Dewott610 (OCE)
: How to earn more blue essence now?
I installed this yesterday for the first time in over a year, and hadn't played much the year before the last time I had played it either because I ha dmy fill of the premades BS in ranked and no longer had a place to hide from larger premades and to have a more balanced match outside of the occasional no life 'smurf' or whatever. I sign in and think, what's this? Oh well I get some for a quest, cool. Then I played 5 or 6 matches , and looked to see that my BE count was not changing when first win of the day IP and winning most of those matches should have had a few hundred more. Low and behold, I found out about this BS and uninstalled the game later and installed Smite again instead (which I haven't played more than once or twice since it's closed beta periods). i thought I was done with the game before, but when I saw they put the solo Q back that I could play again. But I forgot a greedy chinese corporation with an absolute love affair with lootboxes and pay2win owns league. As well as an almost literal knockoff or two on mobile as well, NO JOKE. I used to play one on the can once in a while, and tencent owned it as well and it was cochfull of lootboxes and it was tied around xping like they've finally gotten around to doing in this turd. I could use a modded apk for that, but if you did that for league you'd get perma'd and if you made alts to play and couldn't use the main account you spends loads of money on over the years what's the point? If you played from season 1 to 3, this is not the same game and does not have the same ownership and development oversight no matter what anybody tells you even if they haven't been fired by tencent after the acquisition. This game has been going steadily downhill for a few years now, and older players have seent his coming. This game has finally become pay2win, and if you thought the dominion bots were bad just wait until you see what type of turd you're playing by the end of the year with aram bots working off undeserved chatbans and hextech denials on top of no reward in BE per match any longer either. People will quit in droves and the ones that remain will bot the game more than they play, the same as I began doing in hearthstone once it went 100% rng p2w last year. I now play it (hearthstone) for a few days 2 or 3 times a year (down from that much a week, though usually doing at least daily quests most days) to try new cards then bot it the rest of the year for gold for expansions. I also stopped buying expansion bundles with real money, this april will be the first I haven't paid for I will have 10k botted gold instead for it the bot only cost about $23 dollars converted from euros and a paypal fee for the lifetime license (hearthranger). People will begin playing league this way, unless they are an older player that already has all they wanted that you will undoubtedly be matched against and wrecked by once they need to adjust matchmaking to account for mass exodus and lack of new player retention. Or else you'll get slowly increasing Q times as more people drop the game once they hear of something else that's not so pay2w. I decided to avoid anything with tencent behind it, unless I was botting 99% of the time and picking up the games once I unlocked enough to see how they were and if they were playable. If I had not forgotten about tencent being behind this one I would not have installed it again yesterday. Gonna look into what this account would be worth these days, perhaps more because I have most of the champs and it's a lot of money for boosts or rp to unlock them for new comers now. Now would be the time to sell I think, or perhaps I could wait a couple of months and see just how rough it is for newcomers. And then find the right price after figuring the RP costs for their 16 heroes to get out of the roflstomp blinds mode and into solo Q. And then I'll factor in my skins, including a few rare ones I had from back in the day. it's really sad that they used to have alot of cheap heroes to get set up for ranked easily, since some of the cheap ones were always good and many easy to learn to play. They really screwed the pooch on this one, but if I'm being honest, if I made something that got a lot of people hooked and was given an offer to sell it knowing they would make people miserable with it afterward i would still do it in a heartbeat to make that quick and easy money and let somebody else handle the workload and make it their problem. So don't blame the ones that sold it, blame the ones thatb ought it. tencent megacorporation. This is right out of their handbook. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR game is becoming pay2win, a corporation (tencent) well known for it's love of lootboxes and pay2win schemes owns league. Find alternatives unless you're an old player that has everything and can handle no positive reinforcement for time spent in game (part of the reason I bot hearthstone beside it's lootbox based progression is you make no porgress unless you win so much time feels wasted when I don't bot it). Check out Smite, especially if you played Paragon, and check out DOTA 2 which gives all heroes FOR FREE. You can use EVERY HERO IN DOTA 2 WITHOUT GRINDING FOR THEM AND WITHOUT PAYING FOR THEM. Smite gives you gems for logging in and for playing, so while you buy heroes there it's much quicker than league is now. Adios amigos. P.S. I knew something was really off the moment I logged in and the old chatban didn't pop up and my honor was reset. They must really be bleeding players LOL. (get it, LOL?) LOL
: Why is Riot doing this?
I haven't played for over a year now, at least, but is it safe to play teemo again without oracles dropping a loaf in his cheerios? especially while standing somewhere trying to hold in the chuckle with the burst all ready to hit somebody that trips over little claymores? I heard they destroyed tanks? If so, this sounds like a fun time for me to try out the game again in little casual bursts at least. Although rune-fueled tankmo with mogs will no longer be an attainable break from any monotony. Here's to tankmo, and while at it here's to ionic which was really fun with that back in the day. Cheers.
: So there was no point to playing well before hextech crafting? You play the game because you enjoy it. Hextech crafting is just a bonus that Riot gives to postive players rather than some other reward. In the past Riot would say thank you in some other way like a free skin or an icon. Hextech is a much more constant reminder that your actions can get you free stuff. Riot has brought this up at least a dozen times in a dozen different formats (forums, reddit, announcements, etc) so its pretty easy to figure out the penalty isn't permanent.
some of us aren't little nerds that glue our pizza faces to reddit and the website
: Pretty sure the one on the right can only be cured with AIDS {{champion:90}}
so we are saved since you are the cure
CLG ear (NA)
: I now know what love is
stopped and lol'd at 'typing'. Oh that EQ love...
: Why did you have to touch Akali riot?
Then one did pretty damn well earlier on the other team... in aram... maybe the hero isn't bad, but you are with adjusting to whatever changes there are between her and items? You may be so mad about changes that you resent her, and internally you refuse to get used to adjustments. When you do poorly, you then blame adjustments. Then decide it's all over with. Then use it to finally convince yourself to quit, something you may have been wanting to do before now. And you are using this to nudge yourself to do it, while placing the blame on it in the process.
: "but I am a strong independent woman who needs no man!" -sassy black woman finger snaps-
> [{quoted}](name=DariusDemiurge,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=KAmf21UV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-19T06:02:56.996+0000) > > "but I am a strong independent woman who needs no man!" -sassy black woman finger snaps-
: Come November 8th, no matter what happens...
Would you prefer a giant douche or a turd sandwich> Vote for Andy Basiago The man who will tell us about time travel and the not so surprising twist that E.T. isn't a douche or a turd human beings generally are (we made Teemo)
: The penalty isn't permanent. Be positive for 10-20 games and you'll be able to use hextech again. It's not a set number of games but if you have X games where you don't act negative the system considers you reformed. Just say nothing but "gg" "wp" and "gj" and you'll be back to crafting in no time. P.S. punishments are rarely handed out because of one game. Chances are you were punished because of negative behavior over quite a few games. Did they only give you chat logs from one game?
well, you mean window the game and click alittle bit here and there for that many matches. there is absolutely no point in trying to do WELL when not rewarded for it while everything else is. But that's interesting that it isn't permanent (if you're not trolling/lying). I have no idea how int he world they expect anybody to stick aorund long enough to realize that to begin with. That's plain asinine.
TFBaam (NA)
: not going to feed the troll
well you're gonna starve then. sounds like you have an eating disorder, along with a dissociative disorder. most of us do not refer to ourselves in the third-person
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
thing is, this hands an edge tot hose with 'aram' accounts with only suitable heroes ... especially those that premade into aram that way and share their rerolls or trade and roll for pickups the times they are able to. it assures having at least a couple of decent or suited heroes for the mode,, compared to a bunch of shitter heroes on the other side. the main reason i grew tired of aram. once you have 100 heroes you just can't have fun with it without making a new account, and the way premades were in every single mode last year, I would only have played an alt aram account, which would have defeated the purposeof this account and every cent put into it. randomization of heroes ruins the mode, and makes it a storke of luckt o be able to have any fun in it at all especially when you go up against a couple or few obvious aram accounters in a game.
TFBaam (NA)
: UGHHH PREMADES HATE HATE HATE HATE DIE how did you end up blaming dynaq for this?
because they were forced to either quit or put up with premades abuse and ironic report spam in EVERY game mode once ranked was removed? so they may as well have been in that 'dynamic' since it gave lp, since normals are just the non lp version of it. it's alogical assumption. either way, no mode was free from premade abuse at that point in time. the reason i haven't played the pos for nearly a year. I may install again soon though, since the solo/duo queue is returning from what I hear. As I expected, since it was either that, or the population would have been reduced to a bunch of premade degenerates putting up with each other's shit and the game would never have recovered. Like hon, which was the game that drove me to try league in 2011 after a few rounds were nothing but a bunch of little virgins and their comical insults while not considering the fact the game matched them with a complete noob which meant that they were also shit one way or the other. Either they were also shit, or they were 'smurfing', which is what shit players do since they can't get the joy of pwnage unless they're facing noobs obviously. but anyways, it was dynamic I am certain. nothing dynamic about something that is constantly curbstomping, abusive, and spam reporting from a bunch of hand holding scrubs with pop's cc though. dynamic implies change and adaptation, yet I experienced nothing different myself, though I adapted by uninstalling. Seems enough people had the same idea or we wouldn't have ranked returning.
: better blah words quick blah blah words amirite?
better uninstal and play dota 2
: PLEASE READ - I got hacked, email and password changed, Riot wont recover account
donate your resources the next time you have trouble logging in
: Pick any quotes and then add "in my ass"
sion's, come out in my ass
MrEnder (NA)
: "I didn't get any/enough ____ so we lost because of that its all the ____ fault"
It's all your fault, OP. I found a person that prefers to live an alternative lifestyle between N and Q in the alphabet
Herim (NA)
: 1 person is int feeding and the other 2 are AFK.
just sit in base and tap the mouse once a minute or two until it's over with. window the game so you can watch something on couchtuner or something. or go on chaturb8. afterward, uninstal, sell account, play dota2, smite, or try paragon open beta and pray to god it gets actual matchmaking and has a solo or duo only queue by the time it's out of beta... and don't spend any money until it does. Also, you can't blame the guy for feeding with 2 already afk. He just wants it over with as fast as you do.
: I'm in trouble :({{item:3070}}
they're coming for you next... and they're gonna unleash the hounds
CinderOG (NA)
: cant tell if jokes or not No, im not getting unbanned, still considered toxic. Just wondering if Im gonna get chat banned when I get back too
this game is a pos just sell the account and move on the devs are all downies that don't gaf about you if you aren't a bunch of premade brats with your pappa's credit cards i wouldn't be surprised if half of them spin a dradle while cackling like hyenas at your post
CinderOG (NA)
Do what I would do, and make damn sure you earned it. It won't be reversed, and most importantly, why the fuck should you even give a shit about the game once they took your rewards away? Go for the gold. Become a legend. Or sell the account and find a game that isn't a pos ran by pos'. P.S. You can be damn sure it was premades spamming reports on you that lead to it. Every time you recognize or suspect one, make damn sure you earned that. They took away ingame rewards, so find other ways to reward yourself. Go for it. Do it on a second account if you still give a shit about this game, but just do it. You'll find yourself having fun with the game again.
: What Has Changed?
If it's been that long, just playing something else. Premades are forced on you in every game mode now, ranked is not a sanctuary. It doesn't exist any more. Premades are horrible cancerous vile vermin that need to contract human immunodeficiency. I suggest dota 2 if you want not to deal with premades, and want a better game. and one more balanced. There is also smite, for a third-person perspective and another third-person perspective game like this is paragon but it has no match-making atm and also has premade issues at a point not long into playing. In my case, and some others from what i saw on reddit. You win hard and way too many times and then hit rock bottom once every othe rgame is a curbsotmping premade, which is the reason i left this on this season. At least i won't be putting money into paragon though, even if/when a solo or duo queue only queue does come out along with elo. Paragon has promise though, and if you're gonna get curbsotmped by little smurfette premades, it may as well be in paragon over this pos. i suggest dota 2 though, but smite is also fun i did it in closed beta and once in a while after ob or release for a while. TLDR= league is imbalanced, beyond repair, and isn't fun any more. Play Dota 2, Smite, or hold out hope for Paragon and give it a try in open beta currently. Also, 'solo' is the role most shit on in this game currently.
: I'm penalized for having friends...
"Penalized for playing with buttbuddies" Are you high? I'm not talking about elo, which doesn't really matter in your case I reckon
Herim (NA)
: I'm so tired of the "it's normals/aram" excuse
tldr gotta pay attention to this dota match now that's loading
: You know what sucks? Not being able to punish lane select Trolls.
Maybe he wasn't trolling? Maybe it was the only way to get into the game and he wanted to play a hero that is fun for him to use. In spite of the premades he has at least a 1 in 4 chance of being paired with trying to muscle him into an unfun and unpaid half hour to hour of his time sacrificed for their 'fun'? Think about it from his perspective. he isn't 'trolling'. He is trying to have fun, in spite of the others that will try to steal it from him and gorge upon it themselves while spamming reports on him after expecting him to use an unfun hero that he doesn't even know the fuck to use for the sake of their own selfish thrill-seeking. Complain about Riot, not about the guy trying to be able to actually still have fun with this game in spite of Riot and the premade pandering. > [{quoted}](name=EmollientNut0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Rgo0IdFG,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-01T08:16:07.707+0000) > > Just had our first pick who queue'd for support and locked Garen. Why the fuck do they get to get away with that if someone dodges? You mean to punish this fucker I have to sit through a 40 minute ranked game of him trolling just for the chance? Honestly fuck that, Riot. It's stupid. "Just had OUR" He was trying to still have fun with this game in spite of Riot forcing him to play with people like you and your buttbuddies. Edit: Seems something preferring to live an 'alternative lifestyle' downvoted me. Then knelt back down in front of it's premade circlejerk
: Having a rotating game mode called "Troll Queue" In game you can't control how you level up abilities and visiting the shop buys your random items/upgraded items.
sounds like about the tenth pos rng tavern brawl in a role in the past two months. oh my bad, thought i was playing hearthstone at the suggestion of complete total rng being considered actually 'fun' by anybody... I find a complete and total lack of control over event he slightest details of any match to be absolutely fun, fulfilling, and entertaining. for me to poop on. I keed I keed, but really fun for the other guy though I bet trolling is funw hen you're torlling other people. not when the game itself is trolling you. There are two types of troll players that can branch off fromt here if I wanna generalize, which i do. There are the type A's that do it because either they are having a bad day or they can't seem to find any other way to have fun with a game. Also it may feel as if it is the only way they have any sense of control over what is going on in the match, which gives a sense of control over yourself and your experience back to you in a way that can be fun. For yourself, which is the point, if everyone is having fun at your expense, why can't you have fun at theirs. It's only fair. Just not every single game of course. So type A's have fun through others' misery and reactions, gaining a sense of control over the experience through it, or through the idea of ceasing to care about the results of the match (winning, and being tryhard) and by just doing whatever. Then there are type B's that do it because they're in better spirits, and because they are being funny or even friendly. OP sounds like this type. I am type A. So this wouldn't really work for me.
: Make a "troll" queue
Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of being a trollo queuer? Premades will will report you no matter what you do anyways. They did it yesterday. They did it today. You know they'll do it tomorrow. So, let's say today is tomorrow, if you wanna trolo queue, JUST DO IT P.S. Quitting and being banned is the same thing. You just can't sell the account once you're banned. At least have some fun before you quit. If you can't have it any other way and have tried, you're entitled to feel a sense of fun after having blown money on the game. so JUST DO IT
: I am so pissed! Can you guys add in a "troll vote" dodge system in champ select? I just had a ranked game I had to dodge because of an ADC/Bot Thresh{{champion:412}} pick. The player legit even said they were trolling, locked in and everything. Please address this issue for the future! Make so that if you get voted as "Troll Picking" too many times in ranked that you are banned from ranked for a period of time. I play 4-5 ranked games a day and see this happen way too often!
tbh they probably found that to be the only way they had any fun in ranked as a solo player nay more lol.
: it would need someone to review each instance, like the claim of someone making a racist comment in the game, and getting reported for it; riot cant know if they were actually racist/trolling unless they take a look at the evidence and decide for themselves. its a good idea, but it would be just as difficult for riot as the reporting system is. i cant speak for riot, but if it were my game, i would implement this suggestion ASAP. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lol no human eyes look. you will be spam reported by pissy premade sno matter what you do, you may as well make sure you deserve and give it right back to them without restraint. they're scum anyways. If I ever come across somebody offline that brags about being a premade report/flame spamming prick like that, I am going to have a field day with them. they ruin online games for solo players. and so do devs that cater to them. shame on riot for cramming them down solo players' throats that enjoyed ranked as a moment of relief from them until this season. shame on them for encouraging grouping, period. it spewed out onto the 'special modes' so frequently that it naturally ruined any potential fun in them as well.
: Ranked updates now live
hwo the hell does this help somebody that isn't diamond and quit because they don't have any fun playing against premades nor having to deal with their crap being put on the same side as one? how much do acc go for these days jesus
: it better not be 6 months, i got chat restriction after my team harassed me all game and i finally said something back to them and i cant earn rewards now because of it . fix this now riot... ive served my 10 game penalty. wtf else u want
dude, riot doesn't give a fuck about solo players. that wa slikely a premade, just sell that account and be done with what has become a toxic piece of shit that isn't even a game to me any more. they deserved more than the dos imho. rito were suspended , for THEIR behavior. hue hue hue
: Does anyone know how long a person is ineligible for the hextech rewards?
so toxic premades can flame you tilt and spam report against you. then after sitting through that controlling, domineering bs forcing you to mute 9 others players until it's over with, you sitll don't get rewards. what's the incentive to try to win? at all? one bit? this is the last straw with the way riot treats solo queuers. I'm selling the account and being done with this. playing smite or dota 2 I guess, probably smite since I don't want to get a PHD in a new moba and smite looks more casual. losing isn't fun either, but, not being rewarded when you win and do it well is even worse. fuck yourself riot, you deserved the DOS btw, you had it coming for YOUR behavior.
: at least i have fun buddy, like a video game is supposed to do. have fun being salty kid
have fun with your seed of a tree of giants, 3 sunf<3gs and no skill, kid. try playing dota 2 , opting out of premade queue, see how far you don't get. git gud.
Fazuzu (NA)
: try orcs must die unchained, smite, or solo que dota 2
or drugs if u wanna not feel like u wasted money on this game once in a while (to play this)
: I hate this game so much right now.. I really hope something else comes out soon that's better so I can ditch this shit fest.
try orcs must die unchained, smite, or solo que dota 2
: at least in premade i can have fun with friends and actually possibly rank up, unlike solo queue in which I would get paired with dumbasses who have to afk to eat dinner or who's mommy said its fucking bedtime. Oh lets not forget the intentional feeder or just absolute trash player who always just lost you the game regardless of how well you did. fuck off
you just admitted you're a scrub that belongs in wood tier and your team steals someone else's rank for you. kys lol . you ruined the game. truly considering selling this account after your shitpost. to get some of the money back that I wasted on it, which won't go into another game it will go into cocaine or salvia instead. better, more fulfilling investments than games these days. and the fun lasts longer, even with salvia. which is short af. you literally need to be on drugs t o enjoy this game as a solo player,, and even then it only lasts a couple matches maybe a few before you wanna kill the other 9 peoplee playing again. which reminds me, pls kys scrub
ff4sk (NA)
: Honestly with how exploitable dynamic queue is i've completely stopped playing ranked on normal days. Only time I get to play ranked is during the weekend when the premades are farming free ip from dumb bastards who decided to queue on their own in shit like urf or all for one. Usually ranked is pretty empty at that hour and even when I queue up vs a premade it's usually a duo so I can manage. honestly you'd think with the amount of people getting boosted and with how many people complaining riot would at least consider bringing solo queue back as a separate queue but nope, gotta hold all the solo queue players hostage so the premades can have someone to fill the gaps and they can throw their incompetence on.
thats when you sell your account and used it to start a different game. dota 2 is a good suggestion. some people also suggest smite. I don't suggest overwatch yet. it looks like it will grow stale fast, it's a domination mode first-person shooter is all. plus blizzard made it. you may wanna take a peek at orcs must die unchained on steam ,
: considering my job requires me to "squint at a computer screen every day" for hours on end, I must be a sociopath in need of a shrink
staring at a computer screen for hours doesn't allow you to call someone a sociopath. if they are a person who wasn't conditioned well enough witht he construct of a 'moral compass' and they sit there and scam, phish , or do other productive things all day on the computer then it's considerable but they might just be an asshole. someone that stares at a computer all day is generally a nerd or being paid too well.
: "solo queue"
: If you really don't want to play a champion, then dodge. It sucks because I never win my champion and I likely won't win my champion again all because you ragequit, but it's better than feeding intentionally. Between bans and bad luck I finally got my heimerdinger only for someone to troll and feed all game. But if we left, he threatened to report us for afk. :/ All because he didn't get Fizz. I've played as Fizz three times so far. It's really not that fun, he isn't ranged and he has no CC.
dodge timer penalties shouldn't even exist. it only takes two times to wait out as long as it takes to actually be playing and force a surrender. noone in their right mind will hand over control to trolls assuming they got you by retarded dodge timer penalties, afk ban, or chat ban for being frutrated. thats the time when you show them who is really in control and make a retarded build, and if it does well ask enemy to report your team for feeding (or flaming which they will do at least trying to goad you into worse) when their troll pick naturally feeds the mals or zed sont he other side. serves them right
Ăhri (EUNE)
: I feel like premades shouldnt be allowed in this.
: If You Play One for All, Don't Expect Your Choice Champ
bard 4 times ina night, the last time it was a premade (naturally) that all locked it in as a troll pick and likely expected to either goad me into reportable chat or to afk so they could report that. I wound up trolling them instead and it was hilarious. ks with such a good kdr that i could dick around and die a few times and still not end it negative. ulted the pricks a few times too so they couldn't escape. completely turned the troll around and 1v3 the scrub premade. they thought they decided that i wouldn't have any fun,, guess what, I found a way to have funw ith him anyways. and they got what they deserved. and so will you if you are another prick that picks bard. or something equally stupid that i have to deal with for the third or fourth time. if the only way i can have fun is by turning your troll around on you, that's what i will have to do. I'll always be saving ult for th eone that picks it, and god forbid you're another premade that thinks you're in control assuming you force dodge timers (that shouldn't exist) afk or report spams on a frustrated player you think you're trolling. you'kll end up being the ones reported byt he end o the game once you get mad enough at me every time you die or get ks or i save a kill you're about to get or a tower from being takend own. serves ya right for being douchebags. and sivir and singed i consider fun picks. that can run into horrible matchps, but be fun in other matchups. there are some things that are plain and simple troll picks that will never do any good in a mode like this. and those people picking them should be reported, especially if it's a premade. just remember, you wanna troll me with somehting like lulu or nami, not something like bard where my stunlocks cana lsow ork on you lol. bad move there. since they would never be used on an enemy, yet at the same time only used on my enemies if you catch my drift.
: does anyone feel like their champ isn't safe
No champ is safe alone in such a dun dun dun dynamic queue
: Without alacrity, boots of mobility are pretty useless now
movement speed runes, mana regen runes, spellvamp runes compensate. and give you an advantage before the match begins, that your opponent can't buy during the match. Also those boots were meant for roamers. if you're constantly in combat, those other boots (swiftness? whatever the silver ones are been a long time since I played this much) are better for constantly maintaining a better speed than boots with other perks. unless you're a jungle, a shroommo or plan to be moving between lanes often for another reason you don't need those boots.
Nahui (NA)
: And surprise! No one gives a shit! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
LMAO I knew you were some smart-assed nerd. And here I find this little gem. Go fawkes yourself, kid. No one gives a shit about your shitposts either.
Nahui (NA)
: I didn't advocate I like WoW, I'm just saying your information is false and a waste of our time. GG.
How do I mute you? Since reading this before I realize it's you is a waste of my time. My time is the only time that matters, btw. Idga about your time. So don't waste mine telling me about it. Ignored from this point, since you seem to be a troll attempting to bait flames. And my time is too important for that childishness. Nevermind, not a troll. a wow virgin it sounds more like. As i said before, go blow ben brode if you like it so much lol. Either way I am done with you now wow kid.
Axxuka (NA)
: Guess which Splitpusher king will be happy and Guess who will be happy to see that another form of Ionic Spark is back for him ? {{champion:23}} Split pusher king to split pusher Terror {{champion:98}} Ionic spark got removed (and reworked into stattik shiv) in the first place because of him.
I also liked spark on tankmo, and was disappointed to see it reworked.
1Maza (NA)
: People still believe Riot when they say they balance for high elo Ranked and not LCS. That's the funniest shit to me. This change is 100% just for LCS to prevent lane swaps. Anyone with half a brain would know this buff makes split pushers insanely broken. But they don't care, they just wanna make the first 10 minutes of LC$ games more entertaining. Making buff timers visible to the enemy is the same thing. Completely destroys our experience because champions like {{champion:20}} and {{champion:35}} exist, but they just want the pros to fight over shit more to get more viewers.
is being a 'rpo' gamer as much an accomplishment as winning the special olympics? honest question. I'm thinking it Isn't, because regardless of them being 'special' they are athletes. which makes what they are involved in a sport. i don't think it was fair to compare people who play a lot of video games to them, come ot think of it. i apologize to everyone who has spectate dor participated in the special olympics, you have accomplished more than people who play video games and that should be acknowledged. TLDR video games are not a sport and 'pro' game ris just another word for nerd that needs to get laid lol ruining the game to accommodate those nerds is comical I couldn't care less about whatever acronymed nerds are doing on the game, I only care about what i do (and wanna do) on it. plus i am curious how many posts with an insult to their money making 'pro' virgins it takes to get banned. apparently insulting one of the dropouts is grounds for ban.
: You know, so there's less snowballing. Now when the 3-0 Darius gets the herald, the 0-3 Riven can't snowball her way back and be broken :^)
probably time for riven to go have a cigarette then. two if her team was stubborn? lel?
: The problem that Riot's trying to solve (which they're failing to solve still) is that the only time most people took Herald was when they were already ahead. What they don't realize is that it's still going to be an issue. Now whoever get's Herald, wins top lane, period, unless they get constantly focused down by multiple people..
which already happens once ranked was removed.
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: So sad they took away in-game mastery 5 emote :'(
ther eis already enough toxicity inducing stuff in the game once they removed ranked and put pubstomp queue in place of it. I'm glad they removed one rage inducer, at least.
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