nep2une (NA)
: Sorry. It's nice to hear you've - supposedly (I take all "reforms" with a grain of salt, no offense to you in particular) - reformed, but it's too late.
Either way I'm enjoying the game a lot more now that I approach the game in a mature way. You win a lot more games and make people much more easy going when you just gooooo with the flowwww.
Cyst (NA)
: Anyone who uses the word toxic deserves to lose their account. Toxic is a word that means poison. You might as well call yourself / others cancer or autistic.
I have an autistic member in my family and my grandfather died of cancer. This is the type of in-game/queue talk that makes me lose it. I find this comment incredibly offensive and would like it to be removed.
: I get not liking to think negatively about this subject, or in general... But it is really the only way to even come close to getting your account unbanned... Sorry if this sounds weird and all.
Not weird, just a little unnecessary.
: Wont happen sry. the perma bans that are lifted where those given out by mistake but you say yourself that you were toxic so it wont be lifted. start a new account or stop playing leauge
I'm trying to be hopeful, but thanks for the info
: The way you type is irritating still, even if it isn't directly toxic. No deal, start a new account.
How so? I haven't been made aware that my writing is irritating. Please use specific examples? Maybe I got reported so much because of it and if so, I'm going to try and stop talking to people in that way.
: Glad to see these toxic players losing their accounts
I understand your feelings, those players are a small part of why I became one of them. Also bad days and everything else of course, it was my fault.
: well if you feel you truly have changed and matured then the only thing you can do is create a new account. im not a fan of telling people this who get perma ban for toxic abuse cuz i feel they will fall back into their old habits and ways.
That's why I mentioned that IF they do unban me, to indefinitely ban me for bad behavior. Even once.
: Really? What was Riot's explanation? Was it a mistake ban?
: Riot doesnt undo perma-bans, unless either human error on their part, or a mistake in the system was made. Also, riot doesnt care how much money you spent on the game. The closest thing you are gonna get to being unbanned, is to make a new account and not be toxic.
I don't like to think that negatively, but I know it's a shot in the dark.
: yea asking for a perma ban lift is like asking for parole while on death row.... well there is always one way out... and its not through the front doors of the prison
Yeah I understand it's a long shot, but it's also been a long time. The nature of my troll-isms also involve another person playing on my account, but I'm taking full responsibility and if there's even an inkling of a chance to get my account back I'll take it.
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