: I didn't read the actual body of this because I already know the answer. Here it is: one doesn't play league to enjoy the game. The sky is blue, the grass is green, League is not fun and everyone's mean. :P But we play it because we're all addicted.
I think to summarize my long incoherent paragraph, it's not League itself that I don't enjoy, it's the jungle role. I can enjoy any other role even if I'm feeding but jungle specifically seems to infuriate me.
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: Skin shard......... blank?
Where did you get the skin for my father?
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rujitra (NA)
: I don’t think the OP likes causing misery themselves. I think it’s like how I love watching the show Wipeout. I’d never push someone in a pool or anything like that but I love watching it!
This. I don't do anything to drive anyone to anger but when the shitstorm starts, I bring out the popcorn.
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