: the client will have the most explanation for them. make sure to read through them before you pick!
I'm currently on client, and there is absolutely no information on this House event? Did it get all removed in the course of 9 days?
: Game crashing and not responding in task manager.
Would like to add into the conversation that I too have been having this issue. Been trying to pinpoint what may be causing the issue, and right now my suspicion is there may be a conflict in Windows 10 and the League Client. Specifically I think it may be related to the Cortana notifications. I have it set so when gaming it will sleep until i'm out of game, but the past few crashes (that I recall) I have been met with the notification sound effect on crash. Once I am able to close the client via Task Manager, the Cortana notification pop-ups that I have a notification that was held off until my game was done. I have tried clean-reinstalls and a few other tricks support has suggested for OTHER problems (most notably a really laggy draft). Anyway, will continue on my own investigations to try and pinpoint what may be causing the issues.
Jambulija (EUNE)
: Can we please add a /joke to Rammus?
: How to Break the Meta Intelligently
Jamnon (NA)
: CS tutorial/practice Map
I've been looking for something like this for awhile! It would be extremely helpful, and would be nice to have. The only concern with a tutorial like this would be the amount of resources it would take to run it (servers, bandwidth, etc.). Though if they could make it client side rather than server side (so that it runs from the users desktop AND could be used offline), i think it would work extremely well. On top of that, if the servers would ever go down, it would allow for some League to be played without having to be able to be online. Anyways, awesome idea! Well thought out and visually pleasing! 10/10
: Void lore broken down
RowGo (NA)
: Rengar In Twisted Tree Line?
He is a hunter and there is some dangerous game that reside on the Shadow Isles.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
There are some fantastic right ups in this thread! 10/10 Just briefly, when I think of Taric I have to compare him to David Bowie. As reference:
Jabalor (NA)
: Renekton and Nasus standing on shurima
I agree with Flemman! During the Shurima event, Nasus is the one telling the story, and tells it as a first hand experience, but he never interacts in the story besides locking up Xerath and Renekton eons ago. What was he doing prior to the adventuring party entering the ruins of Shurima? Was he aware of Azir's offspring and more notably the key that she wields as a weapon? How did she even obtain the key to one of the most dangerous beings in existence on Runterra? Food for thought {{champion:96}}
Opeli (NA)
: Where Story Happens.
""Does this mean older story efforts like the Journal of Justice and League Judgments are meaningless? Of course not. In the same way that we can go back and enjoy old books, shows, films, art, and comics that have been superseded by more recent interpretations of the same material, League’s original lore remains a cherished part of its history. From comic books to classic literature, exploration of the same creative space in vastly different ways is a natural part of storytelling."" I am still confused on what is canon and what no longer is canon in terms of lore. It's hard to discuss anything because everything seems to be uncertain at this moment, besides everything pertaining to the Shurima event. What I have taken from the quote from the dev blog. Everything post-Shurima event will now be canon, and everything pre-Shurima event should be treated as a different universe or a different telling of possible future events? (similar to comic books I guess?) I suppose I would like a more concise or better clarification on what aspects of "old" lore is being kept and if we should just remember the "old" lore in fondness, or if we should still draw from it for discussions on the current lore.
: The Great Big Taric Rework Round-Up Part #1
Very nice post! Gave me a blast from the past, back in season 1 i played both blitz and taric almost exclusively. I remember rolling sivir/taric bot, with my squeaky hammer of death build! With the stacking auras from sivir and taric (and summoner spell rally!!), it was a duo wrecking crew, but I digress. Great initial post, I look forward to part two!!!!
: Finally something good coming out of the Lore Team
Since this post seems as good as any to ask a lore related question: With the new Shurima event, it seems that the Shurima desert is much larger (or at least it implies that it is much larger) than what is on the Runeterra map. With the "reboot" of the lore, does this mean that the landmass of Runeterra will also be getting an update? I would LOVE to see an updated and better scaled map of the League Universe!!!!!
: overkill nerfs to champions, go!
Blitzcrank's {{champion:53}} hand must be retrieved after a missed rocket grab.
PMFeraco (NA)
: Champion dying remark(s)/line(s)
My favorite, though not really a quote, is sej's death! Poor Bristle rears up and goes a tad bit too far, making a nice sej PAINcake! *SMOOSH*


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