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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'm pretty sure that I maintain a neutral to positive chat experience in each game. I think the most frustrating and toxic comments I make are not to particular players, but just at the summoner spell flash. Seriously, fuck flash. But I love you flash, you know I use you 100% of the time. I just hate it when people use flash on me. It's not a double-standard or anything like that you see. Actually, I find the best games I play tend to be when no one speaks for the entire game. Very interesting to me that so many people can communicate entirely with just pings and intuition. Anyway, wouldn't mind sharing my chat logs if you want.
: Updated Summoner's Rift Q&A (11/7)
I think what we'd all really like to know is what are the names of the new shopkeepers? I mean now that they are distinctly different people (yordles?) I think a little bit of info on them would be nice.
: Idea for that leftover RP people have: 5 RP for a bag of Poro Snax
But that would be bad for business. The whole reason companies use things like Riot Points is so you always have a few leftover so you constantly feel the need to buy just a few more.
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Kikirino (NA)
: I do not care if you like my pick.
I play {{champion:74}} in the top lane, the mid lane, the bottom lane, and especially the jungle. Amen, brother. Screw the doubters and their Meta.
discog (NA)
: Your favorite (viable) theme teams!
This isn't mine at all. Saw it in Top 5 Plays Hexakill edition, still liked it a lot. Team Stuck in a Trap for About Six Years. {{champion:17}} Top {{champion:35}} Jungle {{champion:74}} Mid {{champion:51}} Carry {{champion:76}} Support Edit: Oh wait, already posted in the first comment. Oh well.
: {{champion:63}} Pyro {{champion:11}} Scout! {{champion:76}} Sniper. {{champion:115}} Demo {{champion:74}} Engie {{champion:35}} Spy {{champion:16}} Medic {{champion:75}} Heavy {{champion:18}} Soldier (I guess) I didnt come up with all of these, but eh.
I agree, except... {{champion:17}} is Scout. {{champion:51}} is Sniper. {{champion:14}} is Heavy.

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