: Losing games because of Team Deathmatch players!
HavokDash, please stop turning the boards into your personal vents/rants... I don’t see how this contributes to anything productive. (Especially when you’re making numerous posts just like this.)
: Can someone please help me understand, why do I get restriction for this?
It’s borderline in my opinion. If you had other infractions, it likely was the straw that broke the camels back. However, are there other logs? I personally would have muted/reported this (including the other person) but wouldn’t have been upset if Riot didn’t punish you as it is borderline. However, I would have been annoyed having two people bickering this much during any match.
Aladoron (EUW)
: > 3 other people on your team had to listen to this. How hurt are you by seeing a conversation (what you can mute anytime) which is not related to you at all?
In general, it takes away from my enjoyment of the game “listening” to two people bicker during a match I’m trying to play. It’s not a matter of me being “hurt”. And I often do mute such things. My general philosophy is if I mute you in-game then I am reporting you after game. It’s the system/Riot that then decides if you should be punished. If you don’t get a punishment then that’s fine. It’s Riot saying they don’t agree with me. If you do, then that’s also fine. It’s Riot saying they agree with me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ulanopo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=X2n1scHx,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-12-16T17:18:15.709+0000) > > what you perceive as the "hive mind" is simply people with similar values and attitudes with regard to toxicity. Um, that's *litteraly* the definition of a "hive mind". Thank you for agreeing with me? > Whenever we discuss removing downvotes, one of the things that people mention is how they use downvotes to express disagreement without having to get into a drawn-out debate, especially when they feel the OP is making a frivolous or insincere argument. The intended purpose of votes is to permit the community to sift through content according to their own standards. This is why any changes to voting only come after significant review and debate. Well i hope its considered. Because I've observed this board for months and voting does more harm than good.
Hive mind implies there was no individual thought among the members. They all follow the will of one greater being and have no agency of their own. Thinks like bees in a literal hive where the Queen is the only individual in practice. Consensus implies a group of individuals with their own agency who agree upon something.
: A noob player as in a cait who takes kleptomancy and feeds ashe
If you are in an MMR where you are being placed with people who (by your standards) play so poorly, then that says something about your own skill level. Maybe your mechanically skilled but your ability to be a functional team member is so deficient that you're losing games you should be winning. That is, if you think you're so much better than them but can't figure out why your MMR is where it's at.
: "No Leash, No gank" and other petty sh*t.
HavokDash - You make it very hard to want to engage in a conversation when most of your posts start off with things like: > Yeah yeah another "Ranty" post. But I am always amazed at how pathetically infantile and petty this community is. Further, your posts feel like they are 100% blaming and criticizing of others and 0% introspection about how your own behavior may contribute to why you seem to always experience negative game interactions. It's very tiring... Sometimes you may have a relevant point to your posts but the frequency and manner of your complaining just wears me down personally.
: my account was banned permanently
You probably had multiple chances. Chat restrictions and temporary bans, etc. Also (added in edited), your life is defined more than one video game. It hurts to lose an account but you can still play the game under another account if it is that important to you. Or use this as a chance to reevaluate some priorities in life. If you still think that League is so important than take some time to try and figure out why you couldn’t adjust your behavior to preserve your account.
: Community Policing
You’re not allowed to be toxic. Regardless of what justification you think you may have. It’s a pretty succinct system IMO.
ooNerOoo (NA)
: Is riot games fixing anything that people are complaining about? No. Is riot games receiving backlash from not doing anything? Yes. People are upset because riot games isn't even trying to do anything. Akali is broken and has true invisibility please revert it Riot. WeLL okAy LeT'S ReV-- Nevermind people got mad that we reverted it so we are just nerfing its cooldown again {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Riot is not doing “nothing”. They may not being doing everything you want them to do. Also, you must dwell in different communities than I do. I am not seeing a huge backlash from their community at all. At least not about the game itself. But if your reference point is like Hashinshin’s community then well... that says something. It’s called an echo chamber.
ooNerOoo (NA)
: All I am saying is the punishment system is outdated and flawed...... If Riot really wants players to be less toxic they need to listen to their community Quoted from the god himself, Hashinshin, "Riot games is too afraid to make changes because they fear the backlash of their community, despite it being correct." An example he uses is the game Fortnite. Even though I don't like the game, I can still respect how they try to make their game better and better each patch, unlike Riot games. Epic games wasn't afraid to nerf the double shotgun shenanigans even though people were upset about it, they still knew that it was more healthy for the game to do so. If Riot had the same mentality, people wouldn't be so upset about yasuos windwall, akalis true sight, Irelias free damage and mobility, Viktor spam shield, etc. because they would just fix it! Instead what they do is, oh youre saying jax is broken, well we nerfed Zoe SLeEpy BUbBle. Oh youre saying Lucian has too much damage, well we nerfed all of his counters, buffed him, and released a new skin. Ignite is too strong? Don't worry we nerfed teleport. Like what the fuck?
I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not. (Referring to Hashinshin as a good for instance reads like a joke IMO...) However, how can they **not be listening to their community** yet not being doing things because they are afraid of **backlash from that very community**? If they were listening to their community then there shouldn't be much backlash, right? Also, it's your opinion that the system is outdated and flawed. Personally, I find it telling the that people who complain about the system being broken are usually the ones who have been punished by it. Especially on this board, the most angry people are a very vocal minority of the Riot playerbase that's been punished. Most people who play this game never get punished.
: I got my second punishment 1-3 games after my chat restriction for telling someone they were being a bitch, and they should play a different champ. = 2week ban after that ban it was 12 games after that i was permabanned for the chat below only 2 minutes after the game was played.
Why do you think it was appropriate to use that language to ask someone to play a different champion? Why not just say "Hey, do you mind playing a different champion for [insert reason]?" Personally, I never ask anyone to change their champion pick but I can see why someone might. Also, why did you think that language was appropriate AFTER you had been chat restricted? It doesn't sound like you want warnings as opposed to more chances to use toxic behavior/language.
: Riots suspension system jumps to the extreme too fast
3-4 warnings is a lot. Especially when they are clear with what the next punishment will be.
: ***
It’s the nature of message boards. Ideas get repeated. No real harm with this one but yeah, it’s a notion that’s been refuted quite a bit.
: > [{quoted}](name=AsTheSunSets,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=08q4Yg3n,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-13T01:45:43.487+0000) > > I think I have been playing for 5+ years and have never had any chat restriction, ban, or punishment. I'm not sure why others find this hard to do. Your culture isn't being punished. You find it so easy because you literally don't have to change. You are free to be yourself. Whereas "toxic" people, have probably been "toxic" their entire lives. They have to put effort into changing their culture or suffer punishments. Consider anger management classes. No one goes to a single class and is magically cured. It takes time and effort. The same for alcoholics anonymous. The same for any behavior really.
Consider playing this game as a chance to practice more mature and socially acceptable behavior then. The excuse of “but I’m just naturally toxic” isn’t one that flies.
: According to most of the people that I've talked to about similar issues on here, the reporting system is "flawed" and also, a recent favorite Lol, subject to "false positives". This is sarcasm by the way, I agree with you.
Deleted my post because it read like I was disagreeing with you DDW.
: Uranium IV
Riot is against the prisoners’ island approach as far as I know. There were some red posts about it years ago. But to one of your points, I don’t think “skill” should ever be used in determining punishments and when they’re over. Your system sounds like it we be overly punitive to lower MMR players (or under punish high MMR players). I don’t like the message that would send (e.g., toxic behavior is more acceptable if you’re ‘better’ at the game). I’m of the view toxic behavior is never excusable. Either by your player themselves or their teammates.
SurpriZez (EUW)
: Are Custom Skins still Allowed? or was it changed?
Don’t know but I wouldn’t risk it. Anything that adds/deletes/changes files is probably in violation of Terms of Service somewhere.
: Well, I kind of expect insta punishes and insta feedback messages for a lot of players I have dealt with but don't end up seeing (Cuz they say you won't see it every time) which, given the knowledge that you won't always know if they are punished, makes one wonder if the system is working or not. Autofilled support wanting to force self into another role, stealing jungles golem 100% on purpose, then trying to take all farm from ADC? Reported, no instant feedback, question system. Support who is taking your farm then goes out of their way To Type Out that they were taking your farm to punish you for not taking flash? Reported, instant feedback shortly after. I'm steadily of the notion now that some of these feedbacks might not be so automated. Sometimes I see the insta feedback a few minutes later, sometimes an hour later.
My understanding is the pop up triggers if your report was the one that resulted in the actual punishment. If it was a “successful” (read: valid) report but they weren’t at a point when punishment is given then it is documented and counted fir future punishment determinations but you don’t receive a pop-up. I might be wrong but that’s my understanding of it.
: Reporting out of spite, taunting, and intentionally losing games
You’re responsible for your actions. If you act toxic and get reported then there will always be the possibility of being punished. If your teammates act toxic and your report them, then the same holds for them. If you and your teammates all act toxic to each other and report each other then you all may get punished. So, odds are if they were as toxic as you said and you reported them then they got punished to. Maybe you were at a more severe punishment level then them. Thus, your punishment was “worse”. TLDR: You can only control your own behavior and only your own behavior can get you punished.
: How long have you been playing the game without any punishment?
I don’t recall exactly but before there were seasons. Never had a chat restriction or punishment. Edit. I recall getting a pop-up warning once (does the system still do that?) when I was grouped with someone. I thought we were fine because we were joking. I didn’t think that it would hurt my other teammates experience. I realized I was negatively affecting their game and acting in a way I was not proud of. It was so jarring that I stopped engaging in that behavior at all.
: ***
That's not what 'free speech' is if you're trying to draw from the American Constitution. Free speech refers to the ability to say something and not be punished by the government. It does not refer to the ability to say whatever you want on the message board of a video game made by a private company.
: Riot Defined roles: aka "u cant play X, ur not a....."
You won’t get punished for going off meta. You get punished for stealing roles. If you’re playing Neeko as support then you’ll be fine. Report those being toxic and they will be less fine. It’s not fun to go through at all but that’s why the general advice here is to stay calm and don’t be toxic in response to something you don’t like. Let them be the ones that get punished.
: I had an 1/11 swain report me for toxicity when I could have done the same for intentional feeding. Yet a bot decide my fate while he goes off not unpunished but not held to the same standard. I don't mind losing tough games, but its ideally HARD to stay patient and postive espically at the state of the preseason rank.
1. Having a score of 1/11 isn’t proof of intentional feeding. It could be a very bad game. You’ve had bad games like that, I’m sure. I have. 2. Just because you believed they were feeding (they may have been or it maybe it was a bad game), doesn’t give you an excuse to be toxic. How would you feel if you were having a bad game and some started accusing you of INTing? Regardless, you are responsible for your own behavior. 3. Punishing for chat violations is typically easier. Since context doesn’t matter, if just involves scanning the chat log for patterns of abusive/toxic language. And only in rare cases does it punish for one log (i.e. racial slurs). It normally takes multiple bad logs. 4. Even if they were intentially feeding, those punishments take longer to be realized as that is more complex to prove. After all, you wouldn’t want to be banned for just having a bad. So, they may eventually be punished. It takes time.
: guys toxicity does not occur by itself. Yes there are very few that are miserable in life etc. However, I would rather have someone thats toxic and want to win vs those that don't care at all. We all deserve to play a rank game that compeptive, but where do we draw the line of "toxicity" , If i voiced my frustration why should I be punished when that player really is the reason. Do we let those that intentionally feed go off unpunished because they are having a bad game as an excuse. Why should everyone lose LP for one person inability to their respectivly job. I'm venting,but we let a BOT decide who get punished. Its better for us as human to decide like any civil society to judge upon others. Is that not fair?
I play the same game. I have the same things happen to me. I also have things happen to me in my life. Yet I don't respond by being toxic in chat or trolling in game. We don't let the bot decide. People reported you because they wanted you punished. Your peers in the game felt you were deserving of punishment. The Riot systems just dole out the punishment. And you know what? Sometimes it doesn't punish you. You're only aware of when the systems says its time to be punished, not all the times it throws out erroneous reports regarding you.
: If Riot can't, then YOU can!
If I report people and they get punished, then the system is working as I'd like it to be working. If I report people but they don't get punished because they feel like they shouldn't then, well, that doesn't make much sense to me.
: Suspension pls tell me if this is fair
Yes. Definitely worth a punishment, imo.
: What would you like RIOT to change for their upcoming update
I would like Riot to fix the boards so that it isn't inundated with people complaining about being unfairly punished because they don't realize they were toxic in chat.
dedder (NA)
: So I can't say get rekt... that's like half the fun...
To be honest, I don't think you would be punished by saying get rekt. The problem is that most of the time people say far more than they think they said. Like caught up in the moment "Oh, I just said stop dying" when in reality they said something like "Stop *****ing feeding you loser"... For instance, in your logs you did a lot more than just say 'get rekt'.
A long time ago, some Rioters responded to this. The fear is that it would lead to unintended behaviors such as team member possibly being super toxic to other team members in hopes of getting someone to leave (and thus, reducing the LP loss that they experience).
: > [{quoted}](name=Firu,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=H72yxebK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-09T02:24:54.974+0000) > > I report people who constantly spam ping "enemy missing" if I die. Well, first I mute them then I report them. Like I do with any toxic behavior in game that disrupts my enjoyment of League. It's up to Riot then to decided if those people get punished. Coolstorybro
Here's another cool story. You posted a response on a message board and I posted a response to that response. It's shocking when that happens, I know. At least, it's a cool story.
: I don't believe it to be justified for even getting offended by something like mere ping spamming. Tell them to stop/ignore or mute it and just move on with your game. Jesus Christ
I report people who constantly spam ping "enemy missing" if I die. Well, first I mute them then I report them. Like I do with any toxic behavior in game that disrupts my enjoyment of League. It's up to Riot then to decided if those people get punished.
: I just made a post about this same thing. There are people ruining the game or doing things like legit death threats and saying really messed up things and acting on what they say. Or they clearly Int/troll/be toxic in game, It's as clear as daylight and yet they go free without any punishment. Meanwhile, people get banned for telling someone to stop.
You don't know that they don't get punished. This board is full of people who got punished for the very things you're saying no one gets punished for. And you don't get banned for telling anyone to stop. You get banned/punished for being toxic regardless of who or why it's directed at.
dedder (NA)
: Well the explaining is important... it was my own team that reported me not the enemy team.. I did get a 15 day ban last year for making comments about Trump... but it's not like I hate the guy either.. is there a way to dispute this ban?
Trying to explain why you used bad behavior won't get your ban overturned. You used bad behavior. You continued to use bad behavior after being warned and previously punished.
: Did i deserve to get banned here? I did not personally attack any1, just game play. No cussing eithe
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=mlm olo mlm,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GfbEeTEb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T02:44:43.737+0000) > > Lies and vote manipulation. > > Politeness is not required to be good at any game. Sometimes, may even be detrimental to the goal of winning. Politeness is not required but rudeness is likely to be counterproductive. Sadly, I doubt that there has ever been an actual study about how flaming and enocouraging other players influence their performance. But from what I persionally observed I have at least a basis to claim, that flaming other players can lead their performance dropping. And as much as riot is concerned, that is a fact. So flaming is not only generally against the rules, but it also sabotages your own games decreasing your chances to win (potentially, says me; definatly, says riot). And obviously riot stands firmly against flaming because of that.
There have been. Scholar.google.com is a free academic search engine. Search for key terms such as team performance, counterproductive behaviors, incivility, and other similar terms. I even believe there have been studies specific to online games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Firu,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GfbEeTEb,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-07T15:17:28.613+0000) > > Not being an jerk is kind of necessary to being a good teammate. It's not a binary situation. No one is "jerk-free" their entire lives. That doesn't mean no one is a good team mate. > And just because someone’s toxic behavior isn’t affecting their in-gameplay doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting their teammates. Then the team mates are clearly inferior. The toxic person has clearly shown the possibility of good performance and negative attitude. We don't control others.
No. Don’t be a jerk. There are no situations where being a jerk to your teammates is what’s best for your team.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GfbEeTEb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-05T23:17:05.966+0000) > > Because part of being a good *League* player is being able to play the teamwork/social aspect of the game, not just the mechanical aspect. Lies and vote manipulation. Politeness is not required to be good at any game. Sometimes, may even be detrimental to the goal of winning.
Not being an jerk is kind of necessary to being a good teammate. And just because someone’s toxic behavior isn’t affecting their in-gameplay doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting their teammates.
: like, you can literally get punished for banter. thats ridiculous
No you can’t. What you call “banter” is most likely very toxic and not typical in-game banter if you’re being punished for it. In other words, just because you call it banter doesn’t mean it’s actually banter.
: Knowing my luck
Couldn't you have expressed that sentiment (enemy team comp isn't difficult) in a way that couldn't be construed as offensive? That way, you wouldn't have to worry about if what you said was punishable.
sásukè (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheProfezzor,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Ld3E7QA7,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-12-02T06:59:06.055+0000) > > Do you mind me asking how old you are? Curious of the age of someone who thinks it’s ok to call someone the f word then rationalizes it with “well I don’t mean it in a homophobic sense.” I'm 12 XD. Idk why ur so offended :'(
Terms of Service say you need to be 13 to play League. Just FYI. I'm assuming you're not really 12 though. If you are, congrats on being well spoken via text. Stop using slurs. Also, you need to be 13 to play this game.
: I do genially enjoy the game and think that after time I would have the patience to completely reform, is there any chance it will become apart for my account to be unbanned?
After your previous punishments was the appropriate time to reform in order to save your account. You can still reform but you will need to make a new account.
: saw a rioter tweet about the boards
I don't know if that happened or not but Rioters are people too. And if this particular board shows us anything it's that people can get frustrated. I would recommend using this as a chance to prove that the boards can be a positive and useful place.
Vreivai (NA)
: Removing the border is also sort of a form of labeling the people that were punished last season. And by extension also falsely labels people like me, who either placed Bronze or didn't do their placements last season.
That's unfortunate but it's more a product of people trying to out think the system. E.g., "Oh, this person doesn't have a border! They must be toxic! No matter what!" Players like that might be a bit on tilt themselves. I don't know. Personally, at my MMR, when I don't see a border I assume they were bronze last season or didn't play ranked. I've not seen people in an ctual game use that to declare/shame someone as toxic. I have seen it on the boards here, by what seems like frustrated players. It's definitely unfortunate when it happens. I just have no idea about the frequency of that interpretation happening in-game.
Hotarµ (NA)
: It's not leeway. OP still has a 14 day ban and his next infraction (however minor) will be a permaban. PewDiePie received serious backlash and lost a lot of respect from people. [ He apologizes in this video ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLdxuaxaQwc) and you can clearly see how genuine he is about it. It all just comes down to how cynical you are when it comes to viewing situations like this. Obviously yeah, in the moment, he realizes the mistake which is why he says "What the fuck." afterwards. Anyone would, especially a public face like him.
That is leeway since it's his/hers *next* infraction that will escalate the punishment system. Also, the system is fairly transparent. If you do bad, you'll get punished and lose honor. If you continue to do bad, then the punishment gets worse. No leeway would be: No matter what, any and all punishments result in permanent account bans. That's clearly not the case in League. It happens, rarely, and only for the absolute worst cases. IMO, the PewDiePie stuff isn't the most related to an in-game chat suspension here so I'm not going to comment on that stuff.
tmactt1 (NA)
: Just wanna thank you guys for taking the time to respond and I have seen the error in my ways. From now on I will not use chat and I will find more creative ways of taking out my frustrations in game that wont be detected by an automated system so thanks again
If this is your response to the feedback (you requested) about your log... Then, doesn't that kind of tell you something? The point of this board is to try and understand what you did wrong. Not get frustrated when people don't agree with you and agree with the punishment. As in-game, some people don't view that log as a problem. Some do. It seems most do and Riot's system tends to be enforced in a view that similar with most people.
Hjelp (NA)
: I put a ":)" face in chat every time I kill someone...
: The fact I said the word nor the fact that I should be punished for it isnt in question. It is the degree of punishment I have issue with. I only brought up the fact the other person chose to see such words and arbitrarily decideds what is report worthy
Then, to make it clear, I'm okay if you don't get a banner in a video game loading screen or a skin in that loading screen as a result of you using a hateful, derogatory slur or word. You posted here to get the community's opinion, I imagine. This is mine. Just think about how what you said could have impacted someone else, not how it denied you some end-of-season rewards.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Yeah, I understand the message behind it. Like I said, it's just my personal opinion that if someone is punished they should still receive a gameplay related reward they worked for. The current system unfortunately can make cases like this, where OP slipped up once and has now ruined all chances of receiving the rewards of their year long efforts.
Yeah, but if it was *one* slip up and got them punished? It must have been on hell of a slip up. The punishment only does one-and-dones under the most egregious violations. In that case, I'm okay if someone doesn't get a banner for using any kind of derogatory slurs.
: Except you seem to believe me a toxic player. We are talking about a single word, a single mistake, that a person ELECTED to see by turning off their filter, reported.
You said a toxic word. I believe you to have said that toxic word. Also, don't blame the person for "seeing" it. You said it. Turning the filter on or off is irrelevant as you still committed the punishable act.. And if it was just a single act then it truly was a terrible word to get you punished. Normally, it's a pattern of behavior. Your post seemed to ask for opinions on the matters. I just gave mine.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Personally I think the 2 week ban is enough. I never liked the idea of someone not being rewarded for what they've achieved.
View it as the banner is a reward for achieving a certain rank WHILE maintaining an account in good standing. The OP did one part, but not the second. Also, the removal of the banner is the part that stings the most but by design. It is a punishment after all.
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