Asinine (NA)
: no wonder why people with poke and gap closers are dominating in this game
Their aggro is also absurd. They sorta barely fixed the problem where a minion would literally follow you across the map attacking you nonstop if you gained aggro, but they're still way too aggressive. They shouldn't stray far from other minions and they should always have a space between them that is passable.
: > [{quoted}](name=Void Nargacuga,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=3BP5Y1pp,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-08-03T07:41:31.796+0000) > > Then yes. This is a justified punishment. It means you have had continues negative/toxic behavior in games. Even after your 14 day ban, which even tells you that your next punishment WILL be a permanent ban, you kept having a negative/toxic attitude in your games. That is true, I was warned of what would happen if I continued to flame people. But was it justified? Why not focus on the root cause of frustration in games instead? I am toxic towards players who intentionally sabotage my games and make the environment toxic. If the match isn't toxic in the first place, I do not flame. I find it extremely hard to believe that you read my post if "those are the rules deal with it" is the way you justify my ban.
I got my permaban due to a game with an extremely toxic Yi who blamed everyone else and just generally trolled like following me around and stealing camps. The punishment system is Riot's biggest failure. People who are slightly unpleasant are being permabanned while people who use slurs and are toxic without even having anything to do with the game are slipping through the cracks.
: 1. You only provided a single game. In reality, you were punished for multiple games, and 3 games were given in your reform card. You should post those games as well if you are truly looking for valid input on your punishment. Edit: It looks like you added a pastebin of the other games after the fact but did not update the post text. 2. You have previously had a 10-game chat restriction, a 25-game chat restriction, and a 14-day ban in a short period of time. This means the next punishment of any type would result in a perma-ban. > It seems the majority of people think this punishment is too harsh, although a punishment was needed If you agree with this, then based upon escalation, the perma-ban should be the expected result. If you feel your ban is unjustified, you can open a player support ticket and they will review that case manually. I'm not passing any opinion on your case; I haven't read through all of the logs, etc. I just wanted to give a few pieces of information that may be relevant.
I think that "automatic perma-ban after multiple offenses in a short span of time" system is the biggest issue with the punishment system. It makes no sense to me that a player who is slightly toxic based on gameplay (expresses annoyance, condemns feeding, blames teammates) can be permabanned simply for committing an offense shortly after a prior offense, while a person who tells other people to kill themselves, uses slurs, and other toxicity not even related to the game can be given a 10 game chat restriction. The severity of the offense seems to have absolutely no impact on punishment. It would make more sense to mute players who are constantly just barely toxic because they won't shut up about the game, and perma-ban players who are just disgustingly toxic for no reason.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: League of Super-safe Bullies is gradually becoming less and less fun
Yeah what exactly is the counterplay to Zed? If you stack armor he can build Ghostblade and Last whisper. If you try to use a long range champion like Lux he'll just jump on you and keep you dead 100% of the time. If you try to use a shorter range mage like Annie he'll just throw shurikens at you every 6 seconds with his extremely long range. Why does an AD, manaless assassin get 900 range?...
Mandaari (NA)
: Please, Riot, speed up the turret projectile and attack animation
All they have to do is use the inhibitor turrets from Twisted Treeline. They can first faster and do less damage, but do more damage if a champion is the target.
: Well if I get a zonas and they get a maw I now have 5 armor from zonas Doesn't seem quite fair there lol
First of all MR is more valuable than AR... Second, Zhonya's is like 80% gold efficient. Maw is like 140% gold efficient. Maw is the only reason Zed is stomping mid lane right now. He doesn't even need to pick up duskblade because maw allows him to beat literally any magic champion.
: Because she has a shield, and crescendo, and you're an idiot.
Voluug13 (NA)
: To be fair Flash Malzahar is terrible in any situation that isnt a complete, guaranted kill with R alone. Otherwise its extremely easy to flash/dash/walk away from Malzahar' combo.
Not with Rylai's. Malzahar is a better pusher, turret destroyer, monster killer, and more. They have distinct advantages but Malzahar is not useless without his ult.
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SoMNia (NA)
: It's a good thing Annie is getting some attention in the MYMU, then, isn't it? That way she can be given a real E, and have some tweaks so that taking a little of the edge off of an instant AoE stun/nuke that reaches as far as she can see won't destroy her. Annie is broken. Not unfair overall, just broken. This is obviously true when you know the answer to the question of "is Annie a threat?" is identical to "does she have Flash?", and the day she is not balanced around a 5 minute cooldown will be a good day.
It's no more toxic than Malzahar, Riven, Pantheon, Ekko, Fiora, Cho'gath, Rumble, Ryze, Zyra etc etc doing the exact same thing. Flash is an incredibly powerful, reliable spell. It's used 100% of the time in competitive play for a reason, it's not the fault of any of the champions I mentioned.
: Strong early game and people are usually too stupid / stubborn to just play safe and not feed him.
When the counterplay to a champion is "stand under turret and miss half your cs while the enemy maintains a massive gold/kill/objective advantage on you the entire game" that isn't counterplay. It's not much better than just straight up feeding. Toxicly overdominate bruisers aren't falling off because their advantage is so huge that they never reach a "weak lategame".
: she's not any more crap against MR than any other mage, that's hardly an annie issue. by that I mean most mages don't have tools to deal with MR outside of items, annie isn't the only one with this issue, also void staff is greeeeeat man don't deny
I know but I'm saying that's the counterplay, it's the exact same for AD assassins/casters. You survive by not exploding. If you don't get some form of resistance then you're playing a lane where both of you can kill each other within a split second. It sucks but that's the simple truth of the matter.
SoMNia (NA)
: Flash Tibbers has 1315 range. What is your definition of "out of position"?
Flash extending a champion's range of influence is true for every champion. Ultimates are meant to be strong and Annie has very clear weaknesses. Her E is little more than a stack for her passive and her range is brutally low for mage. Nerfing her combo would trash her completely. Her biggest strength is being able to deal with squishy mobile champions with her targeted stun. Build the tiniest bit of MR and she is crap.
: Yeah I agree. I think it should pre 30 should be split into like 3 different groups to find people in the queue: level 3-7, 8-17, 18-29. 3-7 for beginners in league 8-17 for people with flash 18-29 because at level 18+ you have the ability to get a key stone. I also don't think people under level 30 should have the ability to party up with their level 30 friends in pvp.
20+ is a much larger spike though. A lot of smurfs will save IP until level 20 so they can buy 20 tier 3 runes. Most people don't waste IP on runes before that.
: Will Taric's original voice actor be voicing the reworked Taric?
I hope so. Honestly I'd love it if they didn't touch his voice. His voice is calm and his quotes are simple yet deep. He just needs a model update.
: I mean, non-hazy Sion may well be a great ideal for Riven, because he was an OLD Noxian hero, and she wants old Noxus back, where it was more Chaotic Neutral over Lawful Evil.
He also seems quite intelligent for what most people would assume is just a zombie brute.
: The first 3 picks are at a disadvantage, and they should get to ban.
I've been complaining about this since the day of dynamic queues release. They did everything backwards. When 1-3 picks were actually an advantage and got to pick their roles, they didn't really deserve to have the bans. Now that picks 1-3 are a disadvantage because all it does is allow the enemy to counterpick you, summoners 3-5 get bans.
: Because if Darius didn't use mana then he wouldn't be a war of attrition, he'd just be endless combos. You'd have no reason not to full combo the enemy laner at every opportunity. Aka even more extreme version of his "never not able to combo you" post-rework mana costs.
This. He'd be an even bulkier, better duelist version of Riven. 80% of top laners wouldn't be able to touch him because he could get 5 stacks of blood on them in just a couple seconds, heal his missing health with Q, and either back off and let blood nearly kill the enemy or enjoy his 120 AD at level 1.
: Would be pretty stupid if you had only a second left on bans and you dodged because of a confirmation popup. A red exclamation mark in the corner of a champion portrait would be better
How hard is it to glimpse at your team's preferences? If something like this caused you to dodge, you were already too preoccupied with something else. Pay attention to the lobby.
: Towers need to be nerfed.
It's bad enough that we have to put up with that ABSURD damage at level 1 before clearing a camp. That deters us from picking up a pre-minion spawn pentakill, and it's just unfair. But, to be a level 3 Pantheon and die to a turret in 7 measly hits??? Sorry but that makes no sense. I mean as Galio the inhibitor turrets only heal me for like 240% of my health during the duration of my shield. What's up with that?
: Turrets Are Pointless
Turrets are just barricades you have to get rid of to get inhibitors/nexus. Fiora and Vayne get %health true damage, which I think is inherently toxic because there is 0 counterplay, yet turrets somehow don't. Turrets should have % health true damage so a Sejuani can't just stand under turret being tickled at level 6, helping teammates get a double kill when they shouldn't.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Annie Direction
Please keep her as a mobile assassin counter. After the patches around season 6 assassins and adcs are just running wild and she's the only mid laner I feel comfortable picking. If I pick anyone else in the game, 99% of the time I'm against a Zed who will win lane phase with his 900 range and kill me repeatedly before buying maw and becoming impossible to deal with.
: Unless You Play A Hard Carry, Low ELO Is Actually Not Easy to Carry
It's hard to carry even as a hypercarry. The whole concept of "one person should be able to carry the whole team" is bullshit because there's usually someone on the other team with a similar skill level as you trying to carry as well. It depends on the extremes of your teammates. Are your teammates going to go 12/0 or 0/12? I've had dozens of games where my participation didn't matter at all. I've gotten fed as fuck and lost because other lanes fed more than I got fed, and I've been carried. Good luck hypercarrying when your lanes feed before you even clear 3 camps in the jungle and they come right back to lane and feed some more.
: The 1 second CD is intended.
That's what I'm saying. Her E is glitched atm so she seems weak. It will have a 1 second cooldown if these updates go live without changes.
JRobin31 (NA)
: Twin Fang cooldown reset is gone, so RIP Cass, but the kite style is nice.
The PBE is not set in stone... Her E is glitched, it is meant to have a static 1 second CD. The changes should make her very powerful.
: Tanks buy Runic Echo's Because Cinderhulk Sucks
The big issue is that there's 0 incentive to rush it and still almost no incentive to buy it very late. It's not slot efficient and rushing it is very weak. A tiny bit of health but with no sustain. Most champions leave the jungle healthier with echoes than cinderhulk because they clear twice as fast and therefor take less damage. It needs more early power or to have the nerf reverted so it goes back to 25% health.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Yup! :)
Damn, you're incredible. Definitely going to follow you and expect some more amazing stuff. Your first Sewn Kalista was so colorful and cute, everything I see on your blog I like.
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psieks (NA)
: Spell vamp is terrifying just because of Vladimir. If something like that were to come out it'd have to be after his update. Also, Dark Seal gives increased potion duration and Secret Stash has similar effect + small instant heal and mana. There are sustain options for early game out there.
Dark seal is not a viable option in pvp. It's like cull but somehow even worse.
: {{champion:82}} Yes please.
Shh. Be careful mentioning Morde or Vlad in this thread or I'll get downvoted to hell. Don't remind them that those champions exist and maybe this thread will pick up.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Thank you so much! I was just pondered what other champions some old skin-themes would work well on; thematically Sewn Chaos felt like a natural fit for Kalista, and was a bit different from what she has currently. I did a bunch of sketches, but I liked this one enough to render it out. :)
Wait did you make the Xenomorph Zyra?
Solideus (EUNE)
: Thank you so much! I was just pondered what other champions some old skin-themes would work well on; thematically Sewn Chaos felt like a natural fit for Kalista, and was a bit different from what she has currently. I did a bunch of sketches, but I liked this one enough to render it out. :)
Do you have a blog or other sketches?
ybuR (NA)
: Yeah because ad starts with a fucking maw at level1
What?.. That has nothing to do with my post. AD champions are able to rely on an extremely cheap starter item for all the sustain they need in most cases. AP champions aren't able to do that. Even investing in a full legendary item like Will of the Ancients isn't effective on 95% of mages.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Thanks! :)
Honestly I think this is the coolest skin I've ever seen. It's so out there and unlike Kalista, but also fits her 100%. How did you think of it?
Rioter Comments
Yenn (NA)
: Trying to kill an AD with Steraks + Maw as an APC is like bashing your head against a wall
Maw has always been the biggest issue and they're nerfing everything but that. 140% gold efficiency and one of the best components in the game {{item:3155}} allows you to counter your counter. Annie used to be one of the few champions who beat Zed's laning phase, now he can outsustain her in HP and force her to go OOM or back.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Sewn Chaos Kalista
You made that? Incredible. We need more unique skins like this.
Sherogarth (EUNE)
: New Materies ideas for our support friends.
I like a phantom ward sort of thing. "Destroying an enemy ward creates a shadow ward in that location for 30 seconds. It has slightly reduced radius and does not contribute to your ward cap."
Meep Man (NA)
: Malphite is very anti-AD. He has the biggest armor steroid in the game and it's passive. Not to mention his 50% attack speed slow.
Did you read my post? I said that Malphite can flourish without being against an AD comp. Rammus and Galio are slightly better at countering full ad/ap teams but they're pathetic agains the wrong compositions.
Frius (EUNE)
: warrior doesnt even scale ,so warrior must be improved too. atleast cinderhulk has 15% health increase warrior bought ,warrior stays ,warrior sold. still ye,runic on everything tank ap now ,even zac, sej ,gragas ,malph devourer is the most cost efficienta nd warrior stays same for all game.
Warrior is one of the most gold efficient items in the entire game. You pay 1625g for stats good enough to be their own legendary weapon. It's not about scaling, it's about the appeal. There's a huge pressure to rush warrior/devourer/runic echoes, but 0 reason to rush cinderhulk unless it's the only option you have for improved clears. But like OP says, cinderhulk is so weak and runic is so strong that a lot of tanks have better success with runic echoes.
: Kinda odd how there aren't really that many anti-AP champions compared to the anti-AD champions. I suppose you could consider Kassadin and Veigar as such, but... Eh.
Veigar is anti AP and Yasuo is pretty much anti AP simply because he counters skillshots. I wouldn't really consider Malphite anti-AD, moreso that he gets a tiny bit of scaling with armor. Malph can be played against any composition whereas Rammus and Galio pretty much need the enemy team to be mostly AD or mostly AP.
: Ever see a Susan milk an enemy Zz'rot Portal?
I do this as Veigar. Told my team to ignore the enemy portals and we stagnated lanes and I let them take all my farm. Just sat there and scaled endlessly until the idiot support killed it.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
Any info you'd be willing to share on how her AP ratios will be changing? I think that's one of the biggest factors when balancing a champion for mid/support. Karma is still an awful support even though her AP ratios skyrocketed the last few patches because supports are too money starved to rely on AP ratios and low base damage.
: Mainly because a lot more Zyra players take her bot than mid and we've typically had a bad time trying to force roles into champs. We're open to balancing her for mid if that's where she ends up.
I think the point is that Zyra being a strong support is unhealthy for everyone, kind of like when Morde was first reworked and overtuned for bot and when Graves/Quinn were overtuned after the ADC rework. When champions like this are strong, it forces a massive list of champions out of viability.
: Agreed. Other similar spells tend to have little things about them that change situation to situation--Karthus Q trying for isolation, Ziggs Q's bounces, etc. Zyra's Q doesn't have as much of that as we might like.
Don't you think it would be appropriate for Q to give a plant debuff to the enemy so that your plants deal more damage or something to them? Maybe even change the 2 plants into one, and hitting them with your Q causes plant damage to slow them.
qetzel (EUW)
: Now *that* is a difficult question. At what point do we consider those choices "meaningful in-game decisions"? To a certain extent it is fair that a champion investing heavily in mana should give up other stats - you can't have everything. On the other hand, a champion investing heavily into mana-regen doesn't give up the same stats even though the effect is similar - you have enough mana to keep casting. Rather than CDR on non-mana items why not more CDR on items with high mana? I don't know if this would be done better with new items or reworked items.
I think Seraph's Embrace should award 10% CDR when fully stacked and RoA should give 10% when fully stacked. Tbh, mana regen is stronger than straight up mana in most cases, so this would be fair considering the investment in a latent item that takes time to be useful. Because pretty much every mage with mana gets either mana regen or tear/roa, this would solve most of the issues with CDR in mage itemization. There are still champions like Kat who are resourceless and not oppressive with CDR, but they can be built without CDR quite effectively as well so I'm not worried about them as much.
qetzel (EUW)
: I recall a Red post a while ago. I think it was MEddler who said something along the lines of Manaless champions opt out of a resource system. This brings benefits, but should also bring limitations. One of those limitations is item choice and build flexibility. Of course, he said it in a much clearer way than I did and gave several reasons.
That's a reasonable response, but it's still unfair to the champions who invest time stacking a tear or RoA.
Rioter Comments
: I don't really see a separate "poison Mage" niche. That's Cass's identity. Perhaps some sort of acid-based champ? Dissolving and debuffing the enemy slowly, which gets slowly worse as they stay in lane, with an ult that rapidly speeds the effects for teamfight relevance. Something like that.
Urgot is very, very close to fitting that mould already.
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