: You deserve to be unrestricted.
I second this. It's obvious your team was inting trash. They deserved to be flamed as far as I'm concerned.
: I mean if someone runs it down and continues to feed the other team at what point will they get punished? He was 0-7 15 mins into the game. I ask him to "please just farm" and "plz don't fight" when he is severely behind and his lane opponent is at this point 10-1? Him choosing to continue to try and fight the enemy adc who is extremely fed now. What point does that get punished? I feel like my reports for inting never go anywhere unless they're toxic. It's frustrating to play a ranked game when 1 player can just decide to run it down and ruin the game. Edit: I don't think asking someone who is running it down to stop is being the boss. Also the report me was in response to the enemy team claiming jg diff.
Trash cans are allowed to run it down but you're not allowed to tell them anything about it. You're meant to be happy about some shit stain going 0-10 in lane. This is the purpose of the punishment system, to make sure you behave and be a good little boy while some asshole ints your game.
: > **chat restriction doesn't do its job well** Well, that depends on how you define its job. 'Cause Chat Restrictions are supposed to be lighter, more moderate punishments for chat misbehavior that are meant to reinforce that chat should, at the very least, be used for communication and teamwork - _not_ flaming and misbehaving. That's why they're chat _restrictions_ and not full-blown chat bans; they're meant to teach players how to use their chat appropriately by limiting them to one input every few minutes. If they can't chat freely and have a specific allotment, they have to learn to use their limited chat for the biggest impact. > you can still flame every 4 minutes Players who continue to flame even during their chat restrictions are very likely to just get the next level of punishment. However, simply being _able_ to continue misbehaving during the chat restriction does not mean that the chat restriction doesn't do its job. To really be able to argue that, you'd have to look at how people behave during and after their chat restriction - and unfortunately, we don't really have access to that sort of data. The most we know is what Riot has told us; that most players who get their first chat restriction don't go on to get a second, and those who get their second CR largely don't earn themselves a 14-day ban, and most of those who get the temporary ban don't earn themselves a permanent ban. So, assuming that that information is accurate, it's highly likely that chat restrictions do serve their purpose, but ultimately, it's impossible for us to say, since we can't confirm or deny it. > you literally should just not be able to chat at all if you are chat restricted. That's a fair opinion, but I disagree. As with the above explanation of a chat restriction's purpose, I feel that allowing a limited allotment of chat is more ideal than removing the ability to chat wholesale. And of course there's also the issue to bring up about removing a player's ability to chat wholesale would simply restrict them to other forms of misbehavior; if they can't flame in chat, toxic players will simply turn to intentional feeding or trolling their team. This was proven to be the case back when Riot tried indefinitely scaling chat restrictions - and it's important to note that it was _restrictions_, not bans. If people will resort to trolling when their chat is simply limited, then that speaks to the likelihood that they'll turn to the same if their ability to chat was simply removed. And, before it is pointed out, I am aware of the irony in bringing that up; it's as much of a "they can" situation as the OP's submission that players can still flame during their chat restriction, so my argument should be regarded in the same fashion.
> The most we know is what Riot has told us; that most players who get their first chat restriction don't go on to get a second Oh I donno. I get chat restrictions all the time and it never stops me from telling garbage ass feeders that they are pieces of shit. No amount of chat restrictions or bans would ever stop me from telling sub-human filth what I really think of them. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm not in the wrong. You don't want me to abuse you then don't feed. It's that simple. If Riot really wants to reform players then they need to get rid of all these garbage ass players from ranked. If we didn't have to endure some trash can going 0-10 in lane 5 games in a row then we would all be a whole lot nicer.
: I guess feedkayleplease is a tyler1 fanboy
: how to get in touch with a roit employee?
Leaving an unwinnable game is not a rage quit. It's being wise enough to know not to waste time.
Aneirin (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FeedKaylePlease,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mFEUEz4t,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-02-17T00:15:04.104+0000) > > No difference. You 0-10, you're a fuckin inter and that's that. Caps went 0-9 this weekend - guess he's an inter too. You're obviously so much better than him.
Well.....yea Maybe if non-Koreans stop feeding so fuckin much they might win Worlds more often.
Tele II (NA)
: Embarassing bro. You shouldnt share your weakest moments like this.
I don't feel embarrassed at all. I feel more pride than anything.
: diamond accounts are 50dollars
Who would waste money on something like that?
tyralie (EUW)
: went from 30 game chat restric to 14 day ban like seriously ?
Oh wait. So when you fed Lee Sin in the first game, you were being camped but now when you fail at jungle in the second game, all of a sudden it's because of your laners. I would think that seeing how lost the first game by being camped, you would adopt the strategy yourself. Instead you made bunch of excuses. I'm starting to think you deserved this punishment. I wouldn't want to play with someone like you, that blames everyone but themselves.
: Reported For Replying To Flamers
Oh you are new. Has no one told you mate? When you play jungle, you are required to /mute all to preserve your sanity.
: loool. noone of riot checks the boards nor gives a fuck. also you posted chat logs. FROM YOUR PUNISHEMENT!
"Reds" lurk on these boards...... And I was already punished for those chat logs, if you can call a chat ban a punishment. The stuff I got away with is why I keep my accounts hidden.
: Looking at your match history, you play 95% bot games. In your non bot games you went - 1 / 17 / 7 0 / 5 / 3 1 / 11 / 2 Clearly you're inting by your own standards.
Yea. I was. But here's the thing. Those are sub-30 games, the land of noobs, trolls, smurfs and previously banned assholes. No one gives a fuck about winning. Everyone is either racing to 30 to get to play ranked or introducing their girlfriend/cousin/best friend or whatever to League. You get XP whether you win or lose. As for me, I'm just leveling this account and I'm in no hurry. When I get this one to 30, I'll make a new one and slowly level that one too and when that one gets to 30, I'll make a new one and so on and so on. Since I'm all about getting xp, I use it to try new champs, troll builds, you know, to have fun because very few people there actually give a shit about winning. I also get some heavy ping from time to time due to currently having a very low bandwidth connection. So I play on this account during peak hours when I get like 2000 ping. That 1-17 game was played entirely at 600-2000 ping.
: Who is the most balanced champion in league?
: Can I de-rank tiers in the ranked ladder?
MMR is all that really matters. You can be in SIlver with low Bronze MMR in which case you will be matched with and against Bronze players. Rank is really just cosmetic and it lags behind your actual MMR which is to say, your MMR rises and falls much faster than your rank. Just play normally and let your MMR sort out where you actually belong.
: How do you carry these games?
You don't win games with trash cans like that. FF and move on.
: Wrong runes, wrong sums, wrong items. I'ma just take a guess that you have no macro either. You lost cus you are not good, get over it.
: Guarantee of not getting banned
/mute all start of every game.
: "The vast majority of players agree ... everyone deserves respect on the Rift."
90% of soloQ is not deserving of respect. Fuck them. I int those noobs all day and sleep like baby at nite.
: anyone else just straight up leaving games?
I leave a lot of games but if I'm being honest, I may not have left for the reasons you stated. In this particular case, I may have left but not because the Veigar didn't rotate but because they fed my laner 2 kills for no reason. Someone not rotating when they should or not making any good macro play in general is not enough for me to leave games. I expect that. SoloQ is filled with idiots and I expect them to be idiots. You can still carry idiots as long as they don't feed out of control. My only condition for leaving games is having a hardcore feeding team that I know wouldn't surrender.
: Can you be my lawyer you represent me well.
: Ah OP. I know a lot of people don't like you as a player and downvote you to oblivion but I can't help but like you for some reason. I don't get why you like flaming people though, I'll be honest.
> I know a lot of people don't like you as a player and downvote If I'm being totally honest, this doesn't bother me in the slightest. > but I can't help but like you for some reason. You're a man among men. xD > I don't get why you like flaming people though, I'll be honest. It's fun to fly off the rails from time to time and watch your team implode. People in SoloQ are assholes so I don't feel bad about it at all.
: Too many snowflakes in this game. Sounds like your teammates need to uninstall and/or get the ban hammer. Talking about lane prio to noobs is like talking gibberish to them. I bet these are the type of people would recall instead of getting inhobs and towers.
Man you have no idea. I mean it's really bad in SoloQ. The ego on these players is beyond belief and most of them have no clue what the fuck they are doing. If they stayed humble, I'd have no problem but these dog shit ass feeding trash actually have to audacity to start shit when they don't know shit.
: >the chat ban? That's a punishment? I thought it was a tool I can use to see what I typed in game. You sound like a royal pain, but I upvoted anyway because that's the funniest thing I've read all weekend.
Glad you found it entertaining. I certainly did.
: idk you alrdy did edit them so tell us why? i ask myself that every time ppl edit them and yet it happens all the time
> [{quoted}](name=JustA kleo,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FabEZLst,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2020-02-17T01:17:14.841+0000) > > idk you alrdy did edit them so tell us why? I int people I don't like. I leave games. I give a lot of back talk to shitters in SoloQ and I freely admit these things on the boards. I'm not gonna reveal the accounts I do these things on. Sure, the powers that be can find out if they really put in the effort but why make it easy. I mean think about it. If, for example, lets say I just inted 0-22 in someone's game and didn't get banned for it, you think I'm stupid enough to admit that in a public forum while simultaneously revealing the account I did it on?
: i blame pro players for this shit who call everything inting. usually in a joking manner but most ppl on the internet lack the intelligence to realize them speaking in a weird voice and laughing means they are joking. inting means intentionally dying. as long as i dont die intentionally but i get outplayed or misplay or camped, im not intentionally dying. before inters get removed, your type has to be removed.
I'd make that distinction when kill gold makes that distinction. When some 0-7 feeding piece of garbage gives 2000 gold to the enemy team, it doesn't matter whether it was intentional or not, it's the same 2000 gold lead you have to play against.
: considering you changed the name to "me" i assume more of the chatlogs is actually edited.
: ^ This People need to learn the difference between 0/10 feeding and 0/10 inting. Then maybe we will have less toxicity? Anyway i just mute people when im having bad game , because i know they will say im inting xD
No difference. You 0-10, you're a fuckin inter and that's that.
fuberwil (NA)
: Chat Restrictions
I get chat restrictions like people buy cigarettes. It's nothing. Always worth it to tell some piece of shit how utterly worthless he is when he ints your game.
: Help me understand my chat restriction
As far as I can tell you did nothing wrong. Fuck those assholes, they deserved to be put in their place.
: Why Do I Always get Placed with Feeders in Ranked?
I've found that by duoing with someone as consistent as you is just fuckin free-lo. The hardest part is actually finding a consistent player.
Ache (NA)
: Seems like, since you're the smartest player on the team apparently, you could have spent your time leading them into the right direction via saying what could have been done, what to do, and tried to help out anyone who wasn't playing "up to par." Instead, this is just continuous flame that doesn't do anything but tilt your teammates. Does absolutely nothing to turn anything around. Looks like senseless whining. I'm no stranger to flame, but there's a difference in calling someone a moron and then moving on and trying to continue to win and calling someone a moron for 30 minutes while not doing anything but deteriorating morale. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
You try playing 10 jungle games a day. See what it does to your sanity. Flaming trash ass players is how I stay sane.
: Well, you aren't confused about your punishment as you know exactly what you did. So seeing as there is nothing that needs to be discussed and you simply wish to flaunt your imaginary badassness; just going to report as spam as I'm pretty sure you have had similar posts removed before.
Punishment? What punishment? Now I am confused. You mean the chat ban? That's a punishment? I thought it was a tool I can use to see what I typed in game. The real punishment was being put on a team with those idiots.
: I dont think you have any right to complain about people not being plat when you managed to go 1/17 against new players. Pretty impressive that it took 2 barons and 5 dragons for them to close that out, even with you running it down.
I was playing at 2000 ping. That's why I was even playing on this account. My goal is not to win, it's just to get xp to level the account to 30. I don't give a fuck about wins or losses while I'm leveling an account. I just need the xp for time spent in games. Also, that Ashe in game didn't understand a basic concept like lane priority. He and our mid were hard inting and expected me to take warded dragons while they were dead and their mid and bot lane were around, something a real Plat player would not expect.
: Absolutely not. So imagine this common scenario: 15 minutes in, score is like 20-5, enemy has all the turrets, dragons, and better scaling champions. Early surrender drops, 3/2. And you better believe those 2 people who voted no are the ones flaming at least one person, because they're the exact same people who say "REPORT X for AFK!!". Why on earth should those other 3 people be expected to not AFK a bit and run the clock a bit, or otherwise not play seriously at this point? People who get mad about AFK are 99% the toxic players. Going AFK is graceful, it's not a rage quit. It's a surrender that should had happened.
: u sign up for a potential afk every game u play. what about all the people who complain about the client being a buggy pile of steamy sht? screw them have a severe punishment? stupid selfish idea. loosen up. its a video game, just deal with it. honestly afks dont bother me at all . we lose we lose, we win we win. u dont cry about it . ya seem like the kinda guy who reports for doing off-meta builds in aram. just relax and focus on urself.
: > [{quoted}](name=FeedKaylePlease,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zP6wkv9u,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-02-16T08:43:04.838+0000) > > No it's not. Considering Riot will ban for any changes in the games data or even cosmetic changes that do not affect the game (hence why custom skin models and such or a map skin to make it look like the official Riot made winter map when they do not currently use it, are both bannable when they are client side only and purely cosmetic with no advantages or disadvantages to the user or anyone else), yes a change of a config file manually and outside normal means or methods could certainly be bannable in their peanut-sized brains and it is to big of a risk to take considering some people could lose hundreds of dollars worth of overpriced skins. It is not worth the risk, Riot could ban for anything and they certainly won't unban you despite any evidence or proof otherwise you should be unbanned, you were not in the wrong, or etc. and you wanna know why? Most people will continue to play this game, on another free account, dealing with the robbing Riot will put you through, only to eventually buy more skins or buy more content from Riot no matter how purely cosmetic it may be and they might even end up spending money on that same content Riot STOLE from them. Even if they DON'T spend more money on it after that they may sink hundreds of hours on the game just trying to get back to where they were and earn back lost content, some of which again they may have spent money on to get in their previous account only for Riot to STEAL it. Because Riot knows you will come back for more in most cases of players, sinking time and probably money too eventually when you are again ready, they don't care. They don't care to unban you no matter how right you are and how wrong they are and how little you did, and it is also why they neglect this game in many ways, with major key parts of the game itself and the client, in favor of money and new content.
I have a LAN account. I played on it quite regularly last season and I always changed the language to English. I even explained a couple times on these very boards how to change it. I've never been banned for it and why should I. The config files are full text files and very easy to find. I mean what's the difference between editing it in the client and in Notepad. I'm guessing the fact that you can't change the language of the client from the client is an oversight on their part. I don't think they expected that people from a particular region might use a language that is not common to that region.
: > [{quoted}](name=FeedKaylePlease,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=LxK6Ajrs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-12T18:03:51.179+0000) > > It gives XP and gold. You're gimping your jungle by taking her camps. Junglers need every bit of XP they can get. Sorry, but your thinking reveals that you're actually quite noob at the game. Lol that's super low IQ. Jungle should never be taking blue from a mid that needs Mana. You can catch up in gold and xp by making ganks and shoving the lane out.
You know I was watching a Fogged stream the other day where he was smurfing some low elo Diamond game and you know what he said......"take everything". Someone in twitch chat asked how can they carry or win more games or something along those lines. He said take everything and try to carry. He explained that there was no point to giving resources to someone who won't use it properly. Tell me, who should I take advice from? Some random nobody on the boards or one of the best players in NA?
Rioter Comments
dniu (NA)
: Yeah but how am I bad at the game? You can't say I'm bad because I'm bronze 4. Please look at my op.gg and offer ADVICE. Maybe tell me how to roam better. Or something like that. Don't tell me I'm bad
> You can't say I'm bad because I'm bronze 4 That is precisely why you are bad at the game. Nobody who is not bad will be in Bronze 4. I don't think you realize how astonishingly bad someone has to be to get stuck in Bronze 4.
This is such a non-issue. All you have to do is change one little tiny thing in the config file and you can get whatever language you desire.
Rioter Comments
: i'm toxic and my macro is master tier.
I like you OP. Fuck those noobs. I get chat bans for shit like this all the time and I don't care. I will never stop telling pieces of shit that they are pieces of shit. Fuck them.
: How is this considered as toxic????
The system is unfair. It victimizes certain players and allows other to get away with anything. Don't let that stop you from telling shitters that they are pieces of shit though. Fuck them. Just make more accounts.
: > [All]LuxOreFeedXD: kys Zero-tolerance phrases earn escalated punishments. Imagine telling someone to kill themselves in a video game. What's the matter with you?
> Imagine telling someone to kill themselves in a video game. Imagine taking someone seriously in a video game.
: > [{quoted}](name=FeedKaylePlease,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jrmbEENW,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2020-02-14T05:36:07.799+0000) > > You lose nothing but a bit of time by dodging. people don't dodge trolls because they hope they will be punished, causing everyone to lose 20 lp each, not 3
Who gives a fuck what "people" do. **You** can dodge.
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jrmbEENW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-14T05:12:26.276+0000) > > This is a very convoluted way of just dodging the game yourself dodging is doing what the troll wants, and they get no punishment
dniu (NA)
: How is the problem me? You realize that I'm bronze 4 not because that's where my skill is, but because when you play ranked on a fresh account, you get placed mid iron in placements. Your reply is literally useless, I asked for tips on how to get out, not for people to tell me I suck lol... Don't be that guy
> I asked for tips on how to get out, not for people to tell me I suck lol... Ok fair. However you said:- > You realize that I'm bronze 4 not because that's where my skill is, but because when you play ranked on a fresh account, you get placed mid iron in placements. You seem to have all the answers here big boy. You don't want tips. You don't want to improve. You just want somebody to agree with you about your delusions about why your Bronze 4. I'm not gonna be that guy, sorry. You're Bronze 4 because that is your skill level. When you accept that, then we can talk about tips. No amount of advice is going to help you because as far as you're concerned, you're not there because you're bad at the game. But you are there because you're bad at the game, there is no other reason.
: I've already done it. early game kinda sucks but you win in the long run. I did exaggerate a little when i said post 6. it's more like 8-9 when she finishes nashors or gunblade.
Yea, that sounds about right. Thing is though, from the start of the game to level 8 or 9 is quite a long time. That's a large window for you to make an impact. Until she gets Gunblade or whatever 1st item she is going, you can deny her a lot and I mean a lot of farm. What this means is that you're going to get your 1st item long before she does. When a Teemo rushes {{item:3151}}, it's especially oppressive, even when she finally gets her 1st item. You will never win a straight 1v1 with a Gunblade Kayle but you can outplay her hard. I mean you're Teemo. Set up Shrooms, ambush her with your passive, trick her into chasing you into a couple Shrooms. You will always win until she gets her core items after which she will be able to kill you no matter how many Shrooms you get her to run through but the good news is by the time she gets her core, the game should be practically over and she is not gonna get that core in any meaningful time if you oppressed her hard in the very early game.
HercaZ (EUNE)
: If you are bad wit game objectives you are bad with jungle, simple as that... Jungler is the second role that is responsible for map control. Which means that you must understand how game objectives interact with winning the game. You also need to understand what lanes to gank. And not concentrate on those who are winning or those who are completely lost... You must feel the flow of the game and understand what enemy is going to do at the given moment of the game... If a laners blame you for something, they have a reason for that and you need to understand that if you leave some lanes without ganks, you need to push the game through other lanes instead... If you concentrate on famr and levels alone, you wont be good jungler... jungler does not need level he needs good CC control and good tactical movements.. Most of the time you are gaking someone you are 2v1, level importance disappear at this point. Successful gank is determined not through levels, but through good tactical decisions... Understanding how the lane pushing works and how the enemy leaves his retreat route in the lane is a vital thing for a good jungler. If you lack those, no wonder you struggle... As a supporter main, I tend to notice that in many games I do more ganks until 15mins of the game than my jungler does... And this is certanly not a good sign..
> Jungler is the second role that is responsible for map control. Which means that you must understand how game objectives interact with winning the game. > This hasn't been true since the first round of XP nerfs. Gone are the days where a mid laner invading more often than not meant a free kill for the jungler because he is the same level as the mid laner. Gone are the days where you could power farm the first 2 clears and 1v2 anyone that dared to interfere with your attempt to solo the Dragon. You don't control shit with a losing team in season 10. You're just a smite bot now, meant to make sure some random Lux ult doesn't kill the Dragon.
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