: master smurfing looking to farm stats (flex/duoq)
I can duo, I am kaisa/draven player
: Looking for Adc for silver/gold team
I awant to try out add me ingame feitan v9
: LF Silver-Gold Mid Laner
Timezone: Est Top 5 Champions: Zoe, Syndra, Zed, Lissandra, Orianna Weakness: Tunnel vison, crack under getting hard camped/tented Strengths: good 1v1er/ farmer/ roamer/ communicator/shotcaller Availability: consistent schedule I want to be apart of a serious team because its enjoying league as it was meant to be played which is with a 5 man team and organized play I play around my jungler alot because mid jg is the duo and most impactful in match
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Feitan v9

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