: I am playing with a guy with the group tag nazi
If you think it serious enough (and imho it is) you can put in a ticket manually, and report this person directly. I did that one time for someone who had an anti-semitic name and tried to hide it by putting it in a foreign language. I'm sure it was entirely coincidental that the account went *poof* shortly after.
: What are my chances of going pro?
...are you posting from a smurf? 'cause, best as I can tell, this account is lvl 36, and is in S2, not D3. If so, post from your main account, so people can actually see what you're doing, and give you specific advice. More generally, there's millions of League players. There's hundreds of LCS players. Your odds are poor. To truly get into the LCS it means treating League like a job. It means reading the patch notes as they come out. Staying right on top the meta. More importantly, understanding the _why_ of the meta. And it means playing, playing, and more playing, to understand the champions, their ranges, their mutual interactions, and much more. Even more important, you must be a _team_ player. Understand team comps, and know how to adapt yourself to them. Know when to play a tank, when to play a supportive role, when to go AD or AP to complement your draft. Yes, your mechanical skills are important, but fitting in a team is even more so. Finally, at 16 y/o: Stay in school, do your best. A career in league is a long shot at best. If you have the skills to make it big in this, you have the skills to do so in a more conventional career too. Keep you options open.
Spârky (NA)
: Just going to pop in here and say 90% is really inaccurate. I have been patroling the boards and reddit a lot recently about this specific issue and what I have heard is that people really like the idea it just needs some improving on before it is ready to ship in game. So hopefully rito listens to the community and pushes it back a patch then adjusts the Sightstone changes so it doesn't punish roaming supports as much then they will be great changes. Then again riot sometimes doesn't listen to their community most times because we as players don't know what is best for the game. It's their game and we are just along for the ride.
> [{quoted}](name=PG Sparky,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yNKRYiqi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-12T13:41:47.171+0000) > > Just going to pop in here and say 90% is really inaccurate. Well, as everyone knows, 87.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
afmghost (NA)
: Why you should be able to report players outside the postgame lobby.
Screenshot. Go to Riot support, log an issue, explain it, and attach previously mentioned screenshot. Enjoy getting Mr. spammer baninated. And yes, this does work. It's how I got someone with a highly objectionable summoner name booted.
Barkley (NA)
: Another helpful PSA from your old uncle Barkley. (Farming champions is not "Carrying")
Some ah... interesting item builds on the enemy team. That probably also had an effect on the result of the game. Looks like Lulu tried the machine-gun build, but failed spectacularly at making it work (I think it's actually more of a top lane than mid lane build?) At 3/14 that's a total fail at snowballing, ouch. Also, I'm a bit skeptical of that BT on Nasus. As the big dog you've already got issues getting into range of enemies to be able to life-steal and get benefit from this (very expensive) item. Especially when the enemy team is loaded with CC. At least BotRK gives you another slow in addition to the life-steal. Or BC would have given some tanky stats, if you want another offensive option. Probably a tanky item would have been the best choice - maybe Randuin's to counter you?
: and he will prove it in discord voice chat........how?
That's a fair point, and may make things difficult for the OP... At least it was just a 14-day, and not an instant perma.
: I got banned for saying stuff
Riot takes ban-baiting pretty seriously, so if you put in a support ticket there's a reasonable chance they'll overturn your punishment, especially if you're usually well behaved. However, they'll almost certainly ban your 'friend' instead...
: ***
They do track that. If someone gets an _excessive_ number of reports without the IFS system finding anything, it gets passed up to a manual review to see if the rules of the system need to be updated. For instance, if a player has found a way to 'fool' the IFS by substituting (for instance) 'neck yourself' for 'kys'. Also, it allows Riot to find behaviours that other players find unfun - for instance the smite support (actually, counter-jungle) Nunu mentioned up-thread.
: Is this really perma ban worthy?
You were critiquing the Ekko player in a non-constructive fashion - i.e. you were harassing him. Given that you were already on a 14-day... well, the result speaks for itself. Alternate possible messages: 'Ekko, please practice your champ some more. Your mechanics ain't great' 'd-cap is not a good 2nd item for Ekko. <insert item> would be a much better choice' Or 'Go full tank Ekko, we're not doing good. If we want to win we'll have to protect Kog' After that, just let it go, unless the other player shows an interest in starting up a constructive conversation.
Enkii777 (EUW)
: Permanently suspended?!!!! WHY!!!?
Note that 'suspended' is not the same as 'banned'. If you're banned, it's usually because the rules were broken, and it's really hard to get your account back. If you're suspended, something is wonky with the account, and Riot wants to talk to you about it. e.g. You purchased RP, but the money got charged back. Or they suspect your account was compromised. Things like that. So yeah, click the link Cocho provided, follow the instructions, and see what is up.
: How does a game get held hostage?
"Type this <insert bannable phrase> into chat three times, or I run down mid and feed."
: a player tricked me into banning myself and now im sad riot come on
Tantram was on a bit of tear about this sort of things a couple of weekends ago. Your case is not quite the same - it seems your game wasn't held hostage by anyone? - but a support ticket might still get you some sympathy. At the very least, it might get the guys on the premade some mod attention to stop them from doing this sort of thing again. At least it's only a 14-day. Just be aware you're on very thin ice for the next few months, until your punishment tier drops.
: Debannissement d'un compte c'est possible
Bonjour! Malheureusement, ce n'est pas possible. Seulement en cas d'un erreur. (Hopefully Ididn't make too many mistakes there. It's been almost two decades since my last French class...)
: AFK Farming Jungle a bannable offense?
From a gameplay perspective, it was a bad idea to take blue from an Ahri that was way ahead. At 0/4, and, by your own admission, way behind, you're probably not going to make much of a difference to the game _regardless_ of what you do, so the best thing to do at that point is to enable your team-mates to carry you. In this case, by allowing Ahri to take blue. Also, if you're that far behind, make sure to build full tank, so as to encourage the enemy to waste their abilities on trying to kill you, rather than one of your carries. Just remember, you don't always need to be the hero - sometimes you need to be the Robin to your team-mate's Batman. Also, that you got '4 manned' in their jungle and your jungle, speaks of poor map awareness on your part. Especially when you're in the enemy jungle, you really really need to watch the minimap. If they ain't visible, they might be anywhere, or if they disappear from vision, they could be heading your way. Like, enemy raptors should be an easy steal - but make sure Ahri is nearby to help you if necessary. Enemy blue/gromp is also a viable target if who-ever your laners are have theirs pushed in, but you need to be ready to bug out if the enemy laners on that side disappear from view. The other camps are trickier, you need to make sure all enemies are visible if you want to go for them. Also, place wards to help you see if the enemy is coming for you. Finally, if you're not comfortable with jungle, consider picking up Warwick. He's cheap to buy, easy to play, and has solid sustain in jungle. He's got potential to snowball if he gets ahead, and if behind, can still Q or R dive the back-line with E up for big disruption potential that your team mates can exploit. That, and a bruiser build - which is standard for WW - is pretty forgiving of mistakes. All that said, it was smart of you to recognize the potential of the enemy not having a jungler, the only issue is, you needed to be smarter about exploiting it.
: Can i get banned if i say zero tollerance words in a team of full premades?
No, as long as there is no report. However, be sure of your friends. There was a case about a year ago where some guys reported their buddy in a pre-made for a lark. Who, given the content of the chat log, was promptly perma'd. As it happens, Tantram changed the perma to a 14-day, after the 4 guys that made reports all came on the forum and rescinded their reports. But that's not something you can count on happening with any sort of regularity.
: You can actually still play the game if you were previously banned and get banned account unbanned if you are proven to be un toxic and reformed but for Tyler1 case and Shaclone+Rainman they are twitch streamer and them showing off they intentionally feed without the system banning them shows how bad the Intentional feeding detection works. They were banned from all account because they Stream but if they were any random unknown player then they would be able to play new account.
> [{quoted}](name=LegendmakerGX,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=oaBjEJAW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-19T08:51:18.928+0000) > > ...and get banned account unbanned... Nope. Accounts are never unbanned, except if it can be proven that it was done in error. (There's only one exception I'm aware of where a "deserved" ban was overturned, when a trash-talking group of 5 reported one of their friends for a lark. And got their buddy perma'd, because, well, they'd been trash-talking each other pretty badly. They appealed and Tantram turned it into a 14-day when they all four posted on the forum that they took back their reports.)
: What is Riots stance on new accounts after a perma ban anyways?
Riot's official stance is that a perma means you're no longer welcome in the community, show yourself to the door, goodbye. In practice, however, they don't actually stop people from making new accounts. Except if someone has been _exceptionally_ badly behaved, over the course of multiple accounts. e.g. Tyler1.
ItsANoob (EUNE)
: Reported by 4 flaming teammates got me a Permaban
1st, reports by themselves do nothing. You can get x1'd or xinfinity'd, but all it does is tell Riot's bots to review the game. And if they find nothing, nothing happens. If they do... well, in your case, 3SheetsTothewind is *probably* right about why you got banned. 1st, corollary: You attempting to enlist the opposing team to report your team-mates *also* does absolutely nothing - and it got you into trouble. Again, the number of reports does next to nothing. Just your own report is enough to trigger a review. 2nd, it's very human to want to defend yourself. But that's what got you into trouble. At some point you got to take a deep breath, /mute all, and just play the game. Exception: If you get reported a lot (without being banned, naturally), then at some point Riot will manually review the account, and if they find something will hand out punishments, and use the data to update their bots. That's how the smite-nunu-support & such were found - they got a very high # of reports, but the bots weren't seeing anything wrong, so a manual review was initiated.
: I need your opinion, Was this game lost at champion select?
Honestly, a fairly respectable performance on your part, that cs number is quite impressive. The only critique I might have is that you probably needed to prioritize something to bust tanks - but I'm not comfortable enough on itemization to suggest anything. I'm guessing you were going BotRK for third? (Lol at MF buying Mortal Reminder against an all-squishy team!)
Hopii (EUNE)
: Im getting reported because riot makes balanced champs :)
Um... pick up some of those 'broken' champs yourself? Also, you're a Riven/Yasuo main. You're not exactly in a position to critique here.
: Bethesda went from one of my fave game studios to my most despised now.
Um... The crab armour is supposed to be a little in-joke about the Oblivion's [Horse Armor](http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/horse-armor) DLC controversy. You're not supposed to take that part seriously. Like, at all. As for the rest... I must say I'm kinda unhappy they took 2Gb of my bandwidth to download content they want me to buy. On the other hand, I know people put a lot of work into mod load orders and such, and not everyone is ready to put in such effort. With Creation Club, the mods have been vetted and co-developed by the Bethesda themselves - and having mods guaranteed to just work right out of the box, that might be worth some money for people.
Galiö (NA)
: Neither. 'Off meta roles' are punishable without team communication or else it looks like an attempt to troll. Especially of the player has no precedent of success in his off meta. This issue was talked in smite singed support case.... Who was banned although having much more success than this player.
No. The whole off meta role (the infamous smite support Singed, etc) fiasco was about players taking the support role, but then not actually playing as support, instead playing roaming counter-jungle. This player is taking the ADC role, and (presumably) playing as ADC. Riot does _not_ enforce champions for certain roles. And you see that in the meta: Ziggs bot, or Lucian mid, to pick two somewhat recentish examples. So if this player wants to (badly) play Shyv bot... there's actually no rule against that.
Vdrift (NA)
: It's windows 7. I see. I'm guessing when I connect on my friend's wifi, he can simply find my stuff while shareable, can't he?
Yep. Here's a shortish article on sharing, including how to undo it. Hope this helps. [Wikihow article](http://www.wikihow.com/Add-a-Shared-Folder-in-Windows-7) Also, what someone else says about malware: If your friend has malware on his computer, the malware can search the network for shared drives. If it finds one, it can copy itself onto said drive.
Vdrift (NA)
: Pranks from Family
If he can directly access your computer, something's _very_ wrong. You might have your drives set as 'shareable', and they really shouldn't be. What's your operating system?
: 3rd Party Programs=Permaban
Note: While having something like Razor Synapse installed is not illegal, using the macro functions to bind multiple commands to one button or key _is_. The famous example being Lee Sin: Using one key to drop a ward then immediately jump to it. That's not allowed, and if Riot discovers you doing it, they'll ban you. If you already know this, just ignore my post.
Rouxful (NA)
: That is unfortunate because no one ban him. He only said it after everyone left
Post-game chat is saved. You can just report him, and write something like 'toxic in post-game chat'. Also, as HalcyonDweller noted, you can send your screenshot in to player support.
sb xNap (EUW)
: i got perma banned too for " toxic behaviour " , i was just replying toxic players who insulted me ,and ofc i was playing with premades who just ask every body to report me , even if they was the ones who toxic al the game and i was just replying them and defending myself ....... i m really sad ...........
Don't get baited into replying or defending yourself, just report them after the game, and let _them_ enjoy being the object of punishments. (And multiple reports of one game don't change anything. Whether a game is reported once or a hundred times, the facts Riot's systems are reviewing remain. If one review finds you to be toxic, the hundredth will too, and if first doesn't, the last won't either. In short x9... does nothing.)
: I hate being taken as game hostage when the game is a loss
At the rating you play at, it doesn't take much to completely turn around a game, you just need to luck out with some better macro. The game ain't truly lost until the nexus explodes. That's the biggest difference in ratings: Higher level players are better at converting advantages into wins.
: > [{quoted}](name=Éve,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=K1e1jI2E,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-30T05:55:37.921+0000) > > I&#x27;ll take that beer soaked computer :3 > > Also it might be using the integrated gpu instead of the 940mx. 940 standard can hit like 100-120 FPS. I switched the settings so the 940mx would run when I played League. Actually made it worse :/
> [{quoted}](name=SnugglePuggle94,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=K1e1jI2E,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-06-30T15:26:51.791+0000) > > I switched the settings so the 940mx would run when I played League. Actually made it worse :/ That doesn't really make sense to me. Games should automatically use the video card when they start up, it shouldn't need to be 'switched on'. Have you checked if there is any other software running at the same time? Pull up task manager and see what your CPU utilization is when nothing is happening. Also, run a virus checker to see if you've caught some malware that's choking your performance. (Note, only use one virus checker at a time! Don't have, say, Avira and Norton at the same time!) The room you're playing in, is it usually quite warm? If so, there may be some thermal throttling going on (i.e. the computer slowing down to decrease the amount of heat put out). I doubt it's your internet/wireless, but for the record, what's your ping? Does the behaviour of the computer change whether you're close to the modem or far away?
Riskit (NA)
: I am Buying a new computer + Monitor for League, but i need help knowing which ones to buy
Recommended specs for LoL are actually ridiculously low. See [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752654-Minimum-and-Recommended-System-Requirements). My nearly six year old i5-2500k/8gb/R9 270 crushes it quite handily. I expect any reasonably good modern computer should be able to play LoL for the lifetime of box. So I'd say what you get depends more on what other things you do or are planning to do with your computer. An i7 is ridiculous overkill for League, but, for, say, Civilizations 6, it might be just what you need.
: Yea this is just not true. If someone is scheduled to speak somewhere but its forced to be canceled due to boycotting, thats impeding on free speech.
> [{quoted}](name=GlobDaBlob,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=dE8TGs8I,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-07-07T10:13:30.347+0000) > > Yea this is just not true. If someone is scheduled to speak somewhere but its forced to be canceled due to boycotting, thats impeding on free speech. Indeed it is. But it's not a 1st amendment violation unless it was the government (or an arm thereof) that incited the boycott. That's what many people forget: The first amendment is about what the _government_ can do. What individuals can or cannot do are governed by completely separate laws.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Brofresco ruins ranked
I saw him do Alistar mid once, going for a one-shot build. It was hilarious. That said, he mentioned it was his third or fourth try, and he'd gotten shut down hard the other times. Maybe players should keep in mind that a. He's a pretty good player, and what works for him might not work so well for others, and b. He's got lots of failures for every one game where everything goes according to plan.
: So I just checked my order and it says it is 16gb of ram 8gbx2 ddr4/2400mhz dual channel memory cause it was an automatic upgrade as a Memorial Day sale, so is that good?
> [{quoted}](name=Flayy N Prayy,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=6NjLId41,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-05-29T18:39:46.145+0000) > > So I just checked my order and it says it is 16gb of ram 8gbx2 ddr4/2400mhz dual channel memory cause it was an automatic upgrade as a Memorial Day sale, so is that good? Yeah, ok, that's fine.
: i believe is comes with 16b of ram?
> [{quoted}](name=Flayy N Prayy,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=6NjLId41,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-05-29T15:44:23.134+0000) > > i believe is comes with 16b of ram? Nope, not by default at any rate: 8GB (4GBx2) DDR4/2400MHz Dual Channel Memory
: So i just bought a new PC!
It's ok. A couple of issues: The cpu cooling is overdone. In my experience the standard cooler should do fine unless you plan to overclock. Also, a standard cooler will provide some cooling even if the fan, for whatever reason, stops working. The liquid cooler doesn't have that, if it fails, the computer will either auto-shutdown or work really really slow to protect the cpu from overheat. The 8Gb memory is _very_ low for such a powerful computer. Would recommend at least 16Gb to get the most out of the massive parallel processing capacity of that machine. Finally, while the optane + standard drive should be plenty fast, personally I'd still go for a SSD + standard drive combo. But ymmv.
: Bjerg played Taliyah
Bjerg seems to be really good with the strategic abilities. Things like Taliyah's wall and Ryze's ult. TSM is also very good at playing the map, being just a bit faster to get to objectives, just a bit faster to get to turrets, etc. Where they seem to fall down is chaos. Throw something wonky at them, and their structured play can fall apart. Prime example: the loss to P1 a couple of years back. I think their two games at MSI so far have exemplified that. The game against GAM they screwed up, got behind early, but by mid-game were starting to impose their order on the game, and clawing it back. Eventually, however, the chaos and the early deficit caught up to them and they lost. Against WE, they were allowed to impose their sort of order on the game. Note the number of kills until right at the end, it was almost dead even at 4 or 5 a piece, but TSM dictated the pace of the game from early on. Even in the times they were caught out, they still managed to get objectives in other parts of the map. There were a couple of close moments around the baron where things could have gone very different, but in this case they were rewarded for their daring.
RuFiot (EUW)
: Question about the 5 tire ban system
iirc it's: 10 game chat 25 game chat 14 day suspension perma'd If you stop the behaviours that got you punished, you will slowly drop punishment tiers, but you have to be actively playing games. On average that takes about 3 months, but can vary somewhat. Finally, your punishment may be escalated to any tier level right up to perma for unusually bad behaviour - e.g. racist comments.
dogli (NA)
: yes I suppose I will do that! Is there also a way to just take Chat out completly? Like a remove ENTER key in options?
Yes, I heard of some people unbinding the Enter key to functionally disable chat.
Raysjdy (OCE)
: Sorry about that. I get replied. You know what? She first said she replied wrong, I did not use scripts etc, but she insist I used bot. what's the difference between that? Like you said I did not botting in any way, but she still think I used and said they mannual checked and they are correct
I don't see it in the record of your games, but then again, I don't have access to the kind of metrics Riot does. Only thing I can say, I think, is to go ahead and make a new account. At least you haven't invested a lot of time and energy into the old one.
Raysjdy (OCE)
: Thanks for your reply, but as you said, my skill is bad so I used bots? If I used a bot that let me died so many times, why do I need one??? The point to use bots is to win not loose, am I right? As I can remember there is a summoner code says do not let any newbie behind? Now, I have bad skill, so I need to be banned?????That's so unfair. I look at my match history, the most death happened during I play Alistar, I play as support role, my role is to protect ADC, so I do not think died for him/her is wrong. The other times I just have bad luck, but the game is matching player based on their skill, so even I played bad, there would be another player played bad in the opponent side. And anyway, you can not punished me because I have bad skills. And for any games, I think play fun is most important thing, not just killing people, if I have fun to play with friends, that's all I need, I do not even need to kill a single one. If Riot think killing is most significant factor to the game, they can just said that if one player died too many times and do not kills during the time needs to be banned without any reason.
I think you misread my reply a bit. You're still learning the game, and that's ok. I'm just saying, _as a tip_, that trying not to die is a good skill to learn, because every death you give up, puts the enemy team ahead. Learning the game is not a ban-worthy offence, and Riot doesn't hand out bans just for being bad at the game. Anyway, have you linked multiple skills to a single button press? Like, say, Alistar's Headbutt and Pulverize, so you can go in and immediately get the knock-up? Or Tristana's Explosive Charge and Rapid Fire? The software that comes with some gaming mice allows you to set up combos like that. However, that's considered to be using a script, and is not allowed.
: > [{quoted}](name=XD 0o,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=aX6r9Zpc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-04-25T17:25:31.342+0000) > > Lol i hope you know that ALOT of your electricity is from quebec ? If you hurt us, we could do the same and higher the price of our electricity. You need it, absolutly need it. Just imagine. DO IT NERD FLIP THE SWITCH. You have no gold reserves left. Your major exports are milk, wood, oil, syrup & radicalists.
> [{quoted}](name=Player Vehicle,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=aX6r9Zpc,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-04-25T17:28:39.365+0000) > > DO IT NERD FLIP THE SWITCH. > You have no gold reserves left. Your major exports are milk, wood, oil, syrup &amp; radicalists. Uh-huh. That's why we make the world's only $1 000 000 face value coin. [Out of 100kg of gold](http://www.mint.ca/store/mint/about-the-mint/million-dollar-coin-1600006#.WP-lW2e1vmE).
Raysjdy (OCE)
: account banned
https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=raysjdy Well, the number of deaths of you have in bots games is... um... a _little_ unfortunate. You need to work on trying to not die as much. Also, your cs'ing also needs work, but eh, that's a learned skill. That said, it doesn't - to me, at any rate - look like you did botting.
CLG ear (NA)
: The overnight shift person is muslim and does not eat pork
It's considered to be a ritually unclean animal. It comes from the Old Testament, in the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible), where the only meat considered permissible to eat for Jews is that from animals that have cloven hooves and that chew their cud. (Note, seafood has separate rules.) All this stuff about it being dirty, etc, is post-hoc rationalization - the actual reason is that God said so. Jews have kept the dietary laws from then until these days. Food that meets the standards set by the Bible (and vastly expanded on by Jewish traditions) is labeled Kosher. For Christianity, shortly after the beginning of the Apostolic Era, Peter received a vision that declared the old system of clean/unclean was now null and void, and thus no longer has any rules about what meats may or may not be eaten. We're free to enjoy our bacon. :-P Islam, being a sort of synthesis of Judaism and Christianity (and some other practices), maintained many of the dietary restrictions from the former. Food that meets this standard is labeled Halal.
: So, I got suspended... (Can it be reduced?)
First, exceedingly unlikely. Second, the automated systems have a hard time telling the difference between jokes and actual toxicity, so don't take the chance posting questionable stuff. And, just throwing this out there, apparently someone was offended enough by your comments to report you, so maybe they weren't _quite_ as funny as you thought they were. Finally, as JPGuy said, you're on your last strike for now, the next step is banned, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, etc. It will take a few months of stellar behaviour (while actually playing the game) for you to get dropped a punishment tier.
Błaźe (EUW)
: I don't know maybe they can rescind the ban.
Riot rarely rescinds bans unless you can prove you were banned in error. From your post at the top, it doesn't sound like that was the case. You didn't reform despite the 14 day ban being the sign that things were getting serious. You can always try, just don't get your hopes up.
Cynicatt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Felidae77,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0ekVzubf,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-03-16T12:15:54.025+0000) > > I dunno, Riot put the &#x27;?&#x27; ping in there for a reason. It&#x27;s a quick way of letting a teammate know that the play was questionable, and that maybe he should work on his game sense. e.g. pushing to the enemy tower with low health when the enemy jungler is in that quadrant of the map. > > Spamming it, yeah, that&#x27;s harassment, as would be doing it on every single play. no... they put it in so you could call enemies missing. but you know that.
> [{quoted}](name=Cynicatt,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0ekVzubf,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2017-03-16T12:17:46.252+0000) > > no... > they put it in so you could call enemies missing. but you know that. Durf. Forgot that. >_< MB.
: Can you be banned on accusations.
No. All a report does is notify Riot to review the game. Their bots then go over the game based on the reasons the game was reported, and hands out punishments and/or passes the game up the chain depending on the findings. If you weren't scripting, then the bots won't find anything and will just ding the report weight of people who sent it in.
: I just had someone argue with me in post-game that "?" pinging for "questionable plays" is okay.
I dunno, Riot put the '?' ping in there for a reason. It's a quick way of letting a teammate know that the play was questionable, and that maybe he should work on his game sense. e.g. pushing to the enemy tower with low health when the enemy jungler is in that quadrant of the map. Spamming it, yeah, that's harassment, as would be doing it on every single play.
: > [{quoted}](name=Felidae77,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h5neFQ0R,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-03-14T13:44:46.116+0000) > > Er... yes, I know. I said that. > > That said, he still has an unusually high deaths/game, which, given the general saltiness of league players, means he&#x27;s likely gotten reported pretty often. He should be able to get it overturned if he can give Riot proof that he&#x27;s not inting: Having bad games is not a punishable offense. > > Still, maybe he should consider playing a bit more conservatively, so that D/game ratio goes down. I&#x27;m admittedly no league expert, but it does seem anomalously high, and puts him at risk of continually being reported. I play for macro. That's why I was Diamond last season and was in my promos to plat 3. My macro is master tier. I will die to get 2 kills. I will die to get baron. I will die to bait the whole enemy team so my team can march into their base. I'll die backdooring both nexus turrets. They add up, but I still win.
IMO you're still donating a bit much gold to the enemy team, but that's not really what this thread is about. You have a high-risk high-reward style of play, and that's a legitimate strategy in LoL, though one that could annoy your team-mates and lead to a high incidence of being reported. Still, I'm glad you got your ban lifted! :-)
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