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: Aurelion Sol's lore has been added to the Targon site!
Interesting to note that he wasn't enslaved through a trick exactly but a gift instead( I would be pretty annoyed if my gift I got from my fans enslaved me.) and that pretty much, current Targon is thanks to him. Would hate to be the Targon residents once Aurelion Sol breaks free.
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: Dude, that's...Brutal. At first I thought that was like old Gundam, but then I realized I didn't recognize it. Yikes, I can already tell that's one of those super-depressing anime. But I did play one-for-all against Lux, and I'll tell you this, we were all Garens. And every single person in the game was skinned, and with quite the variety, from both Steel Legions, to Sorceress and Star Guardian and Imperial, and also Sanguine and Dreadknight and Commando. It was like a showcase. One Lux we ganked as a five-man group said, "ew, I got Garen in my hair and all over my face." and all of us are going lol that means two things as we do the Monkey in unison. They also seemed to save their ults to use all at once. Many of us were caught in the crossfire between the lanes. It was both hilarious and a little distressing, because I didn't realize until now how much easier to dodge Star Guardian Lux's version of her ult is, especially compared to Steel Legion, which is almost invisible by comparison. Maybe a little off-topic, but the more I think about it...That doesn't even seem fair, how much more visible Star Guardian is compared to all the others. If you're hitting someone long-range, they can easily spot that, far easier than any other skin.
If it helps, it's made by the same guy who made gundam. It's one of his older works and pretty much, that series kinda served as the prequel to the gundam series. Apparently, from the videos I seen so far, EVERYONE dies. No one is left alive.
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: Your favorite champion is now your roommate
Since someone already did Viktor and Wukong... {{champion:99}} Atleast I have a free lightshow and won't ever have to fear the dark again.
: Morgana is not evil, not even implied to be the slightest bit evil.
The whole Morgana and Kayle morale views remind me of the Shin Megami Tensei series of Law and Chaos. Kayle represents Law while Morgana represents Chaos(Absolute freedom at the cost of a world where the strong survive and the weak perish.) Would it be possible of Riot to create another champion that comes from the same world as Kayle and Morgana but represents Neutrality?

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