: I think the better way to do this is to make a button to swap pick order. It physically switches places in line with another player. This way would cause a lot fewer problems (what happens if you pick someone and they can't trade you afterwards?) and probably be simpler to code in the client.
I figured it would be like a "initiate pick for" button, then you allow them to pick for you in your spot. But, this is practically the same thing I suppose.
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: Prepare to Test: Collection and Profiles
In the old client you could re-arrange Mastery pages but not Rune pages. In the new client you can re-arrange Rune pages but not Mastery pages. Please provide the ability to re-arrange your Mastery Pages similarly to how you can Rune pages in the new client. The profile pages are relatively clean, but are there any plans to allow you to look at ladder rankings and such on this client similar to the old client, or will one have to use a third party (say op.gg) to view their own stats and that?
: Request: Masteries per Champion
This is a beast suggestion. Really cool.
: Collections Tab- Masteries blank space looks unusual
[Looks like this.](http://imgur.com/FLnuNrT) I don't mind it.
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: [Discussion] Limited edition runes loosing their unique icons
I actually really like the new standardized rune images. My account is ancient and I have a number of "limited" runes but to be honest I think I like the clarity of being able to easily recognize what each rune is much more than having the Present or the Snowman. I'd understand if it were like skins or something, but who even looks at other players runes now a days? I play with the same people all the time and I honestly have no idea what their rune pages look like, how many of them there are, or what they use. I also think even if I were to look at someone else's runes it would likely only be to copy their set up, and the new clarity of these rune pages makes it real real easy to quickly get what everything is right off the bat visually. You just know right away "oh those are AD reds" and you don't have to go through things with a comb to discover they actually have 6 AD reds and 3 armor pen reds and one of their quints is AD. It was a real pain in the ass before that AD / pen / AP reds, all other reds, HP/MR/mana regen yellows, scaling yellows, etc were all similar. Makes copying a pro players runes if you trying to pick up a champ or something annoying when it really doesn't need to be. As someone with limited runes, I vastly prefer having them be standardized with what they actually do. Maybe put a little "limited" icon in the top corner or something, but I think it is way way better this way.


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