: No I'm not full of shit. Ive reported ppl before and ive gotten a notice from riot that says your previous report has helped punish a violation when ever a player gets banned lol. The system is not broken and these trolls actually don't appear in all of your games certainitly not the majority. Riot likes to give chat restrictions to give players a chance to reform. but it also depends on the severity of their offense. Sometimes its just a straight out 3 day ban. then a 14 day ban. third offense is perma ban.
Big fucking whoop, so all it comes down to is luck? You have to hope and pray that shit goes your way or you're fucked by terrible matches with shitty people and then pray they get banned when you report them for valid shit? Awesome system,
: > and yet they'll still be playing hours after these incidents expecting people to get banned instantly like that is just ridiculous. Especially in the case of trolling.
Why is that ridiculous? Expecting game health and competent devs that care about gameplay and punishing those that ruin it is ridiculous?
: 1. don't vent your frustration in chat because thats an easy way to get banned. 2. report them. They do care.. Report them and move on. It sucks but the more reports that person gets the more likely they are to be banned.
I do report them, and then when I check their matches the next day I see they're still playing and doing the exact same thing as before. So either you're full of shit, or Riot's system is broken. Also why does Riot care more about muteable chat than people actually ruining the gameplay of others with their shit?
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