: Several Ahri mains are still wondering what your current thoughts of Ahri are. Cmon, don't leave us in the dark!
Pretty sure until they remove the MS on Q and 2 dashes on R, people will constantly complain about her. She's the AP version of Yasuo, can people just play Morgana or Taliyah into her and go "oh hey, look she can't lane." Though I'm sure someone who's a Challenger Ahri main with four billion mastery mains are going to tell me all the things wrong/not wrong. Wonder why the sudden hate, did people get too used to bursting others in < 0.5 seconds that they can't learn to dodge a skillshot, protect the carry or in general ward if they're not support? The last thing mostly, like seriously I have TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE wards placed than any of my teammates now even in a normal game whether I'm mid or support. Edit: Realized name, I still stand by my statement.
Wuks (NA)
: Someone posted something very similar not too long ago, and I feel like your sentiments are very similar, such that I think it'd be worth sharing here as well: I feel ya, and I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. If you look at my ranked matches on any of my accounts, you'll see an unusually high number of Teemo matches, all with the same build. When you mention that you become "too complacent with a winning strategy that [you] stop developing", I think that's where you have to approach how you view your playstyle from a different perspective. Although I play an atrocious amount of Frost Queens top lane Teemo, I don't see each match as more of the same. I look at and evaluate my opponent's champion, their build, their roams, their CSing and wave control, and their aggression. No opponent is the same, and with this, you can learn to solidify your mechanics, because, when it comes down to it, there's no such thing as perfection. And if you want to get out of your comfort zone, play some normal matches and play a champion or role that you don't normally play. Recently, I've taken an interest in Caitlyn/ADC, and I'm working on figuring out how I can do better with her. I'm bad, and I understand I'm bad, but I'm working to learn with each game. And if you're still deciding to quit League of Legends, this advice translates into the real world as well. There may be times where you feel that you aren't developing as a person, and when this happens, you can look at the little things and try to improve those, or you can escape your comfort zone and try something new like volunteering, traveling, or mentoring. Never let yourself get in the way of your own growth. Best of luck on whatever you decide, friend. -- Wuks
Going to say that's partly the reason I "gave up" on the game. I still play here and there only because a friend invested a lot of money into this game for me (tried to pay her back, but due to some shit happening I was basically pushed out from "friends." That's another story entirely though). Anyway, was an Ashe main until I hit a wall and moved on to Lux. Didn't do much with her until I came across Ahri who has been my pick to try and raise my personal skill ceiling. Eventually, I plateaued with her to the point where every match felt the same. Tried a change of pace by going support until 5 man bot lane ganks pretty much made the lane unplayable. It was the same every game: start, 5 man bot, lose tower, proceed to run around trying to get control again which, often, never happened. Along comes a fighting game by the name of BlazBlue which I said "well, I sucked at street fighter/found it boring, might as well give it a second chance." As I was learning, I felt the rush once more of picking up Noel Vermillion, seeing all the combos she could do and how every fight opening was never the same, it was amazing to have a goal to achieve. I was/am still terrible at video games, often being a joke that it took me a year to beat the Elite Four in pokemon red and would constantly have my older brother help me beat the first boss in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Anyway, still having trouble against bots, but every time I take a little break, take a breath, I find ways to do better and improve. Unlike League which, after a certain point I feel, becomes pretty "standard," fighting games do not have items, masteries, runes, all sort of outside changes to determine who has the better start. It's a game of mechanical and mental skill that make me drool <3 Hoping that the next time I pick this game up seriously again, I could find ways to have a ceiling that I can break. When I stopped, I had nothing that I could really learn without investing a heavy amount of time to get the IP to purchase runes. That's one of the major issues of this game, personally, in that the amount of time to try something new is not worth it when you've put it into a single character/roster. 2 and a half years for 100 champions, half of that time grinding for 3 decent rune pages and if I want to play a role that is not an AP mage mid, AD carry bot, AP mage support, or a Tank Support, I'm going to have to play some 200-300 games, win every single one of them with a FWotD bonus to afford a decent setup. That and people don't like off-meta picks. What I used to do for a change of pace was run Ashe mid and Ahri top. With the way things are now in that the early game being the deciding factor in a lot of cases, I can't do these as well as I used to. On top of that, some of the other champions I want to play are unviable due to item and balance changes. These include Taliyah, Riven, Sivir, and Katarina (side note, tried to play Kat, I often found myself hard-camped to the point of making the lane a 3v1 so I gave that up). Just my thoughts, mini-rant, tldr is game felt pretty much the same every match unless I wanted to try something new which resulted in either A) Enemy team camped my ass, B) My team flamed me all game or C) My team dodges. Now with all this yelling and crying, I can't pick anything apart from the standard 20 that pros play if I want to "enjoy" the game, even in normals.
: Well ya you qued as primary support :P I'm surprised it took 20-30 seconds and not shorter....
-Sighing- I remember the insta-queues of Team Builder when I was in a group faster than I clicked Find Team.
Rioter Comments
Dr Mercy (NA)
: "X Champion is getting a buff they don't deserve!!!"
I'm fairly certain this applies to all of the internet, hence why I don't go to Reddit much. If you're not part of the Hive Mind, you must be purged.
Skorch (NA)
: Can we stop referring to every champ that gets buffed as favoritism?
I'll only believe in Riot favoritism towards Ahri if they give me a hidden stat for dancing in front of my enemies.
: Lux has a long range, low cooldown ult
But Lux can't delete people anymoooree, I can't do four bajillion damage to that LeSuck and Fed. I need an easier time to stack my mejai's cause it's not easy enough having a longer poke range than any adc apart from Caitlyn, lower cooldowns than Ahri, and more snares than Ryze and Morgana. Obvs I'm sarcastic. I don't think she needs them, yet anyone complaining otherwise means you're delusional. I mean, it's not like I have 500+ games of her support and mid across 3 seasons. Someone who just picked her up or is high elo knows much much more because skill.
Reav3 (NA)
: Are you happy now Moonboy ;P
Could you do me a favor and hug the person who did the Karma art? They're beautiful!
: The only champions that have a decent win rate against lulu are janna that wins 0.5% more (but it isn't related to laning phase, i can't see a janna winning lane against lulu) Sona, but this is in plat+, as in high elo sona is never picked there are 0 sona mains in euw master right now, i don't know about NA or korea. And blitzcrank, who's also never picked in high elo basically once you're in diamond/master there is nothing that can stop lulu
So....there are ways to stop her yet nobody wants to bother and try to learn to play against them even though there's options? That's some good logic right there, does that mean if you come to a locked door people just say "well, we can't go through even though we have a key, a burly man to break it open, or even a sword to cut the lock off."? I'm just curious why people don't like to try and overcome a challenge and rather have the obstacle just bulldozed away.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fate Fire,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Me0sWorB,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-03-21T18:56:59.075+0000) > > Her job is to deny assassins she denies EVERYONE not only assassins but wait there is more she can enchence a juggernaut by giving more movement speed, she can give more attack speed to her carry she gives an AOE slow on the frontline+knock up on engage Lulu is as good for defense than for offense stop saying that her job is to deny assassins But this is what makes me going on an anti-lulu threads **there is just no way to win lane against a lulu in high elo** it's so frustrating she has too much poke, no mana cost, point and click harass, shielding, strong 2v2
Have you tried maybe Morgana, Lux, Zyra, Brand, or maybe even Nami? I've done well as Support Lux against Plats/Diamonds in Norms as longer poke range and better shield. As well as that, shouldn't ADCs like Caitlyn, Jinx, and Tristana be shitting on Lulu lanes? Again, I don't really know what it's like in high elo, but I'd at least take credit that I'm good with matchups assuming no outside interference like a gank or something. Yet if we were going to go into that, ganking a lulu lane is much easier than a thresh as she has to make a choice of saving the carry or turning to fight. 9/10 they will drop the shield on the carry which means you should make her a priority target.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cancerous Lulu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Me0sWorB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-21T18:40:32.105+0000) > > It only gets better when people can blindly poke and click E on people for free, and get away with it. > i respect you a lot for being a lulu main and acknowledging how hard it is to lane against lulu Considering that the board are delusional and downvote everything without even leaving a comment
I learned a lot from the boards which is: You're wrong, I'm right because LCS pick, balance means I can kill you (ie, Ahri OP because mobility yet it's balanced when Zed can walk up, ult, and kill me from 3/4ths, half health) and Riot's never nerfing Lee even though they just chunked his ult and e (?) ealier, thus people had tossed him into the trash bin as Graves, Hecarim, and Warwick beat him. Personally, I think whenever Lulu's in lane, it tends to be a hit or miss with my wins and losses. I don't think she's strong, but at the same time I haven't seen her much to make an accurate assessment. Her job is to deny assassins which assassin mains are now complaining about because it's already hard enough to kill squishies EVEN THOUGH Lethality pretty much gives champions psuedo-true damage. All you need are Youmou's, cleaver, and Draktharr, boom, every carry melts. But what do I know, I'm just a silver scrub who quit the game cause salt and wanted to play other games.
: What are your favorite splashes as of 2017?
https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fddragon.leagueoflegends.com%2Fcdn%2Fimg%2Fchampion%2Fsplash%2FLux_2.jpg&f=1 I love the nice use of dark colors, highlighted by the glow from various sources. It's full of mystery which provides a nice feeling of secrecy. https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2F0dA5I5d941Q%2Fmaxresdefault.jpg&f=1 COLOOOORRRS, plain and simple. I'm not a big fan of darks. preferring the vibrant pops of reds, yellows, and greens, any reason to have an entire rainbow. This is from personal experience of I'd constantly wear so many blacks/dark blues and it felt so depressing. Art like this puts a smile on my face.
: I Seriously Don't Get One Thing
Most "mains" are just people who've picked up a champion, are Plat+ and say "oh, this is what's wrong" when in reality they are just saying things that are either half-true or go with what others are saying. Take the current Lulu for example, there's people who've put hundred and hundreds of games on her, yet they're drowned out by the people who've suddenly picked her up and say "well, here's your issue right there.' It's like hiring a mechanic fresh from a trade school. Most actual mains I've encountered will mostly say they're strong due to being able to out-duel opponents (myself included). However, what sets these people apart is that they're open to seeing slight buffs or nerfs to them (ie, would say a lot of Ahri mains don't really care about the MS buff on Q. I myself don't really notice it that much and probably wouldn't miss the thing myself) As well, they will tell you exactly how to counter them, point for point. It's not always "just cc them," but actual strategies when in lane and late in the game. Last Ahri example would be that I tell people if she misses a charm, they should immediately turn on her as it's an important cooldown as well as she doesn't deal well with fighters. Just because you play one game doesn't make you an immediate main.
: Lol and the supports are kicking back watching this show burn up in flames.
*Munching popcorn* I'm waiting for when the new WLB comes out and the return of Lee Sin OP threads.
: Possible Lee Sin Legendary skin teaser
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
Speaking of visual stuffs, I play with Relative Team Colors off because I like the red side crystals. Could there be some possibility of making it so I can change the health bars of minions/champions to be inverted? I really would like my red minions to have red bars, but I can see how confusion might play a big role. Still, people play Halo and TF2 where the enemy is blue or red, surely it can't be that hard for a person to get used to it. Plus, they can always just stick with default.
icyriper (EUNE)
: New Riot Game
Guild Wars 2 is better
Rioter Comments
: well in dota if your hard countered there's really no way for you to "one trick" to win the lane, having things like 3-4second reliable stuns etc makes comeback much more likely which I've noticed league doesn't really have. I haven't seen many comebacks in league from a stomp, however in dota that can happen, quite a lot. Gameplay wise I've been maining Aniva and velkoz mid with the odd victor game, I've had matchups where I've been against a cass or yasuo and usually just afk farm till the laningstage is over and proceed to stomp them mid game when they over extend
Comebacks can happen, though it requires the enemy team making a mistake or your team playing perfect (one example is we were pushed to nexus, their carry is just slightly out of position, I get a nice leona blade and burst and they all fall down like dominoes.)
: Veteran dota2 player changing to league
I would say common counters like Ahri vs Zed/Talon/LeBlanc/Fizz or Ashe vs Vayne/Lucian/Varus/Twitch. Not sure what it's like in Dota 2 as I've played like 3 games, but every champion in the game has at least one hard counter, a number of soft counters, and strengths. One thing to note is, while there are counters, oftentimes skill and cheap tactics can overcome challenges of a hard counter lane. IE, Riven one tricks against Darius. 9/10 Darius should win, yet there are one tricks that can win lane against them by playing the lane right.
: played 3 games today after a 25 day break
I'm having the same issue, getting my ass handed to me by better players/ones who are doing cheese tactics like 1v5s. Problem is, to the system, you're a new player so it's trying to place you back to where you should be. Give it about 5 games and it should even out, you might want to play an off-role like Support or Jungle.
: wouldn't that cause new meta champions to arise? since the current "meta" champions are already perma banned? And then a vicious cycle starts. But then doesn't this just increase diversity? which in the end is good, it also rewards being able to play multiple champs, while heavily punishing those yasuo one tricks. (nobody likes yasuo one tricks)
Pretty sure if all the meta/fotm champs are banned or permabanned, people will start trolling because they can't get their pick.
: Uhhh Riot, is this ok? Lex the Lucian clone?
That is a Lucian if I ever saw one. As I always say, though, there is no such thing as original ideas, just original views on another person's idea. Riot should probably step in, but if they do that, Blizzard should get the rights of everything. Dota was inspired by a Warcraft Mod, League is Dota's brother, and Overwatch is the successor to the Genre. Yet, I think they should go in and say "Mind changing the emote or something?" cause that's pretty carbon-copy. Let me just post this TB video who explains it best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owWM0mCh78E
: Or better yet if you want to stir up the meta a little make your ban order: {{champion:202}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:99}} just to force people to play other crap for once. In retrospect though, I should have put Jhin in the original ban list lol.
Can't really force people to pick other champions because there's always some FotM champion for freelo. Then again, I could just play things like Midalee, Midgana, and Jungle Kayle, all of whom have been my pocket picks. Don't trust myself with Nidalee right now though, I can barely play Ashe.
: 1. Mouse and keyboard always beat controller. The precision is much better. 2. They can add comms at anytime. They dont want to. 3. TF2 and CS GO console ports are a great example why not to port.
> [{quoted}](name=Live2LetDie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fnPIc1m4,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-03-15T21:18:28.226+0000) > > 2. They can add comms at anytime. They dont want to. > IIRC, they were going to add in voice chat, but the community backlashed against it.
: Explain your favorite ability as exaggerated as you can
{{champion:92}} Q Swish swing swipe, jumping around like some kind of monkey on caffeine, able to leap over impossible barricades. Blow everyone away as you meteor smash into the ground that cracks under your very power. Mulan wishes she had skills like this one with all the swiftness of a coursing river, being as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
GigglesO (NA)
: That moment you are a War-forged Juggernaut. {{champion:82}} Not my armor!
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x45zq9_mgm-cartoon-billy-boy-1954_shortfilms Would have got the gif, but classics like these are rare to find, rip.
: Just ban {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:91}} in that priority. Here in silver 3 it doesn't really seem to matter so much though.
Pretty sure I could still kick Zed and Yasuo out of lane if I played scared. Talon, however, is a problem child for me.
: https://media.giphy.com/media/I5bk7sUToEBxe/giphy.gif Just ban Darius... and spam cells...
Funny enough, I did. However, they banned Riven and played their Level 7 mastery Fiora. Stupidly I picked Irelia instead of gnar or something better.
: Who else wishes
Me A Year ago: {{champion:22}} {{champion:99}} Me Now: {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} Hmmm, I'm pretty sure old me would be roflstomped, especially if they did triple {{item:3078}}
: Happy to answer any questions you guys might have about the talk. I know it is long. :( Also keep in mind that the audience was game developers, and while we didn't say anything I wouldn't say to players, I'd probably say some of it in a different way.
While I might not be a developer/programmer myself, it's always interesting to get a viewpoint from people in the industry. Going to try and best phrase this as best as I can. Anyway, so lately I've been thinking about a couple of concepts that have popped into my head from picking up MMOs once more which are, as I call them, Investment and Commitment and CQC (Content, Quality, Cost). I'm pretty sure you went over the second one in a manner when you were talking about designing champions. For the first, however, is I realize that League of Legends, compared to a lot of other games, has a very high Investment and Commitment. Investment meaning the amount of time someone has to play to get to a level of enjoyment and Commitment being the minimum the player needs to keep an interest in the game. There are so many champions to play plus different ways to play them on top of the 2-week patches. This can be daunting for both new and veteran players, do you ever take those factors into consideration when trying to make for a good player experience?
Rioter Comments
: Ahri Is Being Picked Every Game
How to beat Ahri in a few steps 1. Pick Morgana, Taliyah, or Anivia 2. Keep wave shoved at all times and when it's not, move bot 3. Wards everywhere 4. The minute she crosses halfway into the lane, your jungler better be already ganking 5. If she misses charm, turn on her. She just lost an important cooldown and must either commit with ult or get out 6. PROTECT YOUR CARRY
: Riot Ghostcrawler's talk at GDC 2017, "Balancing 'League of Legends' for Every Player"
These are the things I love to watch and I feel bad for Ghostcrawler, especially when he comments about basmenting and one-tricks. Now, I love Ahri as much as the next weeb, but I love about a dozen other champions or so, some people wouldn't even imagine. A few are {{champion:10}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:32}} all of whom don't have that many skillshots and are point and hit/Area of no escape abilities. I'd rather have the game be fun than a straight 50% across all levels, challenge makes you a better player. Proof of this is by playing strategy or fighting games, especially fighting where all characters are balanced with some minor differences, yet those who put in the time to learn can overcome those walls.
: Why doesn't anyone play Taliyah?
Because shield, blink, blink, blink, shields, hexdrinker and the fact she doesn't do as much damage as other mages in her class like Ryze and Ekko. Her E-W combo is a difficult skill plus you have to manage the worked ground around your Qs.
: You would think. But I have seen on the boards not once, but about 10 times "Fucking selfish ADCs build pure glass cannon when behind." "ADCs never build defensive items them expect to not be one shot."
You should see the dumb looks I got when I built a thornmail against an AD-heavy team or a very fed Zed. "OMG, you don't build that!" Go from being 100-0'd to killing him UNDER TURRET. It was hilarious seeing a 15-7 zed being beaten by a 3-6 Ashe who's 2 levels down.
: Social Anxiety/ Gaming Anxiety
I try to tune out everything and play as though there's nobody else around. However, I still pay attention to my teammates in case they needed help. At the end of the day, just have fun and don't think about being super pro. Laugh at all mistakes, find the special moments, and just smile. You can even borrow a saying I used to repeat to myself: It's just another day. Maybe even It's just another game. Video games are meant to be relaxing, not turning your entire body into NaCl.
: Cant find the name of a song
You could just go back to the VoD and try to find it that way or post the link here for people to figure out.
: How to be a LoL youtuber:
Pretty sure Trinimmortal is more like Step 1: Love anime Step 2: Everything is an anime Step 3: WHY or PLAY YASUO because they THINK they can play Yasuo...
Fefnil (EUW)
: The sad reason why Pbe fails to do its job...
> What I'm complaining about is that no one in the feedback thread on Pbe caught these aspects, which are the ones Riot put more emphasis because, well, it's his primary role! And they put up a Feedback Thread especially for this reason, and noone is really helping. There's so much wrong on the PBE that I only go on the thing if there's something interesting anymore (ie, Lux's W change, Ahri chromas, Lux VO) because the majority of the people there are asshats. They ban new champions, dodge if they don't get it, and have a shit fit if you don't give it to them. It's impossible to properly test things because they treat it like the live client. I kid you not when the average queue time on there is about 20 minutes including 10 or so dodges. As well as that, the PBE is not really for balancing which I will agree should not be their focus because everyone has a bias when it comes to what is OP and what is UP, myself included. It's better to release a broken champion on live to find whether or not it's strong compared to the stew of PBE players ranging from unranked to challenger. I mean, for god's sake there's a ranked on there full of tryhards. I want to test things, not have to go through the actual stresses of actual ranked. It's hard enough to get people to cooperate long enough so I can try a thing, the pain is even more so when your job as a tester is tossed out the window and PBE is like an exclusive Live Riot should just remove the application process and make it an actual **Public** Beta Client. The people who are willing to put in the time and effort to test will flood in by the thousands compared to the few who find one bug in a few hundred thousand.
Ixchel (NA)
: Don't people get disgusted or bored playing passive supports?
Don't be dissing on my Sona and Nami, I do plenty of engages on the both of them. That being said, the less work I have to do as a support to keep your suicidal ass alive means I'll be better later in the game since I can keep us from being poked out of lane. Also, if you want to talk boring supports champs that aren't girly: {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:98}} "OMG, we're so great, we just press a button and don't have to do anything"
: Did you know Riot offers 3 free skins w/ champions through various promotions?
Chikapi (NA)
: How to battle promo series anxiety?
I would say just treat it like a normal game. In the end, it is for everyone. The more you think it's a big deal, the more you're going to try and not mess up which will just lead to you constantly doubting your every action. Relax, enjoy it, you will make it there if you believe in the Heart of the Cards.
Magik cK (NA)
: Your statement is very confusing. Can you rephrase your sentences?
Sorry, was still kind of waking up but I was trying to say that I feel you in "oh yeah, it's just a new key." Because I'm so used to G and click for my cautions (or was it V?), when it changed over I kept trying to ping caution to only have a regular ping. As such, I almost got my carry killed due to the change. This was on the PBE, first game I hopped into in quite a while so a lot of stuff I had already forgotten which made it even more painful of a change.
Magik cK (NA)
: I set my retreat ping on my keybinding in game setting. it is still a regular ping. Therefore, yes the Ctrl one works but the keybind of the regular retreat ping will never work even though it is how a lot of players play the game now. I am not willing to play my ranked games without this feature fixed because of how I play this game. This is why I think it affects more then just a yea use "ctrl" to do a retreat ping because of how having consistent pattern to do everything in a league game can mean whether you play like bronze tier or diamond tier. The fundamental property of the game you have learned has been change therefore cannot perform to needed level of play.
It mostly comes down to muscle memory. I learned the hard way on the PBE, playing support and almost getting my team killed multiple times because I kept pinging until they told me the change. Didn't bother to fix it yet, probably going to op to just using the danger ping.
Magik cK (NA)
The caution ping is Ctrl now and G-drag should bring up the roulette.
Derpyon (NA)
: Sometimes I lose faith in the gameplay boards
Honestly, I don't even look at Gameplay anymore with how much people complain and apparently I know nothing about Lux even though I have close to 500 games on her across three seasons? As well, someone will always find something to gripe about even if everything is balanced, there's 0 lag and your team are LCS players. I think this is a good read http://kotaku.com/frustration-can-improve-video-games-designer-found-1793045192
: If there's an Ionia update
No Ahri, Karma first. I really want her fixed to be as playable in the mid lane when I mained her during season 4, she was the most fun traditional mage and partly the reason I picked up Taliyah. She lacks an identity of any kind other than just being enlightened. It would be nice if she had a bit more flow added to her kit (Not like Ryze, her R-Q and R-E were so satisfying. R-W never felt really worth it which I believe lies in a major issue in her kit) Right now, she's just a really good shield mage with a pathetic snare. Her damage is off, it goes from nothing to doing half of the carry's health in two levels, it should be more consistent. Just my thoughts, I'm sure Ahri could do with some touching up, but I think she'd be better off as a minor update.
Gríff (NA)
: When Galio comes out don't even bother playing bot lane
Bot lane was already done for wayyyyy long before galio. You have TF, LeBlanc, Ahri, Pantheon, Rengar, Talon, Katarina, Zed, Riven, and more recently the 4 and 5 man bot lane ganks while your jungler is busy having a knife fight with the Cuccos. In lane alone, you have Caitlyn, Varus, Lux, Zyra, Malzahar, Brand, and even Ziggs. Season 7 is just pure hatred on bot lane, Galio is late to the party.
: Is the laugh intact? If not, what is the new laugh?
Laugh is still there when I played on the PBE. Also, when did they change the Caution ping? I thought it used to be G + click, but now it just pings.
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