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: Name a champion and I'll tell you why they are unfun bullshit
JPlayah (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Bush Chicken,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=UonpP45Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-09T17:55:31.600+0000) > > Welcome to the League of Legends champion spotlight, featuring Guy Fieri : The Mangler of the Food Guy is a roaming support who specializes in breaking the other team's health potions so they can't use them. Welcome to the League of Legends champion spotlight, featuring Patrick: The Loyal Starfish.
> Welcome to the League of Legends champion spotlight, featuring Patrick: The Loyal Starfish. Patrick is a Support-ish Top Laner that makes the enemy champions dumber just by being around him. Welcome to the League of Legends champion spotlight, featuring Shrek: The Dankest Ogre.
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: When you play so much of one champ that you become them IRL
{{champion:117}} I am not sure how I would feel about this but it would explain a few things about myself.
: he face when ou accidenall roll he grammar police because our T and Y kes don' work so well
Velgam (NA)
: Badly describe a champion
I'm just gonna do a run-down of my current champion pool. {{champion:117}} - Probably Mentally Insane {{champion:89}} - Shiny Things Women {{champion:37}} - Hatsune Miku with Boobs {{champion:103}} - Ninetales with Makeup {{champion:1}} - Magical Girl with Flaming Care Bear {{champion:50}} - *Bird is the Word Intensifies* {{champion:20}} - Smug Boy and Yeti Man Ruins Everything {{champion:22}} - Generic Archer No.48 {{champion:29}} - A Very Toxic Rat {{champion:17}} - Chinese Knock-Off of the Above
: {{champion:202}} 4
They said badly, not perfectly.
: You/Your main just walked in on this
I would usually go with Lulu for these kind of threads but I honestly have no clue how she would react so I am gonna go with my second main instead. {{champion:103}} She would probably join in.
: League's one true couple
I have to disagree with you there. {{champion:81}} + {{champion:44}}
: What is wrong with your main
{{champion:117}} The in-game model is outdated and horrifying.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: Your main's personality is now completely opposite.
{{champion:117}} {{item:3147}} {{champion:81}} "GIMME ALL OF YOUR MONEY OR I CUT YOU!"
: Players:"Xayah is too edgy, make less edgy champs."
LOL Playerbase: Xayah is too edgy, please make less edgy champions next time. Rito: Did you say **MORE** edgy? Okay. (In all seriousness, I like how the Kayn is looking so far.)
: Hottest champion in League
This is next level memeing folks. We have surpassed pun levels.
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: Oh wow this VS thing looks really cool! Sounds simple enough...
4Jhín (NA)
: In what way was I being toxic?
I legit clicked on this thread expecting to see flaming in the chat log but in reality it doesn't seem like you said anything toxic, let alone ban worthy. In the name of more memes, **FREE4JHIN**.
: I was told to "go die in a hole" just because I'm turret-hugging as Gangplank Top against Fiora Top
Funny coincidence, I just finished playing a Fiora Top game against a GP but the GP was trying to 1v1 me instead of hugging tower. It was a good day for me. Not so much for the enemy GP (or his team for that matter). But yeah, that Fiora sounds like an asshole and I'm glad you did the right thing.
meowwow7 (NA)
: a buff to break a champ you like
{{champion:117}} If both of Q's beams hits an enemy champion it is a stun and also increases damage of auto-attacks.
abdul569 (EUW)
: When you're low but stay for one more wave, miss all of them then proceed to die to a gank
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abdul569 (EUW)
: Scuttle needs a buff icon to show how many skillshots have missed her
: Hey. I don't think anyone'd complain about someone buying SS in any lane. I'd praise the guy as a hero.
I guess I worded that poorly. I didn't mean that it was dumb to buy sightstone in every lane it was just an odd habit I had.
: Saw that post showing his friend when he started playing, this was my friend in 2014
When I started playing league, I use to think that sightstone was the most op shit out there and I would buy it on every champion. I would even ward if it meant that I would die in the process. Also, I was a Sona One-Trick at that time. To this day, I still have a habit on buying Control Wards on every champion, every game.
: By shifting Q and R into empowered autos, you are effectively removing an auto-reset from Q. Q and R are also too similar, especially with regards to their gameplay reads from the opponents' point of view.
I think what I would do about this is give Q and R visual distinctions and give R an audio queue and **maybe** a small window where Teemo has to equip his R. Maybe you meant that Q and R would fell to similar to the Teemo player which in that case, I would be back to the drawing board. As for the lack of auto-resets on his Q, one side of me is telling me that removing Teemo's auto-reset is a bad idea but the other side would not be too keen on him getting 3 stacks of his passive on his opponent instantly.
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: Don't think many people comment here
How about we make the the most replied comment here for no reason beside the first reply.
nami tf (NA)
: You are arranged to marry the last champion (of your opposite gender) you played
I played Ahri last game. This is how I would look like:
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: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
I haven't been on the boards for long but that doesn't mean that I can't see the impact that you have here. Thanks for making the boards more than just a place to complain about OP shit, **Laughing Fish.** Also, take a pokemon gif.
Doodlzzz (NA)
: Games are being decided before the 10 minute mark and it's makin me sad
Ulanopo (NA)
Sounds cool. I would love to volunteer. Though there are some games where I barely say anything.
BxA Zeta (NA)
: At random points in game, the client tabs out
Wow, apparently a lot of people are experiencing this. Including me.
: i'm still gonna keep yasuo permabanned
: 1. "Never had luck. Never needed it." 2. turn back the clock 3. im just a poor boy from a poor family
: Guess your main!!
1. They aren't gonna like this. 2. A point and click silence. 3. One hell of a long drug trip.
Salson (EUNE)
: How are 10 bans so badly implemented
I'm just gonna say that the reason why they did this was probably because if they went with 10 bans in the current banning system people would complain about how it takes 10,000 years to get pass ban phase. "Just reduce it to 20 seconds or less" you might say but that also has its own problems like if someone's computer is a potato they would just have to ban something in a panic all the time and it might even cause unintentional dodges if someone is really indecisive. Why not make teams take turns banning then? The reason why that wouldn't work either is because one team would have the advantage over the other due to being able to counter ban based on the first teams bans. Sure, the 10 ban system riot decided on isn't the best system but it's one that catered heavily towards the nature of solo-q. Also, duplicate bans are not gonna be as all over the place as everyone thinks they are. Sure, there will likely be 1 or 2 duplicate bans but it is unlikely that there will be more than that per game. Anyways, that is my 2 cents and sorry for the long post. Feel free to call me stupid and peace out folks. TL;DR: They gave you what you wanted. They want to cater it to solo-q. Duplicate bans will not be a big problem.
Asher (EUW)
: Wrongly Perm Banned Toxic
Just because you didn't tell someone to kill themselves doesn't mean what you said was justified. It's like a robber telling a police officer that they can't arrest him because there are people being murdered. Just accept it and move on.
: What is your League guilty pleasure/dirty secret
I like to talk shit about Yasuo Mains and say how Yasuo is such a dumb champ but I secretly want to join them.
: Theire're
: When you're support roster looks like this
My inner grammar nazi is triggered by the title.
: Are we going to address turrets at some point?
I don't know if this would fix turrets but I was possibly thinking that having the turrets do some fixed amount of % health true damage in the first 15 or 25 minutes could at least help them in the early game. While it wouldn't stop them from being sieged fast it would at least make it hard to dive at earlier points in the game.
: Ask me a League question, then edit it after I respond to make me look ridiculous.
: Petition For Non Champions To Get Multiple KIlls
Deathgon (NA)
: when the hell can kled be free to play
: {{champion:117}} I don't deny these charges.
{{champion:117}} Neither do I.
: Yasuo is the reason ADCs can't have nice things
{{champion:35}} It's simple, we delete the Yasuo.
Magus7a (NA)
: Oh god yes
Magus7a (NA)
: Oh god yes
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