: Flat Earthers, Earth is not flat and here's the proof.
Water always finds its level when it is not contained. This can be confirmed and verified by anyone. The Earth is 70% water, so how can it be a ball? How can 2 opposing pressure systems (ie, the atmosphere and the vacuum of space) exist side by side without a solid barrier? The only, "proof", for a globe is pictures from space, which can be faked. Science is repeatable, demonstrable and observable. Show me water conforming to the exterior of an object, and I may entertain the possibility of a pear-shaped oblate spheroid Earth.
: umm you can just USE the sightstone? it will show u the ward range and it will tell you how many more u can place and which ward will be destroyed if u already have 3. the only think i dislike is when your buying pink wards you can't tell if you have one on the field or not, only when placing them
OMG, yes, that, "pink", ward thing. (It's called a control ward now) When I'm not playing support and I forget if I have one on the map or not is annoying. Not so big a problem when I play support, cause I always want Control Wards in my inventory.
: I haven't seen a single player use unsealed spellbook decently
I've been using Unsealed Spellbook to great success (in my opinion) with Bard. Admittedly I rarely swap, but it's the 25% cooldown on the summoners that I'm after. With Boots of Lucidity that's 40% cd on my Summoner Spells. Bard is so good at sniping low hp targets with flash and ignite up, that it's extremely valuable. I will occasionally swap the ignite for teleport if flash is down.
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: Competitive Ruling: Felipe “YoDa” Noronha
Dear Riot, Pandering to left wing political bias, and punishing free speech in a medium outside your jurisdiction (ie, Twitter) is, in my opinion, oppressive & petty, and undermines individual expression of opinion, as well as suppresses whimsical, mischievous, and playful humour. Just look at UC Berkley's systematic denunciation of any and all Republican speakers to see the corner you are painting yourself into. Outside of cheating in the game of League of Legends, this Politically Correct nonsense you're enforcing on young male video gamers is appalling at best, and totalitarian at worst. I wholeheartedly condemn your Policies on Free Speech, and I wholeheartedly condemn this punishment as well. -Jacob B. Slade
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: EWWW! Beta client?!
Is the new client as big a mess as your post? Use some paragraphs please.
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: Some thoughts on Support
I started maining support because of the fast queue times. If support becomes more contested I won't even want to play it. Not sure how that factors into the equation, but there it is. :P My biggest frustration with support is having to base with full hp/mp to refill my sightstone. Please make the sightstone recharge over time. No other role has to base when they're at full hp/mp. Heck, you could even reduce sightstone wards to 1 and restrict the wards on the map to 1/champion. Then a Support could just be placing wards whenever they want without fear of running out, and without the problem of wards everywhere.
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
Mostly I play Ranked. I play Normal Draft to test champions I'm not too familiar with in preparation for Ranked, or to test out different builds. I play Normal Blind when I'm on a Ranked losing streak and I just want to have fun with no pressure. For me, all 3 have a place, and I would be disheartened to see any of them go. I would suggest if you're going to get rid of anything just scrap Twisted Treeline. And on a final note, bring back regular URF. Last time I played for a whole weekend hoping to get to play the reworked Yorick but I didn't randomly receive him, so now I have to wait 6 months to, "maybe", get to try him. That's dumb. Give the teams 5 bans each (one for each player) in the case that people are turned off by overpowered champs. I wanna play my Ivern next time and place a million bushes god damnit! :P
: Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox
I'd like to see his Q (Dark Flight) reset on a kill or assist.

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