: Syndra main here (though haven't played her as much recently due to her current state). **Q Passive Opinion:** Please remove her current Q passive. All it does is making her burst too easy to access by simply spamming spheres on the ground. We don't need her to be like Veigar, she should be about windows of power and have access to burst with good sphere management. I have seen this idea to change her Q passive to (it's not my idea): **If Dark Sphere hits an enemy champion, Syndra gains X (+X per level) (+X% Ability Power) bonus Ability Power for as long as the sphere lasts. This effect can stack up to two times.** This would be more interesting than simply the bonus damage on her Q on champions, though that would still be better than her current passive. It would fit her thematic of ''potential'', make it clear that she relies on hitting her Q and give her power back through her basic abilities by landing her Q. ---------------------------- **About Syndra's Currect State:** Syndra is weak. Of course she's not weak like pre-buff volibear kind of weak, because her kit is still good, but she is in a weak state, too weak in fact. - Syndra is not part of any tier list (Not in S, A or B tier, so below B tier) - No pros are recommending her/playing her much. - She is never banned by pros. - Weak in all elos/low playrate in all elos (including high elo). ''We're also still seeing her be the correct pick sometimes at her current power level, at least in the hands of experienced Syndra players.'' No, not really. Lets look at the NA LCS for example. **NA LCS:** She is rarely picked (the only midlaners that have picked her this season are Bjergsen and Powerofevil). They also usually only picked her because: - A lot of other mids were banned - They are very comfortable on the champion - It is easier to pick Syndra when you have jungle synergy (because of her long range stun in lane)/when you have access to blue buff (no mana manegement) **History of Syndra in the Seaoson 8 of the NA LCS:** Week 2: TSM vs OPT (picked by Powerofevil). Ryze, Zoe, Vladimir, Orianna, Azir Picked/Banned. Loss. Week 2: OPT vs FLY (picked by Powerofevil). Taliyah, Ryze, Orianna, Azir, Zoe Picked/Banned. Win. Week 4: TSM vs CG (picked by Bjergsen). Malzahar, Galio, Ryze, Zoe, Taliyah, Azir, Corki Picked/Banned. Loss. Week 5: FLY vs OPT (picked by Powerofevil). Orianna, Viktor, Zoe, Azir Picked/Banned. Loss. Week 7: TSM vs FLY (picked by Bjergsen). Cassiopeia, Ryze, Taliyah, Viktor, Azir Picked/Banned. Win. Week 7: CG vs OPT (picked by Powerofevil). Cassiopeia, Ryze, Azie Picked/Banned. Loss. Picked 6 times out of 70 (by the same 2 people). Lost 4 times out of 6. I also don't remember her being banned ever this season. I understand the fear of buffing her, since you don't want to relive a state where Syndra is always picked. If you want to make her less of a generalist in the future, that's cool. However, that's not a fair reason to not want to help her and leave her in her weak state.
In every one of those games, Azir is picked/banned. That is the main problem. Every other mage in the game does a better job than her, so she's relegated to playing as last option.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 9
Hi Meddler, as a Syndra Main, just wanted to say I agree with most other comments, that I prefer the old Q passive over the new, as it makes landing Q's more important and getting a full stacked ult more difficult but appropriate for Syndra's high skill cap. If you were still concerned about newer players pulling off a good ult, then perhaps an idea could be to combine passives, where you get extra dmg AND extended duration on spheres only if you land it on a champion. This would further encourage players to land spheres on champs as opposed to just spamming spheres out of combat then jumping in last second. I see Syndra as a "mobile-immobile" mage, meaning she doesn't have movement abilities but her spells can be cast while moving, and kiting with Syndra/dodging spells while casting your own is core to her identity, and the passive idea I suggested may further encourage this gameplay. Thanks for asking for our opinions! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Road to Pre-Season: Assassin Update
wut? no Evelynn? Is she not assassin?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer
I'm always more pumped to see a Champ Update than a New Champ
: first half of your comment is spot on, but esports r an essential part of online gaming, saying esports ruins games is like saying the NFL ruined football
Zwill (NA)
: Between Two Turrets - Come Chat with Jynx [COMPLETED]
: Ghost Dog: Making Devourer’s Wolf
When are we gonna get in-game pets that give us stats?!?!
: Champion Insights: Illaoi
"How exactly does one make a Kraken Priestess?" Get a nun Show her hentai
: Galaxies crumble before Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
Rito wtf, why is the SKin FX raping my earphones when I open the Launcher?
Misys (NA)
: Isn't it odd that a drunken, raging, fat man isn't good at starting fights?
Or a ninja tank, because that makes sense
: Rally Your College for the 2015 NACC!
I might actually enjoy this more than the NA LCS
Udyr (NA)
: eCommerce Q&A
So, you guys are in charge of the Free-To-Play rotation, so... 1. Why is Quinn{{champion:133}} on the rotation all the time? 2. Why is Yorick{{champion:83}} never on the rotation?
Anorath (NA)
: lol pretty much, looks like Garrosh and Deathwing merged XD
: Patch 4.17 notes
Well, there goes the last mid-lane silence. Rest in Piece {{champion:38}} ,{{champion:7}} , and {{champion:91}}
: {{champion:16}} nobody expects the banana {{champion:16}}
{{champion:119}} Not Banana, BANAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNAAAAAAA {{champion:127}} The world began in bananas, and it will end in bananas {{champion:21}} Watch your mouth, kid, or you may find yourself respawning at banana {{champion:25}} Not all angels are banana {{champion:76}} Did I mention, it's banana season {{champion:33}} Banana {{champion:134}} And they said I lacked banana {{champion:412}} I am the thing under the banana {{champion:23}} Now they banana! {{champion:67}} Let us banana those who have fallen to darkness {{champion:106}} A fool and his banana are easily parted!! RAAAAAHH!!! {{champion:157}} Who said I can't banana my drink? {{champion:143}} Where are your bananas? Mine are all around
: Patch 4.9 notes
What is wrong with Quinn's face?
: Pentakill's Smite and Ignite Album Out Now
: Lose yourself in the song of River Spirit Nami
If she is a River Spirit, why is she in a pond?
: Double IP Weekend
Just when I thought I was out of the Rift, they pulled me back in...


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