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: One problem: Agatha,it's the name of one cow in Braum's village XD.Check his interaction with Alistar.
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: I love it 😍 but I feel like the W is to OP and should be changed or something like a time limit on the terrain she flies over should be added like Talons
My way of balancing the W would probably be that the cooldown is extremely long, so she has to time when she uses it. Do you think that would be enough to balance it?
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:'s the source... Tryndamere --> tryn Orianna -> ori Alistar -> ali Heimerdinger -> heim Tristana -> tris Cocytus -> ???
Thanks for the link, I listed the artists name but not his home site, I got the picture of his deviant art profile. Should I be using the original link? Cocytus is the 9th circle of hell (Treachery) in the Divine Comedy, but yeah... his nickname would be problematic :P Any thoughts on the kit?
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Zyranium (EUW)
: {{champion:8}} ??
There's going to be a BLOODY rivalry between Vlad and Nostrus
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