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IllIve (EUW)
: adding onto what updownleftrightab said. FARM THE FUCK UP! I see you play a lot of jungle and I know how hard it is to ignore your team flaming if you don't gank them the second they ping "assist me". But what you're doing isn't really helping. If you want to win games in bronze you need to carry them. And you carry them by being ahead of everyone. You get ahead of everyone by farming properly. You farm properly by clearing your jungle and only after that looking for ganks or skirmishes. Being ahead helps a lot when you're trying to make plays and usually brings down your deaths a good amount too.
Ok, ill just farm a lot more and mute all pings when people spam them lol
: Agreed with UpDownLeftRightAB . Lowering your overall deaths would be a big help. Your csing looks to be a tad low, which isn't a big deal as it is something that can definitely be improved. Unfortunately, looking at match history can only offer so much, so to prod further, how do you play when behind?
when I'm behind( which is usually at this point) I try to build defensively and play defensively but I get really tilted and make stupid mistakes. I think my csing and objective control are really bad because I couldnt play for a while and forgot my clear paths for my main jgs. Ill try to practice that
: Looks like you need to work first on just bringing your average deaths down. To practice this, just try to go as long as you can before dieing. I just say this since I see a short game with lots of deaths. If you don't die till 5 minutes, go for 7 minutes, then 10, then try 15 minutes.
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: The visual update is Spirit Guard Udyr. Unfortunate, but I'll take it.
yeah its so good but jesus christ riot 25 dollars
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VelKozB (NA)
: You have 122 deaths in 20 games and 48% kill participation... seems pretty bronze 5...
I'm not gonna start a flame war with you, so shoo
: So, can I get some clarification? If I am S5 am I 100% going to bronze? I have another account I am ready to start ranked with was just wondering if I should even bother with this account....
Yeah no matter what your going to be bronze something
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: Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio
time for bios to be reduced to 3 lines. woohoo.
: Data and Champion Balance – Part 1
: Be Victorious
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