: Guys guys, what if they made it so the Poro eyes got bigger as you fed them. And when it explodes the little poros keep the big eyes o.o
I already tested that theory. But The eyes remain so small and minuscule.
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: wut happened bb
The client refuses to acknowledge our login data, so in order to login and play the game, we have to launch the legacy client.
: Can't log into new client! Please help!
You are not the only one. For the time being, hit the button in the lower right saying "Launch Legacy Client" and login via the original client. {{item:3070}}
: Can {{champion:29}} get a splash update.... like his splashes are sooooooooooo outdated looking. The graphics on the "updated" gangster twitch skin looks like it is from 2013
From previous comments, he is next on the list.
Mannibal (NA)
: yeah i'm seeing two splash updates here
If you read the patch notes, > Fiora’s Nightraven and Royal Guard skins are getting a splash update this patch!
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