Meddler (NA)
: Yup, Le Blanc's got some problems. We're doing some work on her at the moment as a result, looking at reducing some mixture of her E's width, her W's travel speed and W's AOE size (unlikely to be all of those at once though). Our goal's to make it easier to react to her casts, whether that's dodging W or E, CCing her as she comes in with W, using defensive abilities on yourself/allies as she W's in or whatever.
Personally I think the w's aoe size is the one to hit. In lane, her weakness is supposed to be waveclear and this helps accentuate that. The aoe is so big that it feels undodgeable most of the time. If you were new to the game you'd be forgiven for thinking that her w aoe was similar in size to the mark on the ground she leaves behind, but it's actually many times that size.
: We went through a massive amount of changes on how we wanted to represent his ultimate in game and specifically how to best represent the endpoint for both Ekko and his enemies. The W spell was also really problematic in trying to achieve the balance between the predictive gameplay for Ekko and the clarity/readability for enemies. At one point before we started on his vfx, we made his ultimate so that instead of the trail he had a line of minions following him around the map to show where he had been xD
It seems to me like it's possible for the ghost to give more info to his opponent than otherwise. Say for example you don't see ekko disappear into fog to place a ward, but you do get to see his clone do it a few seconds later. Is this even a possibility, first of all? Secondly, is there cause for concern about this, or is it just one of the hazards of playing the little time mage?
: The passive stacks are represented in gameplay space if that helps :)
Any chance of having this kind of visual stack counter transferred over to annie? I realize that it will probably be an overall nerf to her ability surprise people, but in terms of clarity it would be a lot better than a swirling white cloud when she has her passive up. And if it did end up hurting her, you could always give her a compensation buff?
: lol wut. If this turns out to be good guys.....
Scruffy, do you know if the proposed change to make rune prison stop dashes mid flight went through, like with veigar? Meddler mentioned they were thinking of adding it in a) it's not mentioned in the ability description and b) it seems pretty powerful for a point and click ability to have.
C3Sound (NA)
: Sound (Audio/SFX/sound effects) feedback pls :P
When the full model update goes through, are there going to be new animations, or will these new animations be ported over?
Meddler (NA)
: Guinsoo ended up getting pulled onto something else. We've got someone else taking over on Fiora as a result.
That's disappointing to hear. The few bits of info that guinsoo gave sounded really promising. Is the rework still going to follow the general theme laid out by guinsoo, or is it all from scratch?
: This is a very complex question, and I won't be able to do it justice (I'm neither as experienced nor as well-spoken as others on the team). I will say, we're very interested in adding new gameplay and strategies to League through every new champion (and rework!) we release. Recently, we've taken a strategy of focusing on one existing role or position in particular with each character and defining them entirely around that, which I think is a strategy that leads to the effect you're talking about. I'll actually keep this in mind as I start my next champion, and see what other folks on the team think about it.
I actually think it's great that we now have specialists that we pick when we want to bring a specific set of skills to a given game rather than generalist jack of all trades we can plug into any team comp. Too many old supports would have a formula of "1 heal spell, 1 cc spell, 1 disengage ult," too many top laners would have "1 gap closer, 1 sustain/steroid, 1 cc" etc. When a champ fills a specific niche it opens up more variation than if you have one champ that does everything.
: For context, I was the one deciding to change Bard's kit, and Jino was the one who had to change all of his VFX work to fit my changes :X
Congrats on a beautifully designed first champion! I think what matters most with new champs is unique, interesting kits more than anything, and this guy really pushes those boundaries. Personally I'm not much of a roamer or much of a support, but I can respect you guys trying to cultivate that playstyle.
Meddler (NA)
: Fair question, we've been silent about Darius for too long. Someday we'd like to work on Darius a bit, give him a longer combat pattern (bleed stacks higher, bigger eventual reward for 10 stacks, not as easy to get to max stacks quickly etc). That's not one of the projects we're currently working on though (not lack of desire, but other things we feel are higher value). What we are going to try in the short term as a result, potentially in the next couple of patches, are some experimental changes to his ult at higher ranks. We removed the full reset because of how heavily it shut opponents out of lane if they died to it once. That change was needed, but came at a cost to Darius' post laning play that we think might have been unnecessary. We're going to test out ways of giving Darius more access to his ult mid to late game as a result, with potential options at higher ranks including lower mana costs, lower CD, longer recast window, possibly (note: this one's pretty experimental) a full reset at max rank etc.
While you are looking at him, is it possible to fix the bug where he can pull even when people flash? One of the biggest issues with playing against darius is how unfair it feels to play against him, and this doesn't help that.
Meddler (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SmokingPuffin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=brOcdPAP,comment-id=00010003,timestamp=2015-03-04T06:26:52.685+0000) > > This is an absolutely fantastic mechanic. Please use more. It's likely dash/jump stops will crop up on a few more spells. The Ryze rework (timing unknown, but the gameplay side's coming along well) includes Rune Prison stopping dashes/jumps in progress for example. That's not a guaranteed change, but places like Veigar's E and Ryze's W are where we think it's got the potential to be an appropriate mechanic. > I very much expect further work is in your future. > > In particular, I think W was designed more or less only for use with E, at least when it comes to hitting champions. Now that E is less reliable, why not buff it to be an ability you can use without landing the stun? I'll have to pick the brain of the folks working on Veigar and get back to you on the W. I agree it's pretty tough to land it on an enemy champion at present without allied assistance.
How about making all stuns/snares work this way with dashes? Or would that be too powerful?
: "Nemesis Draft" Q&A with the Play team. 2/17, 10AM - 12PM PST
Most of my games have been all melee/all tank brawlfests but a couple of times the enemy turned the tables and gave us all adcs and then the tanks we gave them just built thornmail and wrecked us. Any ideas how to beat the enemy when you're given all adc? It's surprisingly effective.
: There's nothing new that Nemesis Draft can show us in terms of balance, popularity, etc that the Balance Team won't already know. What *is* interesting though is the mirror this will hold up to players and the community reflecting their *own* perceptions of what is strong or weak, and how they deal with those reactions. ^_-
Yeah, no kidding. People have all sorts of ideas of who is weak and who is strong, and when a supposedly weak pick ends up carrying the game they're kind of left wondering what went wrong. Had this happen when an urgot went 19-0, when an azir carried even though "he's got the lowest win rate guys!" and even personally when I got elise and ended the game with the highest kda and gold total. I actually have such a tough time picking champs for the enemy team that it actually makes more sense to ban out strong champs that are perceived weak like poppy and yorick rather than let the enemy team have them.
: > You know, then suddenly it opens up dialogue between the player and the developer. It puts a window in that 'wall' that I mentioned, that allows each side to see what the other is up to, let's us 'peek in' at riot, let's us feel left out, you know? Yeah, I totally agree with the intent of what you're saying. It can be tricky in practice because if you say "Please tell me how it can be improved," and two players have totally different ideas or one player has a really nutty idea, they then are disappointed when you don't implement exactly what they describe and feel like you aren't listening to them. Put in other words, the way it should work is that we listen to a lot of feedback and use that to inform the decisions we use on the champ update (in this case, though it applies to any design work). But it's easy for players to hear "I am going to do exactly what you say," which of course often isn't the case for a variety of reasons. We can do better though. One of the things that really attracted me personally to Riot was the open conversation the developers had with players. I really want to get back to that.
I honestly don't think you should be replying to threads with this much negativity since it just lends credibility to their argument when there is nothing there but childish lashing out. Respond to more positively constructive threads and keep this kind of garbage off the red tracker plz.
: Champion Update…Update – 1/30/15
With regards to ryze's kit: he's definitely been problematic to balance, but he's also one of the few champions in the game without skillshots. Now this may or may not be a big thing given how much value you think this adds to the game, whether it's just sentimental value of being one of the few all targeted champs or actually a completely different way to play the game (more combo reliant than skillshot reliant). Would making his combos more complex/difficult to access allow you to make a change where he doesn't lose his targeted abilities? Or would that just result in another really strong champ when mastered by the few superskilled players while making him frustrating to play for newer ones?
: Champion Update…Update – 1/30/15
>With Ryze’s update we want to better convey that he’s a master of magic (and running) I honestly don't think (or understand) why running such a big part of his identity. It wasn't even expressed that much in his kit before the mini rework where his ult was given movement speed. Running is not much of an identity unless there is a reason for why his is constantly in a hurry. Nothing in his current lore suggests it, he just randomly says lines about how he is in a hurry from time to time. I wish there could be something MORE you could base his identity on, and that's coming from someone who's a ryze enthusiast. His current personality right now is just so lacking :(
Rioter Comments
Phreak (NA)
: There are roughly 4 different "ways" damage can be dealt. Basic Attack / On Hit. This is any basic attack, things like Mystic Shot, Double Up, etc. These are really common of course, and interact with Doran's Shield. Note that most of these abilities are rolled INTO the basic attack and thus are only counted once total, as though you had simply attacked your target. You'll typically not see Doran's double-dip an ability like this. Single Target Spell -> This is anything that deals damage in one chunk to one single target. A spell like this receives full power from Spell Vamp and Rylai's. Some older champions do this in more ways than you'd expect, like the second half of Akali Q is actually a Single Target Spell. This stuff will be affected by Doran's Shield, as it says in the tooltip of the item. Damage Over Time -> Swain Q, Swain E, Brand Passive. This will trigger full Spell Vamp and reduced effect from Rylai's. Will not be affected by Doran's Shield. Area of Effect -> Whether it's a damage over time effect or not, if it hits multiple targets at the same time (Malzahar W, Morgana W, Brand W, LeBlanc W, Kayle's E), it's usually this. These will trigger the reduced versions of Rylai's and Spell Vamp, and will not be affected by Doran's Shield. Proc -> This is stuff that doesn't apply anything. Sunfire Cape is an example of this. The bonus damage on Shyvana's E, Kog W, MF W, Nami E are others. Unaffected by Doran's. Warwick ult and Shyvana Q are multiple basic attacks, so each would be reduced by Doran's. Syndra's R is actually multiple single target spells, so each is reduced. Unfortunately, there's just a lot of "this is how the ability was coded." Jax is an old champion, and his W and R are both "Single target spells" even though they probably should be "proc" abilities. There's no good way to intuitively know this, and other similar abilities don't work this way. I believe Karthus Q becomes a "single target spell" instead of "AoE Spell" when hitting only one target.
So with regards to jax, does that mean his "single target spells" are blocked twice, once by the base auto and once by the spell itself? Thanks for writing that up btw, love finding out how these obscure interactions work. Edit: Also, ryze e. I know it's considered aoe for the purposes of spellvamp and such, but does that mean it's also AOE for dorans shield? It doesn't deal damage to all targets at the same time, as per your wording, so I was wondering if there's a loophole there.
: While the result ended up being that everybody had a 2500 range Lee Sin Q, it wasn't actually the initial inspiration for the mode. We knew we wanted a the Poro King early on, and we went through several iterations on ways to summon him. One early (failed) prototype had the Poros follow you in a long conga line, with the killer inheriting all Poros from the victim - at a conga line of X length, the Poro King would be summoned. This led to some very strange gameplay, with players at (X-1) Poros playing super passively, and ultimately didn't feel that different from regular ARAM until someone hit that (X-1) number, when gameplay devolved into the weird holding pattern we saw. We later had a prototype where the point mechanic happened for getting a kill on a champion while they were "tagged" by a Poro. This proved to be fairly awkward, creating a sort of unclear scenario in which you would want to use the Poro spell - do I cast it for the damage, or should I save it in order to score a point? Additionally, the free long-range summoner spell only further cemented the early dominance that high-poke champions already exhibit on ARAM. The solution? Change the mechanic into a gap closer, and make a poro hit == a summoning point. Suddenly those low-mobility poke champions are quite a bit less frightening, and throwing Poros was a fun thing you felt like you should be doing frequently. The tagging paradigm to recast was one that players were familiar with (from Lee Sin Q), but changed the gameplay in a way we found quite fun and different. Even though the end result was that everybody is trying their hardest to be Lee Sin (and resolving those difficult mind/body conflicts), it wasn't the initial inspiration - but we can say that we're pretty happy with how it turned out. =)
Minor QoL change: could the indicator for when you hit someone with a poro be a different color for your target than everyone else? Makes it easier to see which particular target you're about to dash to.
: "Legend of the Poro King" Q&A with the Play team. 12/19, 11AM - 1PM PST
So I've heard 3 really awesome suggestions around the boards and elsewhere, what is the likelihood of one or some of these making it into the game? - Having poro king icon change all your poros into poro kings. Been talked to death on reddit but I think it's a pretty neat idea. - Having these different types of poros appear on vanilla howling abyss if you fed a poro with a poro snax while having the appropriate summoner icon active. Adds a bit of longevity to the icon, and a bit of uniqueness. - This last one is an idea that I actually had: if you get the epic snipe last hit on an enemy with a poro, the announcer should say "PORO KILL!" instead of "x has been slain." This is probably the least feasible of the three because it requires voice talent, but it would be pretty awesome next time poro king rolled around ;) BTW creating a way to customize poros is probably one of the best ideas you guys have had. Give the guy who came up with it a poro snax, he/she/it deserves it.
: "Legend of the Poro King" Q&A with the Play team. 12/19, 11AM - 1PM PST
Just wanna say that this is a freaking awesome game mode. Whenever a new game mode is released I take it as an opportunity to try and find what works best in that particular game mode. For example in ascension a lot of people found backcapping shaco was really powerful. I personally was a huge fan of wukong because max cdr he could juke like shaco but have way more combat effectiveness. In this mode I haven't really found a go to OP yet, but I'm thinking J4 would be pretty good. What are your go-to OP champions? Second question: these game modes have been getting more and more sophisticated/polished, which I love. But there has been a lot of conversation about the long term engagement of these game modes. Is the level of engagement increasing proportional to the time investment that you guys put into development? No need to go into actual numbers if you don't want to, I just want to know if we can expect more awesome game modes with the level of polish and production poro king has.
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
Does being put into low prio queue change the people you play with? That is to say, are you more likely to be put with other players in low prio?
: To address question 2, skin lines can spring out of any tier of skin, so long as there are champs that fit well with them. Something lighthearted like Urf'Sai has its place with a serious champ, but we wanted to explore alternate fantasies of ruthless hunters. If we start off with a joke skin, it's less obvious who she is and what she does when you're first exposed to her.
This isn't a question about reksai, but about your awesome team builder icon. I haven't had a chance to play a lot of league in the past few days, but is the promotion still on? Namely, to win a team builder game on blue or purple side?
: The Heist ending soon!
Is the art by gabe off pennyarcade?
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
When I know my internet or the servers are acting up, I don't play any more games for a while because I know I could be negatively impacting other players. Sadly not everyone thinks like this and will requeue up when they know their connection is flaky. This is a good measure against that but I think people are a little bit caught up in what happens if you leave a game every once in a while. I'm a little worried about it as well, because no matter if I leave games very rarely, I feel like those leaves might add up and I'll get punished. Any words on that lyte?
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'd like to see my chat logs. I've been playing only bots for first win recently, so I've been pretty quiet in most of them. But when playing against players I don't think I'm too too toxic.
Morello (NA)
: I think the tactical mobility is fine if "costed" right. This means removing power from other elements of Kallista (damage is a good one on an ADC :P) until appropriate.
A slightly off topic question that pertains to other design. Do you play hearthstone? If so, do you have an opinion on the priest class's heal? Maybe there's no comparison because it's a card game, but knowing what I do now from your posts it does seem to erase damage and not be the most satisfying class to play against. Your thoughts?
Rioter Comments
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
Are there plans to make it more readable when kalista is carrying her souldbound due to ult? Currently it just seems like he disappears and is not represented on the game map in any way. Then he appears just as suddenly. I suppose it could set up some tricky plays where you ult your soulbound then when the initiate happens it's all the more surprising and all the more devastating, but I think it pays a significant cost in the readability in the game for that scenario.
Ypherion (NA)
: Preseason 2015 Q&A [Completed]
Any eta on the top lane rework? I noticed it's not been mentioned at all in the preseason- is it on hold indefinitely?
Rioter Comments
Ququroon (NA)
: New Batch of Texture Rebalances!
I like most of them, but I agree with the sentiment that some of them look too dark. Hard to describe, but I think it's easiest to see in the gragas base and skins. It's like the colours are a bit too dull, but it's not like hes tanned, just more muted. Also, I know that santa grag is supposed to look a bit ragged, but how about brightening his beard to be bright white? Right now he looks like a hobo trying to be santa (which I understand could be the effect going for given that gragas is a drunken lout) but he could also look like a respectable santa with a few minor tweaks (brightening up the colour of the present under his arm, cleaning up his coat and beard colours). Not very many respectable santas in the game, so it's not like he'd be treading on other champions' niches.
: The Making of Featured Game Modes
I actually had a lot of fun playing this game mode, so kudos! People kept saying that they stopped playing after they got the icons, but I kept playing til the very end. I found wukong was surprisingly OP on that map due to how much many enemy team resources he could waste with his clone. I once had a game where enemy ww ulted my clone twice, lol. This is of course nothing new but I feel like in ascension it made more of a difference to waste enemy ultimates because statwise and levelwise they were the same as us. I think I had a 12 game winning streak at one point. As for improvements, I think it would be better if you didn't offer so many icons for the game mode. There were I think 7 overall icons for the total event, counting the one you bought with RP. Overall I think it cheapened the effect of getting an icon. I think the icons for 1,3,and 5 ascension wins could've been merged into one icon that evolved the more wins you got. I guarantee that no one's going to be flaunting the one win shurima icon if they have the 3 wins one. I'm glad to know that the feedback about the perfect ascension was listened to though, and I agree that in the end it wasn't too bad an experience. Also nice to know that it was one of the rarest summoner icons.
Rioter Comments
: I have played Dr. Mundo more than any other champion in this mode. He is so much fun and can really get annoying with all the cleavers flying around. As for winning strategies, assassins aren't as good as a lot of people think. They can certainly get a few good Ascension steals but sustain and poke are what really set teams up for success in my opinion. Being able to interrupt relics from a distance while not dying to other dudes means that you're keeping more enemies busy than you are taking away from your own team's numbers. So you can see why I favor Mundo.
My favourite was wukong. I had a 15 game win streak: He's strong for the same reasons shaco is - low cd stealth - but with the added benefit of having a chance to blow enemy abilities on his clone (enemies who see shaco stealth no longer have a target to hit so they save their abilities for later). I once had a ww ult my clone twice in one game. Effective tankiness goes up by a lot because of this, even if you build pure damage. That's what I did at the start but ultimately settled on Aegis-FH-Triforce build because bruisers rule in this mode, as in dominion.
: I had the pleasure of dealing with all the Zombie-related issues (like killing Xerath as Zyra's Vengeful Plant), there were a lot of thorny edge cases and timing issues that proved challenging. As for "really cool stuff", we did play around with an idea for hidden content... i'm surprised it doesn't seem to have been found yet ;P
is it the symols of iron solari and ziggs bomb hidden in the back areas? Because that's been found on reddit.
Tamat (NA)
: There's an encore presentation of it tomorrow. Not sure if that means in a few hours or what. Everyone I would ask to get confirmation is in Asia already! :(
nevermind, there were lol vods on the riot twitch channel. Thanks though.
Tamat (NA)
: Imagine Dragons: "Warriors"
is there abnywhere i can catch a vod?
Canastus (NA)
: {{champion:69}} What about Cassiopeia, won't we see any numbertweaks or buffs for her? [Haven't you been following the discussion in RiotStashu's thread so far?]( It's quite apparent that the majority of her playerbase shows a strong dislike towards the changes. I, myself, have invested quite some time into exploring that new Cass (been playing her literally nonstop since the rework) and I can confirm every single concern regarding her performance. She desperately needs to see some changes. **/!\ Most importantly, what'll become of the bugged refresh on her E (0.7s instead of 0.5s)?** This is an issue which requires immediate attention. It makes a HUGE difference in her dps if you haven't realized it yet.
Not saying she doesn't need changes, but negative posts on the thread doesn't mean the majority of people are unhappy with the rework. It just means that the people most dissatisfied will be trying to voice their opinion.
Zhugan (NA)
: Except were aren't "invocadores" anymore. Because Summoners don't actually exist.
No dude, he's teasing the new lore. We're no longer summoners, we are now INVOCADORES. Doesn't matter if we're not spanish. That's what it is now.
Squad5 (NA)
: If the enemy is within the soldier's range, Azir will stand still and the soldier will attack.
How comparable is one soldier's damage to azir's? Sometimes wouldn't you want to move yourself cldoer because you do more damage?
: Azir Q&A: Gameplay - COMPLETED
Did you guys ever experiment with having the minions have a duration indicator like thresh lantern or something similar? His lane bully power is one of the biggest parts of his lit and I thing his opponents have a right to know how long the ate going to be zoned from the area.
: Patch 4.16 notes
Where's pwyff, scarizard? WHERE'S PWYFF??
: The Truer Evolution 3rd
I believe that yi was unstunnable when ulting in the old viktor because stacks couldn't be applied, therefore no stun. Is that going to be fixed for the new iteration?
: Whenever you get hit by a spear or trap, a triangular icon appears above your head much like velkoz. That, is when Nidalee's leap can extend beyond normal range. Also, they changed it so she actually leaps behind her target. Nidalee herself has a ring around her when the passive is triggered. This shows just how far she can jump, although the ring is only visible to Nidalee. I am certain the leap is no further than flash range. Before her change, Nidalee was one of those laning champs that didn't necessarily win trades but she was difficult to kill. A perfect champ to hold and freeze a lane so the enemy never gets very far. Now they gave her a new passive, and set ult to lvl 1 instead of lvl 6 to be more in line with Elise, Jayce, and Karma. This change gave her back that power to win trades in lane. My suggestion to you is to pick a champion against her that can easily win trades in lane like Vladimir. She can poke you all day long but as Vladimir you can heal all the damage away.
First of all, I understand very well how her mechanics work, the problem is that the way they are implemented means that if you move farther away when she casts her leap she will move to your new location, artificially extending the leap. It's the difference between, say a lee sin resonating strike which puts him right on top of his enemy, and a graves quickdraw, which is always going to be a fixed distance. The problem isn't the leap in and of itself, it's also the fact that she also gets to chunk you for half your health because of her ability to q e and then quickly leap out. I don't if you've ever actually played the vlad vs nid matchup because vlad doesn't have nearly the sustain required to outlast nid's all in potential. All she needs is one spear to land and she can chunk him down to below half health. After that it's just a matter of keeping him zoned away with the thread of more spears so that he can't come close enough to the wave to heal back up.
Rioter Comments
: Soldiers are untargetable. Blinding Azir currently has no effect on soldier attacks--maybe it should?
Did you play around with a build where the minion autos were skillshots (as in missable)? Seems like a lot of guaranteed harass otherwise.
Meddler (NA)
: Varus was originally intended to be more focused around his Q than he is now, and it's a direction I'd like to see if we can push him further in. At the time that amount it bullied others in lane was one of the big things that had us hold it back, would be inclined to look at late game damage scaling and either mana cost or a way of regaining mana late game as a result. Would want to avoid turning him into a character that never engaged/took any risks though, so wouldn't want to reduce his power elsewhere dramatically to compensate.
I used to play a lot of varus (he was my most played champ in s3 i think) but stopped playing when this nasty bug emerged where he sometimes doesn't recast q when you click it the first time, causing you to click again and to maybe miss your opportunity. Do you have any info on the bug, whether the bugs team at least knows about it even if they haven't found a fix yet?
Meddler (NA)
: Anyone want to talk champion design?
Speaking of design team vs balance team, I've heard an anecdote about how xypherous wanted riven to have very poor health regen to make more tactical use of the shield, but when the finished design was sent over to the balance team they deemed her under powered and she ended up with the single highest health regen in the game. FIrst of all, is this anecdote true? And just how much impact does the designer have on a champion once it's out in the wild? Can the balance team make whatever changes they like even if it runs contrary to the designer's intentions?
Meddler (NA)
: I like Veigar's infinite power growth potential, particularly since it taps into his theme (tiny, underestimated, but truly dangerous master of evil!) so well. Also a fan of his E conceptually (like the 'trap someone in a stun ring', don't like the 'edge for insta stun). On the negative side his counterplay (E and R especially) is lower than it should be and his Q and R both offer too similar an experience. His passive's also pretty low on the engagement front. Overall makes him a character with an appealing core who'd benefit from a moderate sized rework someday, but doesn't urgently need one right now as much as a number of other champions.
I have a feeling that veigar's going to be in for some balance changes before long. He's got a new skin coming out and though I don't have access to any data I'm sure that skins, especially legendaries boost the playtime of a champion by a significant amount. The stun duration is completely bonkers, and pretty much the only thing that kept him from the spotlight was the fact that he wasn't played competitively apart from nyjacky. Once people get their hands on it and realize it, there's going to be some outcry for nerfs.
Curing (NA)
: Hello King Odarth! Nice to meet you, my name is RiotCuring and I'm in Splash Art department. Before I start, I thought I'd share our primary goals with splash art. A good splash art should contain not only the mood and personality of the character in style of League of Legends, but also reflect what the players will see when played in-game --- all in the most awesome way possible. That being said, while I'm unsure what exact reason prevented us from updating this particular skin and we currently can't promise you an update, we will definitely check again to see if this is a 'clear win' for the players. As for concerns of stylistic difference in art, we WILL replace the old splash art if it is a clear win even if art style is a bit different. A good example of this was Red Riding Annie splash change. Even though artistic style used in Chinese version was different from our current goals/style, it was so clear that it is an upgrade from the old NA splash that we decided to use it. If any of you guys have solid suggestions in switching current NA splash art with art from other regions, please comment and let us know! we can plan a 2nd wave of splash art updates if we have solid recommendations. Our high-level goal is to eventually make every splash art in League of Legends awesome, so please bear with us through our long journey ahead. :) TL;DR We can't promise the change for this particular but we will review the possibility of the change. Also please let us know if you have suggestions for any other splash updates (Other region art to NA). >Thank you for all the suggestions, guys! It's very important for us to understand what you guys want to see from a splash art. We are reading every comments and will be reviewing them. I will be checking constantly so please feel free to keep posting more suggestions. :)
Well, in the case of spectacular sivir it's no contest, as the old one looks like it was made in paint.
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