: Star Guardian Zoe
I don't think they're gonna give Zoe or Neeko new voice lines, unfortunately. Usually only legendary skins get new VOs, or new champs with a debut skin might get one or two (like cyber pop zoe). SG Xayah and Rakan are the only new sg skins with new VOs, I think.
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Arfurala (NA)
: Poro pins pack 2 where did they go?
It’s really weird, I ordered this pack when they came out on August 25th, and today I received a “poro pin set 2” with a sunglasses, crying, and curious poro. This isn’t what I ordered, I can’t find the pack to reorder, and I have no idea where these pins came from, I can’t find mention of the poro emotions I received anywhere. I really wanted the mustache and happy poro :(
: I wish Riot dished out some pax skin for Pax East. :(
hmm, they did give out god staff Jax, but it wasn't a limited skin or anything like PAX Sivir. Kinda stinks, but I can't complain about a free skin, even for a champ I don't play. :)
: Toilet paper amumu skin idea Kappa
This fits my sense of humor, along with Banana raka and Defintely Not Vel'koz. lol, great idea.
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