: They have a right to be mad. They do not have the right to be rude and crude.
Not rude calling out incompetence for what it is, especially when it fucks up someone leveling up because a god awful policy is in place for whatever braindead reason to forces XP cuts whenever people lose.
: So...I can't check for sure from home, but judging on your account level and what happened, I have a guess. As Full Brain pointed out, that 55 min match should grant you 302 base xp. However, the system is set up so that you can only level once per game. So if you were very low level (pre 10), and already close to leveling, and running boosts, then it's possible you missed out on some XP. If that's what happened, sorry about that! Also, totally don't mind helping...but that hostility makes it hard to want to do so :(
The exact reward is posted on each game in my match history, including XP from missions, and it isn't effected at all by your horrible can't level up twice rule. All I got for that 55 minute match was a pathetic 140 XP and you fucking know that as much as I do. So save your "oh but you're being a meany" line of shit for the dumbass sheep you herd around, we both know you assholes at Riot made sure this shit happens for whatever braindead reason you came up with around a bong and dart board.
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: MMO Style. You get more exp for killing a monster, than you do from dying to it.
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