: The Super Galaxy Elise concept seems off.
Also if you look at the hair style in the skin, it is very similar to {{champion:1}} 's ... I find that a bit unnerving.
Thlnk (NA)
: A tank meta and a half passed and my brother Aatrox and I, Zed, fucked rampantly creating a new edgelord, Kayn. Although he may be buggy and new, I believe, with the right bugfixing and complaining to Rito, he can save the game
But Kayn, reminded us all of the horror in the top lane called Camille, who alone for 3 weeks straight ran rampant through solo queue, unable to be ganked, and dealing the truest of damage, destroyed everyone who came in her path to victory. That was the time we thought was _The End of The Tank Meta_ ...
: well I spent almost 100 dollars on lol and I wont buy dat bunddle
Most of us are sitting around 1-3k spent on league lmao
Oglaf (EUNE)
: As a Support main, this brought tears of joy to my eyes!
In my own personal opinion, (as an ADC main) I think that Ezreal {{champion:81}} with Braum {{champion:201}} has a much better synergy (since Ezreal Q can also proc Braum passive), because Ezreal hasn't been gutted like Lucian... RIP {{champion:236}} I miss all the fun we used to have together {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Tahm + Quinn perma ulti bug
I just had the same problem last night, my support was playing Tahm and I was Quinn and he ate me and then I got stunned and killed by Warwick ulti (after I was spit out). And when I respawned I was stuck like that for the rest of the game. {{champion:223}} Rito Please {{champion:133}}


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