Tayzzer (NA)
: I'm tired of people flaming riot on here for their lack of skill
: Are We Ever Going To Punish AFKs
Not really Valid because they could be playing normals already. So we can decide for them to mess around on the practice court instead of an actual game.
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: Ashe Rework???
: Why can't there be a seperate client for LCS???
: If Riot pulls through with the PAX thing, it's legit bye bye with the company
: AFKers
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: bans are a fuking joke,like wtf is this bullshit ban
the league community finds words to be hurtful, we arent adults here so if its hurts feeling then it must be wrong. I just reported a guy who called me a F** and told me to find the nearest tree and hang myself.... Support tickets been 4 days the guy is still playing. feelings man
Malak (NA)
: That new Riven skin looks SICK
This is too good lol love it
Bultz (NA)
: Garen is a starter champion
im guessing you went yasou top where I abuse yas with every tank. Just a trash Player upset he didnt play the meta
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KBmYktdw,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-07-18T00:31:11.369+0000) > > He may have honor level 0 but apparently according to this instance right now you are way worse... > > > If you said that exact thing in game you would hit honor 0 really fast.. > > > Please set an example. Actually they wouldn't. Being a jerk sometimes only slows progress to the next honor checkpoint, it takes a lot to drop to rank zero. That's why many, myself included, tend to hav no sympathy for players who complain about the honor system on the boards. They're usually very toxic, hav been for ages, and are now just salty that they're losing rewards because they lack self control.
lol I got honor 0 for calling someone a effing racist POs because he was flamming our bot lane for having a name reflecting his african heritage but wht do I kno..... *sips tea*
: You start at level two. It's your fault for messing up, not Riots.
really? no way. The more ya know eh.
: Anyone Need Help With Buddy Missions?
: So you get to be a piece of shit and NOTHING bad should happen to you for that? You should quit.
we dont get to play in the new tournys, and we get a ban already. That should be enough. its like if a nfl player who was banned for substances at the begging of the season for 2, 4, or 12 games, comes back wins the Superbowl and they say he cant have a ring because 3 months ago he smoked pot. Words hurt. Yall just too soft.
: well of course it didnt prevent the other team from losing, then won but ur right. its only cuz of her , not the 23 kill wukong
thank you for your time I guess 7 deaths in 11 minutes with wu involved in 1 kill is not relevant to the games outcome
: also shes our silver 5 player, meanwhile thier support is thier silver 5 player we get blessed every day.
oh and it was 7 deaths in 11 mins excuse me I didnt see she died twice at the 3 minute mark of the game
: how much uh team comp did they have eh? that didnt seem to prevent them from losing did it now
also shes our silver 5 player, meanwhile thier support is thier silver 5 player we get blessed every day.
: all im saying is the team comp sucked for an adc vs a diver/assassin its not like she is 0-21 she had kills and asst. wukong still had 23 kills
how much uh team comp did they have eh? that didnt seem to prevent them from losing did it now
: so who in your team comp of xin, sion, vlad and shyvanna suppose to keep the wukong from diving her and killing her over and over ?
watch the replay and tell me which 1 of her 6 deaths in 11 mins, with wu diving on her (he wasnt) with a sion support. classic its our fault
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Krytoric (NA)
: I love league, but i get why people are quitting. (Long Rant)
100 percent agree with seeing the same champs in lanes when it used to not be that way, at least in my elo
: how the hell does honor work?
lol dont worry I was honor 4 last season played over 500 ranked games, attitude or chat patterns havent changed a bit to this season. Im currently sitting at my second dishonor level 0. They dont care about honors anymore, I feel like its all chat based. Rito just trying to hound the kids who flame the feeders (me lol). They also banned my old name of UncleSamsLeftNut after 11 months of having it :(. Everything getting so PC I hate it. But hey I deserve all these bans and stuff, love the game, just saying, If you cant handle the heat stay out the kitchen. I call it how I see it, words hurt, even if its truth if it makes me feel bad it must be wrong.
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Voorst (NA)
: What is a "Unique Takedown"?
we dumb its when u take down a chamq you havent killed b4 so max stack is 5..... just hit shift when ur cursor is over each bubble too qick it will exqlain things better
Voorst (NA)
: What is a "Unique Takedown"?
Yes I need to know this cause if its not just killing someone my runes are all jacked
: Bring in 1v1v1, 3v3v3 or even 5v5v5 map?
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Alchemia (NA)
: Does this also fix an Application Error? I've been getting an error every time I launch league (for the past 3 days) and it says"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application." Then it closes and if I launch league it happens again. I've tried re-installing and repairing but nothing worked. Edit: I tried using this method but it also failed.
did you ever find a solution this??? Im getting the exact same error and the riot people are spinning in circles no one can figure it out. Please help
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: Need a serious top laner to be our 5th
hit me up 160 games sion top under my belt this season
: LF Duo silver+ mid or top pref
I sion main top in silver hit me up
Rúsl (NA)
: need top laner for team for the night
Im a S4 top lane main sion hit me up

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