Mallecke (NA)
: Waiting for a Kayn gameplay video to come up that isn't Brofresco is like
I mean.. at the very least you got to give him credit for always putting up the latest news as fast as its up, I don't really enjoy his content but one cant say he doesn't deliver
: "A peerless practitioner of lethal shadow magic"
actually he is Zed's student, in his interactions he seem's to really want his master's approval, i am interested to hear their lore
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Psyrix (NA)
: I honestly havent played Sona that much (only done her once) so can't really answer for her, but she'd prefer to be further in the backline buffing and healing her alies and can be good as the initiator of a fight (her ult). Rakan on the otherhand i can give some infor on (love him xD). He is more of a disruptor/the distraction. He can be the initiator of a fight but it's honestly better for him to be the followup due to the nature of how squishy he is but still needing to get close. My build on him (taking the recent support changes into acct) is windspeakers, Eye of the watchers, Ardent, Redemption, boots (usually mercs) Used to build Locket only do it now if an extra shield is really necessary, Zekes (still a thought not sure if it's really worth it on him for sure but the passive seems to be good sofar :/, used to build it cuz of it's old passive and AP). Deadman's is goodish if you're going against alot of AD and dont wanna overcap toomuch on CDR (usually last item if so). Mikael's is good into strong cc (rarely build it tho tbh. Rakan can fit into most teamcomps imo (as he can act as the initiator if need be and his kit can be flexible (building more tanky with courage), his laning phase can be abit hard-avg if there isnt much communication/if ur adc is on a different wavelength lol), teamfights and skirmishes are where he mainly excels. He's best if you are aggressive (is a playmaker)
Thank you for this information I will take it into account
Moooose2 (NA)
: If you want to put a whole lot of time into learning rakan, he's a fantastic support. But if not and you just want this as another support you'll rotate through, play sona she's easier to play. Rakan has a very high skill cap and requires game knowledge etc...
I can handle Rakan, and don't think that rotating would be an issue, I would just need to know his matchups, but I ask for team comp wise. What form of team comps are Sona/Rakan looking for?
Psyrix (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FearfullLuck,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=tklah4IZ,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-06-26T20:48:58.532+0000) > > Rakan is not as fun as you believe and Sona is not as boring as you believe, I am not asking in the category of fun, they both entertain me the same so this is a bad criterion. > I am asking in usefulness. It depends on what ur going for then, they play quite differently. If you want to feel like ur actually doing something i'd pick Rakan as he's an extremely...."active" champion, Sona is more passive (only 1 skillshot and the rest are autotargetet) (Not saying that either are can/cant be aggressive as both can be). You'd have to tell us ur playstyle preference.
I don't need to feel many things its just that I like Sona for the utility I feel she brings to the team while Rakan for the long range engage he can bring, yet they have things that frustrate me about them, such as Sona's squishiness and Rakan itemization. I think they both cater to me in one way or another but in pure team comps. What team comps would a Sona/Rakan look for?
: Its an opinion man they exist
Be careful when expressing an opinions online, the way you presented it was far from the best manner.
: Rakan's fun but garbage Sona's boring but really good take your pick
Rakan is not as fun as you believe and Sona is not as boring as you believe, I am not asking in the category of fun, they both entertain me the same so this is a bad criterion. I am asking in usefulness.
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: Riven's base VO should be given the Lux treatment.
I mean... The same thing happen with Cati no? She has yet to receive the update even though it seems to be the same VA... I love it when we get those VO extra lines but I don't think it will happen.
: You're having a nice time chilling in the top lane.
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: you know if u just w in base it's automatic? plus you get the mana back because you're in base.
True but it does put the spell on CD and it is a bit annoying
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: Have you tried moving the taskbar to the right or left side of your screen and playing in windowed(would help if windowed mode doesn't reach all the way left-right across the screen)
Actually, that might work, since for some reason, lowering the resolution won't actually turn the screen smaller but just make it thinner, putting it to the side could help. I'll try it out thank you.
Porocles (NA)
: There could be another program interfering with League, but toggling it off could help too. What happens if you right click the task bar, then select Hide Taskbar?
Thank you for the quick reply. I currently have it on "hide taskbar" as a temp. solution since it is more lenient on the mistake of clicking of the screen but I can't get it to go away fully. I don't really know what could be the thing that is causing it other than the fact that it suddenly appeared when i was clicking more than usual in a team fight.
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Not Xpeke (EUW)
: Sorry, but DDOSING and cheating is much worse than toxicity. Toxicity has a simple fix: /mute. Toxicity also affects people subjectively - not at the same degree. CHEATING affects everyone to the highest extent possible in all instances. You can't mute a cheater, you can't ignore a cheater, you can't rise above a cheater. The cheater will just cheat you out of a fair game. Sure, the effects of toxicity can be severe, but in almost every aspect cheating is worse than verbal abuse. Both related to cheating on a game online and cheating in an IRL competition or even cheating in life in general. Cheating is worse in my opinion.
Say that when you see someone you care kill themselves because of toxicity, say that when you find their body with a note beside it that has tears as one wrote it. Cheating sucks but it affects the game, not the individual. Toxicity affects the player, and it makes one wish he saw it sooner.
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: I know, I dislike him also for toxicity. However, the post says that Jensen has a long history of DDOSING. Even if it was his first ban, ddoing is MUCH worse than toxicity. You may not agree with Riots decision to unban Jensen, but it did result in a reformed player. EDIT: He has been banned twice before his LCS ban
I can't find it in myself to agree with you on DDOSING (though illegal) seeing the effects of toxicity first hand, but that is a personal thing. I also should point out that Jensen wasn't allowed in the game till 2 years after (being allowed back in 2015 when he was banned in 2013), where tyler still only has 1 year at most, personally I would want 3 year ban on him and restriction from rank if he were allowed back into the game.
Not Xpeke (EUW)
: Nah it wasn't his first ban, he was permanently banned on 2 accounts before that, but also had other numerous more bans (or rather suspensions + chat restrictions) in addition to the 2 perma bans. I understand the video may not be as reliable as we wish it to be, but it did have actual board screenshots and stuff. At least it wasn't just a fanboy just stating something without any evidence at all. I'd personally still see this video as true. I'd like to add that what you say is true. Second chances are fair, 21 is already too many. No arguing there. However if Tyler1 TRULY reforms, would you not be open to consider lifting his ban? He had more than enough chances, I get that. But what's truly important here? Isn't it important to see someone change for the better? And IF he actually has changed, should we really let his past haunt him? Anyway, Jensen was reviewed and monitored something like a year and a half after his player ban. So, while Tyler1 is indeed showing improvement, he might have to wait a while longer for Riot to truly consider him changed. Afterall unless I'm mistaken it hasn't even been a full year since he was indefinitely suspended (correct me if I'm wrong please). Going back to Jensen, if I'm honest I don't think Riot made a wrong choice in unbanning him. It's obviously easy to say that now that we know Jensen the way he is now. They took a chance on him, and it paid off. I probably wouldn't have approved of their choice back then. However knowing what we know now, I don't see much wrong with it. He's a great player and also seems to be a great guy that left his toxic days behind him and truly reformed. I can only hope Tyler1 does the same, and one day who knows, he might be unbanned as well. It would be a true shame for Riot to unban Tyler1 and for him to ruin it all by being toxic again though. That's why they have to be careful, that would really harm Riot as a company. It's probably why Riot cannot afford to unban Tyler1 unless they are certain he's worth it. So yeah, I guess it'll take some more time. My personal opinion? He's improved ALOT. From the recent clips that have come out he does seem like he's a completely different player. If I were Riot I still wouldn't unban him yet though. I'd need more time to study his behaviour. I'd leave the door open though for the future. EDIT: I'd like to add that Jensen's ban was a LIFETIME ban, Tyler1's was an indefinite suspenion. Jensen's mistakes were more severe than Tyler1 hence awarding him a lifetime ban.
I mean looking into it a bit more Jenson was not allowed back into the game until 2015 where the ban was in 2013, basically spending two years not allowed to play. I don't agree with Riot's unbanning of Jenson, yet feel more lenient to it than Tylers for just how tyler was proud of the fact he was toxic, I can't say I can trust people like that to change and don't feel like Riot should allow him back into the game. I know it might sound a bit hypocritical, yet the one thing that ruins this game for me is toxicity, tyler took pride in it, and I can't agree with him coming back to the game without at least a 3-year ban and not being allowed to play rank since I feel like he lost the right to do so.
: He was DDOS'ing, which is much worse and from what I know, illegal. He even had multiple warnings AND had a lifetime ban A lifetime ban is lifetime, while indefinite means however long riot chose. So by that logic, riot should be more lenient on Tyler1 than Jenson. IMO, riot should give tyler1 a second chance because they gave Jenson a second chance.
Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't that Jensens 1st ban, different from tylers 21st ban. I don't know how I feel about this knowledge, but same as how Riot made a decision for tyler they did the same for Jensen. Now on a personal thing, the one thing that destroys this game to me is toxicity which was what tyler took pride in doing so, I dislike him greatly for it, I don't really agree with Riot on this decision, yet can't say it within me to say it is bad.
Not Xpeke (EUW)
: Well I can quickly point out this 2 minute video on youtube: There's screenshots and a couple snaps of interviews, it kinda explains what went on with Jensen basically. If you pause at 0:52 you can read properly what the ruling was on Jensen's ban. I know it's just a youtube vid not an official board or whatever, but I'm sure you can find other information out there. There were plenty of reddit posts and LoL news outlet talking about Jensens reinstatement while also explaining why he was banned initially.
Though a youtube video is not really the most reliable someone else linked it. I don't speak for Riot and I don't know the actual discussion for this but I see that though he has done it multiple times, it was his first ban, please correct me if I am wrong, and I am a believer of second chances (not 21). I ain't one hundred percent sure how I feel with this info but at the moment I can't say I approve of Riots choice here.
Not Xpeke (EUW)
: Jensen would actually hack/ddos, find out people's address. Literally threaten them he'd find them IRL, tell them to fight him and that he knew where they lived, etc. I don't care what you say about Jensen and the number of accounts Tyler1 had banned, but what Jensen did is much worse than anything Tyler1 has ever done. Jensen was not only toxic but he CHEATED to win. Actual ddos, real threats after finding someones location, country, town. C'mon. That's much worse than someone running it down mid or swearing at you in chat. Having said this, I love Jensen and he HAS reformed. So I'm totally happy he's been allowed to play again, even in competitive. I'd like to add that like Fallenreaper88 said, there IS precedence for Tyler1's ban to be lifted. And quite frankly I don't see why it shouldn't be at some point. Recently, videos of Tyler1 playing have surfaced thanks to playing with famous players while they were streaming. You can observe a change in his behaviour. Monitor it a bit longer, and keep the door open for an unban. That's all I'm saying.
This is new information to me, care to share a reliable link where I can look at this to investigate it more
Nah090 (NA)
: I mean... I think him running down mid is probably not anywhere near enough to cause someone to kill themselves. That seems a little extreme. And if so they were most likely predispositioned to do it anyways. I've said it many times this thread - it would do Riot more good to unban him rather than keep him crucified as an example.
Dude, do you really believe he only ran it down mid? have you seen him before? Have you played with him one game before he so "reformed"? Cause I did once, and believe me he deserves that ban. And I also greatly disagree with you, he should never be allowed in this game again.
Nah090 (NA)
: Right, but this is where I ask on peoples human nature. He's human. We're all human. Why are we so cold and vindictive to a human. Give him a REAL second chance. I get he had other accounts and whatnot, but make it clear as day. "If you infringe on the rules 1 more time. You're done. Forever." I mean... as taxpayers we spend money for convicts to do it. Why can't we just see it from good morals to give someone an ultimatum.
Human... are you really bringing a "he is human" into this discussion? Guess what, so where the other players that had to suffer his toxicity, so are the other players that have to suffer the toxicity of his fans. Why should others suffer since he "can't grow up" and "I wanted a 6 figure paycheck". Toxicity is an awful thing with real consequences, there are literal reports of kids killing themselves for it, and you want me to feel bad for him. No kid learn to see that he did wrong and if he truly reformed and respects the game he would just stop, trying to get people to fight for him.
Nah090 (NA)
: Most of those 20 plus accounts were the product of his IP ban. And yes, he wore it on his sleeve. Which was not something to condone or make excuses for. But he was ~20 years old. A kid. And his streaming career was taking off due to his toxic "brand". Of course he embraced it. Now that he has the choice between making a 6 figure salary streaming or playing league, he picks league. He hasn't been on twitch in weeks because he thought riot had unbanned him.
One and probably a really important one, I am 18 and have been playing since I was 14, haven't been banned once dude "20 years old" you are an adult, learn to grow up. two, most of those 20 bans came before the permanent ban, where they started to check his Ip to stop him from playing. three, if your career is building cause YOU call yourself toxic then it is a mistake, he should have known that earlier and stopped himself, not embrace it. He had plenty of second chances, he became a role model for toxic players and encouraged it, to his fans before his ban, He doesn't deserve any other chances.
Nah090 (NA)
: The thing is with that is not to look at it as "black or white". Hypothetically, Riot shows they are willing to give him another shot. So they give him a 1 penalty, MAYBE 2, limit on his account. If he gets reported for good reasoning.. I.e. flaming in his usual ways, or int'ing he gets the ban once again and has no chance in the future. It's totally fair, I believe. Besides what does Riot have to lose? It shows they are being the bigger person and it gives him a chance to give League free publicity while advocating for reformed behavior. He averages about 12-20k when he's playing other games, if he got back into league who knows what the number could be.
20 accounts dude, plenty of time to learn, refused to do so now should be punished.
: Then by that logic jenson should be removed from c9 stipped of all his accomplishments and indefinately banned again because he was player banned years ago but he showed reform and was allowed to play and it now a pro player. Am i saying tyler1 should be reinstated immediately? No but i am saying there is a precedence for indefinate bans being lifted.
Jenson didn't take 20 plus accounts to show he had reformed, he made a mistake, given a second chance and is not wasting it. Tyler took pride in all his bans even stating himself as "the most toxic player", Riot gave him plenty of chances to improve his behavior and he wasted all of them.
: > [{quoted}](name=FearfullLuck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MIWcmAhN,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2017-05-17T22:06:21.217+0000) > > I disagree with the aspect of her not to be a white mage, she needs to stay as a simple healer in my mind. It's why I love her so much. Honestly it's that simplicity that's making her hard to balance. Considering that Healing seems to always be on this knifes edge between insufficient, and completely busted. And that's pretty much all Raka's designed to do. Riot tries to make Raka take more risks by implementing HP costs and sustain mechanics, Yet we still find passive solutions around them. Because of the passive play patterns, there's little counterplay into the heals themselves. So it kinda feels hypocritical that we complain about counterbuild. > [{quoted}](name=Darien Juranas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MIWcmAhN,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2017-05-17T23:30:33.678+0000) > > *shrugs* I think it'd be a nice idea, especially if she gets her healing cut down. Shifts her from "healing focus" to a more general "resource focus". Would give her a trick that other healer supports don't have, set her apart from Nami and Sona. If this is in reference to her Old E giving mana, I'd honestly say this has way too much potential for being abused. Really if Raka's healing would be bonkers if it weren't for GW, then the same could be said for any other resource. More so on a support since their mana itemization is pretty damn good. And if you have a caster ADC who's balanced around having a limited mana battery, circumventing that with a support isn't particularly a healthy thing to do.
I don't want her to do dmg, like Karma or Lulu she should be a champ that lives and dies, her team, with only playing by them. I love that of her, she is my second most played champ for this and believes she can stay how she is.
abdul569 (EUW)
: Boards after those yasuo nerfs
though nice I am still always going to ban him
: Is Soraka in need of another rework?
I disagree with the aspect of her not to be a white mage, she needs to stay as a simple healer in my mind. It's why I love her so much.
: Cassiopeia's new tail
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: What is your League guilty pleasure/dirty secret
Solo-lane {{champion:16}}. Fun bit I once beat a Riven as Soraka
: If he isn't reformed then please explain why he kept playing while he had 3 afks on his team?
I do that when I play, and thousands of other players as well it didn't take 20 bans to learn.
: He's reformed so odds are he wont be toxic again. And do you really think he will risk being banned again from the game he enjoyed streaming the most? He knows if he gets to stream it again he will have to be on his best behavior in game which shouldn't be hard because like I said before he is reformed.
If he enjoyed the game so much he should not have been toxic in the first place, and you actually want me to believe that a player who PRIDE in being the most toxic player and being banned 20 times is reformed , I don't trust it. He had 20 times to show he wasn't he did the exact opposite every time.
: > [{quoted}](name=FearfullLuck,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=VWI5HEEs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-05-16T02:14:43.637+0000) > > He had 20 accounts to learn, and you are telling me that all it took was to RIOT make a very special work of banning him from the game, to learn his lesson. If it was like this humanity as a whole wouldn't need prisons would it? > And let me ask, don't you think he could be like that only since he is perma-ban, what would stop him from returning to being toxic? If Riot chose to forgive him and then just perma-banned him again it would be useless. Actually the accounts got banned because they figured out it was him, not because he was toxic. Gtfo.
? no they got banned for toxicity look it up dude
: More than a year after Tyler1's indefinite ban
He had 20 accounts to learn, and you are telling me that all it took was to RIOT make a very special work of banning him from the game, to learn his lesson. If it was like this humanity as a whole wouldn't need prisons would it? And let me ask, don't you think he could be like that only since he is perma-ban, what would stop him from returning to being toxic? If Riot chose to forgive him and then just perma-banned him again it would be useless.
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: why what the heck
Ask that to Riot but it is intentional. If I had to guess why is probably the strong interaction of his ult and ganking but I don't work for Riot and don't speak for them.
: [GAMEPLAY] Kled doesn't regain courage when dismounted killing jungle minions
This was intentional, Riot does not want Kled to be a jungler.
: When They Say "Go in" But Don't Follow Up
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: Zilean Rework Idea
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