: Qiyanas' (Probably T H I C C) Launch Skin Guesstimation
I thought about the possibility of it being pool party as well, but honestly I'm going to say pool party will be the next patch after Qiyana, and that she will come with the Star Guardian patch.
: The hair is not the most disturbing part about Qiyana's design
Im not going to sit here and try and defend it- but this has been done for almost every female champ only because it reads clearer to the league camera. From so far away, having a character with the animations like Qiyana with perfectly accurate human proportions would make her look blocky and skewed, especially with the way she walks, and holds her weapon. It's similar to Sivir in the fact that her walking and idle animation are.. strange, what with her being so close to the ground, like a perma-squat. As long as her art assets don't show her looking like this I honestly have no problem with it, considering it will look right while playing her from the leagues camera perspective.
: What's with the crazy stutter on BA Lux's Q? It looks bad!
Honestly the jitter reminds me a lot of anime that I remember watching when I was younger. The magic cage/trap would wiggle and shake for some reason, but it was always visually appealing. This was one of the reasons I was excited to use this skin, since almost none of the Q roots have any special animation.
: I know. Haven't played Gragas in a hot minute as I used to main him and want to learn others. I genuinely refuse to play him because of his walk. It's so disgusting
You really live up to your username
: You know, people never complain about the male characters being sexualized...
Actually with the sheer amount of female sexualization, a good way to combat that is to give us more male sexualization. A problem I've always had is that we have all these overly sexy women (when it's not really necessary/doesn't make any sense) and we have an excess of men who are exempt from this simply because they are men. Give us more hot men, or more skins that are fan service for male characters, and I feel like the balance would be much more apparent. *insert it's equality gif*
: All I like and I don't like about Kayle & Morgana reworks
These are all pretty valid complaints, except for the Morgana wing one, only because Morg on her normal model has four wings, (two on her hips and then there are two sprouting from between her shoulder blades kind of wrapping around her neck). Also, and this was hard to see, when she ults, there is an effect that sprouts 6 wings as she spins. Just thought I'd point it out because they are there! Just gotta look closely.
Terozu (NA)
: No, Riot can tell me, you know the company that decides this? What the community 'thinks' does not matter here since I'm asking Riot. What he 'said above' has 0 effect on whether Spell Thief Lux is canonical still. It was Canon. I'm asking and hoping for a Rioter to confirm or deny if it's still Canon. Especially since what he said is factually incorrect. Captain Fortune is a post retcon Canon skin to the modern lore setting. And her flavor text has nothing to actually do with whether it is still a Canon outfit in the main LoL universe. Because it is literally just flavor text and the wording is vague af which is why I'm asking. It could just as easily describe an AU as it could MU. So yes, someone who _actually knows_ and is not stating _a supposition_ based on _opinions or outright wrong information_ can tell me whether it is Canon or not and 'general consensus' has literally 0 impact on whether it is or isn't.
Great, then maybe next time, use @Riot in the title, or, better yet, use Twitter and @ the lovely person in charge of the skin bios! You'll have in answer in probably 24 hours or less! Don't ask a question to the community without stating in the post that you'd like a rioter to comment and then get annoyed and cop an attitude when they (the community) give you valid answers.
Terozu (NA)
: Uhhhh we don't know that. For instance, Captain Fortune is Canon as formal attire. And it's still just as possible that Spell Thief Lux is her typical attire when on a mission for the illuminators. I just want confirmation or deconfirmation On whether it still is.
Well no one can tell you that it's not canon because the person above you just told you that it isnt, and you said, "Uhhhh we don't know that." So. But the general consensus is no, this skin is no longer canon and has been moved into an unnamed skin universe.
: Some thoughts on the Demacia teaser images
The teasers were all for Sylas and Sylas singularly. The thing falling from the sky is Galio chained up while using his ult- just like the rest of the images. • One is Lux chained while she watches her ult decimate a Demacian statue. • One is Jarvans ult having gone off while Sylas sits on the throne. • One is Garens ult being cast while he's chained, watching in horror. • Lastly, the Galio picture I mentioned earlier. These were all just teasers for Sylas, though I hope they are foreshadowing the move of the lore. Demacia has been heavily speculated to be where the majority of the new lore will come and move from, and on Twitter one of the Rioters has mentioned that the Demacian champs will all have something to do with events forthcoming. I'd like to see the theory you have about Morg and Kayle come to fruition as well! If they could be worked into ancient, celestial beings who helped forge Runeterra, that would be so, so cool.
: i really dont appreciate the censorship on Soraka in the new story art
Soraka's physical body can feel things you know- she gets lost in the pain she feels while healing the wolf- you don't think she can't get cold? Relax.
: > [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=JUjvUuFj,comment-id=0007000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-09T18:56:16.402+0000) > > Saying they should have Xayah & Rakan level interactions means its suddenly sexual? So other champions can't have voice lines that trigger when they are far away from each other, close to each other, attack/kill each other like Xayah & Rakan do because its "sexual"? > > I think you greatly misunderstood their suggestion. Yeah, I did. But really when you say Xayah and Rakan tier, all that comes in my mind is sexual shit.
This is just a you problem- especially considering the fact that Xayah and Rakan have virtually no lines that are of sexual nature, like, at all.
NemeBro (NA)
: So why is a dude having a slumber party with a bunch of girls? Is he fucking them or something?
Men and women can be friends without wanting to bang one another. Assuming that he's there to fuck them is a weird gross idea to have. They're all friends. They're having a sleepover. Because they're friends. Period. Don't make it weird.
: some things belong in game some dont
Why does everyone take someone in media being made gay as some political statement? Some people are gay, and that's just how it is. There's no need to boil it down to any other reason. Riot is a company filled with a lot of diverse workers, and a lot of them are part of the LGBTQ+. One of the boards favorite concept artists is gay (Riot FaerieFountain), one of the Senior QA analysts is gay (Riot Lovestrut), and there's quite a few others falling under the queer umbrella. People are what they are and every time someone says it's just for the "SJW's" or to make some political statement sound stupid. Representation in the media is important whether you'd like to think so or not.
Barcid (NA)
: Ready for another gay-bashing on Neeko?
Eeszsa (NA)
: Soraka is getting PJ Guardian. So, 2 skins.
But as confirmed by a rioter, and then SpiderAxe, variants aren’t included in the skin pipeline, so if a champion gets a variant skin, it doesn’t take any new skins off of the table. Think of variants as a higher tier chroma.
: ***
Your opinion is toxic, misogynistic, and belongs back before women could vote. You’re on the forums griping about the fact that if an older female champion is made- SOLEY BECAUSE OF THE THEME- you will not play her. I don’t have to comment on your immaturity, because frankly it speaks for itself.
ZER0 2 (NA)
: I don't understand what the fuck you guys are trying to do here, change my opinion? There's literally nothing to debate over. This has been continuing for over 2 days because I said I don't want an elderly champion after waiting this long for a new one. Holy shit. lmao. And yes, you are correct. I don't play ugly champions or old champions, I think they're lame. To me, aesthetics and lore are everything, and camille and lissandra look old and ugly to me, no matter how much you argue the point that they aren't, IN MY OPINION, they are. I also don't play melee champs really so that's another reason to not play cam.
: ***
... Okay! Well, anyways, here’s to hoping she’s old so none of these babies on the forums will play her!
ZER0 2 (NA)
: I'm not being disingenuous "fam". They look old to me, idk what you want me to say, i don't play them specifically for that reason.
You’re telling me that you don’t play two very strong champions because.... they look old to you? That’s pretty horrid of a mindset to have when playing a game where there is a long range of aged champions who are usually very strong. I don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of them looking aged when Lissandra has the large majority of her body covered- this including more than half of her face, and Camille is a curvy, robust young bodied woman with a face visably youthful. The only thing even remotely “old” about her is her gray hair, and even then, people are dying their hair gray all over the place now, so at the end of the day, she looks as young as someone like Karma.
: New Evelynn skin.
Yljin (NA)
: The obligatory "Don't mess this up rito" post
As much as I understand where you’re coming from, I just hope that this energy and passion doesn’t move to a place of anger if they don’t give you exactly what you happen to be looking for. It happens all too often, when a champion so many love gets a new skin after receiving nothing for a long while, people take to the boards to make thread after thread regarding how much they don’t like it. Again, I agree! We all want a skin that will really stand out, but if it doesn’t- at least understand that they really put all of themselves into making these for us. Be open minded about the possibilities! 😊
: Did they confirm a Camille skin ¿
They did! In the newest ask Riot! They confirm that she will he receiving one, along with Kled by the end of this year! ^.^
Buuriin (NA)
: As a Sona main, I love her new skin but there are some odd colors that really bother me
Yes! The hovering pieces on the pink chroma were exactly what my eyes went to as well! The fact that they chose a red which doesn’t match at all with chroma just ruined the whole thing for me. Honestly this skin and it’s other accessories, like the icon, splash and cinematic need to be gone through to fix some of the differences they all have, and adjusted accordingly to all be as cohesive as possible, because that to me has always been the Art divisions biggest weakness.
KoKoboto (NA)
: I am bisexual actually and also polyamorous, if those count as queer, I'm not sure because I try to avoid all of the mumbo jumbo terminologies and just live life. Just because you're aware of the fact that you're gay doesn't mean everyone else is. Looking at your own experiences can be useful but is ultimately not a good way to look at arguments unless you're an LGBT extraordinaire or something and studying LGBT things is your livelihood. Introspection is a skill and everyone has different kinds of skills. Just cause you naturally are able to understand yourself well doesn't mean others can, that's why psychiatrists exist today. People who are trained to help others find problems or answer questions they have about themselves. I know that I'm still discovering myself today. How is what I said ignorant in any way? The number of work people had to do in medieval times was much more tenuous physically. That physical stress on the body will eventually amount to mental stress. When a cut or bruise left unattended could lead to serious medical issues people always had to be at least some kind of worried. This results in less time to for romantical pursuits and all that. There's a significant difference between busy high-class people and busy low-class people. Look at people in developing countries and say that they have the same amount of time as business people nowadays to go after lifestyle whatevers. Owning a business is challenging for sure but people who own businesses aren't working the same way as people who need to work for their own goods. This is why I mentioned that places like Shurima, Freljord, Piltover, Ionia are more likely to have LGBT representation than others because of the kinds of economies those places have and the culture. The way people come to be is through inward exploration and there's so much more now that we're not having to dig through the mud which has resulted in so many new lifestyles and cultures coming out outside of just LGBT things. Such as with the arts and with political ideas. Think of it this way. If I am fighting in wars day after day am I going to stop and think about what my sexual preference is? In certain places of Runeterra they have that luxury or they're culture is just that way, in others not so much. I did not mention straight people at all so I don't understand why you've drawn a conclusion on what I think about being straight. However, my belief in how some people (not all, such as yourself) would need to look a bit inward to understand their sexuality would also apply to people who are straight. Straight is just for the most part the norm because that's how babies are made typically. Looking back at my original comment I do know that religious and social stigma was a major reason why LGBT was a lot less present back in the day. However, I ignored that because I'm Rito has never shown us social stigma or religious dissent against LGBT. I'm mostly focusing on what Rito has already made and they have showed us that most parts of the Runeterra are in the old days. So I focused on another major reason why LGBT was less present, which is just straight up having no time.
What consistently bothers me about your arguments here is that you keep implying that to know you’re queer, you have to have time, and you have to consciously be thinking about it all of the time to really know. > If I am fighting in wars day after day am I going to stop and think about what my sexual preference is? —————————————— > So I focused on another major reason why LGBT was less present, which is just straight up having no time. The point I’m making here is that the vast majority of the queer community know that they are queer, whether they are willing to express it is their decision, from a young age. It’s not like you can’t be thinking while doing other tasks! Just because the medieval times were physically taxing, does not mean that people couldn’t think for themselves, about themselves while doing their work. The logic your using doesn’t make very much sense- look at the people of today. There are a lot of jobs out there to this day that are VERY physically and mentally taxing, and people can still be gay! You’re telling me I can’t... look at my own experiences as an LGBT youth because of the fact that that I’m not studying it, or... what?? I’m gay, and have experienced a lot of hardship because I am out of the closet- how does that not make me a, “gay extraordinaire”? A black person doesn’t have to be an “extraordinaire” to understand that the inequality they face is for no reason other than their skin color. Your arguments make no sense! Of course I am pulling from my experiences because I have lived it! I’m going to leave this argument to die here because I can see it won’t be going anywhere.
KoKoboto (NA)
: I don't like going by assumptions. Also if you're trained by a young age a certain way there's really no reason for you to change back unless your brain is super hard-wired to being how you were before. Not that many people are like that, especially when it comes to LGBT things because for the most part the only hard-wired thing is seen at the T part, not the LGB part. Also, life, in general, was tougher, there was less time for leisure activities such as romantical pursuits or lifestyle habits. Which also means less time to explore inwards and understand the individual more.
I’m going to make the safe assumption that you are not queer, therefore making your afformentioned statements about the LGBT+ community irrelevant. I was very aware of the fact that I was gay from a young age, and though society taught me it was wrong, I was able to make my own judgement calls and came out of the other side burned but not broken. Those who are queer are who they are, and will be regardless of societies expectations of what love should be. And to say that “Also, life, in general, was tougher, there was less time for leisure activities such as romantical pursuits or lifestyle habits. Which also means less time to explore inwards and understand the individual more.” is, for lack of better words, absolutely ignorant. Leisure activities were what kept the communities strong and whole. Just because things were tough and full of hardship does not mean that love cannot be expressed nor dealt with on a meaningful level. I mean, look at today’s world! Some of the busiest people in the world have families, but also run companies. It’s not hard to juggle life if you’re a competent and eager person. My point here is that saying that people can’t “explore inwards” because they’re busy makes it seem like the only way gay people come to be is through “inward exploration”, unlike straight people who are just inherently straight and know it right off that bat- which by the way is how listen gay people are.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
{{champion:142}} **FAVORITE** I’d have to say my favorite is Zoe ! Her really bubbly, and bouncy walk feels very fluid, and it transitions into all of her other animations so flawlessly that is makes the experience feel much more rewarding. {{champion:43}} **LEAST FAVORITE** In terms of least favorite, even though I main her, I feel like her walking/ running animations are one of the most lackluster and boring in the game. She always feels like she stepped on something and is really trying to pretend like she’s not in pain. It also doesn’t help that she only seems to have the walk animation, and when she shield/ speed boosts herself, she just looks... awkward...
La Bello (NA)
: Will Riot ever go back and improve on older skins for champions who have already been VGU'd?
{{champion:43}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:43}}
: “The Colorful Mage” and her potential link to the Blessed Isles
Oh my god it’s so funny that you post this today! I was thinking earlier, as I was taking a look over the map for the “Easter eggs” Reav3 talked about, I noticed how the Blessed Isles had a VERY specific way of building bridges and other pieces of architecture- they almost always included the crescent shape, and then three protrusions, mimicking the three triangles that come off of the rounded side. I got to thinking that there is a strong possibility that this mage is from the land of natural magic itself! I’m glad that someone else had the same thoughts, because I was casting doubt upon myself quite heavily, because it seemed like a crack theory. I think you may be on to something! Well, that or the obvious, bandle city answer is what lies ahead of us!
: I hope they change Infernal Akali to match the splash art
The only problem with this is that they actually can’t make the model look like the art too closely, unfortunately :( In the case of this skin, they’ve actually matched the model and the art very closely with the only really noticeable difference being the face color. The reason they made the in game face a dark, hardened molten rock is because if they had made it the same color as it was in the splash art, it would make be skin rather hard to read, especially since Akali is such a quick moving champion- you’d essentially be catching a glimpse of an orange blob for half a second at a time. If anything I hope they go in and darken her face a bit more than it already is in the splash, rather than changing the model to fit the art. Your criticism is valid though! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Felaze,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=yLwbBRbi,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-07-17T07:27:16.855+0000) > > This is just a bad example, plain and simple. You paid for a 520 skin, that was a red Akali- a chroma. You got, in return, an at least 1350 skin for free, or dirt cheap- so essentially, in this Apple scenario, you paid for an Apple tree, and had it for a while before it started growing golden apples. These apples are worth much more then you paid for them, and now sparkle and gleam, unlike the old ones. > > This new skin will likely have a new backing emote, it has a new model, new particles and finally a thematic that puts it into a category with other skins, rather than just being a red chroma for Akali. The only thing unfair here is how people who paid 520RP are now getting a epic-tier skin, jesus you guys are so dumb to be mad at how red akali got switched into fiery demoness akali, a bad skin turned into a really good one while still valued at 520RP. All of you talking about how mad you are at this are just begging for reasons to call Riot out for bullshit that isn't even bullshit. You loved Crimson Akali? Heh. I'd beg to differ.
Yes, oh my goodness, exactly! Very well said. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Bern,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=40XkjZ7L,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-16T20:59:18.801+0000) > > Nurse Akali is so wtf. > > We went from cute nurse giving Amumu shots to black market surgeries? What the HELL? New Akali is just a disaster tbh. Riot has ruined another hot female champ.
Aw boo, riot made it harder to get your pee pee hard? Please, grow up.
: We payed for Crimson Akali. We didn't pay for Infernal Akali. Imagine purchasing an appletree. You know it will grow, lose and grow leaves and apples. You know it will change over time. But it will still be an appletree, the appletree you decided to buy, the appletree you look at when walking through your garden. Now imagine that same appletree suddenly changing into a shed. Both are made of wood but they are nowhere near the same. Doesn't seem fair, right? If you don't think that is fair, then do you think this is fair? {{champion:84}} ==> {{summoner:14}}
This is just a bad example, plain and simple. You paid for a 520 skin, that was a red Akali- a chroma. You got, in return, an at least 1350 skin for free, or dirt cheap- so essentially, in this Apple scenario, you paid for an Apple tree, and had it for a while before it started growing golden apples. These apples are worth much more then you paid for them, and now sparkle and gleam, unlike the old ones. This new skin will likely have a new backing emote, it has a new model, new particles and finally a thematic that puts it into a category with other skins, rather than just being a red chroma for Akali.
: Did Old Frostblade even have a theme? All I saw was a Blue-Haired Irelia in a tight blue suit. Heck if anything a number of people who got that skin in the last 3 years probably got it because of the Frostbutt meme, and New Frostblade kind of preserved that. People ooggled the butt, so they kept her in form-fitting attire and had the splash focus attention at the butt while Riot also re-purposed it to fit more with a skin line they had. They did so so they could better organize skins since the client can now do that. Plus it now literally is a "Frostblade" skin instead of just "Blurelia". You want a real big change of skins? Look back at Galio. Old Galio's "Hextech" skin was pretty much a Steampunk Gargoyle. Then we get New Galio and now it feels more like a Hextech goliath and thematically fits other similar skins. Keep this in mind and I hope you can see why the "change" in Frostblade Irelia is really nothing. As for Crimson Akali there wasn't really much going for that skin. It could fall to close to possible chromas for Base Akali, and if you tried to spruse it up it might become to close to a chroma for Stinger Akali which now has a skin line it can fit with (Yellowjacket Shen). So there was no real place for a Red Akali. It's either a chroma, or it could also get to close to the colors of Blood Moon skins. So yeah, to bad, Crimson Akali is gone, and yet you want Riot to compensate players when in essence they are getting a Free Skin to replace the Crimson one? Really? TL:DR there is nothing wrong with either skin and Riot owes no one anything and did nothing wrong.
Preach!!! The complaints about everything Akali is so absolutely disheartening. Why must everyone nitpick every little thing that riot does? Especially on such a stunning rework! This has got to be, a side from Eve and Gallo, my favorite rework they have done. Her new design just makes so much sense, her kit feels more fluid, and these new skins are visually perfect! This new Crimson Akali looks like its an at least 1350 RP skin, and these people are all getting it for either free, or dirt cheap!
: Hey Reav3, Ghostcrawler... I think you guys need to have a meeting about this
: Here you go, everyone. https://vimeo.com/280172290 Looks infuriating. And honestly, I strongly disagree with the decision to make her W immune to other champion’s revealing spells, and towers. Since, you know, that’s their reason for existing. But, eh. It’s CertainlyT.
Making her W immune to everything makes perfect sense though- the cool down is increased from 5 seconds to 8, there is no longer an area of effect slow on enemy champions, she no longer gains any movement speed, AND she no longer has the blink to get across walls with it- but now she gains permanent invisibility- its a good way to balance it out! This shroud makes much more sense with this iteration of the kit, and honestly I’m glad it made its way into the final product.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 22
Do you think you’ll be giving karma the love she deserves, and maybe revitalizing her kit? More along the lines of the LeBlanc kit changes? As someone who loves and adores Karma, I strongly desire something more interesting to play, and with the way she is now, she feels rather lackluster in terms of gameplay, and now with the nerfs on shields and heals I think it’s quite important to maybe begin the conversation on how to give her some love and power.
Dr Drevan (EUW)
: To any riot employee reading this, I'd like to make a small point : do not listen to this kind of feed back. Not because I object to gay characters. Lord knows I couldn't care less if it turns out Garen is harboring a secret love for I dunno let's say talon. I really don't. But this particular sort of feed back is full of red flags. The biggest thing to take away though is this : this person and people like them will never be happy. They will never say "wow this is great" without following it up with "but it's not enough". It will never ever be enough until the game precisely reflects their politics and opinions without a single deviation. Make more gay characters but make them because you have a good idea for a story or character. Not to appease someone who will never stop wanting more.
Holy shit dude, you’re such an asshole. Sorry to be blunt but WOW. “And people like them” “Reflects their politics” Hey, uh, why are you alienating people for being gay? You’re separating them from everyone else by calling them those people. By labeling them as “this person and people like them” you’re effectively trying to remove them from everyone else for just loving who they love. And politics? BEING GAY ISNT A FUCKING POLITICAL STANDPOINT. ITS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK TO BE INCLUDED! You’re acting as though anyone different from you doesnt have the right to inclusion, or doesn’t have the right to make a level headed post where they talk about being included just a little bit more. Congrats, you’re just awful.
: This new Riven/Yasuo story actually makes me feel for the characters
I feel this. I ban Yasuo every game because I just cannot deal with anyone who plays him. You’re either inexperienced and get ganks up the whazoo to help compensate, or you’re a god and cannot be stopped- and yet, I found myself tearing up, and falling for these characters, no matter how awful they are in game! I think Riot is doing a splendid job at patching up holes or inconsistencies, and I for one, am 100% here for it.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
yeulx (NA)
: Blood Moon Evelynn
Honestly this skin is stunning, and the thematic of a blood demon works so well with her existing thematic of succubus. The blue on the abilities, and the horns in her demon form are so stunningly done, and her face is SO well rendered and textured. I don’t know what you’re talking about here my friend.
: The new Karma bio
As someone who has loved Karma since I started playing League somewhere around 5 years ago, and for the most part liked the new lore- I am very pleased with the way this is being handled, and am beyond excited for what you have in the pipeline. Thank you so much, and keep doing what you’re doing! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: cringe worthy badlands skin
This isn’t how you critique Riot for doing a poor job. You’re literally biting the hand that feeds you the content that you enjoy. Beggars can’t be choosers, and they certainly shouldn’t be crybabies.
: Skin lines you'd like to see continued.
Since I grew up with Sailor moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc. and still love the magical girl genre of media to this day, I would have to say Star Guardian! I just love the bright effects, super cute recalls, and those absolutely gorgeous splash arts. Though, I will say, I would really like to see more Order of the Lotus skins, considering how pretty they always turn out! I would really like for Karma to get the next legendary, because she has been out for more than 8 years, and yet she still has no skin above 975, and I find that so, so sad. She’s a champion that means a lot to me, and I feel she really deserves some new and exciting visuals, and a new VO!
: Im kind of glad riot won't change anything. We live in a society where anything offends anyone, Instead of worrying about what pixels on a screen are wearing, focus your attention on more important things in life, like world hunger or something.
This is the most fake woke thing I have ever seen in my life. What are you doing to contribute to preventing world hunger while we’re at it? We are on a video game forum, talking about said video game, critiquing the art and narrative of the thing, you know, like the board title says, and here you are spouting off about, “there are more important things...”- like yeah we know, but there is a time and a place, and weirdly enough, this video game forum didn’t seem like the time nor the place to bring up these things... interesting.
: Sexualization: What's okay and what's not
Super, mega good post op. Very well done 💖
Felaze (NA)
: Conqueror Varus Feedback
Rioter Comments
: Crimson Akali should be renamed to avoid confusion
Wait I’m sorry, where did they say that Crimson Akali was going to be a demon skin?
Ganondorf (EUW)
: What's "wrong" with Irelia ? Representation and general League of Legends universe coherence.
Your coherent and well put together thoughts on the matter are so god damn lovely and I think that I’m head over heels in love with your ability to break down and distill content while being able to deliver clear, eloquent prose. I whole heartedly agree! Irelia has always been a character who I thought was Asian, just like Xin, Akali, Shen, etc. so having the rework make her read as less Asian was a little hard to comprehend, because I thought that that was a big part of her identity. I think Riot did a great job with the rework, as you’ve stated, and in some of the skins (mostly Infiltrator) she carries forth the Asian look to her, but I wish it was executed better. I’ve always been one to pick on Riot for not doing enough cohesion checks, and this is just another instance in which every iteration of her (IE: Skins) doesn’t look like the same person, and it makes things feel a little off in terms of the direction they were going.
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