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Meddler (NA)
: They're pretty opportunistic work at the moment, getting done when an animator's got a bit of time between larger champion projects. Likely, but not guaranteed, there'll be some more as a result.
Zac E is his walking animation. Think it orig only happened if you spam dance or something but now it happens all the time with no input
Meddler (NA)
: Oh, sorry, forgot to answer the second half of the question somehow. No, no plans to bring another ward item in. We think vision amount's in a pretty good spot right now, Control Ward spam in pro/high MMR possibly excepted. Not looking to add another warding item as a result.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 17
Why are changes so few currently? Anything for Zac?
: I'd love for Zilean to get a rework like Ezreal.
He has amazing thematic potential but idk has always seemed kinda mediocre (not saying the champ is 'bad'). Make this guy some bad ass time bending Dumbledore you know?
: I look forward to no longer perma banning graves
: I feel Zac was healthier pre-update.
I think his whole update mediocre at best (as a main...). He needs a revert. Hardly know where to start. New Zac actually makes me question the validity of deciding to lock him in as a pick at all now. I don't understand what they were aiming for with his new q. It's like they just took the first idea that came to mind and went with it. In theory it seems like a cool idea but in practice it hardly works well. Great if you manage to get it off successfully (vs champs) but his q now feels very clunky and useless more or the less the whole game. His old ult was SO MUCH BETTER. You could initiate game deciding teamfights with your E and then proceed to disrupt the enemy team with an ult that didn't work against you. There was huge disruption capability and the freedom to move around which works significantly well for Zac (also considering blob pickup). The new ult simply doesn't fit the kit, it would fit an entirely different champ entirely. His ult old GUARANTEED a unique form of disruption through skillful usage. His old ult was a signature ability, unique, gamechanging and we got an amateur replacement ult. I feel like designers really need to think, test, and consider crucial player feedback before implementing risky changes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
I can offer you advice on Zac but I can't really just type it out if it will never get read
: Hi Meddler. Here's some Zac Mains' thoughts on the changes: About the voice, we like the pitch change, but we want it to happen around 30 or 35% HP left, not higher. And we also don't like how it also speeds up too, the pitch change is enough. Also, the main issue is the E CC nerf for us.
This is ridiculous .. Zac mains were crying out on the PBE forum since the update was put out and not a single thread was acknowledged by a Rioter, not sure what happened there @Meddler
Statikk (NA)
: Will look into the possibility of doing a post about the more systemic changes. The largest issue with giving you guys an update now on this is that we are still in the process of figuring out exactly how to solve the systemic problems we're seeing. Either way we could do a post more about the problems themselves rather than any solutions.
How do you decide whether a champ can make due with "class update" changes or if they need a full rework?
Shrieve (NA)
: With these tanks updates we're shuffling a lot of their burst into either more sustained or less reliable damage patterns so I'd expect some playstyle changes. We're focused on tuning and supporting tank builds but we aren't going out of our way to remove AP Zac.
I hope Zac comes out better off after this update because currently I would argue that he is one of the best designed tanks in the game.
: {{champion:31}} NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM
i like this change but his animations and voice is still old
: Patch 7.4 notes
Lol these comments "LET’S NOT GO CRAZY HERE" and "Branch into some mana items". +1 rito
: Patch 7.2 Notes
These are some nice Yi changes {{champion:11}}
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Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
Redaga (NA)
: the reason I dont like the support role is that you are way to dependant of the performance of your ADC, yes a good support is supposed to make the job easier for the ADC, but a really bad ADC will ruin the lane for both him and the support player (as your EXP and gold comes directly for the work of your ADC). and if you play a more aggresive role, then you have to deal with things like "OMG YOU KILL STEAL!!, MY FARM!!!" I think giving the Support a little bit more of "freedom" when it comes to the experience and the gold and not being 100% dependent of the ADC last hitting the minions would be a good incentive. The Spoils of War Passive from {{item:3302}} is a good example, but is an item not all Supports build
I don't like how when your support you're literally at the bottom of the totem pole on the team, at least that's how it feels (maybe it doesn't for support mains understandably). Having to rely on the ADC's skill level is also not a fun mechanic if you end up losing. They try with the champ variety (character design) but when I think of playing vel'koz or brand for example I don't see them as "supports" in any way so when playing it kind of ruins the fantasy. And personally as a guy I want to play male champs more often than not, but there's a plethora of female supports.
InTheory (EUW)
: ***
not really but he works in the role similar to velkoz. I don't really like that they're labelled as supports either but it adds variety down there I guess.
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: This one is planned. I agree, being able to respawn the camps on command would be super helpful for Jungle practice.
How about resetting your health/mana to full, or setting it to a certain amount like half hp/mana?
: Hmm that one could be tricky, but def worth calling out. We have a long list of functionality to bake into the tool, and we'll just need to start at the top. The goal is for it to be a living tool though, so there's room to iterate in the future.
not sure why we cant change runes in champ select either :^)
: they make tier 2 runes 1 ip each for new players. It is very easy.
Nope no need. just make tier 3 runes the only runes in the game, why make it more confusing than it has to be for new players? There is no need for tiers, that's an extremely outdated model, and mainly was just an ip sink. All they have to do is remove the other tiers, make tier 3 the only runes and give them out for free.
Xonra (NA)
: It isn't as if this is everything (or even these specific things actually fully detailed). - Support items they didn't go into detail or specifics about - Jungle plants that while it sounds lame to me, they didn't give details on - We will have the assassin update still coming - We have a whole new client incoming - Fix to masteries people have been complaining about all season - Fix to camps they again, didn't go into detail about I think it is less it sounds bad or "not good" and more so, they gave little to no detail, and this announcement felt like a tease for no good reason when they could have waited two weeks and gave us real details.
masteries get another rework but no runes, wot
: {{champion:154}} Way ahead of you
mom always said I was big for my age ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: 1) The timing isn't really that convenient tbh. We took months and months before getting it right! We do things at Riot to make players happy, not to make up for any screw-ups. 2) I'm not sure about being able to download your friends replays. I THINK you can set them to shareable. Let me ask around and find out for you. EDIT Okay, so right now you can share the actual replay files with your friend the same way you'd share any file (dropbox, email if you're a crazy person, but it's kinda hacky). But you can't do it though the client. First we want to make it easier to share the highlights, and then we'll see about making it easier to share the raw replay files.
ok serious question how large are these game recordings going to be when we download them?
: Riot killing off many memes at the end of the year Baker Panth Satan Teemo Solo Queue where? Replays when? Whats next... Death Recap accurate?
urgot rework? but with every meme that dies more rise in their ashes
: cool the champion i haven't seen in 3 months, the skin everyone wanted. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
>implying people wouldn't be complaining regardless of who got the skin
: for those wondering, hes currently sitting at the lowest playrate (pickrate) of all top laners and 8th lowest from all champions. This is a joke. the worst is that it's my first season gold...
Champs fall in and out of meta, it happens all the time, doesn't mean Maokai doesn't deserve the skin. And seriously people would be complaining no matter who got it.
BluePaw3 (NA)
: That's not irony, that's a coincidence.
: Patch 6.20 notes
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: Colorblindness issues, visibility issues with skillshots (think project ashe ult but on all the champions to some degree), and the new map is a lot harder to re paint.
The old map yes.. The new map could work if the proper effort is put into it. S1 or 2 was a completely different era for this game.
: Too hard to make. The current SR is basically a giant 3d painting, not a bunch of shitty low-res textures tiled together. Making skins for it would take a lot of time and numerous artists that are probably busy on other things (skins, champions, possibly other map updates). Butcher's bridge was a very low-quality map in comparison to summoner's rift, and it is smaller and not as technically complex (more repeating textures and geometry, smaller map).
Butcher's Bridge was great for ARAM. We're talking about a temporarily map that only lasts a few weeks. The old snow map was great during the holidays. It's not like it's a one and done kind of thing. So long as they keep this version of Rift for a few years then a winter map wouldn't go to waste. This would be during the off season so it's not like it would have any negative impact. They could even give the picky players a choice in which map is loaded. If they can modify the map like they did with doom bots then they can do winter theme too. But nah let's get ready for those themed minions boys and a little hat on baron!!! HYPE
: Season Rewards - Team Rewards and Victorious Skin
: Yorick, the Shepherd of Souls, available now
: Also, I was wondering, can you remove the tier 1 runes from my inventory? Or maybe reintroduce the rune recycler thing? These tier 1's are driving me nuts
no option to delete or hide runes in 2016. LUL
: Also, I was wondering, can you remove the tier 1 runes from my inventory? Or maybe reintroduce the rune recycler thing? These tier 1's are driving me nuts
Tier 3 runes should be the ONLY runes available. Obviously Tier 1 and 2 are pointless. Why not just give everyone the Tier 3 runes for free? Overtime when you are levelling up to30, you will test them out and learn one way or another. A simple guide from Riot would help out most new players anyways. They make it way more confusing than it has to be. And whatever they wrote about runes above is BS, it's a silly, outdated form of an IP sink that restricts you from buying champions and what not. Same thing goes for the different "tiers" of runes. Back when the game was starting I could understand it, but at this point it's unacceptable.
: State of Champion Update
I don't like how Warwick is going to be kept as a beginner champ.. I'd rather see something with depth and complexity than just a dumbed down kit ultimately.
Reav3 (NA)
: We also didn't want to do 2 back to back Zaun champions(While Urgot is technically Noxian, he has strong ties with Zaun). Also with Yorick just coming out and Warwick up next we didn't want to do another "dark" champion.
Is there a negative aspect to releasing dark champions? I personally really love these darker characters (who are not always pure villains like Yorick recently).
: one would ever play support then
Well it's a poorly designed class so who can blame em. They have to give people IP boosts to get them to play the role lol xd.
: While I'm mainly a Normal player, I do appreciate some good Ranked competition every now and then. Being only Gold 5, I'm sure the following changes won't affect me in the slightest, but I appreciate your hospitality as a company to maintain positive relations with your consumers. Thank you for these changes Riot, and for listening to the influences of the community. Kudos.
LOL, were you paid to write that? They're catering to the top 5% of the player base, which in comparison to the other 95% is nothing. Essentially it's only because they don't want to it affect the top pro players ($LCS$). Why should only the highest levels get a solo queue and not everybody else? Why did they not give any reasoning for that?
: If access to solo/duo queue isn't motivation to climb to Diamond, I don't know what is.
Once again Riot logic is impossible to understand. They completely disregards 90% of the player base for high level pro players. We hit them over the head repeatedly with what we want and they still do the wrong thing. Why do Diamond / Master / Challenger get a solo queue and no one else? They to failed to give any reasoning. It affects lower level play as much as it does high level play (but they ignored that fact). I'm plat/gold elo and dynamic queue very much affects climbing solo. Having these shitty low quality matches because the other team is at least 3 or 4 man premade is not fun. You have to spam twice as many games to actually get where you belong which is a terribly designed system. Now maybe if you're a mindless zombie and don't actually care about ranked you won't see a difference in matches but I definitely do.
Reav3 (NA)
: Morde is probably one of Yoricks least liked champions. Only person he might like less is the Ruined King
Ruined King new champ :^)
: The yeti has a name Willump {{champion:20}} <-- Nunu
Willump should be the main champ, get rid of that annoying kid on top
Gyedude (NA)
: GG RITO?? After the pre-season, we’ll look into potentially changing to 10 bans in draft games. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Aeôs (NA)
: Again, more focus on Pro Players, less on us scrubs. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Feelsbadman
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