: riot will just tell you "lul its 3lp not our fault OUR client messed up because of YOUR pc that we had complete programming control over, just use repair tool xd"
not sure if its my pc's fault since this is the first time i've experienced this , guess i'm just EXTREMELY lucky every other time xd
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: theres actually a very simple reason for that auto attackers already have sustain/protection ap characters dont auto attackers have lifesteal and higher movement speed and are more likely to have dashes/escapes of some sort ap characters tend to not have them and therefore need to be able to soak up more "random" damage, as a resuly a lot of the standard ap items have a small amount of health on them
so you're telling me ahri dosent have innate self healing? akali dosent get healing from gunblade?
Jansuo (EUNE)
: Can You Finally Fix the Matchmaking?
work as intended, nothing is wrong.
: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
: MMR and Ranks
the world itself is unfair, rip.
: if you are winning a game and type "EZ" in chat
some people are assholes in this world. downvote me if you're one of those assholes :D
Zardo (NA)
: How? Your top laner finished gold 1 last season and only has like 10 games played this season, so he still has a high gold mmr. Before you complain about matchmaking, put in the bare minimum effort.
fyi, when season resets, players are automatically put in a lower rank than they previously was, so he/she dosent have a high gold mmr.
Kai Guy (NA)
: How I checked. Fat Ass From NA + Op.GG. Was being honest with you as I checked it prior to posting. Duoing was involved. You can see it in the history https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=textinggiraffe There's 3 games of that natu vlad duo your match you seem to be complaining about was their 3rd one. There is a Gap of 1 full division between their assigned Ranks. g3 v p3. Not that it matters as much as players think. MMR is whats used to match build not Tiers, only time Tiers matter is because of a duo or season rewards. Higher or lower values impact how MM builds a game. Tiers make for a dramatically bad gauge of player skill as they only represent skill once its been well established with supported data. 100+ games in that division. That being said, why you see a match quality issue and mismatch is because Duoing is enabled of tiers not MMR you see MM system have to try to build a match to compensate the MMR gap between the duo. This gap is a wide range of players that can account for roughly 20% of the player base going of league of graphs. This is not ideal... but it wont break the ladder. Frankly a lot of folks really like to duo even at the cost of match quality... so riot just leaves it alone. I don't like it, I want improved Match quality so I personally support a more strict requirement for what duoing is allowed. Edit. Rearranged post for clarity. Added more details to last paragraph.
you're right, thanks for pointing this out, the duo is their team which makes it so much worse.
: Dear Riot: So about those Warwick bugs.
quick we need to make more skins
Kai Guy (NA)
: Its an issue with Duoque. The gap of MMR scores allowed by duoing is large because its off tiers not the MMR value. Tiers are not inherently accurate measurements of a players skill until there is a high # of games played to lower system uncertainty. Your enemy had a high MMR low MMR duo. Your top looks like the guy used to balance the teams out in overall MMR. Problem is with class intervals you kinda expect him to be outclassed by every other player besides his counterpart. Riots solution seems like its going to be related to positional MM. My solution is to make Duo Que enabled only off the hidden MMR values MM uses as a class interval. Disallow players beyond that from duoing. The system did not inherently do anything wrong, there's just not much you can do to balance out MMR gaps of an entire division and expect a high quality match from. And that's not takeing population size into account.
no duoing was involved in that one game i can tell you.
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andr0id (NA)
: Boosting disguised as coaching
riot dont care about boosters, enough said.
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: why is shaclone not getting prema?
cuz this game isnt fun anymore? dumb ass match making.
: Ten reasons why it's better not to flame back
hey come here, let me punch you in the face, and dont try to defend yourself :D
: Did Vayne sell enough Firecracker Skins yet?
: Matchmaking system
real story, check my op.gg if you dont believe me, somehow the enemy bot lane is plat4 and my bot lane is gold4, and even after we got a successful invade(yes, i the top laner was involved in the invade), they still manaage to lose lane and feed with a massive lead. alot of people have complained about the matching making system, but riot dosent seem to care, oh well, riot's game, riot's rules, guess we have to suck it.
: Vayne is the number one ADC and has been since 9.3 while tanks and juggers simaltaneously suck shit
yo calm down, if you dont like it, go play apex. (riot's game, riot's rules, nothing we can do).
: Can you stop giving late game champions so much safety and ease in the early game??
and somehow riot decided to buff nasus for some god damn reason :D
: MMR problems in Diamond.
not only in diamond, in gold as well. my team feeds like no tmr( and ragequits). and no they're not gonna read your message, and continue to do nothing.
Poske (EUNE)
: Pyke nerfs any time soon? He is no longer a new champion
maybe when riot is going down hill and decides to listen to us(the player base)?
: I just had a bad bad game

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