 as yuumi. Jokes aside unless you are confident on your champ and they are a champ capable of fighting many other champs depending on the enemy champs too its plausible to go headlong into a 1v4 or even 1v5. I've been able to pull it off as Vlad while splitting top. Sure I sometimes make the choice just to stall all 5 and play a goose chase but sometimes I am able to kill 3 in one flash ult e emp q w and severly damage the other 2. Sometimes when you are prideful you get less irrational and more stable. Simply Cus you know you can do certain things and when you do it just strengthens your pride and playability much more. Pride is one of those things like a skyscraper you are building. Keep your pride low and your building won't fall down but you'll never reach new heights as fast as others that keep their pride high but know how to prevent their tower from falling. Sometimes risks are needed and sometimes its best to play it safe. Learning when and where is important.
Pride isn't really the issue in League. It's Ego. People who are proud of their ability to play the champion and confident in their ability to execute are the ones who are constantly pushing their limits to improve their craft. (I've mastered Illaoi's kit and nothing boosts my confidence than manhandling my laner and proceeding to show the enemy team that Illaoi has a big ol' boy in her pants... Sorry for the explicit image I put in your heads.) Now Ego is a whole different thing. Ego **will** prevent you from climbing and improving. Part of improving at League involves losing the ego. You're not going to be able to 1 v 9 carry all your games, and sometimes you're the weakest link. Those who lose their ego or have no ego will realize this and change how they're playing to mitigate the deficit they've created for their team while allowing their carries (the ones who have a lead they can use) to do their job and win the game for their team by doing the damage or setting up the damage dealers to not get fucked over when they walk up to do their thing. However, if they are the carry, then they have to step up and do what the team needs them to do: Flex their lead and carry the game. If you have issues with ego, the best thing to do when losing lane is to lose gracefully. Mitigate your mistakes and focus on what you can do to make sure your carry can do their job. Fight to survive through the lane but don't be afraid to take the plunge when you have a clear advantage (2 allies coming in to help you ambush a laner who is in WAY over his head, for example). This doesn't mean dive in recklessly every time you get a gank, but know when is a good time to jump in and help and when you should stay back. Read the map, get a feel for what the right call is and stick to it. And DON'T. FLAME. THE JUNGLER. If you think they're making too ambitious a play, just ping them off it. If they don't listen, that's on them. Don't say anything.)
: It is also cockiness. If a player gets too cocky, they start being more irrational and do stupid mistakes that cost them towers, dragons, and even baron. Many times I have seen ADCs get ahead, then start diving teams 1v5 because they think they'll win, but they end up feeding the enemy team kill, shutdown, and assist gold, which then leads them to becoming tilted because their team "can't measure up". Not just ADCs do this though, top laners, mid laners, and jungles all do this. I don't think supports do this besides the super aggressive ones like {{champion:89}}, {{champion:25}}, {{champion:412}}, etc.
Dreamwalker, nothing can be further from the truth. I have had this happen so often when I get a massive lead on Illaoi and I just perma-split and I've made some pretty cocky mistakes. XD Good Times.
: Your method would work too. I wouldn't mind, if even first afk would give a few hour ban from ranked at least. Not like i was ever true afk with the ability to safely return in an hour. The surrender spam method would mean, that you literary can't. Many players are the. "This game is lost. Let's just end quickly so i can move on." This behaviour is okay in extreme circumstances, or on normal. But case is rarely that. Though this gave me an idea. Surrender on ranked would be disabled until enemy gets X% more gold than your team. I would need to see a few "get stomped" replays to figure out a good number, but the point is, that surrender as option would only become enable, if it's justified. That way you could at least argue, that you can still win, and the system agrees.
Even if games are going even, when people start typing and throwing flame back and forth, the game will deteriorate into a he-said-she-said style of fighting and that just makes the game unpleasant. I've literally agreed to FF votes even if we have a reasonable chance of success because as a player, I don't want to endure another 10 mins of their BS just to get 18 LP. I win a reasonable amount of my games so losing one doesn't bother me too much. Funny how your idea and method came up Kombinator. Destiny 2 recently implemented a ban-from-competitive type of system as a means of discouraging people from leaving games. It kicks you out of competitive play for 30 mins after you leave two games in a row. It's not a perfect system, as if you get kicked out of the game as a result of net issues, it still issues the ban... because... you left. But it still reinforces the fact of "You chose to play this game, stick it out. Or we'll prevent you from playing because no one likes 'that one jackass'."
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Kombinator,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=euhXa127,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-09-02T09:04:09.704+0000) > > It's an easy excuse, but on the long run it becomes irrevelant. If you are gold2 skill, then play enough games, and you gona be there sooner or later. > If you play a role that depends on having competent teammates, like me, having competent teammates is a relevant factor. > Point is, that if you play a thousand ranked, then you will inevitably reach your place. And those numbers could be halved if instead of trolls/afk/4fun players/autofills you get players who knows their shit.
> If you play a roll that depends on having competent teammates, like me, having competent teammates is a relevant factor. Anyone playing League with that mindset won't climb. Sometimes you get that player who's filled and all you need to do is explain your gameplan and how you intend to play. If you want to play a passive lane phase, just tell them this and discourage aggressive plays in lane with proper positioning. Everyone wants to be the playmaker but sometimes the correct play is to avoid conflict until the rest of your team's composition comes online. The other half of this is having a mechanically simple champion in mind for when you do get autofilled. My favorites for this are Ezreal as an ADC and Lux as a Support. It's very simple to play these champions at a basic level (but with Lux in my mid lane pool, I have more playtime on her and as such, I play like I'm playing Mid Lane minus the farming). > And those numbers could be halved if instead of trolls/afk/4fun players/autofills you get players who know their shit. If you do the math, the split is actually 40/40/20. You'll win 40 games out of 100 no matter what and you'll lose 40 games out of 100 no matter what. The other 20 are a tossup and it's up to you to figure out how to win. You're going to get 4fun players from time to time, but just cause they're playing for fun doesn't mean they don't care about winning. They just aren't going to get mad over it. Trolls happen, best thing to do is keep a cool head and report them after the game. (The reports do add up and eventually they will get punished for it.) People AFK out of games for a number of reasons and Riot's system understands the occasional AFK because Life Happens. The system also punishes frequent leavers with a lengthy timer. Eventually those players will learn... or they won't. (I just got pushed up to the 10 min wait step from 20 min step by just not leaving. I'm not going to leave games if I don't have to because it means I have to wait, and I don't want to wait. Therefore I'm going to behave.) Autofill happens. It's how they keep queue timers low. It sucks when they do happen but there are a few ways to mitigate the impact: 1) Ask them what their main role is and be open to swapping. People have their main roles for a reason, and putting them on their main role makes them much more likely to try-hard and go for that win. It also makes you look good, too. 2) Encourage them to play a simpler champion. A champion with fewer mechanics is harder to screw up at a basic level. (In the case of a Support, Top Lane, or Jungle, encourage playing a Tank. Tanks scale very well into the game, have simple to execute engage, and great crowd control which means they will always be useful no matter if ahead or behind. All they have to do is execute on their engage appropriately.) It's on you to not flame them for mistakes. Flame = Loss. Period. 3) Dodge. This is obviously not the best situation for anyone but it's important to remember that - even at the highest level - players dodge. A lot. Dodge as a last resort. (I dodge when I feel like the game will go poorly for me because I'm filled. It only cost me 3-10 LP every time but as long as I preserve my MMR I can recover from having to dodge.) If you're the autofilled one, it's OK to ask people to swap, but be respectful. 9 times out of 10 people swap me out of Support or ADC because I ask respectfully and inform them that forcing me to play the role is not optimal and has a higher chance of ending in a Loss.
: It's an easy excuse, but on the long run it becomes irrevelant. If you are gold2 skill, then play enough games, and you gona be there sooner or later. I know, that i'm around gold1. I played a lot to reach it, and not sure, if i can stay there. Not like i play that much though. But i played with diamond friend on normal, and i can clearly see the difference. Using my main, and tryhard as hell can make me useful, and win. But anything other than main is instalose there. With my main i think i could reach plat. with enough games, but. Main can be picked, or banned. Further reducing the chance. Point is, that if you play a thousand ranked, then you will inevitably reach your place.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: Incompetent teammates are bigger issue imo.
It's more likely that people are ignorant of the fact that they aren't the only player on the team. If you have a poor start, the best thing to do is figure out who came out alright and who has the highest chance of being the win condition. Sometimes you just have to finish the game 1/9/16 so that your fed ADC Jinx can get that 15/5/1 finish - gotta have that token assist so people can't say you're not a team player XD.
: Isnt that just insec mechanics -.-
No. When you refer to Insec'ing (?) a person, the idea is to use your flash to redirect a knockback ability and force the enemy into your team. (Lee Sin R-Flash is THE example of this, but Aurelion Sol and Tristana are capable of using their abilities in the same way with flash - or in Tristana's case, her W works too.) In Ahri's case, using Flash allows you to eliminate the cast time of her abilities and also surprise opponents who think they're safe from her. If flash has a range of 450 and Charm's max range is 900, well do the math, someone playing Lux might think they're safe (as Lux's minimum range is 1000 units). Now if I cast Charm and then flash forwards the maximum distance (450 units), suddenly that Lux isn't so safe after all... You can do the same trick with her Q and R and it never ceases to amaze me how often people don't see this coming.
: What Ahri interactions im at 1mil points and I have no clue what you mean do you mean like star guardian oooor
Well for starters every ability interacts with flash in a unique way. You can cast the spells and Flash to cancel the cast time. You can also cast E while Casting R to reduce the reaction time of opponents, those are just a couple tricks.
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: gotta admit his melee Q execute was the wrong buff. i woulda went with a E buff.
The only way I could see an E buff being balanced is if they increased the cooldown on the ability (22 seconds at rank 1 up till level 14 is fine in my opinion). The Q buff gives his early game more oomph since he maxes Q first. It makes his all-in fights and picks on squishy targets impossible to ignore early and devastating mid game if he has a lead (which is very easy to do in mid lane). His best engage combo early is Empowered W -- AA -- Q since it procs Conquerer and restacks his passive for an empowered E to block against any return damage (which keep in mind is a 2.5 second block, meaning you can't burst him immediately and he can back off with relative ease). That simple "best case" engage on a squishy with even a dirk is going to take 60-75% of your HP, which is staggering in the early game and will force you to reset immediately and lose farm, or play dodgeball with his Qs until you can heal up the damage through any means you have (spell vamp, potions, etc.). Then with the priority and agency he has he can threaten you with another all-in attempt which will kill you or he can just zone you off farm with Q execute damage.
musixxal (EUW)
: just nerf the sustain on his W. it's so stupid. honestly.
I think the sustain has some value. Maybe remove the increased healing on Sylas' low HP and keep the execute on enemy's low HP. That way he still feels like he's viable and fun. (Also keeps in line with the vengeful-mage-hater theme of Sylas.)
: "His adjusted W should also help make him a more approachable champion to those new to him" Imagine removing Riven reset combos to make her "more approachable". Imagine all the screams and tears...
As much as I despise Riven as a champion I think the reset mechanics are a valuable way of expressing skill with the champion. It makes you feel good when you style all over people with your main champion and boosts your confidence. I style all over people with Ahri all the time, S Tier or not, and it just feels good when you show off all the cool tricks she can do and all the unique champion ability interactions you can pull off. Riven is fine if only 2% of the population plays her, because then you get a better feel for where she needs changes to remain balanced.
duje (EUNE)
: Aurelion sol rework is so bad
Every single change that Riot gave to Aurelion made him a better champion and a little more forgiving to play as him... but the W change completely gutted this champion and stripped him of his identity as a strong roaming DPS mage. If they revert the change to his W no longer being a toggle, I'd argue the rest of the changes are strict buffs and a welcome change to the stagnant Mid Meta. Oh and please take a look at Fizz. He's busted. KTHANKSBYE.
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: So the Asol mains don't want him to be popular?
Every champion's mains don't want their champion to be popular. I main Ahri and Illaoi and I especially hate when Ahri is S+ Tier because she gets banned away or picked against me. That's not to say that I can only play Ahri, but I prefer to play her over my secondary champion, Lux. I feel for A Sol mains. Riot kinda did the same thing to him that they did to Ryze. I think if they make a champ that's good in Pro Play, just let it be good in Pro even if in Solo Queue it's complete dogshit. A Sol lost his identity and I think a lot of his mains are rightly pissed about Riot meddling with his identity. I think they could have given him the QoL parts of his W ("Stars Retract, Gain Move Speed") and the rest of the changes go through unchanged and he'd be fine. The W change is what really fucked A Sol mains. They took the skill out of a hard to play champion.
Rhizo (NA)
: I'm not sure if anyone has ever brought this up, but when I check my scoreboard in game I like to have it mirrored (Top -Top, Mid - Mid, etc.) The only feature that doesn't allow that is the teammate bubbles that are either on the side of your screen or above your mini map. It would be a cool idea to have the teammate bubbles mirrored so that players can see who is dead. For example, if the enemy jungler and top get killed, their grayed out icon should be mirrored above the allied jungler and top laner. Just a thought, it would be a really cool feature to have!
I don't think it's too much to ask Riot to consider this. It would definitely make it a lot easier for low elo Junglers to know who's down so they can make smarter decisions.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Have you tried restarting the client?
I updated my OP, just hope a Rioter might look at it.
Rioter Comments
Zed Boss (NA)
: "Why did you ban my champion?" Answer: "Oh cry me a river"
As much as it sucks, it's a part of the game. Personally I just drop the n-word and tell people to off themselves before dodging the lobby but that's how I deal with it. If I can't have fun I'm going to make sure you're tilted for at least the next game.
: Maybe, because he is meant primarily into jung, and not lane? Though it is true, that compared to similar champions his cooldowns are above average. Except the E, but that's a sort of joker card in survival, and teamfights. Similar to Yasuo's E.
I don't think they would recommend him to be a jungler with Conquerer, it makes his only way of proccing Conquerer in fights to be the use of his empowered W, which makes him one dimensional. He has ok matchups in jungle, and even a few mid lane (I ran him into a Yasuo and steamrolled the man in lane). They need to reduce the early CD of Q to make it more impactful overall.
: He is a diver, which is a fighter subclass (bruiser in your words) and he works like one. He can engage into a fight with his W, but lacks the ability to get out again. So he gets a tool to be able to stay in the fight longer, a defensive mechanic, in his case, this is his E damage immunity. You are right that _most_ divers have some form of healing: {{champion:164}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:240}} (technically, Elise has sustain, but it really isn't much to help her survive a fight, her survivability mostly comes from her untargetability with E) But there are also examples of divers **without** any healing in their kit and other defensive mechanics, like shields and bonus resistances: {{champion:131}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} You don't **have** to have healing in your kit to be considered a diver, but they all have some kind of defensive mechanic in their kit. And among divers, it is actually quite common to mostly scale with bonus AD. {{champion:59}} scales with bonus AD {{champion:421}} scales with bonus AD {{champion:64}} scales with bonus AD {{champion:240}} scales with bonus AD and so on. Bruisers which scale with total AD are mostly juggernauts. Pantheon is a diver, that is very clear. His W is also not his only way to engage, btw, his ult is another tool for that.
From experience it's very difficult to land his ultimate due to the long channel time and your teammates. If your teammates misposition themselves or behave oddly (i.e. go aggressive out of nowhere), your ult misses meaning no damage from it. That's not to say it's a bad ability, it's just difficult to land. He can't really effectively "dive" as he is locked out of casting abilities while his Aegis is in use, and he can only block 1 shot when not empowered, which is pretty useless. He doesn't have an identity anymore. He used to be a poke-oriented bruiser who could threaten to dive his opponents if they take too much damage. I think if they lower the cooldown on his Q (no damage number tweaks, just cooldown adjustments), he'd be in a better spot to satisfy a number of players.
: Pantheon's best role is jungle now.
He has some favorable matchups in mid since the majority of mid lane champs that are meta are burst mages and assassins.
: His new aegis is INSANELY powerful against a lot of matchups and particularly against high burst assassins. I'd be weary of buffing him quickly with his aegis being the kind of tool it is.
His Aegis is very powerful if used appropriately. (Case in point, I used it to tank 3 champions' damage while the rest of my team moved in to help me escape the bad situation and clean up the fight.) The key to using his E is timing it to negate the most amount of damage as possible, it doesn't work as a dive tool unless empowered, which is a huge waste of his passive from my experiences with him. I'm mostly talking about reducing the cooldowns and not tweaking numbers. His numbers are fine (with just a dirk and levels his empowered Q can one shot the back line). However waiting 10 seconds between spear throws, which I consider to be a big part of his old (and reworked) kit, could use some love. Like maybe make his Q cooldown go like this: 8 seconds at all ranks (scaling with cooldown reduction - so at 40% CDR which you can get with 2 items it becomes a 5 second cooldown, or 2.5 seconds if you stab). I'm fine with his E being a long cooldown due to what it does. It's long cooldown is the counterplay to his kit. When he has it up, he can go god mode for 1.5 - 2.5 seconds but after that he's easily abused by anyone with range and/or poke.
: Just give it some time, I'm pretty sure the most optimal way to play/ build him hasn't been completely figured out yet. Every time riot does a panic buff it's been a balancing disaster.
I'm not saying directly buff him like they did for Yuumi (THAT was a disaster and everyone knows it). I'm saying adjust his cooldowns early (like ranks 1-3 of the abilities) to make him a little more forgiving. He's kinda like Lucian in that he is required to destroy his lane to remain relevant. But unlike Lucian, all his abilities - from what he wants to spam in lane (chucking spears) to his key defensive tool (his unbreakable wall) - have 10+ seconds cooldown at rank 1. That's just a little bit much.
Divin1ty (EUW)
: Fiora gives every Toplaner a hard Time, lol. And Pantheon is just played wrong, try using only your melee Q for Harass/Waveclear and you have a pretty easy Time.
Fair point. Especially since she got buffed, I permaban Fiora when I play Top Lane. I do that, but I still end up feeling like it's very lack luster. His Q has the same mechanics as Zed's Q (which for Zed makes sense as he's an Assassin but Pantheon is a bruiser so... why?). I just think they could shorten his cooldowns early. I'm not saying give him damage, just change cooldowns early.
: I get the feeling there's a reason they stopped doing these and instead opted for vs. events as there are numerous champions who should theoretically have something similar
So rather than stop doing them, maybe give them their appropriate mini-games (if it fits the lore and can be done). Fun fact, there used to be no way you could have every champion and skin in the game. Now you can, but you have to be playing Neeko.
: It happens on kha/reng once they are fully evolved at with max bonetooth. So its easier to understand and it makes sense why it only happens at lvl 16. Here youll need to nake it so they both have to hit lvl 16 first for no real reason. Not as intuitive or thematic.
Fair points. Didn't consider that these only come into play at level 16.
: i like it, just so long as aatrox doesn't get more range because bigger sword. or maybe his wings ignite and are out all the time?
It's more for aesthetic pleasure. (Aatrox feels cooler cause he killed an aspect AND his vessel). Pantheon might get like a glow on his cape and spear because he reignited the Pantheon in the stars by slaying Aatrox.
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wolvius (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Manxxom,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=ZEGMFqJU,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-08-18T21:41:23.224+0000) > > Now what the %%%% is that? There's actually an annual competition where people make lollipoppy ~~photoshops~~ nightmare fuel. http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1438000634/league_of_legends__urgot_lollipoppy_by_counterclockwork-d8a8pxl.png http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1438490820/aaaaah.jpg
no offense but this one just looks like what poppy would be if she was a male stripper. just putting that out there.
: sorry but you're wrong. I play a lot and climbing back up the honor levels is a very long process. Even if you just get one chat restriction and drop to honor level 1, it would take multiple months to get back to honor level 2. Let alone get ABOVE 2.
Who needs Chat Restrictions and Permanent Bans when Riot locks you out of the loot system because you chose to act like a jerk? Like, I support Permabans for the most egregious crimes - racial slurs, etc. - but the rest of it? Eventually it's going to become bannable to give people constructive criticism because everyone is so soft. If you ask me, I think Riot could do several things to encourage reforming your chat. 1) A progress bar. Play honorably? It goes up. Play dishonorably, it goes down. Suspensions don't work. They simply don't. 99% of players who get suspended have this response. "OMFG RITO GAMES BANNED ME? WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME? HOLY SHIT THAT'S R*****ED AS F**K". They don't change because they don't understand and they don't have really any incentive to reform because "I don't see my progress so what's the point?" Now let's assume they had a bad string of games and they lost a lot of progress on that progress bar. "Oh geez, I should get my act together. I lost all my progress for that stupidity." See where I'm going? 2) Make it more about in-game behavior rather than about time. League of Legends punishments are meant to inspire reform but frankly they don't really inspire much of anything other than more toxicity. The punishment system needs to be reviewed. Y'all reviewed Leaverbuster and finally stopped it from overzealously punishing people for your server's errors. Please give your chat punishments a look.
: Just had a game with a guy who thought he was god
Proof that toxicity exists in all elos and that Diamond is not the true promised land we all believe it is.
: Because they have an overinflated opinion about their own skills and are in denial that they aren't as good as they think they are.
TBH in Silver there are plenty of people who can climb because they have the skills but often the reason they fail to climb is because they cannot consistently maintain a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). They may have the skills, just not the means of expressing their frustration in a constructive manner. That takes time to learn and master. I've been practicing it for a year or so. I'm still bad at it.
Glîtchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Savage the King,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yOeJFURJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-14T05:30:58.553+0000) > > As jungler, finding the right words to make your laners understand you can't be everywhere and there are some lanes that you might not even go during games... this is not ez. You have to act in such a way that they get it, but don't tilt because they feel attacked. Thickening your skin is the best thing you can do. I wasn't bothered so much by that, they just kept bitching while IN LANE and thus kept getting killed
Hey Glitchy, I posted a comment more recently, let me know what you think of what's been written. I totally understand your frustration. From my experience as a laner, I usually express my frustrations with the jungler via things like "this is what I need from you to make this successful" but most treat it as I'm attacking them. Which is not the case. I jungle plenty, I know what laners need and don't need. When I fuck up a gank and give their laner a lead. I do my best to keep the enemy jungler out of their lane by doing things elsewhere, punishing the enemy jungler if they don't answer me.
Glîtchy (NA)
: why do people blame the jungle for their bot lane fucking up?
Well there's a few different schools of thought as to how you can approach their situation. First off let me state this: It is not your fault that they compromised their positioning to play aggressive in the lane. Now think about this. If they're pushed up - and winning the lane - you can do a few things for them to help them out. 1) Split the map - also known as Vertical Jungling. This can isolate their bot lane from any help and disincentivizes them from creating a 3 v 2. The reason this works is because if you've cleared the enemy's blue side jungle, there is nothing for the jungler to gain by ganking them if there isn't a guarantee that they will get a kill. There are no camps to clear (outside of maybe a drake) so they will lose tempo by coming to gank... and they lose even harder if it goes south. 2) Set up deep vision. This gives them information on where the enemy jungler is and if they are pushed up, knowing the enemy jungler is coming can give them some time to pull out and reposition so as to avoid key skill shots. Against junglers such as Rammus and Evelynn this is a little harder to do as they have very reliable means of ganking (high movespeed, point and click CC, and in Eve's case, stealth), so making sure they have as much info as possible will help them out. 3) Sit in lane bushes. If you think the enemy jungler will try and gank them, let them push up and move into the lane bushes. This way when the enemy thinks it's a good opportunity to crash the party, you can go full dad mode on them and kick their teeth in for trying. This can result in a fight that forces the enemy laners to base (or play gray screen simulator for a bit) and you get a short window of time to do whatever you please - take a dragon, get some plates (maybe first blood tower), etc. Let me reinforce that this is only if they're winning. If losing, try and set up vision, but be prepared to abandon them. The best thing for you to do as a jungler when you have no way to single-handedly turn around fights is to abandon them to whatever may come and focus on getting another laner far enough ahead that they can draft off of their success and come back into the game later on. (If they're playing something like Jhin, Sivir or Ashe as an ADC this is much better for the team as they can help the team with Utility which doesn't require items to be useful.)
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: No, it is a step in the right direction though. Normally the punishments go: >10 game chat restrict 25 game chat resteict 14 day ban Perm ban It is possible to go back down the punishment tiers and recieve a secons punishment at a certain tier. Typically it takes longer to drop a tier than to unlock honor. If your next question is how many game does it take, then the answer is there is no set answer.
In my experience, it takes 3 months of consistent non-toxic behavior in-game to drop one tier of punishment. So to reset your account from whatever step it's at to square one just multiply 3 by the number of steps (3 months for going from 25 game chat restrict to 10 game chat restrict, 6 to go from 2 wk ban to 10 game chat restrict, infinite months to go from permaban to 10 game chat restrict - which no one has ever done xD)
: Just recieved a chat restriction for this 1 game.
Well, you are never informed of when a player receives a penalty from a report you make against them. There is a reason for this. Disciplinary actions are meant to be handled by Riot Games and the only people who are informed of their punishments and can discuss them are Rioters and the punished player. Riot recently implemented a small card that says "Hey, a player you reported recently was given a punishment. Thanks for helping out." This does not show up every time (it only shows up about 10% of the time) but it's Riot's way of saying, "We got you" and "Don't worry, the reporting system works." If you're expecting to be rewarded by Riot for reporting a toxic player, that says a lot about you. The report system is not there to make you feel better. It's there to inform Riot of players who make the experience unpleasant so they can encourage reform through punishments or remove them entirely if they refuse to change.
fear dmt (NA)
: i got suspended for 14 days for saying what was said above it really feels like you cant even type or you get ban
Let me reinforce something that I've learned in the 7 accts that I've gotten banned from this game for "similar things". Riot's stupid bot is designed to notice negativity, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. You may be saying that your jungler is either ignorant or trolling and while that doesn't seem like much to you - it may even be true - Riot is going to see it as you being negative. Trust me that's how #7 got the permanent ban. The system will nail you for anything - and I mean anything - remotely toxic. And it gets more and more strict the farther down the rabbit hole you go. (You can get banned from one game where you show even a mild amount of toxicity. Yes you read that right. One game. One time you lost your cool and said some things you regret.) The 2 week suspension is the last warning you will ever get - and it takes 3 - 6 months of consistent non-toxicity to get the acct back up one tier (that being the 25 game chat restrict). In short you really need to keep your nose clean for the next 6 - 12 months. Otherwise you will get banned.
: You weren't the only player to think that, but like the others you're blind.
Are you sure about that? The champion relied so heavily on Flash to make use of his Ultimate, and that combo alone was so reliably strong that to maintain balance the rest of his kit HAD to be completely useless. It's the reason Riot took away his Flash - Taunt combo. It broke his kit and made it impossible for them to buff him, as any buff pushed him way above the mark. His kit is just a new version of ass but not nearly as bad overall as his old kit.
fear dmt (NA)
: I think after this I am going to quit
When in doubt, just afk. If they really are garbage teammates, just leave the game. No sense getting verbal over it. You can't get banned for leaving games. You just get time punishment (5 games of waiting for 5, 10 or 20 mins depending on how often you leave). It's way worse to get banned. Trust me.
: League isn't dying, and anyone who says it is has no idea what they're talking about.
It's not the same popular game that I fell in love with and most of the content creators who made League content (MagikarpUsedFly, Bricky, Darkkmane, etc.) all moved on and stopped making content for it because it wasn't enjoyable for them anymore. It's losing its appeal in NA because of its community. The majority of NA is made up of these "COD" style of players, where if you are a new player and you don't know how to play the game, you will receive so much undue hatred from players. That was my experience at the start of the game and it still exists today. Players in NA expect that everyone who is playing it for the first time is a master of everything when in reality, most people don't even care about the game, much less playing ranked. Maybe 30% of the player base plays ranked, and that's when the season is tolerable.
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