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: > [{quoted}](name=BDR,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=82ofa1Vh,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-30T01:29:32.040+0000) > > July 29 08:59 PDT. That is 9am Pacific Daylight Time - nearly 10 hours ago. The beta pass points is expired now.
So quick question: Why is it that on the post-game screen there is an orb that I can click to get more beta pass points?
: "We've been playing a lot of Dota Auto Chess, so just like the original game we stole that and improved upon it."
Hey, if it's an improvement, I'm all for it. Competition from Dota2 and HotS really pushed champion design in LoL. Champions like Cho'Gal or the Lost Vikings proved that Riot needed to up its tech to make more creative and unique champions. And IMO they have. This sort of competition is good for everybody involved.
: Why are they already planning on microtransactions on a game that hasn't passed testing? Seems fishy
Riot's owned by Tencent now. They probably can't spend resources doing something like this unless they can justify it to their stockholders by showing it can be monetized. Necessary evil. Just be content letting the whales pay for your free game and ignore the cosmetics.
Hailren (NA)
: Why didn't you explore the possibility of making a Arpg mmo game you already have most of the mechanics the right camera and by doing so you could expand the lore and have players experience it not just read about it?
Pretty sure they've been doing that for years. But they're not going to release an MMO unless they *know* it'll be able to compete with giants like WoW, etc. This tactics game is a low-risk thing they can slam out in a few months and release, because it has very little competition.
Jabalor (NA)
: SO let me get this. Nexus Blitz had to pass 2 beta testings before you guys could decide if it would become a permanent gamemode. Yet this one you are already planning even ranked ladder for it?????
I think it's a temp ranked ladder just for the time it's in the featured game mode rotation, to toy with the idea of making it permanent. They pretty much imply that if it's no good, they'll axe it.
: Teamfight Tactics
Not going to lie, I'm super excited for this. Don't let the naysayers shout this idea down, there *might* be a silent majority that think this is a worthy addition to your line-up. Perhaps you could even consider splitting this off and releasing this as a standalone game? It might hit a different target audience than a fast-paced twitch game like League, and it might garner better reviews with that target audience instead of with LoL's target audience, who have come to expect something different.
: If there were an Advanced Bots game mode would you play it?
It'd have to teach green players new stuff. The bots would need to gank, fight for vision, contest dragon, etc. More advanced micro won't help anything, but better bots would fulfill a much-needed role in player onboarding.
: Why am I losing LP in positional ranked with a team of all Iron 2's vs a team of Silver+?
Do you talk like this to your team-mates? Raging at people makes them play worse. You lose more often if your team-mates play worse. Losing makes your MMR goes down. If your MMR goes down, you're matchmade with worse teammates. Usually that makes people who are prone to tilting rage even HARDER, so they end up losing MORE games... IMO this is where elo hell comes from. I bet you're probs gold level stuff. Try just not typing. I bet you'll win games, so then your team-mates will get better, so then you'll win even MORE games, so then you'll get even better...
Paniro (EUW)
: Is it possible to replay games from a previous patch with this?
: PBE: League Director and the Replay API (new content creation tools)
When Valve announced that you'd be able to watch DOTA2 replays in VR, I was sorely tempted to put League aside and try out DOTA2, just so I could use VR to see my best plays. This looks like it _might_ be the first step towards VR replay support for LoL. How powerful is this tool? Would the community be able to make a "community created tool" using this API that would be able to do something as advanced as VR replay support?
: Emotes and skins are actually redeemed by two different systems so we can't bundle them together at this time. We're working to combine the systems into one, but it's not quite there yet :(
To be honest, I feel like there are ways around this. Hextech loot can be in packages, right? Why not have the bundle include an emote shard that can be crafted into an emote for 50 Orange Essence? Then you can get the icon in the bundle, and the emote is almost-but-not-quite included with it? C'mon guys. Embrace Jarvan's wall-of-minions and work around the system with an elegant (gross) hack to do what needs to be done! :)
: Why is it always all random? When will we be able to chose our urf characters.
Pretty much never. URF meta went stagnant really fast. People decided what the "best" champs were and always played them, demanding their TEAM-MATES should play them too. (Protip: they weren't as effective as everybody thought they were.) To keep things exciting and not just see the sane 10-20 champs over and over again, Riot forced random champ picks. Who knows? You might find new hilarious tricks in the non-meta "junk" you're given to play! (Perma-silence somebody as 'raka, become permanently invulnerable to any AD character as Rammus, turn all mid lane into one giant bush as Ivern, etc.)
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Fearless (NA)
: By solid state, I mean that we don't have people feeling like Runes have made league less competitive or less strategic as implied by "Ranked might feel like blind pick or PBE." Runes Reforged is about making more room for exploration and expression, and I'd also be very depressed if that got blown out with our push to balance any of the stuff that really breaks the game on launch.
Thank you for the clarification. I am no longer depressed. May you achieve your goals with style!
Fearless (NA)
: Obviously, that wouldn't be acceptable. I'm not saying we're going to land Runes in perfect balance, but we are putting in a lot of extra effort already on understanding Runes impact, and we'll continue to focus on balance through preseason. I do think October and November could have some very exciting discoveries surprise us, but I'm very hopeful that we'll be a solid state when ranked turns back on.
This depresses me. I _like_ experimenting and tinkering with new ideas and builds. (Current 100% ranked win rate with support Rammus as a counterpick to Yas bot, for instance.) Having a solid, stale meta in which people rage at you for not building the runeset deemed "best" by the sages on YouTube seems counter to the creative "personal expression" of playstyle and skill I've heard you are trying to set up. I hope that by the time the dust settles, people will realize there are many "best builds" and get excited when they see somebody running non-standard runes because they're about to see a champ get played in a new way.
Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Expectation, and the FUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!
Feedback: I am concerned about the state of Rammus, my main. He scales heavily off of armor, but there's not a lot of armor to be found right now. I run armor quints and marks and scaling armor seals as Rammus, for a total of 37 flat armor and another 27 as the game progresses. I see plenty of options to get health, but very little way to get reliable (non-situational) armor. I _know_ that the best way to get surviability is by multiplicatively stacking equal HP and armor/MR, but I use Rammus as a counter-pick to AD heavy teams and use his passive + thornmail to deal damage with high levels or armor. Such a build does not seem to be supported with the new rune system, and this is _after_ you damaged the viability of such a build by nerfing thornmail.
: RGM brain dump Star Guardian sparkle edition
Thank you so much for working on a PvE mode. It really helps me pull in my friends who are embarrassed about their lack on Moba experience. It also teaches them useful skills, like how to dodge skills shots, how to deal with assassins, how to focus ADCs, and how to avoid tanks and save them for last. Great job!
: I actually think that Demacia v. Noxus idea would make a lot of sense as a hybrid PvP-PvE mode (one team chooses Demacian champs while the other team chooses Noxian champs and the two battle it out alongside soldier NPCs of their faction).
Yeah! You'd have to color code the soldiers, so you know whose are whose. Like, Demacia could be blue and Noxus could be purple. And they could be assaulting each other's castles, with Tower-Defense style turrets guarding them. Ooh! And maybe there could be some side objectives too, like a side quest where you kill a dragon, but to get them, you'd have to leave your solders alone for a while while the enemy kills them. ...okay, fine, I'm being tongue in cheek here. TBH, I love the idea, but we'd need to differentiate it from, y'know, _League_.
: One item champions.
Previously {{champion:33}} and {{item:3075}} , against any AD top ({{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:133}} Etc) They're killing that, though.
: > [{quoted}](name=NINJAWARRlOR99,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BAwzXyzM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-11T02:11:22.298+0000) > > dominates champions with no hard cc He is the answer to shutdown retarded champions like Twitch and Kog Maw.
*Used* to be. Thornmail Rework's about to kill him.
: Rammus Cripple himself after W....
I was one of the goofballs that would play Rammus top, mostly as a counterpick vs an AD top like Yasuo or Renekton. Rammus' DBC made his farming very safe: turn it on, go in and last-hit some minions, back off. The design discouraged people from hitting me, and I didn't want to poke them or I'd overextend and run out of time on my DBC. If the jungler came, I could just powerball away. No real interaction in lane. After a few ranks of DBC and a thornmail, I was basically invincible to an AD top, and could farm entire waves by standing in front of their turret with DBC on. They'd have to hug turret, and if I snowballed, even that wouldn't help. [Here's an example of my toxic play patterns. ]( how lopsided it is even though I'm a level behind. The riven can't even interact with me by spamming laugh without getting punished for it. The recently-added slow on DBC was brilliant because it had nearly no effect on jungle Rammus (who doesn't need to move to farm) but forced interactivity and windows of weakness with Top Rammus. I can no longer use DBC while safe behind minions, or it will run out by the time I get to the enemy minions; I must DBC closer to the enemy minions, giving the enemy a window to attack. I can't run away with DBC on, meaning Rammus only has one disengage (Powerball) instead of two (DBC and waddle back to turret). This reduces my safety. Instead of DBC always being the answer, it gives me a decision space to solve: "Is DBC worth the speed debuff? Will I take more damage crawling to safety than I would walking normally?" It gives me a clear moment of weakness when the CD is off, but gives me more control over where that window is with the new early-off option. It also fits well with Rammus' target fantasy: tanks are slow, so if I'm tankier, I should be slower. It may have gone so far as to damage the viability of top Rammus, but that's probably okay. I was abusing a toxic play pattern to begin with, and I'm not sure Rammus was meant to go top. I'm sure the Riven in the vid I linked to was not having fun against me, for instance.
: The actual math behind new thornmail
Why do people downvote this stuff? I tried to show similar math, and people just laughed at me... It makes me rage when people say "Hey, as a Rammus main you're probably super excited about the new thornmail, aren't you?"
: I'm going to ban new/reworked champions in Ranked regardless of hovers. They should know better than to even hope to play a brand new champion in Ranked, Normals exists for a reason. If someone bans my champion, big deal! It's literally no different than if the enemy team banned them. In both cases you move on to another choice and keep playing.
Banning a team-mate's champion signals a lack of trust in your allies. I would not play in a game where my team-mate says "Screw you, I don't believe you're making good choices" before the game *even starts*. If they don't trust you and are not willing to work with you then, do you really believe they will peel for you/follow up on your engages/gank your lane/etc? If a person bans my champ, I will ask them why they did it. If they apologize, great! We've got a team player. Game continues. If they express distrust in my ability to play them and/or counter them if the enemy get them first, and claim they had a right to do it, that's an instadodge for me.
: To all those saying Tryndamere's chances to crit you 3 times in a row are 35% * 35% * 0.35 ~= 4.3%
: Thornmail + W does about half of your damage. ADC's also don't just heal from lifesteal. About half of the supports use heals and they have this thing called heal. In the Fiora clip which is the only one you had your ult active for, you weren't doing even close to half of your damage by being hit.
Yeah. That's because Fiora was the only of those fights I *needed* my ult in. Why waste your ult on an ADC? It's better off used to lock down people you *can't* instaburst so your friends can finish them off. Also, "heal" heals an ADC for 345 damage at max level. GW would reduce that amount by 174. The damage deficit between the old and new thornmail can make up that difference in literally one auto. I don't care if their whole team takes heal, it won't enough of a difference to overcome the Thornmail nerf. If new thornmail and old thornmail existed alongside each other, I *might* pick up new thornmail as a reactive counterpick to a Soraka building AP & CDR. Any other heal isn't strong enough for me to care; they're dead by the end of the taunt anyway.
: Champion Mastery: Grading Distribution
I want this too. Google brings me to this page. {{item:3070}}
: My point is that even before the update, thornmail doesn't do even close to the majority of his damage. Losing a fraction of a fraction of his damage to gain GW which makes his damage stick is a buff. Sure, he doesn't do as much damage with thornmail but his overall dps including all damage sources is increased against a target that heals which is pretty much every late game AD champion there is.
You must not understand my math. "Damage that sticks" = "Damage Dealt" - "Amount that ADC heals" Current thornmail: 307 damage dealt per auto, ADC heals 41. 276 damage "Sticks". New thornmail: 125 damage dealt per auto, ADC heals 20. 105 damage "Sticks". New thornmail causes less damage to "stick" than old thornmail. Also, I do about half my damage with thornmail and the other half my damage with autos. Look here for proof:
: That is just passive damage from an item without doing anything though. All other damage he does is basically increased because of the GW. This means his W, Q, auto attack, and R all got buffed by the change.
What are you even talking about? GW reduces healing by 40%. It doesn't increase damage at all. His auto attack does the same amount of damage regardless of the target's healing, scales based on armor, and TM's armor is being decreased. Therefore it's weaker. His W is the the thing I just showed the math on: It's weaker. His E doesn't even deal any damage except in conjunction with his W, which as mentioned is weaker. His ult is completely unaffected. Perhaps you thought that GW increased the damage dealt to a champion?
: I think the GR will allow Rammus to scale better later. Makes sure that they are killing themselves.
No, it makes Rammus scale way worse. An ADC hitting a full armor Rammus with a 1000 dmg crit (while his ball curl is up) deals 150 damage after armor. Assuming the ADC has a Bloodthirster and BotRK, that's 32% lifesteal, meaning the ADC heals ~40 HP. GW will halve that to ~20 HP per 1000 dmg crit. The new thornmail _loses_ the 15% physical damage reflection, meaning rammus deals 150 damage less. It also _loses_ 15% of the bonus armor scaling, reducing damage by another 100. Giving up 250 damage per auto to prevent the ADC from healing 20 HP is not a good trade. The new thornmail is better if it's the only item you buy against an ADC with decent lifesteal. If you stack armor like Rammus, it's horrible.
: It's insanely overpowered on it's own. You can't put a price tag on an effect life GW because it effects champion kits, just like Phantom Hit. GW hurts in heal kits and lifesteal like PH multiples onhits from items but also in-kit onhits.
Yeah, it might be more effective against a kit like Aatrox's or Warwick's, but do we really want to relegate Thornmail to a niche pick like Mortal Reminder? Right now, Thornmail is awesome against basically all ADCs except Corki and some Ezreal and Varus builds.
: Is it just me or does the Cold Steel passive make no sense? Why would you want to give someone lower attackspeed on an item where you do damage to them through attacks? Or is it just an all purpose "fuck anyone who autos" type of thing where they have lower attack speed, damaged dealt to them, and some gw.
Yes. Thematically incongruous. Damage reflection says "Please hit me!" Cold steel says "I don't want you to hit me!"
Jo0o (NA)
: Oh my god. This is a dream. Not overpowering on its own, but nicely updating Thornmail to be relevant and powerful. The fact that the current iteration sucks against lifesteal and true damage made me almost never find a good time to buy it, but health and REFLECTIVE GRIEVOUS WOUNDS is juicy as fuck.
It's a trap. Let's say you're hit with a 1000 dmg auto (like a crit) and have 300 armor. Also the ADC has 32% lifesteal. The damage is reduced to 250 by your armor. 32% of that is 80 damage gained by the ADC. Grievous wounds cuts that in half: net +40 damage. The new thornmail _doesn't have_ the 15% physical damage reflection. That reduces its damage by 150. So you're giving up 150 extra damage per attack to prevent the ADC from healing 40 damage. I repeat: It's a trap.
: 1.0 Attack Speed 15% Attack Speed Slow lowers it to 0.85 Attack Speed Assume 100 damage is dealt each attack 1.0 Attack Speed = 100 attacks over 100 seconds = 10,000 damage over 100 seconds 0.85 Attack Speed = 85 attacks over 100 seconds = 8,500 damage over 100 seconds 8,500 damage is 85% of 10,000 damage Your damage has been reduced by 15% GG, Atheists.
Lol. Here's Rammus math: Assume 1000 damage is dealt with each attack. (A Crit-chance Ashe build, for instance) Rammus' 670 armor reduces that to 150 per attack. Shooting Rammus deals 130 (from passive) + 275 (from current thornmail) damage per hit. So in seven attacks, you're hitting me for 1050 damage, which I don't care about because I'm a tank, and I'm hitting you for 2835 damage, which will kill you. Cold steel increases the time it takes for you to get killed by 15%. Do not want.
Bultz (NA)
: It's a bit much for one item damn and on that it's cheap and it will still only be used by rammus.
And Rammus will cry because of how much less useful it will be for him.
: I'm a Rammus main, and Riot recently nerfed my early-game DBC, which is understandable. But this thornmail change really hurts, because my combo revolves around taunting people and using thornmail to deal my damage. These thornmail changes, with the 15% AD reflection removed, will take away the majority of my damage vs. AD targets like Riven, Yasuo, and most ADCs. (Haven't done the math yet, but it seems it's about 150 dmg a hit less.) If some Rioter's got time, I'd like some clarification as to why they feel these changes are needed, and what Riot will be doing to ensure taunt-based champions like Rammus aren't overly adversely affected by this change. Maybe I'll be more sold if I understand why they feel this decision's necessary. Thanks.
Just did the math. TLDR: It reduces my thornmail damage output by 60%, even considering grievous wounds. These calculations assume 670 bonus armor (My typical Rammus final build + full rank DBC) and an ADC critting for 1000 damage with 32% lifesteal: Old thornmail: 167 damage from 25% bonus armor, +150 damage from 15% reflected physical damage, -41 damage in lifesteal from the 32% of the 130 damage that gets past my armor, is 276 damage a hit. New thornmail: 25 + 100 damage from 15% of my bonus armor = 125. The 41 damage from the ADC's lifesteal is halved to 20, for a total of 105 damage. 276 damage -> 105 damage. _After_ considering both lifesteal + grievous wounds. RIP thornmail. Maybe RIP Rammus.
makkii (NA)
: Its a good start but i have a couple problems with it 1. Because the damage is now based on users armor rather than % of dmg taken, this will unevenly burden people who attsck faster for less damage and wont affect slow big hitters nearly as bad, (think trist vs graves.) 2. The damage is based off % BONUS armor so in order to get it to do decent damage you will need to fill 3 other slots with items with armor besides thornmail to get it to do decent damage.
Not only that, but they lowered the damage on the % bonus armor. It used to be 25%, now it's 15%. The damage isn't shifted so you need to stack armor, it's actually objectively _worse_ if you're stacking armor.
: 15% damage reduction for auto- based champions is garbage? How?
As Rammus, you *want* people to AA you to deal as much damage as possible. I want those squishies to kill themselves as fast as they can. Cold steel gets in the way. Also, the unique passive doesn't stack with other armor items like randuins and frozen heart, making it gold inefficient to stack armor. We don't need another cold steel item.
: New Thornmail on PBE
I'm a Rammus main, and Riot recently nerfed my early-game DBC, which is understandable. But this thornmail change really hurts, because my combo revolves around taunting people and using thornmail to deal my damage. These thornmail changes, with the 15% AD reflection removed, will take away the majority of my damage vs. AD targets like Riven, Yasuo, and most ADCs. (Haven't done the math yet, but it seems it's about 150 dmg a hit less.) If some Rioter's got time, I'd like some clarification as to why they feel these changes are needed, and what Riot will be doing to ensure taunt-based champions like Rammus aren't overly adversely affected by this change. Maybe I'll be more sold if I understand why they feel this decision's necessary. Thanks.
: Check out Warwick’s PBE Gameplay
Does Warwick still want to eat Soraka's Heart?
: Road to Pre-Season: Assassin Update
Will Akali's stealth be invisibility or camouflage? Sounds like invisibility.
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: State of Champion Update
I was literally about to learn how to play Gallio today. RIP :( I hope he still scales well off of MR. So far as I know, he's the only champ that does.
Wuks (NA)
: Post-game chat isn't included in the Instant Feedback system's analysis anyway. For this, you should note that a player was abusive in post-game chat to potentially have the chat logs manually reviewed by the Player Behavior team.
Didn't know this. When the abuse happens in post-game chat, I'll make sure to mention that in my comments.
: There's no way we can have a computer that completely censors swear words, there's always a way to bypass it. You just need to report them and if they keep doing it they get banned.
Actually, a neural net is a genius way to do it, because with enough reports, the system can _learn_ all the most frequent ways to misspell or otherwise obfuscate profanity or abuse. I've had enough Machine Learning classes to understand how it works, and it's a genius solution to the problem. That is, as long as the system tokenizes it properly. If the computer looks at each line individually, then there's not a chance it can find the abuse. After all, "S" is not verbal abuse. "U" is not verbal abuse. "C" is not verbal abuse...
: I know and pointed it out when they said they "just wanted him banned". I really didn't mind the first, but three of the team kept asking again and again and when it got to the 6th or 7th "Report Ryze" one after the other, I just saw no point. Beyond that, they were being enjoyable and liked joking with them. I just didn't want the chorus of "Ryze Rage Quit" on repeat.
In Lyte's Ask.FM (which is now down, sadly) he said that the number of reports does not affect a person's likelihood of getting punished, because otherwise pre-made teams that engage in "Gang Reporting" would have undue sway over people's punishments. There is no difference between one report and nine reports.
Lost R (NA)
: So when did people think THIS was okay?
I'd say it's about half as bad as it was back in S4 when I started playing. At least, it seems that way to me.
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: Ask Riot how we’ve made Events out of Ranked 3’s
"They've" been asking for it? So, you're killing Nunu, Sejuani, Kindred, or Quinn? Maybe Annie? Any other "pairs" I'm forgetting?
Lyte (NA)
: Q&A about Player Behavior Systems, Chat Log Reviews, and Feedback!
Two questions: First, you mentioned in a previous post a year or two ago somewhere that you believe the players should decide for themselves what is "toxic" and what is not by filing reports. You later said that people making spurious reports had their "Report quality" lessened. I am a sensitive person and do not respond well to verbal abuse. When I heard the first news, I excitedly started reporting everything that went beyond "my line" and made me uncomfortable, figuring by reporting I could influence, with my vote, the "median" of what is considered abuse. When I heard the second news, I suddenly became worried that by reporting what made *me* uncomfortable instead of what I would guess made the *average* person uncomfortable, I had tanked my report validity score. Is there any chance you could tell me if my reports are still valid? And perhaps whether I am indeed thin-skinned or just part of a silent majority? Second: There are lots of people asking for account reviews and stuff. Are there any plans to make this information available without needing to contact a rioter? Perhaps something on the profile page that gives you a "Positivity score" or something?
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