zzazs (NA)
: Remove oracle extract from aram or change it
Remove it, force people to buy duskblade. Or, make another item with a similar effect (with a cooldown of course) and don't make it too cheap. Riot doesn't care about aram. If they did, they'd remove the free rotation from it, they'd make soraka less useless, etc.
: So remove the counterplay from champions that use Stealth & Hidden Traps? I don't see that being a healthy change for ARAM. Sounds like it'd just make the game even more frustrating if you have to play into those champions.
to be fair, the "counterplay" kind of removes the enemy champ from the game
: Garen mini-rework? Thoughts?
Why gut an already mediocre champ? Sure he's annoying, but just gutting his abilities doesn't make him any better. I think his whole kit needs a huge rework that [REM] his spin 2 win factor and bully lane phase.
Bultz (NA)
: It really sucks that people are winning games because of champions and not skill
Let's not forget that "true 'damage'" shares nothing in common with other types of "damage." 'Damage' reduction does NOT effect true "damage" (exhaust). There is no item that counters true "damage," and every champion can do a LOT of it now.
: Proof or fuck off. Like you lose to these champions because you can't play vs them. I can easily beat a bad irelia and ESPECIALLY A BAD LEE SIN like lee sin is fucking horrible if you're bad with him. Like you saying juggernauts should not be a class really shows you just want easily games not skill in games. Annie,jax,tryn,garen, mundo,and panth these are champions that someone can do well even if they're bad but most of them still can be beaten or just suck.
what about when they're around your skill level? you can't beat them then. (picking toxic champs to counter toxic champs is kind of a buzzkill buddy)
: Malphite only does damage and is tanky if he builds full armor. Just hit him with someone magic damage and he will fold. If he builds mr then he will only be doing damage while his passive is up. Also the reason malphite does damage is because, unlike every other tank, he only has one form of good cc/engage and that is his ult. He only has his ult so he needs the damage in his base kit. If riot would give him some other form of cc or engage then he wouldn’t need the damage.
you're forgetting the toxic AP malphite trend going around where he's still pretty tanky and one shots your ADC.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bultz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9MqOI9nL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-13T13:08:19.768+0000) > > Like let me run riot for 1 week and i'll clear this shit up and bring back league to what it should be. >[...] >Juggernauts should not be allowed to be a class See, this is why no one takes you seriously. Your idea of League being run properly is for Yasuo to be invincible. It's ironic, but you're whining because YOU don't want to develop skill and want to coast on your favorite champion being OP.
: > [{quoted}](name=LeoX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9MqOI9nL,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-13T19:44:32.759+0000) > > Uh, what he’s saying is avoiding the empowered q where shen’s sword comes to him and gives him extra damage on autos is easy to avoid. Which it is. > > Of course shen can auto people that’s not what he’s talking about lol. It can be flashed, dashed and spell shields stop it. Yes it will hit a lot of the time but it can still be avoided and if you don’t bunch up you are only hitting one person which is not good enough.
hacing to pick a champion with a dash or spell shield is toxic as hell, having to blow a summoner spell every fight with shen is toxic as hell too. Here, let me dodge his 6 second cooldown q with my 5 minute cooldown flash that I probably need for disengage.
: Only if you let him land his Q like a moron. His Q isn't even that hard to dodge either. If he's beating you in lane then you kinda deserve to lose.
you can't "dodge" the damage from his q. His q only slows you if you got hit by it and run away from him, regardless of whether it hit you though, it amplifies his attacks. Do your research first you toxic f word.
Rioter Comments
: In all honesty Fluffi you seem like a nice person and I hope you get unbanned! Good luck!
Thank you! But riot said they don't unban under ANY circumstances EVEN IF you were banned without good reason (or any at all) :(
: They did. They also pushed the report button.
And then the instant feedback system banned me without any human review or proof that the reports are valid.
: Nah given that context I think personally its fine, it might've been something else idk .
It's called the "instant feedback system." It's in place to ban people with enough reports REGARDLESS of their honorable opponent stats and such.
: Don't spam, won't get banned.
I'm excessively positive and super duper friendly/social. I can't stop typing to people! if they don't want to talk they should press the mute button :\
: Did the other players ask you to stop?
No, they did not, surprisingly. And if they did I would've apologized.
: Well there are steps before getting banner like 10 and 25 game chat restrictions. Then there is a 14 day ban followed by a permaban. Are you permabanned or just 14 day? What did you do to get your other stages of being banned? Did the peopl in your game ask you to stop? Say it's a 40 min game spamming something every 30 seconds means you sent 80 messages that is very excessive and worth punishment.
Literally saying "gg" is chat restrictable, you should see some crap players say in games. They are completely toxic to the game and blame another person (likely someone who's positive) and report them because they can't put up with their happiness (standard bully protocol)
Itankyou (NA)
: This is ridiculous, but I want proof.
Riot's chat logs are bugged currently so I can't get them from support which I asked for them but yeah... Sorry dude you don't have to believe me :\
: Shit I hate spammers more than I hate toxic flamer's. At least flamer's think before they type and they're often fucking hilarious. Spammers just clog up the chat and ruin my experience way more than flamers. Idk about a perma banned though but I instantly mute spammers but keep listening to flamer's
It wasn't intentional spam and it wouldn't be every minute of the game, it was after either team achieved something great or someone said something nice, etc. But I see where you're coming from.
: sure i bet you only spammed hearts like everyone else who gets unreasonable banned
Seeing as my friends have at least 1 permabanned account and they're all super nice people, yes.
Jo0o (NA)
: What were you explicitly banned for? Literally "Spamming"?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: It doesnt matter what u spammed. Spamming is form of harassment.
It wasn't directed towards anyone, so no, it wasn't harassment. I wasn't harassing anyone, and if I was there is a mute button for that.
nep2une (NA)
: The mute button is a "last resort" feature when they won't shut the fuck up and realize that they shouldn't be saying those kinds of things. The fact someone has to use the mute button in the first place means that the other person is doing something wrong.
It's not the person typing's responsibility to make sure no one gets "triggered" or "hurt" by typically friendly chat. I play a looot of league games each day and get the occasional salty player report because they can't stand positivity! It just adds up and the instant feedback system gives you a ban even if the reports (or some of them) were undeserved. I feel like I've contributed much more good to the community than anything I might have done that seems "toxic" to other players. I even have a clan full of super happy people who we all love playing together with!
: > [{quoted}](name=nep2une,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=F9MFhl29,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-08-25T20:50:22.880+0000) > > Why would you even do that in the first place? > And I'm pretty sure that's not the only reason. If the other players asked her too stop, on both her team and the enemy team... I can definitely see how it could be considered harassment. That being said people don't usually get banned after only one game...
I never got asked to stop :\ if anything they would join me and put "<3"s and other smileys in chat too!
nep2une (NA)
: Why would you even do that in the first place? And I'm pretty sure that's not the only reason.
It was my way to reply to flamers since I'm a super social person and I talk in chat a LOOOT
: chat logs or i will go ahead and believe you got banned for telling people to get cancer.
I admit that I called some mechanics in the game "unfair" and "bs" but I was never toxic towards the players. Also, this is the second time riot's chat logs have been bugged for me and support told me it was a bug so I don't have chat logs sorry D: I know it's hard to believe but I actually congratulated players on what they did! i encouraged losing teams to make comebacks and not give up! I encouraged my team to not give up and we made epic comebacks! The instant feedback system is just ridiculous :\ I've never attacked another player in league of legends and I view everyone as an equal person regardless of their gaming personality.
Rioter Comments
: This is new crowd control ability!
The new passives for the skins (pay to win!)
: RGM, IP, and tons of damage in Ask Riot
Give towers some % hp too pls ^w^ (for those diving armor tanks );)
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
Rebgar's just a spammy champion that wood 6's can play xD
: While it frickin' sucks that it happens, let me try to explain a little as to why: When you first enter the queue, the system attempts to give you a position and time based on how many people exist in the queue, and how quickly players are getting in. The problem here is that the "players getting in" part is fluid. Every so often the system re-calculates the rates in which players are getting in, realizes it is slower than it thought, so it pushes your wait time further back. This is why one of the main focuses of us is not only to solve this at the root cause level, but also find ways to get players past the queue and into the client as quickly as possible.
Who is actually getting in? I don't think that number is above the number of riot staff logging in...
mtl6949 (NA)
: Can you advise at all as to why the que is moving backwards?
Right now it's counting down for me, but when it refreshes it adds about 3 minutes. rito pls wat?
: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
The queue restarted at 7 minutes and 12 seconds, counted down a bit then went to 8 minutes

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