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: It's probably not account sharing, and even if it was there is no way they would be able to know you're account sharing. Any good or bad plays you and your girlfriend make would be consistent so it's not like it would be a situation where you're swapping summoner keys and stuff. Maybe off topic but have you considered getting her a gaming mouse of some kind? I have one with 5 additional buttons and it was like $60 or $70 3 years ago, these days you should be able to get one without breaking the bank. If you could make the investment I think it would be worthwhile if your girlfriend likes to play games more than just casually.
Yeah I had one of those mouses with 9 side buttons, but imagine handling the whole keyboard's function with only a thumb.
Galiö (NA)
: There are a few one handed players out their. Typically from what I'm aware they get a gaming mouse that has buttons on the side they can set for champion abilities. Depending on how long her hand has not been functional I feel confident she has good/great dexterity and flexibility in her functioning hand to play that game individually. So I think its bizzare if this is a real story and what you two actually do.
We share one PC and mostly I do all the typing, so it didn't occur to us that we needed a specially designed mouse just for her to play videogames that required both a mouse and a keyboard. Plus handling QWERASDFGV, Ctrl Alt Space and LMB/RMB while moving the cursor with one hand sounds really hard, even if the mouse design was compact and reasonable. And yes her left hand dexterity is pretty good, she writes well and all but still we would prefer working together if allowed.
: Why would you care to ask? What possible way would there be to get caught doing this lol. Do you physically invite rioters that would rat you out over to your house or something?
Would you not think being able to dodge skillshots like a diamond player, roam the map like a diamond player, while missing 80% of own skillshots like an iron player (no offense) quite a bit suspicious?
: maybe riot needs to consider adding in possible controller support for situations like this there are controllers that are specifically made for people with disabilities (sorry if this is offensive to the op or his gf) would need to allow for a full keybinding remap but it could work
This. I think eye tracking could work. The tracking mark would be your cursor, so you just need to rebind A to character movement (same as normal right click) and you'll be all set. (If you can use a keyboard of course.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: I was going to suggest that you open a ticket and ask support dirrectly about it but i'm curious about the answer to this grey case too so i went ahead and did it for you. The conversation went as follows: (01:51:31 PM) Voldymort: romance is not dead i guess (01:51:51 PM) *** [Rioter] joined the chat *** (01:51:57 PM) [Rioter]: haha (01:51:57 PM) Voldymort: hi (01:52:05 PM) [Rioter]: how may I help you bud? (01:52:13 PM) Voldymort: whats so funny?:P (01:53:08 PM) [Rioter]: "romance is not dead I guess" (01:53:40 PM) Voldymort: it partains to a post on the boards that went up about half an hour ago. i was gonna suggest he opens a ticket and ask you guys but i decided that im curious about the answer too (01:53:56 PM) Voldymort: (01:54:16 PM) Voldymort: since it appears to be a grey area as far as i can tell (01:54:42 PM) [Rioter]: hmm **(01:58:06 PM) [Rioter]: it's alright, it shouldn't be punishable strictly for that, but the true creator of the account would be responsible for anything that happens on the account ** (01:58:19 PM) Voldymort: i see (01:58:28 PM) Voldymort: have you heard of such a case before? (01:58:55 PM) [Rioter]: nope (01:59:15 PM) Voldymort: i guess there's a first time for everything :P (01:59:22 PM) Voldymort: thanks for the time (01:59:28 PM) [Rioter]: same (01:59:29 PM) [Rioter]: :D (01:59:36 PM) Voldymort: cheers! (01:59:39 PM) [Rioter]: cheers i've removed his name because i'm not sure if this qualifies as naming and shaming
Thanks a bunch Voldy! If that is the case then Riot is awesome, and you too!
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Akaash (NA)
: You only had 1.4K damage dealt to objectives. Your KDA doesn't matter. All that matters is which team takes the nexus. And taking the nexus is based entirely off objective damage. Get a ZZRot if you want to win more.
> [{quoted}](name=Akaash,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9wtluVkw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-17T06:03:43.141+0000) > > You only had 1.4K damage dealt to objectives. > > > Your KDA doesn't matter. All that matters is which team takes the nexus. And taking the nexus is based entirely off objective damage. > > Get a ZZRot if you want to win more. Thank you! I'll definitely take it into practice next time. I do have Aery shield + Ardent Censer to help my AD's to destroy objectives, given my E comes up every other 4 seconds it's basically a perma atk speed boost, but sure I will try taking ZZRot to help push even better. Yet still, Illaoi tho...
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