GreenKnight (EUNE)
: So... you insulted teammates in a bot game? Even if you were joking, apparently people reported you for that. You can't seriously be surprised that you got punished, especially if you had previous warnings in form of chat restriction or 14-day suspension.
I havent played since 2017 I didnt realize this account had been chat restricted or had a 14 day suspension still its dumb to be perma banned from chat
: sooo.....where is this alledged BOT game chat log?
this was a bot game, if you check and match history i was talking shit to a veigar bot and i had a kassadin on my team
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Please provide chat logs, it's kinda hard to get help here if you post something like that without proper context.
Game 1 In-Game FedZedBread: no feed please FedZedBread: stop FedZedBread: please FedZedBread: stop FedZedBread: i played a 56 minute game FedZedBread: to lose FedZedBread: last game FedZedBread: care FedZedBread: oh my god FedZedBread: stop FedZedBread: noobs FedZedBread: stop please FedZedBread: stop man FedZedBread: wtf FedZedBread: omg FedZedBread: stfu FedZedBread: im trying to focus FedZedBread: because FedZedBread: my jungler FedZedBread: is afk FedZedBread: omfg FedZedBread: muted FedZedBread: omg FedZedBread: gank him FedZedBread: wtf FedZedBread: wow FedZedBread: u suck FedZedBread: what? FedZedBread: omg team FedZedBread: wtf FedZedBread: come FedZedBread: we lost mid lane turret FedZedBread: rip FedZedBread: ff FedZedBread: noobs FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: nice ks FedZedBread: reported FedZedBread: this kass FedZedBread: lol FedZedBread: reportd FedZedBread: why do u type like that FedZedBread: is ur caps lock broken FedZedBread: do it FedZedBread: i can reporot FedZedBread: its easy FedZedBread: this team FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: this kass FedZedBread: stop typng to me FedZedBread: ure muted FedZedBread: not anymore FedZedBread: cool FedZedBread: report eve FedZedBread: please FedZedBread: ty FedZedBread: i muted u FedZedBread: why are u typing FedZedBread: sih FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: 3 mid team afk farming jungle FedZedBread: :/ FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: im gonna lose another 1 FedZedBread: eve dies 7 times FedZedBread: lol FedZedBread: ye but it has only been 4v1s FedZedBread: when i die FedZedBread: i have 21 FedZedBread: prob not FedZedBread: i take algebra 1 FedZedBread: no FedZedBread: im 7th grader FedZedBread: oh my god FedZedBread: this team FedZedBread: reported all FedZedBread: afk FedZedBread: please help drag FedZedBread: drag FedZedBread: drag FedZedBread: nvm im lagging FedZedBread: cant FedZedBread: lagging FedZedBread: ez FedZedBread: ff FedZedBread: can we please do FedZedBread: burn buff FedZedBread: and end FedZedBread: ? FedZedBread: okay FedZedBread: dnt tlet them b FedZedBread: dont let them b FedZedBread: im pushing FedZedBread: dont let them b FedZedBread: lucky FedZedBread: help FedZedBread: team FedZedBread: ??? FedZedBread: its on mobafirre lol FedZedBread: after this patch ohmwreckr is op FedZedBread: cant FedZedBread: my youmuus is down right now FedZedBread: later FedZedBread: drag FedZedBread: they are mid FedZedBread: ur base FedZedBread: ur base FedZedBread: easy FedZedBread: in 40 seconds FedZedBread: ill be otw FedZedBread: good kill drake FedZedBread: glad they didnt steal it FedZedBread: B) FedZedBread: stop typing FedZedBread: and play FedZedBread: its been 30 minutes FedZedBread: they scale hard FedZedBread: their team FedZedBread: im dying FedZedBread: heal me FedZedBread: heal FedZedBread: heal FedZedBread: heal FedZedBread: ok FedZedBread: im afk FedZedBread: u cant 2v2 FedZedBread: veigar fed FedZedBread: nevermind FedZedBread: ggez FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: open mid FedZedBread: team trolling/toxic FedZedBread: u already broke it FedZedBread: u mean the fountain? FedZedBread: idiot FedZedBread: ggez Post-Game FedZedBread: veigar u were good early FedZedBread: but i stomped end game FedZedBread: gg
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