: The thing that bothers me the most about all this is everyone complaining about Pyke 'regenerating and being unable to be poked out of lane'. It's the whole point of Pyke. Sustain the poke damage that is heavy in the current meta (brand, zyra, etc) and regenerate without issues. If you want to win vs Pyke, play zilean. He's legit unable to do anything and you can poke his adc down with bombs while spamming CTRL 4 because he can't heal his adc. Like for real if you're going to try to poke down a guy with free built in sustain, you're dumb. It's like saying hey Vladimir is OP because I can't poke him out of lane. No shit bro, it's his design and key characteristic. I know Pyke is annoying af to play against, but he's honestly so easy to counter. Just pick zilean, R when he jumps in the air, enjoy free win.
Lmao Zilean counters Pyke, what? If you want his regeneration so bad, keep it, but he's gotta lose his escapes. He can't have those escapes and that regeneration, it makes him unpunishable as a champion. "Hit his ADC" is such a bad argument. You're saying that the only way to punish a champion is to just ignore him and attack someone else because his kit is too good for you to even "viably" consider punishing him for anything in lane? Really? You are proving my point for me dude. Jeez...
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: he has low utility for a class that isn't supposed to have utility, yet because adc's are overloaded, he comparably has low utility. So he's given more damage to do his job better, ironically his job is the same as all other ADCs, and so Draven is strong because other ADCs cry about needing slows and stuns and peel and invulnerability and intargetability and knockups and blinks and dashes and traps and aoe and invisibility and spell shields and etc. Draven is single Target damage, that's it, and so he's allowed to be good at it. The problem is other ADCs are less like Draven.
ADCs are overloaded and have too much utility... Except for Draven because Stand aside isn't enough to count as utility. The ability isn't the most impactful at face value, but makes up for it with extreme consistency. Something other ADC utility abilities lack. Seriously, wth does this even have any upvotes?
: I actually dont like this idea, Some games are won 4v5 even if someone doesnt connect, in fact, I was able to carry a game 4v5 as yasuo while our draven never connected
That happens like 1% of the time, so it's irrelevant. Though, honestly, Riot should make it so no matter what happens you get to at least vote. Sometimes people DC a second after the game starts and they don't let you remake. That makes no sense.
: kinda happy hot is removed so these kinds of shitposts will die off
True, but still, the OP has a point. You literally can't react to him and Riot really needs to address this kind of stuff.

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