AhmCha (NA)
: I say this as someone who really liked Pyke when he first came out
game-state related problem: if pyke execute has too low a threshold everybody gets instantly blown up before he has time to notice people getting low
: Is it weird that Leona and Braum can't proc shield bash?
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=79112oWI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-07T04:19:21.590+0000) > > weird how we're leaving out that it no longer scales its on-hit with AD or AP or how it's losing its AP/AD gain per stack It's losing the .1% on hit scaling but it starts out with 15 on hit damage over the current 10. From the looks of it will be a much much better first item and about equal at 2 items and fall off more at 3+ but it will still be broken late game cause double on hit is BULLSHIT broken OP. Edit: just read the PBE notes again it's % MR/AR not flat pen. this item is beyond broken at all stages of the game.
15% penetration oh no call the cops it's darius E passive
: > [{quoted}](name=Kelg,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2nQbMyx4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-25T17:04:56.457+0000) > > I wish they would give Veigar a VU and voice update. His model is just so ugly that It makes me not want to play him, but I like his character and lore . Well, they’re updating his walk so he doesn’t waddle everywhere, there’s a start
he's wearing a metal tunic, iron boots that are too big, and a gauntlet the size of his whole body, waddling makes as much sense as it looks silly.
: Isn't the point of shields to reduce burst damage?
Shield bash does a hilariously low amount if you math it out, 1.5% max hp is real low for a single instance of damage, which is all alot of champions will get from it, 8.5% of the shield value may seem like more but most shields already have low scaling. i can only see it being used as cheese in the situations where the damage number gets over 100, since that will rarely happen. The higher edge of concern are champions who can consistently get a shield and then basic attack an enemy before the shield is broken, eg, mordekaiser, taric, viktor, ryze,udyr,riven, and maybe rumble. but how many of these do you expect to take the resolve tree to begin with. Special note that to trigger shield bash with a shield of the same source the shield needs to be broken or worn off first.
: should work with all shields
Even {{champion:82}} shields? If my shield breaks and i instantly get a new one will it go off again?
: On the recent patch notes why is Ashe labelled as a 'marksperson' and not correctly as a 'marksman'
English and many other languages were made back when everybody was sexist huMAN HIStory a good number of occupations use male pronouns, even the word "Woman" has "man" in it. This is just how english works, if you want it to change it will probably take a pretty long time.
: Anivia , LEFT BEHIND ?
i want to be able to rapid spray ice shards like the splash suggests
: His ult cast is almost instant, you should not be having problems ksing. Also sometimes when that happens and ur doesn't finish the kill, you would still get reset and a gold from your passive. Also if they thought that was the case they should take something away from other parts of his kits, like his absurd lane sustain.
if the enemies go from above the execute threshold to below it in under half a second nothing short of stupid good reflexes or prediction will get you the reset on the ult, enemies are just as likely to suddenly gain 100 HP as they are to suddenly lose 1000
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InTheory (EUW)
: 0.09 or 9% (just to prevent someone misreading without checking this)
good catch i was a bit tired when i wrote that
: Can sivir jungle? Theoretically?
You'd basically be Jungle Kled but worse in almost every possible way.
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=rewt127,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yXEEMMc6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-07T01:40:15.023+0000) > > Resistances have Diminishing returns and the soft cap is at 200. 200 armor is 70% damage reduction. But to get another 5% damage reduction you need something like another 100 armor. So it doesnt make sense to go over 200 by a ton unless they are just stacking the fuck outta pen. Bullshit and wrong maths.
iirc the formula for armor is 100/(100+Armor) meaning 100% damage taken at 0 armor, 33.3% damage taken at 200 armor 9% damage taken at some crazy 1000 armor situation so with that build and assuming your champion has 0 sources of armor other than items, you would take 27.7% of regular incoming physical damage, however this does nothing against true damage, magic damage, or the damage evidently being converted to true damage by conquerer 260 armor doesn't even cause 50 reflect damage from thornmail, and that's before MR reductions on the attacker Though last statement, Master Yi is a hyper carry and if he has 6 items ur screwed unless u have a stupid amount of CC and/or burst
: Champions You'd Like to See Reworked in 2019
i'd like VUs for {{champion:45}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:32}} and to a lesser extent {{champion:17}} they look outdated compared to the other yordles
: owl champion
the best part being that owls are perfectly capable of regular walking, their legs make up around half their height like human legs do so they wouldn't need to spend all their time flying when they move around, makes animation transitions look less silly.
: Why does thornmail feel so useless?
if they deal 200 damage to you with a basic attack and have 20% LS, grievous wounds reduces the healing they get down to 20, with thornmail dealing 25(+10% bonus armor) magic damage back you would think they take 5(+10% bonus armor) damage, but in reality they take much less, since the damage they take is reduced by their magic resist, assuming you have 300 armor and they have 40 MR they take 39 damage from thornmail, barely more than the lifesteal heals, it would take a stupidly high number of attacks to kill them with just thornmail, and they could always just avoid attacking you. Not to mention that a chunk of the damage will be true damage if they have conquerer or infinity edge, making it likely that you die first.
Arammus (EUW)
: if riot wouldnt code so many things as "champion" a lot of bugs wouldnt exist
neither of these effects requires the target to be a champion.
: I don't know how'd this be a Royal game as there are turrets and presumably a nexus, which causes us to, ya know, respawn. Though this would be a pretty cool project to work and play on. A 20man Summoners Rift. Everything would be chaotic.
kind reminder that battle royale does not imply a deathmatch, just a "many enter, one leaves" 4 teams that fight until only 1 is left is still a "battle royale"
Malak (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fertsa,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kA3yFhN0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-11T01:40:24.430+0000) > > that's a bit different, science uses a lot of math in what world does science use a lot of math? Physics with Calculus being the only exception I can come up with.
if it uses a graph or involves numbers, it is "math" looking at a group of 5 and deciding it is bigger than a group of 3 is math, math goes on a scale of 1+1=2 to all the crazy junk that takes up a giant blackboard
: Thinking about what can be done with Master Yi
Combining a few suggestions for Q, you press Q, marking the target and bouncing to new targets, if you hold Q the mark moves to the target's you bounce to, then you reappear next to the marked unit when exiting Q. ___ On E, can be changed into a "counter" that lowers cooldowns and/or blinks you to the attacker, allowing space for alpha strike to not be the gap closer. ___ Highlander could work in stages with different ways to progress through each stage, such as channel for X seconds for each stage, attack X times for each stage etc. This would allow some high powered effects that aren't as oppressive because they are either telegraphed or require some kind of setup.
: am not watching worlds if we get the same meta for the third year again.
Pro play is usually passive because taking a risk is hardly ever worth it. Currently, you can tell how games will go in the first 10 minutes because taking risks is only worth if you are mostly sure it will work, and you aren't already far enough ahead that it isn't a "risk". Meaning once a team gets ahead, that team does it's best to play in a way that minimizes risk, give the enemy 0 opportunities to catch up. This forces the team that's behind to either obediently lose or take risks to catch up, but then they need to find openings in the team that's ahead, which won't have many because it's pro play. The champ picks and team comps may feel same-ey but that's because, in order to be competitive, you need to be on the same power level as the opponent, meaning off-meta picks/comps can only be used if it beats down the opponent's team or if the team doing it is so good at the off meta pick that they can win anyways. outside of that, whatever the current "Meta" is, is based on what champions are currently strong, but also what high-level people are willing to try, strong strats have been randomly found halfway through splits because someone decided to try something.
: If I play a mechanically difficult champ, will my game play on others become worse?
champions with more unique playstyles will skew your perspective on certain situations based on how little you play other champions. if you play a champ that is able to 1shot people in most situations, then if you aren't careful you might get it into your head that "in most situations, i can 1 shot people" and this will linger when you switch to champions that can't, meaning you might make a few mistakes until you get the idea out of your head. None of this happens if you play a wider variety of champions with less single champion game streaks though
: When you learn more math, does your science get worse?
: Then what is the point of having it look like a jump when it's really more of a {{champion:54}} ultimate made to look like a jump? I understand that you are not responsible for that i'm just saying that for the sake of conversation.
i'd say "thematics" but other than malph ult being unstoppable (ignoring displacements and other cc) tristana W has a fixed travel time as well, meaning no matter how far she jumps she spends the same amount of time dashing, where malph can point blank ult and it will finish immediately because he has a dash speed instead of a dash time.
: > Does the effect have any sort of cap to limit it from dominating an entire teamfight? Such as, the duration refresh can only be used x amount of times before the ability just ticks down, or you can only refresh the duration once per Champion, etc.? This is my concern, merely damaging an enemy is not a difficult thing to do and an aatrox is already hard enough to kill. Kills (not assists) should extend it's duration by that same amount instead.
I'd think more "landing the sweetspot on Q extends the duration" maybe 1 to 2 seconds per enemy hit in the sweetspot, makes his ult a bit weaker in 1v1 and stronger in big moshpit teamfights
: Tristana W bug
Tristana isn't untargetable while jumping, and her jump is in fact a dash, so her hitbox, which exists on the ground like every other hitbox does, will run into things while she dashes, such as traps or projectiles. Most notably her dash will be stopped if she is displaced or runs into veigar's stun wall.
Srbonator (EUNE)
: I need tips from Pantheon mains!!!
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 4 Feedback and Patch Notes
Games in NB have a tendency to end in surrender if one team has 2 or more on-fire people, but this is expected since at that point it's almost impossible to come back. (almost)
: I find that MF's Love Tap is unhealthy for several reasons and should be changed
They could make it so that attacking a unit marks other enemies within MF's range, or enemies within a radius of the enemy hit, and her love taps would then deal damage to those marked enemies. This would stop the crazy first hit damage she deals on her first hit, but has no change after the first hit.
Sirsir (NA)
: They fought the voidborn in the lore, it would probably be pretty traumatic to infest one of those. Assuming they could even hold a weapon, most of them couldn't. Demons are... weird. Shaco is a toy, Evelynn is a shadow blob that chose a slutty form, and TK is... a fish. I want to see the biggest, baddest Darkin... in a yordle body. Who complains about it on the regular.
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Rude Name (OCE)
: Veigar VU: What's Important?
thinking back on it, I always thought veigar looked really "stiff" in most of his animations but I mean, he's wearing a robe with metal rims and big clunky gloves, both of which are too big for him, of course, he would be _Stiff_ i'm not sure what i want more now, fluid animations or corny bad wardrobe planning
wildfox99 (EUW)
: or scenario c: they CAN 100-0 someone but their opponents CAN prevent that in some ways (e.g. dodging a skillshot) many complain about zed but if at one point of the game he wouldn't be able to kill a squishy missing his Q would be really that bad playing against him? you dodge his Q = he didn't do his work you don't = you deserve to die (again since looks like people don't get it,this is not how they actually are but how they shuld be)
depends on how far you want to stray from the assassin fantasy generally, you aren't supposed to be able to respond to being assassinated, but in order for the assassination to happen, the assassin would need to find you when you are alone, sneak up on you while everyone around you is distracted, or flat out kill you from somewhere you can't see. The assassin fantasy is "I found the perfect opportunity to show up, remove this person from existence, and vanish without a trace". Assassinations fail or succeed because someone didn't take the necessary precautions, or wasn't paying attention when they should have been. Actively "Dodging" an assassination is like trying to dodge a bullet, there's not much you can do once the bullet is fired, only things you can do before it is fired, or after the first shot misses.
: Thoughts on Frustrating Abilities: Unbreakable & Windwall
i've always wondered what it would be like if windwall and unbreakable had "health bars" either a number of things they can stop or an amount of damage they can mitigate before poofing.
: I'm actually HEAVILY disappointed in Riot when it comes to Enchanters as an entire concept
the only real high skill kit i could think of for sona was pretty much invoker (from 1 not 2, there is a difference), where she would play chords in the right order to play a "song" that had a specific effect. But this would generally go against LoL's design policy, as even if the number of chords needed for a song was 3 there would be 27 songs and league doesn't ask people to remember that much
: Rylais, Protobelt. All very common items on mordekaiser, as well as his w which increases movespeed, and possibly a dragon, which slows significantly on auto attacks.
don't forget phase rush, and maybe nimbus cloak.
poi2000 (NA)
: [Nexus Blitz] Scuttlecrab despawning
my guess is that when the scuttle went untargetable to heal, it instantly took a tick of true damage from twitch's passive before it could start healing. This would happen if scuttle was "untargetable with 100% damage resistance" since true damage doesn't care about that.
: Wait how in the world would Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra even argue let alone TALK to each other?
i could have sworn lissandra had some random magic thing that let her know what was going on around her
: You shouldn't be allowed to ban a champ a teammate has declared. As we've recently seen from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the tech companies don't have the spine, wisdom, or leadership to enforce logical guidelines and boundaries. It's just sad to see Riot has joined the ranks.
banning a champ is the same as saying you absolutely, positively do not want to see that champ in this particular match, your ally declaring it doesn't guarantee that your team gets it.
: Model Updates That Don't Involve Reworks
{{champion:32}} {{champion:45}}
: Duskblade Rework Idea
{{champion:89}} Did u sey vision control?
Rude Name (OCE)
: Comprehensive list of champion pairs
{{champion:89}} {{champion:131}}
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: Riot Game, its time to actually become riot games... MOBA style rpg?
a few things aren't clarified here. is it "play an mmo with moba combat where regular moba play is available as an alternative" or is it "play a moba that takes characteristics from an mmo" This is rather important since the first would require more matchmaking effort to get people with similar "power levels" into a match, while the second leads to much less personalization, since everything gets reset each match. and outplaying people with better gear only works if A: you have a build with outplay potential and B: the enemy isn't a full-on stat-check build, since it doesn't matter what you do if the enemy instantly blows u up in a way you can't avoid. I'd probably give either version a try though, i've given alot of mobas a try, but so far very few are as "simple" to learn as league.
: Ohmwrecker rework idea
new {{item:3056}} literally {{item:3102}} but gives armor and HP instead of AP and MR
: League of Legends is a COINFLIP Game | How not to TILT anymore!
"You can win every game" Bruh, there are 5 people on the enemy team that can also "win every game" my "able to win" has to work with 4 other "able to win"s to beat the enemy's 5 "able to win"s
: Tips against yi?
Keep him behind and finish the game before he reaches critical mass Though his "critical mass" differs based on what build he's using, how much CC ur team has, etc. If Yi can go in and 1v5 ur team with literally no support then he's too big to handle already, and even though he is categorized as an "assassin" he is also a "fighter" with high base defensive stats, so your best bet is to lock him down before he can do things. A tip: Yi is extremely vulnerable right when he gets out of Alpha Strike, so he'll usually only go in if he can get a fast reset, or is desperate to get damage done.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
{{champion:32}} seems outdated all over the place
: Now that the video has been out a bit - here's how we went about making this one - we'd love feedback on it! We started as always with some ideation. We concluded the best thing about this new Nunu (or internally NewNu) was their friendship. So we wanted the video to really showcase that. We went through a bunch of variations of the script trying to really make a wholesome story which is the story essentially of a boy and his dog. Only in this case his dog is a giant intelligent Yeti. Once we had a script we were happy with (which is more or less what is in this video), we went about creating the custom animations in the beginning and end. We wanted them to really feel like this was just another conversation they'd have. We thought it would be fun if they were standing on a ledge in the Freljord overlooking SR (that part was later cut because it didn't make sense). Champion team animators really nailed the feelings we wanted, and then we just needed to make the environment feel like it belonged in game, but also was very much Freljordian as well. So we custom made the overlook, the trees, the background and the sky, much in the same way that we did the Irelia trailer, only this time we went WAY more ham. Now that we had our bookends, we had to really capture the gameplay. Hint at his old trolliness (blue buff steal), his ganks (poor Brand), his general supportiveness (with Ashe), and his Ult. The pace was such that we wanted to start it off with something familiar (his Q chomp) and end with something familiar (his ult) but include quick snippets of the rest of his kit throughout. The Voice actor was FANTASTIC with this, and really helped land Nunu into a space where he just felt innocent, and fun, and friendly, and imaginative. Willump voice actor is a lot of post processing, but also came out sorta understandable ;) All in all, we are pretty happy with the outcome of this piece. We feel like New Nunu is a great evolution of the character, the trailer does justice to both old and new Nunu, and hopefully will get people interested in trying out his new kit. What did you all think?
scuttle panicked so hard he popped multiple active items that he probs shouldn't be able to afford with his wage as a jungle creep
: It could be pretty interesting if Zilean was capable of granting levels beyond Level 18.
*insert champion with level based ability numbers here* would be way too op with 1 or 2 more levels nyerr >8U I love Zil, but the meta right now says no to the lategame style i like.
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