: if you're doing something thats questionable/leads to setting your team behind or looks like you will set your team behind, people question ping. riot says you cant get banned for question pinging. besides, if 4 people clearly show that they dont like what you're doing/too risky then maybe take it as advice :)
I get that. And it was me being an idiot some of the time. It's not the question pinging specifically that bothers me, it's spamming it to harass teammates that really frustrates me. Like... you don't need to ping 5 times. I know I was stupid. And half the time, I can't tell if teammates are actually pinging MIA, or just being a jerk, and that's also frustrating and confusing. It could also be my elo too where people just tend to abuse it more. I don't know.
: Hmm, I can see how this would bother you and I'm sorry. I usually just find humor in it and I ping myself. I am one to laugh at my stupid and embarrassing mistakes (like a flash fail over the wall). I know it's not this easy, and every situation is different, but in some cases perhaps try to see the humor in it? Like as a meme instead of an insult (not to say that memes are never insults). Now of course, there are times when it's just downright tilting. Especially when it comes from someone who is flaming you in chat. That gets to me, too.
Yeah, that's pretty much how this one particular instance happened. Made one mistake early on in game. Didn't cost us anything except we took some damage in a trade, and he flamed me in chat and spammed question mark pings on me for the next couple of minutes. Then I muted him and his pings, but by that point, I was already pissed.
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sakakyu (NA)
: Extremely disheartned with ranked.
well, you can already /ignore all. But really, I've noticed the same thing. When they instituted the new ranked queue, people were really happy for a long time, and the community was way better. Recently, however, I've noticed an influx of people who just crap all over the other players in the game. I can't climb in ranked because I get so frustrated with the crap that spews out of their keyboards that I tilt and then I want to lose the game just so those jerks don't get to win. I try REALLY hard to ignore them. I mute them, I block, I do all kinds of things but damn, it gets to me. I just played a game with a group of 3 people that queued together, one other person and me, and literally every person in that game besides me was toxic and they were all crapping on me. My build sucked, then it was I'm too scared, then it was I do no damage. I don't even know. It was the worst experience. I wasn't even doing all that bad either, went 6/6/6 at the end of the game and had the best score on my team next to the elise. I had to mute EVERYONE. Literally EVERYONE. But it got so frustrating, that I just said fk it, I'm AFK farming, and just gave up. I mean, maybe that's a problem with me, but why are there so many of these awful people in this game? And when I report it feels like nothing ever happens. I'm not sure how the report system works, but I've heard that everyone in the game has to report someone for verbal abuse for anything to even get done, and even then, it's just a chat restriction. So they can just crap on you for one sentence that ruins your game instead of 8. Sorry for the rant, I've just been really enjoying other games lately that don't have this awful community, and then I come back to this and remember why I stopped playing. :/ I really like LoL and it makes me sad that I can't play due to player behavior.
: Servers down?
Yeah, seems that way. everyone d/ced in my ranked game, just lost a ton of lp because the minions killed our nexus. :/ Not fair.
: Login queue and conection issues on NA server anyone else?
Same issue except we're in a summoner's rift game and all just sitting here. Loss prevention please.
xXTazXx (NA)
: High FPS, normal MS, but weird Champion stutter
I have the same problem since updating my Nvidia driver.
: Stuck in champ select?
Happened to me too, now I can't queue for any game. It freezes when I queue and then eventually shuts down.
: /ALL Chat | Are You Bad At League?
Dude, if you play supp, you HAVE to buy a sightstone. Like...it's not an option. I don't care if you don't like to play supp. Too bad so sad.
: Riot Pls
I think you guys are doing an awesome job. I loved the Bilgewater event! I'd like to see more of that kind of thing in the future.
: Patch 5.2 notes
I'm really sad that I can't use Veigar until patch 5.3. He's basically useless without DFG. :(


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