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: I've only really had good experiences with Riot Support; at one point my game just kept crashing and glitching really badly. At one point, everytime Kog'Maw exploded after death my game crashed even. I found out it was a weird issue with my ram, but a guy sat there with me for like... 2 days, going back and forth trying to help me. It was very much appreciated when I was really upset/frustrated that I was crashing so much just trying to open the base client, let alone the game. It's nice to hear good stories about Support here, they deserve some love <3
I wholeheartedly agree <3!!! If only everyone thought like you did, we could finally not have so much toxicity and be nice to each other for a change!!!
: There are ways to stand up to players that are flaming and just being arrogant. The way you handled the situation was poor and resulted in the punishment. ---- > #WHY WAS I PUNISHED WHEN THE OTHER PERSON WAS WORSE OR STARTED IT! > > * Simply speaking, retaliation is not acceptable or justifiable behavior. An argument between two players can easily create a negative experience for the rest of the players in the game with you. Regardless of the other player’s actions, this does not justify your own behavior. You alone are responsible for your actions within the game. If you encounter a toxic player like this, the best option is to simply report their behavior and move on. ---- As stated in Riot's [Instant Feedback FAQ](, you are responsible for your actions. You were clearly negative based on your chat log and no one else is to blame for that.
I 100% agree with this... Just because they were toxic does not mean that you should be toxic as well. And don't try to blame the staff or game, because this is honestly all you. If it were a question of if THEY were to get reported, that could be argued, but there is no doubt that you deserved a penalty.
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