Jad51 (NA)
: Is "ez" Reportable? Curious.
RIOT has once stated it was, so do report if you see people use it, I always do since it such an unsportman-like/jerk action to do
: I just stole the Baron with The Vision of the Empire
I like it as well, just wish it had a charging system instead of just a one use
Amariell (NA)
: Giving Morgana's Splash Art a More Realistic Body Type
Going to be honest with you, and this might be just cause I am a pervert, but I personally prefer the before art, or at least how it is right now, but hey, to each their own no
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: > there are plenty of games, and even really good free ones Which ones?
> [{quoted}](name=Andrey0345,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XTET5ccE,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-02-09T14:02:20.741+0000) > > Which ones? I mean if you are looking for game recommendation, I could say many, though I imagine you are looking for free games. Well the first one I could think of is Hyper Universe, it is also a moba, but it has a nice art style and is done in an almost 2d beat them up fashion, it is new, but quite fun, if you wish a shooter then there are things like Fortnight Warframe and TF2, you can also play some RPGs like path of the exile, or maybe a card game like shadow verse or yugioh duel links, there are games out there if you wish to link these are just some I enjoy
Jamaree (NA)
: Reminder that if you aren't having fun with League, you should stop playing.
I agree with the statement, even though I don't like monster hunter, go play something else, there are plenty of games, and even really good free ones, you should learn to take a break
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Honestly it should be removed.
: Is Diana just dumb or what?
If I can, how can you be sure their moon works like our moon? I mean in a world full of magic, trolls, and bird people, can you truly believe the moon works the same as ours?
: > [{quoted}](name=HeazonZ,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ZbvE8fN6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-02-03T04:53:12.333+0000) > > Can’t imagine {{champion:72}} with a DB skin. He’s too rocky, it’s like imagining malphite with one. He is bug like tho http://78.media.tumblr.com/a0c21586d5018c986342fed095d91fca/tumblr_og36vcyxms1vi61dso1_500.png
lol, you can see a smile, I love it, 10/10
: Quality parenting, they can't be a prodigy unless they start early. Pretty soon you'll be able to relax and mooch off your uber famous pro gamer kids OP. Well done.
> [{quoted}](name=oOBestEveNAOo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XY0pH3eY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-03T00:53:38.758+0000) > > Quality parenting, they can't be a prodigy unless they start early. Pretty soon you'll be able to relax and mooch off your uber famous pro gamer kids OP. Well done. finally my main shall be out of bronze
Blainezy (NA)
: Reav3’s stated this is the first experience that sparked Annie to develop the personality she currently has in game. To be as crazy and sadistic as she is, I would imagine a traumatic experience could trigger that.
While I agree with you, I think calling her "crazy" and "sadistic" might be a stretch, she is still young, she doesn't fully grasp things like life and death, she doesn't mean to hurt people, like that is never her intention, but she is no longer afraid to do so, in her bio it even states that she doesn't go around threatening people for food or clothes, but uses their pity for awhile and then leaves. Sure she might not be good, but I also don't think she is actively looking to be evil
Elinz (NA)
: ~*Akara, The Gun Mage*(Champion design i'd like to see)~
{{champion:103}} "So new girl, what magic do you use" "GUN!!!" She begins shooting as {{champion:103}} tries to run ... {{champion:202}} "I like her"
: Let's have a discussion about the Great Steam Golem, Blitzcrank
: Annie lore incoming
In only hope they don't change her natural stance, she is a child, and though gifted with many great powers, I can't see her turned as evil or good, maybe just as a curse collector,
Rioter Comments
: Why would anyone want to watch LCS when stopwatch exists?
I like the fact stopwatch exist, it makes the game slower and nicer to watch
: I will blame Riot for using a cheesy tactic to entice young players into buying loot boxes.
What is it with you wanting to categorize RIOT like EA? they are completely different companies, and you even admitted that the chest serves as nothing but COSMETICS, things that don't affect gameplay, RIOT ain't being a predator to anyone with that, since even if there wasn't any way to get them in-game, WHICH THERE IS, it would serve nothing to the actual game. Second, What do you mean parents can't monitor interactions? THIS IS WITH MONEY, my parents monitored every single action that had to do with anything more than a buck, especially when it was theirs, what kind of rich parents do you have that gave you as much money as possible, I suppose they would also not notice if their kid made an account on any porn site or if they bought a gun, but no a parent NEEDS TO KNOW the actions or at the very, very least needs to have talked about it directly with their kid, and even then I would shake my head on that. And even though people might not like the OE nerfs there still exist a way to get a COMPLETELY new skin or did you forget you could reroll them? RIOT even made it so that if you didn't have the OE you could test your luck for something YOU DID NOT HAVE. If an adult can't be held responsible for their own actions then we might as well not be responsible for anything, why even have prisons, must of the people there are there by circumstance or in an inability to stop themselves no? you say I lack the understanding of the issue, but all I see is one person, not wanting to have responsibility for their actions and consequences and wanting to screw the rest because of that. Please do me the favor try to actually look for an issue instead of just crying.
: I will blame Riot for using a cheesy tactic to entice young players into buying loot boxes.
I mean once again I bring up any sex-deviants like Weinstein, do you blame the girls he molested, I mean he has been diagnosed with Sex-addiction and is even taking sessions now to help cure him, NO of course not cause they weren't at fault but Harvey was, cause he was an adult that had full control and FREE WILl yet his addiction clearly means that he didn't? The world has never been fair, we all cry about it at some point, but nothing anyone does will change it, and the system is far from faulty, it gives players like me with little spending money the opportunity to actually get skins and other cosmetics. Taking it away from players like me, even though I can control myself, for those that clearly can't seem far from the fairness you wish to put on this world. Also once again, RIOT has done nothing to bully people into buying the chest, they have given many ways to earn them outside cash and keys as well so where is the bullying? Have you ever been harassed for not owning a skin, cause that would be rich - correction has RIOT ever harassed you for not owning a skin, cause they clearly never did to me, not for my entire history of playing this game on many accounts, so who is the bully? You clearly lack the ability to understand any other argument cause you must feel like the protector of the incapacitated and parent of the world, please do understand that you are by no means the correct path to take in life nor will you be the path I wish to take.
: I will blame Riot for using a cheesy tactic to entice young players into buying loot boxes.
And you are the type of person that would rather put all the blame of the producer of the products, instead of the adults, please do me a favor and grow up, take responsibility, and learn that the world ain't against you
: I will blame Riot for using a cheesy tactic to entice young players into buying loot boxes.
Well, guess what, if you are a minor you can NOT give the constant to pay, you NEED your parent's permission, a parent that should actively look into what their child does and know what they are doing if they don't then again it is their fault. Plus we live in the age of the internet, we have multiple ways of studying these things, reviewing them and not falling into corporation traps unwillingly, any choice we make nowadays should be done with after studying it, if not it should be the fault of those that did not. Second, though Baseball cards might have fallen out how many Fantasy Card games do you know, Hearthstone, Shadowverse, hell even Yu-Gi-Oh, are still around and standing strong, plus even Gatcha games are increasing in popularity, cause some people actually like the randomness of life, and in games, but as long as they give you a WAY to earn those packs IN-GAME there should be no problem, since it just incites people to play the game a practice that I am OK with. And again THE PERSON is the one that holds the responsibility for their actions if you want to defend people that can't stop themselves then would you also defend Harvey Weinstein? I mean he was clearly a sex addict and took advantage of his power yet it was clear that he "COULD NOT HELP HIMSELF" much like those that have alcoholism and gambling addiction, these people are sick and need help, but simply by stopping loot boxes, is like blaming the woman that was abused in those incidents, they are not, it is them that is the problem, cause they are not capable adults and need help. And maybe if you say that you might understand, when someone gives something for free, like a free sample on Cosco, it isn't to make one immediately buy the product but to in inciting them, sometimes it fails other times it succeeds but by THE PERSONS OWN WILL, and I am an adult I do not need someone judging what I decide to spend my money on or nor does any adult, we have choices, and we can choose which to accept,
: I will blame Riot for using a cheesy tactic to entice young players into buying loot boxes.
Again, enticing is not the same as forcing or mandating, they give you a choice. No one is holding a gun up to your head telling you to gamble, no one put up a gate in front of your path telling you gambling is necessary to pass, the person that does it does it of their own free will cause they want to gamble, and if they are a legal adult that can give consent, then its fair, its not like the house doesn't pay up if you manage to win a million dollars, you both accept the terms, cause you are both allowed to accept the terms.
: I will blame Riot for using a cheesy tactic to entice young players into buying loot boxes.
And I will blame both the government and the people of this earth for being the reason that I am not successful and rich, doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day, both RIOT and the world did nothing wrong.
: ummm what are you doing World of Warships?
Oh, I have been wanting to get into the game, this just intices me more
: They're near impossible to get unless you spam Hextech Chests, aka buying them. That was the point I was making.
Level 100 ain't near impossible, it will just take time, its not a thing of effort but patience, hell if one wanted to even speed up the process they could buy the boost, but again its not NEEDED, they are cosmetics, and I am OK with riot wanting to make rare skins, you have the choice of grinding or hoping you get lucky, but don't blame RIOT for not giving the entire arm.
: > [{quoted}](name=FearfullLuck,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QAcgY58E,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-19T21:14:45.959+0000) > > Just opened 3 and got 3 skins, I think I remember reading that if you aren't level 30 it will prioritize champs, or maybe its just bad luck on your part that's a false rumor. I have all champs and i'm lv 45 i only expect champs from loot boxes.
> [{quoted}](name=RainbowIcee,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QAcgY58E,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-20T02:31:56.534+0000) > > that's a false rumor. I have all champs and i'm lv 45 i only expect champs from loot boxes. don't hate the messenger, I just saying what I heard from RIOT
: I'm responsible enough to only buy skins I want (which is basically any MF skin plus a few select others) and then only use leftover RP to buy chests. The problem is that there are hextech exclusive skins (like Soulstealer Vayne) to entice players to get those boxes.
Those hextech skins can now be gotten without the loot boxes friend, you get a gem through leveling up, albeit you get one like every 100 but its still possible, not to mention that you get chest and keys them simply by playing the game, no money needed, in the time that chest has been up I have been able to get 2 legendary skins, without needing to buy any chest. Plus the gemstone skins are again, just a COSMETIC, if it was gameplay I would definitely see your point, but if as it stands I am OK with them and chest existing.
: _I_ don't buy loot boxes at all. I don't even buy RP at all anymore. I _do_ know people who have serious gambling issues though, and this system is specifically designed to exploit them. I also take issues with casinos, but that's arguably another discussion.
It ain't your fault they buy them and RIOT is not to blame, if the loot boxs affected gameplay I might see your point but as they stand as pure cosmetics, it means little who goes and buys them or not, stop trying to be the parent of everyone
: I'd rather have no system at all than an exploitative one.
How is it exploitative, its not forced, mandatory, nor affects the gameplay, it is pure cosmetics, just cause a few can't handle their wallets doesn't mean all should be punished
: With the system as it stands, yes. I would rather have zero free items because loot boxes are a terrible practice that bypasses normal gambling laws.
Listen it is purely cosmetic, I don't mind them then, I know how to handle my money and can get them from the game itself, so please don't speak for everyone if some individuals can't handle their wallets to make themselves pretty in a game
Felor (NA)
: Y r my chests so lame now?!
Just opened 3 and got 3 skins, I think I remember reading that if you aren't level 30 it will prioritize champs, or maybe its just bad luck on your part
: > [{quoted}](name=Wuq,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=UtIvdGM1,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-19T16:10:15.628+0000) > > This community is considered the most trash bin community because there's lots of players like you that complain about free shit. i'd rather they not give me any free skins if they're gonna do it half-assedly
Speak for yourself, I got two legendary skins with hextech chest
: > [{quoted}](name=Wuq,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=UtIvdGM1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-19T15:42:50.049+0000) > > In my eyes, we used to have a Bronze Trophy, then Riot gave us a Gold Trophy, and now we have a Silver Trophy. It's still better than Bronze. Also, it's still FREE stuff. Riot is able to shit on the players because there's lots of players like you who will eat their shit up. sad
How, it is free stuff, how are they shitting on us?
: why? what did that skin do to you ?
It killed my mom... Bible thump No, in all honesty it's just a boring skin, that fails in comparison to even her default, in my opinion, it is more of a gritty version of who she is and I personally am more a fan of the fun-loving M.F.
Suasion (NA)
: But they’re two different forms for one character with a singular identity (as opposed to Kayn, one character with two identities). It creates this split between who MF actually is, because the character she’s represented as isn’t the character you play in game.
But it is a form of her, and was even who she actually was before the lore update, and as much as I don't want to impose the "its my head cannon why can't RIOT make it official" I still don't want them to change it entirly, I want them to find a mix of the fun loving MF who cares for all, and her grittier self in the lore, especially since I don't really like how her arc is shaping in the lore, willing to kill those that oppose her even though that is exactly what GP did, finding lack of choice in the matter or even worse a lack of pursite of choice, she tried once it failed and now she just up, no M.F., in my opinion, would still try to make bilgdewater better with other options she is incredibly smart and calculating, as shown in her plan with GP, so why stop. M.F's path is going the same as GP, and I really dislike that, since she was the heart of Bildgwater, the warmth of the city that would sell their mother for a silver serpent, that is how she got so many of her crew, all believing in her yet as they are shaping it, it can only lead to disaster. I still want to believe that she won't become GP and that's why I need them to find a mix of her at the moment and her lore, cause her lines give me the feeling that she still has good, and likes to play around, not just someone that will become part of the corruption of the city. Now again, I can't say some of my ideas of who M.F. is integrated there, but can you blame me, I have been playing her for so long, she has been the only ADC, I actually enjoyed, with the position being my most hated, she managed to make it fun, and has become around my 3rd most played champ, I am actually invested in her so its hard to let go. M.F. is a character that I feel will change Bildgwater, but she won't by becoming GP. but by being the warmth of it, her hair turned red when GP shot her mom, and to many that can mean vengeance, violence, and anger, but it can also mean warmth and passion, two elements that were in her original design and that I hope they keep.
: Riot, This is My 5th Post, Show Me You Care!
eh I personally like the skins as they were but hey that's just me
Bârd (NA)
: Captain MF is what she canonically looks like. They should just give her a new VO and make that her base skin IMO.
Suasion (NA)
: Miss Fortune lore appearance > Miss Fortune's in-game appearance
I never understand these threads, I like both versions and would greatly hate it if they took any of them out, I would pref RIOT to look for a balance between both these forms than to be forced to choose
: I agree, but remember those are the initial splashes and they are WiP. They could easily change before release.
And I agree, just felt the wanting to express my thoughts on candy cane for RIOT to not forget about it, I love M.F. and want all her skins art to be as best as possible
Rioter Comments
: Riot cares not
All the more reason for us as the player to care, we must make THEM care
Rioter Comments
: New Death Recap Re-design. [WITH IMAGES]
I would personally like an option, or keybinding to be able to open it when I am still alive, sometimes I can die in the early game and not be able to really check out the dmg, as inaccurate as it might be, to see if I should build some resistances or not.
: Getting an Emote in a Hextech Chest is a RIP OFF (Here are some solutions)
I personally don't mind getting emotes on a chest, since I will never actually buy one, yet do like the art they possess, I hate getting Icons, I mean, at least give me a ward or something else if I am getting an Icon
Arduno (NA)
: Praise the Earth!
10/10, would die for my planet
Rioter Comments
: Beautiful Winter Wonder Ahri by LRY CiteMER
: Building attack speed should increase the speed of Aurelion Sol's stars
I actually made a post like this quite a while ago, it would make Aurelion sols Build a bit more diverse while also adding champions that would like to use items like {{item:3115}}, and {{item:3091}}
: Varus Splash Art Update
Looks good but the leg seems a bit off to me... or is it just me?
Rioter Comments
: Where's metroid?
> [{quoted}](name=RedPannda,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HcEUrGoE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-08T03:27:46.226+0000) > > Where's metroid? My guess I feel like we won't see something until E3 since I feel like they really want many people to see it
Wait wait... Really! Man Now I really need a switch, Man it looks hype as hell
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