: In Game reporting system question?
Ooooookay. Pretty sure this belongs in Player Behavior first of all... second of all, to help you with getting help with your post: That is a block of text that's hard to look at and hard to keep track of. It's hard to really get what you're trying to say and I have to reread the bloody thing because all the words are blending together. Some more precise language, less sentences running into each other (I.E., you never finishing a thought and starting a new one), and appropriate punctuation does absolute wonders for people being able to understand you. So from the point that I think you're trying to make - since you included an anecdotal story about how you AFK'd and weren't punished for it, so I'm assuming you meant does the report system give priority to toxicity over AFK'ing or feeding - I believe the answer to your question is: Players flaming or tilting in chat do not technically have priority, they are just easier to track because of visual evidence and little ambiguity (basically, they either typed in chat or didn't). Context is meaningless, content can also be. AFK'ing on the other hand is automatically tracked by frequency, so unless you've hit a quota for being AFK, you won't get banned. As far as I'm aware, nobody who reports AFK's even gets an alert when they're punished due to these circumstances since the decision tends to not be dictated by reports but rather by the LeaverBuster software. So just next time, take a couple of minutes or so to proofread your post and clear things up. You're not in-game, you're not on a time limit (if you are, I'd probably not be posting on the boards right at the moment). The best way you're going to get a helpful answer is to make sure we clearly understand you.
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: A question for you Jhin mains
It's a trick question. There should have only been 4 players on each team in the first place. You DDOS one of the enemy team members before any of this occurs and disconnect yourself. The game is now perfection.
Rockman (NA)
: Why is Gen 2 the best pokemon gen?
Chikorita is love, Chikorita is life. Those who chose otherwise can get exterminatus'd for their heresy.
: Just ran two ARAM matches back to back with three bots between both teams. maybe repoting them as cheating, feeding and cheating will get them noticed faster.
> [{quoted}](name=UrBoyBlue,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AyrFr1h1,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-10-21T20:20:33.125+0000) > > Just ran two ARAM matches back to back with three bots between both teams. maybe repoting them as cheating, feeding and cheating will get them noticed faster. Sadly, I would actually suggest "negative attitude" combined with one other thing over any of those three. It will get a response and a punishment on the account much faster, I shit you not... https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/sU5wOfFJ-proof-that-the-automated-system-is-broken The Riot statement response is at the top of the list, it tells exactly how the player was reported in order to receive a response at all. I would suggest trying that method as Riot responds to cheating and feeding reports with the speed and diligence of my dead grandmother when she's invited to family get-togethers.
Despite everyone saying "faith restored". I'm entirely unimpressed. Took them the course of a year to finally do something a large part of their player-base told them they should do anyway. While they're still using the same exact reasoning that we originally gave them. So they went from just being stubborn as all hell to being slow as all hell. I don't see how that's much better.
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Loko (OCE)
: I do kinda wanna hear some of your reasons. Don't be biased. Write down your **PROS** **CONS**'s of Dynamic queue compared to traditional and I'll give my input.
Dynamic Queue pros: Allows you to play ranked with any number of friends. Lets you control the game environment you will be in. End of list. Dynamic Queue cons: Ranks mean significantly less due to nonsensical functionality. Does not measure any specific part of a player and so effectually measures nothing. Creates an inherently - and extremely - toxic environment for solo-players while requiring solo-players to survive. Makes boosting an actually legal thing to do in the context of the game. Is literally just norms (don't fool yourself, it really is). Dynamic Queue's cons drastically outweigh the pros. It is, by all accounts, a fucking stupid and backwards "addition" to the game. And that word has quotes around it because it takes away more than it adds in.
: Still playing?
To answer your question: No. Game has no competitive nature to it anymore. The LCS scene will die out, the casual gamers will take over for a bit and once their best designers and artists all leave the game, then League will die. League really is a game that is only carried on its art right now. They've made such idiotically asinine mistakes thus far and that's the only thing that's stayed (for the most part) consistently strong.
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Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: So share the things you loved about the old system with Riot, and share the things you dislike about the new system! In my thread, I made sure everyone understood that I'm not trying to claim Dynamic Queue is not a flawed system! But us giving actual feedback can make it a good system, while just spreading hate and ''Bring back soloQ'' won't accomplish anything. If that's what you decide to do, go ahead. But I have sharded my 2 cents :p
I literally have. I can show you after I screenshot it on my other OS. It's actually pretty fucking absurd.
: > [{quoted}](name=For Carthage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l8iGzznp,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-06-01T03:19:39.786+0000) > > Have actually tried that. I can actually screenshot it and show you what I wrote up and their response. > > Their response, by the way, was that "The boards is the place to post these things as we **follow them closely and comment frequently**". While that last statement I actually got them to buckle and say "The best place to post these things are, **unfortunately**, on the boards", they literally told me they could do nothing and so would do nothing. > > Not even send it to higher people. > > So, ah, please, tell me how I'm going to send them a message they'll actually get? > > And I'm serious. If you want me to screenshot it, I'll just have to switch OS's as my laptop doesn't have a hotkey function for screenshots and most of the shortcuts don't work on a non-native OS. Best way to get their attention is to land a pro in their studio or have everyone scream the same thing at once. Not every player is on the same page with Dynamic queue if they're enjoying the benefits of it, so it'll be hard to convince a stubborn company like riot even if you do catch their attention. Though really I see Riot on the subreddit more than the boards, they comment here but not frequently and even if they see you're thread they'll be like "well only 100 players upvoted and 20 comments? Vs millions of players this opinion doesn't matter" even if it ends up being a massive collective. No, they care about sudden loud outrage that's risking them money.
https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4bjrzf/with_riot_preparing_to_scrap_soloqueue_those_of/ There actually were posts. This one is one of the biggest. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4lymwu/new_solo_queue/ This one seeks to actually make a new solo-queue and boycott Dynamic altogether. This is also just reddit. As big as reddit is, not all League players use reddit. Riot used reddit a lot because it is home to _the most_ dedicated players out of everyone period. Honestly, I just never used it because I can't be here and there with how in-detail I tend to go with my posts. It'd be for-fucking-ever. Riot has actually ignored everyone on this. Solo-Queue was voted most preferred, Solo-Queue has the most dedicated people. Fuck, Dyrus himself - _**Dyrus**_ - even fired off on Dynamic Queue. The _**streamers**_ hate it. So in the end, the problem isn't the amount of support or outrage we let loose. The problem is the fucking fact Riot has dedicated themselves to a solely casual player-base after running the image that they would be a competitive game company first. That's the fucking problem.
Sqkerg (NA)
: For the same reason the Tyler1 post had 10k down votes, yet on other threads, it seemed that most of the community agreed with the decision. People circle-jerk dislikes through posts.
Well yeah. That's true. Except legitimate dynamic queue supporters aren't present everywhere. The boards agree more with dynamic queue being fucking stupid than not. The actual majority aren't even dynamic queue supporters. They're people who don't care. So at this point, I guess at the least it's a minority versus a minority. So why would you side with the even smaller fucking minority when most of them don't even know 1) what they're supporting or 2) care enough to really do anything about it?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Friendly Reminder:
Well, since you got the difference between new champ select and dynamic queue, then here's the other thing: When the season started and Dynamic Queue was released, Riot said a **dedicated** solo queue, meaning not even duos would be there. That was a big thing that a lot of us actually were pleased with the idea for and were legitimately excited for. Duos were known to typically separate themselves from the rest of the team and be in their own little world - they'd treat each other as the only capable ones and would basically only focus on each other. Even on the rare occasions I duo'd (and tended to treat it as a normal solo experience, just kind of working as I went instead of with plans to gank my friend or otherwise), I was astonished when my friend (a Diamond 1 smurf he said, and he played well) told me that I shouldn't give blue to an Ahri in one of my games because she couldn't be relied on. ... But they were trying to raise up just as much as I was, and they were doing well. We were a team. I wanted us to work together. So even on the inside I could see where duos would intentionally separate themselves from others. We actually won that game, though no, not solely because of the Ahri, but she was actually relevant because I tried as hard as I could to keep her relevant. The fact that Riot doesn't think that team experiences can come from a dedicated Solo-Queue is reason enough to get upset at them, and proof of this is enough to say "What the hell is the point of Dynamic Queue then?"
: I like dynamic queue. I like picking my role in advance and knowing that i wont get stuck with a role i dont feel like playing.
That's the new champ select, not dynamic queue. Riot likes to try and bundle them together to try and promote the ugly stick-on which is the ability to group with a full 5 premade against solo players.
Årcher (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=For Carthage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l8iGzznp,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-01T00:03:22.275+0000) > > Fuck you. > > End of statement. Nothing else to add, really. You already know the rest. > > If you're going to disrespect us like this, then I have no reason to show respect back. Good bye. They did not ignore your feedback, they considered it and considered the feedback of others. You are in the minority if you utterly despise DQ this much. The forums are just a circlejerk of this minority. Riot has decided what they think is best, and whether it is the best or not is left to be seen. As a final statement, you should stop playing if you hate the company that gave you this amazing game this much. Stop being childish.
No, they did ignore it. I can explain why. "With the introduction of dynamic queue, we alienated a portion of League’s passionate player-base who believe a ranked competitive experience should be limited to a solo (or duo) endeavor." This is a lie. A blatant misrepresentation. The argument of solo-queue wasn't that ranked should only ever be meant as a solo or duo experience. We argued - through and through - that dynamic queue has no actual point and makes no sense in a competitive nature. We believed in Team Ranked being where you measure your ability as a full team and Solo-Queue was to measure your ability as a single player. What this makes us look like is anti-social or just holding certain, unsupported beliefs when we have always supported our reasons for having solo-queue and have always meant for it to be the flip side of the coin for measuring competitive ability. Dynamic Queue bastardizes that. That is why it is absolute trash. And that is why I said they've disrespected us. They misrepresented the information to try and hide how actually _wrong_ they are. And they know that it's true or they wouldn't have worded it as they did. I've also actually stopped playing League a while ago. I haven't touched it. I only fight to make the game better because clearly unlike you I had a bigger idea for what League could have been. Do you know what "e-sports" means? It means gamers could actually be taken as seriously as a sport. Football, baseball, basketball - the fuck's the difference? They're all silly games, but unlike those games, if we try to paint something as competitive suddenly it means nothing to people. And Riot was for a while trying to change that. And it was _working_. People were tuning in - hell, even ESPN had to take a moment to point out the sheer number of people tuning in to the LCS. Now? This queue, they've removed team ranked and solo ranked. Now it's just nonsense. What is actually measured? You could have some of the worst players in the game wind up in the LCS just because they got along with someone higher. There's no measurement of actual skill level, teams are hardly measured against other teams, there's just nothing good about this queue when compared to what we already goddamn had. Yeah, League was just a past-time when I wasn't at work or spending time with friends. But it was nice to have something I actually enjoyed be able to be a little bit more than just that. That you as a casual never knew any of this about the company or the hardcore player-base and yet have the gall to interject as if you do is why we're so goddamn irritated by you guys - because you don't care to learn any of it and never took the time. And you wonder why you're not normally welcomed into the community with open arms. I could get more existential than this, but I'm willing to bet you'd just shake it off as "pretentiousness" and ignore it, as you're too childish to even think outside of a societal norm to think maybe we're not just fighting for solo-queue as a small nit-pick.
Dububby (NA)
: i feel like if solo q was a thing 4 mans would never get into a game.
................................................................ I fail to see how that's a problem. Something hailed as inherently toxic due to immediately isolating a single member of a team out from the rest would never see the light of day. Sounds great to me.
Zoaiy (NA)
: Oh we can play this game the other way aswell, butthurt fuck boy. Taking all your arguments in one simple on you are saying we are inconsiderate because we say that DQ is better than SQ just because we want to play with friends. Where will I start, 1. I wont have to tell you that sometimes I want to go try hard with my friends. And yes Teamranked did that. So I have no problem if they bring back solo que and teamranked. But until then DQ is really fun. 2. You are calling us jackasses, assholes for being inconsiderate about your opinion? You can see the irony in that cant you! Go boycott Lol until SQ is back. Toxic children like you just ruin everybodys fun. And yes you were right I am laughing in your face and wont miss you. Good Bye Ignorant selfish prick.
You're an idiot. The reason being that the biggest reason that I said Dynamic Queue supporters like yourself have no good reason to have is because Normals have always existed to play with friends. Meanwhile, people who just want to go against others solo to test their mettle can't do that anymore. But again, you're ignorant inconsiderate jackasses who never figured that out because... well, again, ignorant and inconsiderate. Those two traits tend to imply you don't know what you're talking about, nor have you ever thought about it in the slightest. So thanks for being as dimwitted as I made you out to be. Proves my point all the more.
: I just look at this comment from about a year ago. That does it for me: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/vWEoZ6X0-balance-team-qa-ask-us-anything?comment=00440000
Not gonna lie, even supporting Solo-Queue, that post still makes me feel like I watched a puppy get shot and Riot just stands over it, malice in their eyes... Good-bye, dear Sej. May a chariot of Lee Sins, Zeds, and Yasuos carry you to your sleep. Because that's all I used to fucking see when I played.
cFlake (NA)
: So playing support in dynamic is toxic? I see where you are coming from but you can't call all supports "Jack-A$##$" and straight up say "F You" in our faces. You are actually the embodiment of the toxicity you claim to see in dynamic queue. This isn't only because i play support as I play mostly top/jungle in dynamic. I mostly play solo games and then invite people who I work well with to another game, which you are clearly incapable of as you are likely just as toxic in your games. If you talked like this in game, you would likely get a ban/warning. Not because of your claims, but because of your language as well as using supports as scapegoats.
I will applaud you for being clever. Smart ass.
: > [{quoted}](name=For Carthage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ahalJqEb,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-06-01T03:52:37.216+0000) > > More people doesn't mean better, first of all. It's like if the Minor Leagues had completely open rosters and let everyone in to do whatever they wanted - people who aren't going to try to play competitively would make it completely unviable as a competitive measurement. > > Second of all, Dynamic Queue lowers toxicity of people in full groups. It actually increases the toxicity for people having to play solo. > > So I'm going to stand by my statement. Dynamic Queue is inferior and has no place. And thank you for proving that not only do you not, as somebody who has played "too many duo games" (yes, op.gg can tell), do not understand what playing the game solo is like right now, but that you legitimately are too inconsiderate to care. Yeah but this is a game, it isn't meant to be an exclusive club, where only the best get to play. It really is very different to those sporting competitions for starters.. those are teams... with coaches and such, very different. That's not a good analogy. Lots of games have open style ranking systems, the best always rise to the top. People used to play duo queue in the old system they were already bending the idea of individual skill = rank. There is a ranking system, it doesn't measure individual skill because it just can't, this is a team game, whatever system they use is going to be a flawed measurement. So instead they decided to use a system that allows for the best outcomes in other areas, lower toxicity and number of players. Second of all, that is not correct, riot has the numbers on it, even for solo players the toxicity when down. yeah I know my only source is riot themselves but I don't have any other way to get more information. People fighting over position has got to be the number one reason for toxicity, the old solo queue system was bad very bad. I played ranked 3 times, solo, failed horribly, had toxicity in every game since the feeding by everyone was off the charts. But you see, that sample size isn't enough, my anecdotal evidence has no weight here. I don't have the information to make a strong statement if that is how it always is. So I decided I was not good enough and went back to normals to practice and widen my champion pool. Also I should of banned {{champion:236}}. learning from mistakes, taking responsibility for my own poor performance. I play a lot with friends in normal and the rotating game modes.
Baseball is a game. Football's a game. Rugby's a fucking game. All have leagues that are exclusive. All have limitations in organized play. And yet any of those games can also be played with a bunch of friends in a casual setting with no structure. So your argument is again - using the same exact argument - invalid. There was a _point_ to solo-queue. You either played to try and be competitive or you played to have some fun with friends in normals. The game wasn't fucking "exclusive", there were just areas where you'd go to do your shit and everyone was fucking fine. Everyone had a place. Everyone could play. As it is now? Now it's exclusive. Now you're pressured to "rank with friends". I never wanted to fucking rank with friends because my friends weren't nearly as competitive. I didn't want to carry them through ranked games because I couldn't tell if they'd deserve it or not that way. And yet everyone thinks having one high-tier player carry them automatically makes them deserve the rank they get? No. That kind of logic is fucking booster logic. You learn nothing about yourself if you're _always_ being supported by somebody that cleans up after you. The point of solo-queue was to always learn your own strengths and weaknesses, both in teamplay and in general because the focus was on _you_ not your team. And you clearly missed the goddamn point of that.
Criztov (NA)
: When Dynamic Que was put in place it was to fill a hole for people who had 2 or maybe 3 friends that they played with regularly and couldn't fill 1 or 2 spots for the ranked teams. I am a player that fell into that donut and tried, unsuccessfully, multiple times to get a team of 5 to play regularly. Is dynamic Que perfect, no it isn't, but to think that somehow a ton of people will suddenly be able to get boosted to Diamond is at best hyperbole, and at worst paranoia. A dynamic team that has a couple of really high level players and one or two significantly weaker players will hit a ceiling if the weaker players do not improve, and that ceiling is going to be below diamond. The ONLY way that rankings would lose meaning is if suddenly the more than 90 percent of players currently below platinum were all able to be carried into those higher ranks. At the end of the day, there aren't enough high ranking players to be able to do this, and even if there were, the great majority of players would get bottle necked when it came to promotions.
A fair point. But you can also just play normals, which has always been that one major detail that I've always held against Dynamic Queue. I can not go into normals and expect to be grouped with nothing but other solo players and measure my ability. Now I can not go into ranked and expect that, either. Granted that duos have always been a thing, but they were also manageable. They were also generally hated in solo-queue anyway, and the solo-queue that Riot said they were meant to be working on was **a dedicated solo-queue**. No duos, only solo players. It wasn't going to be the old queue, it'd be a new standalone. And that was fine. That was the ultimate dream of us all. Now what do we do? The key problem that you cannot argue against is that you have always had a place for yourselves. We could not argue with you about what to expect and could not criticize it. The place was meant for your group. Now imagine that we tore that away from you instead.
: Dynamic Queue lowers toxicity in game and more people are playing ranked than before. which of these things do you disagree with and think we should stop having?
More people doesn't mean better, first of all. It's like if the Minor Leagues had completely open rosters and let everyone in to do whatever they wanted - people who aren't going to try to play competitively would make it completely unviable as a competitive measurement. Second of all, Dynamic Queue lowers toxicity of people in full groups. It actually increases the toxicity for people having to play solo. So I'm going to stand by my statement. Dynamic Queue is inferior and has no place. And thank you for proving that not only do you not, as somebody who has played "too many duo games" (yes, op.gg can tell), do not understand what playing the game solo is like right now, but that you legitimately are too inconsiderate to care.
Woook3r (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=For Carthage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ahalJqEb,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2016-06-01T03:14:09.974+0000) > > It's also been stated you are more likely to queue with and against non-solo teams more often as you rise higher in ranks. And spikes in Diamond. Drastically. > > I'd like you to take a look at Dominick's rank. > > I'd like you to take a look at your rank. > > While rank shaming isn't nice, this is an actually fucking proven - **with Riot admitting it** - fact that you, as a player, will not face the same issues as those higher in rank. And that is why you haven't a clue what you're talking about. If riot gave you a banner for playing 75% or more of your games as a solo, would that make any difference? It signifies that your rank reflects solo ability, same as the gold banner does.
Okay, clearly unlike you, I actually took the time to read all of the announcement that Riot made so I could make sure I was fully informed about what I was arguing against. Not only are Diamond players astronomically more likely to be grouped against full 5 teams, but they have a significantly higher chance of losing solo as teams of full 5's tend to win much more often when faced against solo players. And that is the difference between your experience and his.
Miror B (NA)
: Hmm, so people who don't actively care about queues went from neutral to "sociopathic and inconsiderate malcontents who want to murder this game from the inside"? Pretty sure these threads have gone full Trump, it's time to make LoL great again...
Dynamic Queue supporters. People who support Dynamic Queue over Solo Queue. If you're completely indifferent, then... I mean, you're completely indifferent. This clearly isn't aimed at you. I don't know what else to say on that topic.
: > [{quoted}](name=BakedLotion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ahalJqEb,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-01T03:06:26.363+0000) > > What's even worse is that they admitted that dynamic queue is bad for individual skill, but still went through with it. > > "We agree dynamic queue standings don't reflect pure individual skill as well as a solo ladder" They sort of misrepresented that statement. Think of it like this... You have a Street Baller. He's amazing. You have an NBA Player. He's amazing... and can work in an organized structure. Which one is more Skilled? The guy with Individual Talent... or the guy with Individual Talent that can employ it in a proper System? Solo has been Street Ball... they want to make sure we can do more than just hit shots and break ankles, that we can also work a sound Defense and set picks for our Team Mates. They want to incorporate MORE Skill to the Rank that Individuals need to be Effective Team Players, and not just some Solo Cowboy Yolo. They did a piss poor job of coming out and saying that flatly, despite beating the hell out of the bushes all around that statement. It's not really about de-emphasizing Individual Skills, but putting more Team Skills on an Individuals portfolio. In other words, they don't want 5 1v1's... they want us to try to work and think like a Team regardless of if Solo or Pre Made.
First of all, the NBA player's team requires a full team to play and cannot be set up with other random players. Literally not allowed. That is the first reason why Dynamic Queue makes no sense in this context. Second of all, this statement doesn't work as full teams of 5 will face against full teams of 5, teams of 4+1 are supposed to be likely to be grouped against teams of 4+1, teams of 3+2 are supposed to be likely to be grouped against teams of 3+2, and so on and so forth. So what this means... is that at no actual point are we encouraged to work more as a team. If this were the case, it would be nothing but rampant chaos where everything was grouped against everything and the only way to excel would be to be consistently capable working with any group of people at any time. This is not the case, nor should that actually be the case because, as I said, there is a place for it. In ranked teams. Teams measure team skills, solo measures solo skill. **That is the actual point**. The other thing is that this post assumes that 5 solo players don't work as a team. And in low elo's (sorry if you are), they generally don't, at least not consistently. Diamond and up try to all the time. The reason Diamond and up try to all the time is because the difference in skill between one player and another is so slim it's almost immeasurable. When they still had the spectate option, I was able to watch Master tier players lose their lanes to low Diamond players by themselves. Generally, the reason they were Master tier wasn't just because they were good. The reason they were Masters was because they focused on something outside of just themselves and so enabled their teams to win more often over the low Diamond players. That has always been the case. Dynamic queue fails to measure this anymore because now you can pick and choose your optimal team - who you work best with, who supports you best, etc. It halts **all** solo measurement this way as you are never fronted with adversity - you never have to overcome your weaknesses because you're not presented with them. You never have to compensate because you choose people who do that for you. That is why Dynamic Queue has no justification. It simply, by all argument, has no place. And if we took the scenario I gave where it's nothing but chaos, it'd be so ungodly toxic to play in that nobody would even play alone.
: Even if I agree I hate how stubborn riot is I find it funny when people post "fuck you riot im leaving the game because ___". Most of the time people come back because they see people agree with them and they still like parts of the game and have a desire to play. If you wanted to just send a message to riot an email is more likely to be seen by an employee.
Have actually tried that. I can actually screenshot it and show you what I wrote up and their response. Their response, by the way, was that "The boards is the place to post these things as we **follow them closely and comment frequently**". While that last statement I actually got them to buckle and say "The best place to post these things are, **unfortunately**, on the boards", they literally told me they could do nothing and so would do nothing. Not even send it to higher people. So, ah, please, tell me how I'm going to send them a message they'll actually get? And I'm serious. If you want me to screenshot it, I'll just have to switch OS's as my laptop doesn't have a hotkey function for screenshots and most of the shortcuts don't work on a non-native OS.
Woook3r (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dominick Destine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ahalJqEb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-01T03:00:36.746+0000) > > This. > > My performance as dropped so bad since solo queue was removed.... it used to be that individual skilled mattered so much more... now it's about having the right people to queue with. Funny. Lolking says my mmr has risen about 300-400 points and I never q up with anyone.
It's also been stated you are more likely to queue with and against non-solo teams more often as you rise higher in ranks. And spikes in Diamond. Drastically. I'd like you to take a look at Dominick's rank. I'd like you to take a look at your rank. While rank shaming isn't nice, this is an actually fucking proven - **with Riot admitting it** - fact that you, as a player, will not face the same issues as those higher in rank. And that is why you haven't a clue what you're talking about.
: Actually, how I get most of my Pre Made Groups is organic... through games I play that day, running into players that do well enough and have good attitudes. We invite each other, groups form. Very few players walk in with a Daily 'Same 5', and most that do are Higher Elo who do a lot more organizing (scheduling) than less invested Lower Elo players. And whether I'm the Solo (my last 23 or so Games in Ranked were all Solo before my net went to crap) or Grouped, I always try to interact with ALL my Team Mates, whether they are Pre Made or not and whether I am Pre Made or not. But hey, that's just how I do.
I will emphasize "probably". An exception does not make the rule.
: God forbid they reward and emphasize team play in a team game. That's like playing football and saying you don't like they added teams to football, because you like playing alone. It's foolish. Dq is FAR superior to SQ
..................... Kid, there is a queue for teams. It's called Team Ranked. And following your argument to the fullest extent, in football it's required you have a full team in order to even play or you're disqualified. You're also not allowed to bring in random players from out of nowhere to fill spots, you must have them already drafted and signed up. Oh, but you can also play football casually. With friends. With any number of people. Isn't it fucking funny how this game used to function on the same logic as the real goddamn world?
: Why don't we just start a boycott/Embargo?
Flitchee (NA)
: Because a handful of people are an accurate representation of the multi-million sized player base. Not saying I like DQ, tbh I'm fairly neutral, but by claiming most people hate it, when every thread about it ALWAYS consists of the same people day in and day out, it has barely been a fraction of people that hate it. You know the real problem? When people lose, instead of looking, oh shit i messed up here, here and here, They just go, oh look a premade, yeah that's why i lost, nothing i could do about it. People are using DQ as a scapegoat for why they suck, or are losing. Yeah I'm not a fan of it, I'd prefer the old q settings, but you know what? Things change, and if you don't like it, its a game, take your time elsewhere, who cares, but we all know these people will quit for a week and come back. Bring on the downvotes baby.
I'm not downvoting this. Just like to point out your first sentence can be flipped to argue against Dynamic Queue as well. It's double-edged.
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XeroKimo (NA)
: I don't know. I see 2 birds 2 stones
But one has a face. The one under Taliyah's feet. Is that a champion? Weird how it got a cameo in her splash.
: I'm quitting
While Dynamic Queue still sucks ass. Your post is quite good indeed. Sorry, "gud".
: They fucking need to tho. this game is getting outta hand and people like Riot tantrum are not looking at the big picture on how to handle toxicity. I play both this game and HOTS. HOTS not only has a much better punishment system, but you can also report in the game itself and they are punished the moment they come out of the game. you don't have to basically SUFFER throughout the whole game to report the person. AFKs are also dealt with by bots.. I've talked with a few of my friends who cover E-sports and they have all said that if riot wants people to watch their game on ESPN, they need to come up with a better punishment system, and hell, prisioners island is the best thing out there.. You group toxic players together and leave normal games out for people who aren't toxic or can become toxic because of those players.
The other part of it all is that it doesn't necessarily block people from playing. It tends to just match people with other people like themselves. Lyte actually said in a statement on him resigning from Riot that "everyone wants to see the game grow, even the angry ones". While controlling the location of toxicity, you also teach people control and when to stop. That's a great thing to have in a game. Banning is such an archaic response to such things when it should really only ever be used to stop people who're destroying gameplay - scripters, hackers, people legitimately trying to ruin others' game experience. That's bad. Death threats are certainly going far, racism is definitely pushing things, and we could argue if those should be included. But those others just innately destroy things while some guy making a homophobic remark is mutable. Online games do pull people from all over and get such a variety of different types of people - hell, some even have drug abuse issues, and I've played with a couple that have. I've played with a bipolar and a schizophrenic as well. Some are mild mannered and quiet and others will snap at you if you so much as miss a skillshot. But with a variety of different people comes a variety of reactions, expectations, backgrounds, and so forth - the Summoner's Code itself says this and states that you can't tell what a person's background is, and though somebody acts some way, it doesn't necessarily mean that's all there is to them. It also says to the people who do act those ways that they should try and refrain from doing such things. But it doesn't just say "You're a terrible person if you do do it" - it just says "We don't want you to do it, but we realize it happens." Like, here, take a bloody look at the document. So few people even realize what the hell it even says or means and Riot follows it so bloody seldom themselves that it makes me wonder if they even were the ones to write it half the time: http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/ It's a fucking document that basically states, "These are gamers, this is an online game. You will not always get to deal with people like you and you will not always get to deal with people you like. But we're all here to play." You don't have a document like that and act with indignation, but that's what Riot's been doing since they implemented the automated system. If the system bans you, that is it. You don't come back and Riot basically says, "Regardless of any issues you may have personally, you are a terrible person and should not return." And while yeah, toxicity shouldn't necessarily be ignored, I'd find it just as toxic if I'd have to go through an entire game in total silence just because asking why my mid-laner hasn't built Zhonya's against a Zed might make them break down and cry (an exaggeration, but more often than not it's instead met with a flat out "Fuck you"). I don't want to play with paper-thin skins just as much as I don't want to play with the guy screaming death threats, but at the same time the variety of people is what brings flavor to the game. That's why the mute button key exists and why you don't necessarily have to just deal with each other's bullshit other than gameplay - because from one game to another you can have nothing but the harshest team with hides of steel and tongues sharper than a diamond spear and the next it's "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" happy hour. And I don't know, to me that's always been just kind of the charm as well as the curse of the game. But at the same time, that's also what keeps me talking about it with anyone. I can discuss lore to an extent and I can discuss gameplay to an extent, but the never-ending flow of stories from your games just doesn't run out and the people you deal with or play with as well. But I'm also a weirdo that can type out a goddamn codex on an Internet forum and expect people to actually be able to read it, so it may just be my insanity.
: Riot's said in the past that they don't want to set up a "Prisoner's Island" queue like DotA has. That's basically why we have the system we do now.
It's much better and more effectual as a whole, and honestly is almost necessary if you want to see toxicity levels drop. Their current system doesn't accomplish much (if anything) when it comes to controlling toxicity. We can already see proof of that various times in the past. If they're really so against the idea, then they absolutely cannot have an automated system as an automated system is blind and works off of very fallible logic algorithms, which means it will probably punish people wrongly more times than it punishes people correctly. That isn't to say there's multitudes of innocents that are being banned by the system - probably not many are. But a lot of punishments probably go out to mild offenders while major offenders are never truly affected by their actions. That is, quite honestly, absurd. As the game grows, this becomes more and more of a necessity because obviously if every report case was handled by regular people, Riot's support team would likely be 90% of the company to compensate. But the reason this queue is set up in other games is because those other games expect that to be the case - that they can't handle every single report at once and so need a kind of purgatory while they look into serious offenses. The issue with not using this is you get the current frame of things - bans are utterly automated based on numbers and have no kind of real judgment. Hell, if you queued up with a friend and he just reported you every single game just because, he could probably end up getting you punished as well regardless of if you said nothing or not. So we have two forms of crowd control that Riot can use: smash anything that moves with a ban hammer or keep it actually rounded up and organized. Also, using the phrase "Riot's said in the past" isn't valid when they've flopped on so many of their past statements it's rather insulting.
: https://youtu.be/pm25hDxbXHI at 1:20 couldn't find a gif
............................... I honestly can't tell if that anime is idiotic... or ingenious.
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: All the people complaining that DQ is ruining their lives can't deal with change. LOL. They are the ones that you see are too scared to deal with new things. Go cry your tears to a place that matters like runescape NOOB.
Yes. If I were to kneecap you, that would certainly be a change for you, wouldn't it? Just remember not to cry when I do it. Only pansies can't deal with change. Even when the change is negative and completely idiotic. Tell me, child, do your parents allow you to even touch scissors?
brisker6 (NA)
: HOTS is a steaming pile of dog shit and I dont care what they do, that game sucks dog nuts.
To each their own, there's good and bad in both products, although at the moment the base matchmaking mechanics of HotS are far more intuitive to its players than League's. That's less a statement on the gameplay than the client and service than anything, though.
: god do you people ever stop the queue is fine grow up you entitled kid
Explain how this makes us "entitled"? An example: you have some special food you like. You like it just how it's made by a certain place and you enjoy the experience. Then they decide rat droppings actually would make the meal better. You declare your distaste and want them to change it back because you honestly believe they've changed the product for the worse. I declare you entitled and dismiss you. Please, tell me how you don't look like a right ponce in saying this. I would like to hear your justification.
: http://www.nerfplz.com/2016/05/dynamic-queue-why-its-harder-to-climb.html
That's new champ select, not dynamic queue. Dynamic queue is the ability to create premade lobbies and rank with them.
: http://%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ - Free riot points! Check out this page with free RP codes :) Only three steps in 5 mins and you will get your code free!! VISIT, DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY BETTER GAME!
I'm going to take the moment to just say: I hate you. Fuck you. Quit trying to scam people and get out.
Raoul (EUW)
: I am a support Main. Queueing alone is hell for me,because I have to rely on strangers, and even the best support player cant carry an incompetent team. So you tell me, that support players should be at the mercy of random teammates, and that their skill as a support mean nothing when they queue with someone they know they can count on? And we dont exclude others. When we queue with 3 or 4, we even put our TS contact in the pre game lobby...
When was support placed on such a bloody pedestal? ADC, if your support isn't with you, then your time is miserable. Jungle, if your lanes don't coordinate with you, your time is miserable. Top, if you can't rely on your lanes and your opponent gets fed off a teleport or god forbid you're getting your ass camped while your jungler farms, your time is miserable. Mid is just fucking miserable almost 100% of the time no matter what you do because of the amount of ways you can get buttfucked from a gank or the amount of champs that can buttfuck you no matter who you are. So you're saying... that all other players should be put at the mercy of a premade three looking out for their own wellbeing? A premade 3 that may or may not actually be at all qualified to be in your MMR? I'm going to be honest: this kind of thinking is disgustingly egocentric. It truly is. The belief that support is so horrifically tortured that its problems overshadow all other roles and lanes is absolutely absurd. This really is no justification for the existence of this queue. On your final note, if they don't have teamspeak or don't join? Which likely happens a lot. Once you get in the game, you can't honestly say you include them. Just stop trying to justify this nonsense. "Trying" to include does not mean you actually do. Ultimately, you just don't because your friends are more important. You aren't thinking about what's best for the game, you're thinking about what's best for your friends, and conceptually that doesn't always coincide with actually winning. So then what was the original point of solo-queue then that had it be justified? Because it measured you - personally you - as a player. Your skill. How you dealt with different situations. It put you in a variety of situations and tested your mettle. Yours. Hell, as I said, nobody who was playing solo even liked duos in solo-queue. They just didn't hold any justification and often weren't fun to play with because - as I've covered - ultimately, your partner takes precedence in all situations. If you have friends, find another and go play teams. That's what my college mates and I did. No, it wasn't a regular thing, but it was fun, and otherwise normals suited us just fine. But the only place to almost foolproof just gauge ability and compete by myself was solo. That's gone. What's left?
Meep Man (NA)
: I... don't recall four players in Hero. I think that was changed a decent while ago. I recall it when the game was still in Beta I think... maybe... anyways, I don't perfectly recall. You may be right.
I know for certain it was still in place up to a month or two after official release. Can't say for sure after that.
Ada Wong (NA)
: There is nothing wrong with dynamic queue, just the toxicity, of players who (FLAT OUT SUCK) then argue in game and force players to have to (/mute all) to avoid hearing it... And whats wrong with HOTS????
Kalameet covers your first part pretty nicely. Second part, nothing major, honestly. A year ago I could honestly say it showed Blizzard's general "We want to make money with this and that's about it" attitude, but they've made a very large amount of changes to bits that were clearly out of place and against good game feel that I have to say they are actually putting effort into the game. They're two different games in the same genre, so they ultimately have different fanbases. Now while they're different games, basic game functionality should generally be the same because there is only really one right answer to how to best go about game organization. An example: You have two stores - a clothing store and a grocery store. Clearly you go to one or the other for two different things. However, at the clothing store, you go swipe your card, pay, and you leave. Easy, simple, good. The grocery store, you swipe your card, they kick you in the shins, demand a tip, pay for the goods, and _then_ you may go. While they fulfill different needs, the same basic concept that goes into a "store" is clearly being done wrong by one of these examples. That's what this post is saying. Back to your question, short answer: HotS is fine, has some balance issues, but it's a young MOBA and really no different from old League, so eh.
Raoul (EUW)
: How exactly are we ruining the fun? We still ping, we chat in english and we pick the right champions for the role and build them right.
Firstly, it's ranked. Things are more serious, but that is part of the fun - the competitiveness. This however means that you have three players paying less attention to their other teammates and considerably more to whoever they're with - people never liked duos before in ranked to begin with because there honestly was a crystal clear and innate disconnect between the duo and the rest of their solo compatriots. It's just how it goes - you can say you don't do it, but you show preferential treatment to your premades. You do. Even I have done it and I don't like when I do it, either. The other thing is that this actually complicates the general ranked queue in that should those other players ever - _ever_ - go into a ranked game alone, their MMR is likely heavily skewed, meaning they can get placed in matches much higher than they should _ever_ be in. If you don't think this is the case, try hitting the MMR checker on op.gg - it literally states "You've been playing too many duo games" and your MMR is likely inaccurate. Legitimately. This actually very much ruins - and I mean completely destroys - the meaning of your ranking in the ladder. There's also a final bit where dynamic queue really doesn't measure much. Like, what part of your skill is it measuring? Your personal skill? Well no, if you're grouped up, you could very easily just be getting carried. Your team's skill? Well no, there's a high chance you're going against unorganized players, and so this measurement will likely be inaccurate. Your adaptability? Well no, you're able to remove a lot of the random elements that solo-queue would more likely throw your way. So... what is it measuring? Nothing. Look at it like this: I want you to weigh several individual objects. So you put them all on the same scale, balance it out with weights, and tell me the total sum of all these parts. But when I ask what each object actually weighs itself, you just stare back blankly because you don't know - that's dynamic queue. By trying to weigh everything at once on the same scale, it ultimately measures absolutely nothing other than an utter total of everything you threw on there. The only difference here being that you likely don't even know what you put on there.
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