: NA LCS Week 2 by the numbers
I'd like to see pick/ban percentages next to the most picked/banned
Weinand (NA)
: Or maybe Piltover punies stole Viktor's tech to help create her kit. Seriously, this would so piss off Viktor of getting his greatest work stolen, even after he gets credit for making cybernetics. I swear, they need to stop stealing from my favorite video game genius. {{summoner:3}}
But Viktor's tech is also stolen from Jayce.
: teaching a parent to play a game as dense as League is.... a big thing.
When I tried to explain some details to my dad, we got kicked from the tutorial for afking and had to start over.
: Playing Vladimir feels awful.
Old Vlad was definitely to overbearing. Strong damage and strong defense. Now he's lacking in both.
: Actually, the first thought I had when reading the teaser was that this sounded a bit similar to Rivens story: Working for Noxus, became disillusioned when she fought against Ionia, and ran away/got thrown into the sea. The Rivenites are forming.....
Also the symbolism of fixing/breaking and creation/destruction.
Xonra (NA)
: Nemesis Draft URF would be awesome. I've been trying to play a different champ every game, and so far I'm loving it. Not every champ has been great, but I've enjoyed all but that one game with the 4 man premade (even in URF they are toxic, wtf) that was just yelling in all chat at the enemy team, and spam pinging me if I didn't follow them. Otherwise, loving it.
Nah, I think nemesis draft would ruin it. Think about it, you would lose the choice to play whoever you want. Every game would probably just have the same, really weak characters and it wouldn't be as fun and free.
: maybe, idk i was just having fun sniping people with my ult on a 12sec CD
: It's unfair to counter a champion with a click of a button... {{item:3155}} {{item:3156}} Doesn't even require a click of a button. Almost no downside to building it either. Can be rushed for 1300 gold. Sounds legit.
Vayatir (NA)
: So, can you also revert Wish so that it removes Grievous Wounds again? The whole point of the debuff removal was so that Wish would heal the maximum amount it could (and it should, it's an ultimate). It didn't prevent the reapplication of Grievous Wounds, it simply ensured that this one spell every 120~ seconds or so was having the full impact it should.
But what about Mundo? Isn't he allowed to have an ultimate that heals the maximum amount?
: I play twisted treeline all the time, nobody wants to learn the strategy of it, it's sad really {{item:3070}}
I used to play it when the strategy was full AD Jax/Yi Revive Teleport. Absolutely disgusting
: These Vladimir splashes are absolutely awful...
The first one looks like a crazy Hispanic. The second looks good in terms of style, but it doesn't show how Vlad is evil. The third is not bad, he looks Voldemort. I'd prefer it over the old one because the old Nosferatu just looked like a weirdo. The last's one's concept and design looks good except the head. "Is that Biker Ezreal?" someone would probably ask, because once again, he's not wicked enough.
: Finally, in 2020... "Since the game is about to die out, we're finally buffing Karthus. His ultimate goes through shields and invulnerability effects. However, this does not apply for champions with three hit passives, which is pretty much every champion in the game right now."
"To be in line with his passive, we've decided to release the Karthus after the game has died out!"
crafter8 (NA)
: Thought this was NA board
Well it's not like they don't release all those snowdown skins/moneymakers in the Southern hemisphere, or even tropical parts of NA for that matter.
crafter8 (NA)
: I cannot gank if you have your lane pushed to your enemies' turret
Then I have a PSA for junglers: I can't just start attacking the enemy laner when they have a large wave on my turret. That will direct minion aggro to me, which is very dangerous when I might be underfarmed and pushed under tower all game.
: try counter gank, it works well and after u save the guy's ass they wont talk shit anymore.
No! You stole my kills! wth jungler! I'm gonna be behind because of this!
Llanite (NA)
: It might be called spinning "axe" but isn't really an axe. His weapon is more like a blade without shaft, if it hits a tree, there is no way to take it out xD
Then we should add Garen, because if his sword hit a tree, it would definitely cut it.
: It can't start yet. They've only tested Poro King on the PBE so far - they're doing Ascension, but it's not done yet (Illaoi's passive isn't working for example). They'll have to test a lot more gamemodes (URF for one) before the queue can start. I expect it'll be a few months yet unfortunately.
Yeah, if we have it now, it will be just like Draven Day, poorly done and looking unfinished.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sina,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EEipFhlU,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-01T16:19:09.241+0000) > > Many moons ago, a certain jungler who shall remain nameless (*cough* {{champion:19}} *cough* ) killed our best friend. That got retconned, don't you know? There is no League of Legends or summoners or Journal of Justice, meaning that Warwick would never have discovered Urf, and Urf never would have died. Granted, Urf never would have heard about Jax, who also no longer exists, so he probably never would have learned to fight. That means that in the new lore, Urf is living a peaceful life somewhere, oblivious to the troubles of the world. What more could a manatee ask for?
That part and along with Jax is probably just floating in the realm of unsolved retcon issues.
: Well, give the community a little credit: From the first time URF was rolled out to the second time it was rolled out, you would get "Bring Back URF" posts on every fucking news release, all year round. This season, the URF QQ'ers have been relatively quiet, and only expected URF around this time. I'd say that compared to last year, they've been relatively restrained. Plus, while I didn't like URF when it first rolled out, I loved it the second time around. I guess it's because I discovered this bastard: {{champion:13}} Complete faceroll every game. Like 30 kills. Although I need to give credit to my partner-in-crime, {{champion:17}} , whose shrooms littered the map and served as teleportation points so I could come from any direction at just about any time. This is the anti-tilt game; it's just great for messing around and de-stressing.
Well then it looks like the moral is that "patience pays off." Unfortunately, there's a not of impatient people complaining right now.
: face slamming your head on the keyboard to spam skills is higher quality game mode than the current game? really? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
No, because you just defined the current meta.
: You know what my problem with the Draven day is? It is really bad made... lazy work. they could make it a lot better. it just looks bad, as if the heads were photoshoped on the champions.
Yeah I love the idea. I'm all for some more League of Draven but not if there's just a flat picture on my head.
RO538UD (NA)
: Because facts don't feel as good as comforting gimme comments.
Because I need a safe space from facts and truth.
: If you don't want to give us URF..then atlas give us a way to disable the draven heads...its useless,annoying and stupid...all it does is distract me and causes lag...i don't think i can play this way until April 3rd
Go to settings > extra settings > disable extras
: your tibbers is no match for my bear https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CchEyuIUMAEURXJ.png ({{champion:201}}) no one got the joke of me calling braum a bear **sigh**
You hit like baby Skiddo
: > [{quoted}](name=FluxBound,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZVIhkhWv,comment-id=000600010001,timestamp=2016-03-23T04:29:41.463+0000) > > {{champion:32}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:111}} Listing off other OP champs isn't helping your argument.
I never had an argument. I never even said anything.
: While you're right, it's still totally not healthy.
But in the end, everything's unhealthy and we'll all die.
: The problem is grasp of the undying. It makes melee champs overly viable top lane because it makes their autos scale with health.
http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/mastery/grasp-of-the-undying-244 I think this will help.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slamurai Jack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZVIhkhWv,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-03-23T00:07:46.366+0000) > > Oh no, people's brainless, extremely low counterplay ball of stats champion is getting nerfed? That's tragic. I agree, Rammus is pretty BS man. A tank should never be putting out the kind of damage that Rammus does. I don't find marksman to be as problematic as they were earlier in the season.* The problem right now is again, tanks are doing massive amounts of damage and fighters are being played like tanks. It's a mess for anyone not playing a tank or a fighter, please stop encouraging that. There are those of us who aren't ADC, tank, or fighter, and we want you all to just go away because you're causing this game to be broken. *{{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}}
> A tank should never be putting out the kind of damage that Rammus does. {{champion:32}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:111}}
: > ball of stats champion {{champion:157}} You sure you want to go into the ball of stats talk?
But he almost entirely relies on items
: Leblanc defnitely isn't Q-R-W killing people in a meta where every carry has at least a {{item:3156}} or {{item:3053}} and many have both.
Yeah, cuz it's Q-W-R
Bisaknosp (EUW)
: nerfs are deserved yes he is a counter to adc's still his damage is way too high for how tanky his builds are i dont think this will even do much to him 20 dmg nerf on q i mean come one this isnt even where his main damage comes from besides an aoe damage ability around him (what makes it so much harder to trade/fight him) really shouldnt be on such a low cd BTW i'm not a adc main (i play every role) so i'm not trying to defend anyone
Even though he's a great counter to the ADC's, that didn't seem to be the reason pro teams used him. His damage and tankiness was too high so they took him top just like Naut (rip). He's actually there to counter to op Fiora, cause that's what you do, but he ends up rarely fighting teamfights and pressuring a constant splitpush threat. If someone stops defending, his low CD W and R will melt the turret. Meanwhile Riot decides to nerf the damage of his Q.
Rioter Comments
: Hextech Crafting is now live in NA!
So I'll need to make a premade to get chests?
: > [{quoted}](name=ll League God ll,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1xYef04x,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-03-06T01:41:01.510+0000) > > no, i play twitch, elise, kayle, and sometimes tryndamere because they are fun champions with fun mechanics. I never choose a champion who is currently the most op crap for free wins. > > League is about fun, if free wins is all you care about, welll.... just pick yi Tryndamere is literally the fucking king of cheese. All in at level 2 and sacrifice your sister's virginity to the RNG gods to snowball. Also, Yi is fun. Running fast is fun. Doing a lot of damage is fun. Q'ing the enemy Syndra's E and killing her is fun. Absorbing Ekko's ult with your W is fun. Tryndamere by comparison (I play both of these champions by the way) jumps on people and crushes them with his stats. There's a bit less to play around with Tryndamere, with the main skill-related aspect of him being timing your ult properly (beyond basic shit like positioning).
Along with the fact that Elise and Kayle are totally in meta and that Kayle's gameplay is just press E and click on the enemy.
: This Community Needs This Reminder
It kinda sucks seeing this video on the front page at least 5 times over the years. Maybe one day we wont need it.
Dengeden (EUW)
: You can prevent your ADC from going ham? Didn't know that. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} I feel like there's a more accurate analogy within the animal kingdom but I really can't think of it.
I always feel like my support is going too ham in early game.
: I don't play dota but isn't that like a thing in dota, tp boots?
But don't they have those because they don't have summoner spells?
: Yasuo top
I'll occasionally pick Yasuo top lane, but never in a ranked game. He's kinda just an easy lane, you can sit back and cruise your way into a statikk shiv. You either bully the enemy away from the wave or you just sit a tower and easily farm them. It's something that can be done very laidback. He also easily splitpushes and has knockups galore.
Kuzja1 (NA)
: She looks cute but that robotic Tibbers is what gets my attention
I first thought it was a cool Naut skin and got excited.
: but shen isnt a troll pick...if you want to troll pick like a boss {{champion:64}} {{champion:39}} thats troll
{{champion:35}} Hello fellow supports.
: Hey Meddler, can we have a word about Mordekaiser?
It would be nice if you talked about other things. I know you're Malicious Metal, and you love Mordekaiser, but he's not the only champ like this. You seem to have a pretty big following, so you can probably raise attention to other champs.
: Top Lane Mains... Why do you do it?
Before I mained top lane, I used to play mostly adc so I guess I just want to be a powerhouse in the game. What I like about it is that it feels much easier. There's no teammate that might mess up your lane, it's just you and your opponent. By playing adc first, I learned to get really aggressive and that usually when farming, you can sneak in some random autos and they'll start running away. The champion pool is also great as it's open to almost anyone. What I really liked is that many of the signature top laners have a go button. Champs like {{champion:48}}, {{champion:2}}, {{champion:150}}, and {{champion:36}} can stay in lane for a long time, but when ever you want, you can all in the enemy. Another positive of being top lane usually means you're usually really tanky. A fed ADC or mid laner can get kills but can just get focused instantly. A fed off-tank either stays to kill/scare everyone or tank all the damage and let your team do everything else. It's also great to come out of lane as a monster without realizing it. I love it when I'm playing Mundo and the someone from the enemy comes to look over the lane while the top laner is away and they just get bulldozed with cleavers. Another thing. CC. It's called Crowd **Control** for a reason, because you get to decide whether the enemy moves or Naut.
: It usually goes poorly when people go for the RoA rush, but if you watch for the sunfire / frozen heart rush games it seems to go much better. Trust me - my name is Spaceman and I have Astronautilus {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It really just depends if you wanna tank or carry and how carefully you play. The few LCS games with Naut top were nothing spectacular.
Skelenth (EUW)
: Makes sense, but now I want to see how a Doombot-Sion would look like...
His ult becomes like Hecarim's. He spawns several spirit Sions that run with him, but don't stop until he does. His Q is of course bigger, but also slows units in the zone during the channel. His W knocks up everything it hits and gives him 7% max health increase per unit kill. His E does not stop at the first thing hit, but continues to twice it's range, being able to knock back a whole wave of minions.
: Yeah, I played {{champion:75}} 1. {{item:3027}} : ok, makes some sense. 2.{{item:3116}} : ok, slows are good, I guess.... 3. {{item:3089}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It's actually common because the Nasus's in ARAM need to do something.
Rioter Comments
: Riot: "Alright guys, so we just released the new Draven skin! Who should we give a skin to now?" {{champion:119}}: "DRAVEN." Riot: "But we just released a skin for you, we need to give other champions skins or we'll get yelled at by the players!" {{champion:119}}: "DRAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEN" Riot: *Gives in*
_Draves en_
: but does he eat only four dumplings?
: Fiora in NA LCS
Fiora and GP are on the same level and are getting no nerfs at all yet. It's been like this for a couple weeks, but it's still the same. Lissandra is also really good, but I believe that's because the meta currently lets people have 3 adc's on one team. Nautilus has been pretty good for a while, especially as a top laner. What he lacks is good mobility, but he makes up for it through CC. If you're having trouble, I suggest going Gnar against him. Gnar is able to keep distance from the E's and you can use E to dodge any all ins.
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