: > [{quoted}](name=Blue Mystified,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RmFYBaNE,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-10-22T18:41:03.491+0000) > > This, so much. Every single time i get into ranked i end up at 90-99 LP and stop being motivated to play because the cancerous idea that i have to win 3 more games in a row after already going on a winning streak (which is already the only way to even climb LP) is just the definition of unfun. > > edit: They shouldn't allow you to place between 95-100 lp. Just give me the extra 5. if riot lowered it to 95, then people would complain about 94 LP not leading to promos. Then riot would lower it to 90. Then people would complain about 89 LP not leading to promos and so on. As u see, that doesnt solve the problem at all. I think that extra LP should be given back after promo series regardless of outcome. If promo is lost, the extra LP should be refunded even if it leads to another consecutive promo. If promo is won, then the excess LP should be transfered to next tier.
Yeah the partials to 100 will always bug ppl but I've brought up the solution for this starting 3 years ago falling on deaf RIOT ears. Points over 100 should carry over, especially since losses in your series are negative points. So if you were at 95 LP and got +22, the 17 would carry over. If you went 2-0 in your series you'd start the next division at 17 LP. If you went W-L-W and the loss gave -12 then it'd still buffer it so 100 - 12 + 17 = 5 LP start next division This way you don't have huge wasted LP from going over cap, yet for some reason we're still punished with -LP on losses in a series
: What should be the state of hybrid damage champions in League?
{{item:3124}} is pretty much hybrid damage but tailored to on hit effect stacking. I'd really want to see someone who has equal AP and AD scaling so they can choose whether to be AP or AD equally depending on the comp's needs. Also allows them to build for item passives since both AD and AP are useful {{champion:75}} is kinda like that but doesnt build much AD and relies on stacks or can be E build AP
: Why do promos still exist
_I totally want to play a game that's worth 1 LP to go from 99-100 then need to win 2 more worth absolutely nothing to rank up /s_
: Aproximately two months ago, I was expecting to move up to honor level 1 relatively soon I havent had any issues (* shown by only having two games in the ban instead of the usual 3-5)
2+ months ago you were having behavioral issues and punishments up until now and it didnt kick in for you that you needed to change?
: How does this deserve a perma?
So much irony when you're bashing your team on their item builds and starts when your advice on them is so damn wrong. Along w your wrong item builds, masteries, ability skill ups, and runes while pretending like you know what you're doing and flaming others
: Will there ever be a chance for players to unban their account/s if they can prove themselves?
You get plenty of warnings and bans before a perma. If it finally takes a perma to get through to someone then that their problem now >as when you flame you do not think about what you are saying "So I'll go shoot someone but didnt realize that they might get hurt or die at the time, so let me out of jail ok?" 1. Damage already been done 2. Think a little
: ..that's exactly why they're getting vaulted lmao.
Then they bait people into buying Legacy chests/boxes at a higher price than normal ones to get the cheaper ugly old skins :/
Chip10 (EUNE)
: 14 day suspension because of bronze players logic
Blaming others for shit you type has nothing to do w bronze rank, has 100% to do with YOU and the problem with your mentality
: Every day of my league career
I wish it was as easy as homework and exams... now it's work, wife and childcare
Rioter Comments
: For someone so reliant on their ultimate, Evelynn's R should be on a lower cool down, at least early
> For someone so reliant on their ultimate, R should be on a lower cool down, at least early > needs to have a lower CD early game since she's so reliant on using it to even kill people early game and be proactive. > 120 CD feels too punishing early. > 100 would be better as she'd have the tools to go for more aggressive plays and get snowball going, as an Assassin's supposed to do. Buff {{champion:238}} too Exact same arguments
Rioter Comments
Yenn (NA)
: Jungle hitting level 6 before solo lanes, without ganking or taking lane CS, is really not okay
Shyv cant powerfarm before her first component especially with her lack of sustain Their bot lane either gave a super leash or you bot lane just fucked up and missed out on too much exp. Same with you Theres no way a jungler, especially Shyv, hits 6 before laners now with normal leash and clears. At best she can hit level 4 before going back from first clear at which laners will surpass Even with full clear and a scuttle you'd be just over 1500 exp and it takes 1720 to hit level 5, so enlighten me on how they hit 6 as you claim
BabyNaix (NA)
: Yep the only one that improved the game
Dying less than 7 times mission attempted to curb dumb plays
FooDang (NA)
: Yup, its their fault anyways.
Nah, pinging on my way, but not to gank Taxing all lanes inc
: i completed this mission before i even saw that it existed, lol. it's 75 gold people... 75...
Usually comes with a refund too when you see someone put a ward down then place the control ward to clear it and get 30 back {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: it is for 80% of the team...
I almost always have the most control wards placed in my games in Gold as Jungle
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Zed? https://i.imgur.com/15uprBg.png?b At least you have a way to counterplay him with a shitty item or a Summoner's spell. Try one of those gems: {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} You either have a pick that utterly dominates them at every point of a match or you can go AFK.
: he was a cancerous, obnoxious early game jungler, pretty sure he got hit for being overbearing.
Shows how much you know. Hec is a mid-late game champ who needs at least 2 items to do well. He cant even fight other champs before 1 completed item which is why hes not taken anymore. Invade Hec with any meta jungler and he has to run, all the while having a slow and weak first few clears while meta junglers can do a buff and 2 camps then gank with huge dueling power
Hellmet (NA)
: Exactly, they should get rid of the current imports all together. If you want to build a franchise in the America you need to do it with... wait for it.... Americans. I hate the fact that most of these teams can't even communicate in English.. or that the damn coach can barely speak it.
With that rule then we'd kick out Bjerg and Sven b/c they arent American either
: No If I rather not see teams import 5 players speaking Koreans. I rather not see interviews in NA LCS with translators I don’t mind seeing a few Koreans in each team because they have an incentive to learn English and intergrade
So essentially you're all in favor of racism Danish & EU players playing on NA teams speaking English - "No problem" Korean players on NA teams - "GTFO of my country" FYI many Koreans and Chinese know English and can learn English you bigot
: Thanks for the new quest
You dont need to use all 3. End of game just buy one, sell it, buy another, sell it, buy the last one Only morons try to compete with all 3 at the same time which isn't RIOT's fault for people's stupidity
: My personal opinion on the matter is that the game that was built at the beginning with: Burst > Sustained > Tank > Burst was one that worked. It also has costs, namely people dying instantly with very little counterplay. When we changed unconditional burst to not be a viable strategy (think old LB, old Rengar), we also removed one of the checks for ADC's. On the flip side, mages are now more sustained damage threats in themselves (since their power is translated) and can rival ADC's in mid game as well. Ultimately, we could give sustained AP the best late game scaling (as champs that can miss), but it is not a trivial problem space and there are a lot of run-on problems from solves in this space. Needless to say, we certainly hear you and something we debate about on a regular basis and are not particularly happy with, but again it is a large and difficult project.
Yet right now the Sustained > Burst as well because of lifesteal. ADCs can straight up lifesteal tank out the burst damage then kill the burst caster whether mage or assassin before their next rotation of CDs come up Theyre the biggest culprit of lifesteal by far when burst and tank get much less regeneration
: I know, compared to the top teams, it's rare to see someone not turn sloppy after not getting a certain champ. You need a wide variety of champs to be able to play if your main gets banned, or picked. They practice a lot, but they don't practice smarter, korean solo queue players are just as bad and toxic as NA players. Scrim more, don't play solo queue players. I bang my head in a wall for 2 hours every time Reginald talks about being a hard worker via versing korean solo queue players. That's the equivalent of Lebron James and his fellow players playing with a high school basketball team in order to practice for the NBA finals. It's also bothersome everytime they play because they don't play as a team. They're just 5 pretty good players in NA without any chemistry at all. I'm no TSM or NA fan, but that's just my perception of why NA keeps getting an early leave.
A big part of this too is due to Koreans needing to register their social security for an online account so they cant just be some troll hidden behind an anonymous name. When they play they have their few accounts to keep playing at the top or practice with scrims so people know who they are, opponents react to those players forcing those players to do better and adapt even more Meanwhile in NA, the "pros" have multiple accounts then go derp around on diamond 2 smurfs to "practice" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Here's my take -They copy LCK instead of playing their strengths -They're too passive or too aggressive -They don't take the game as serious as other regions
> [{quoted}](name=Astrophel,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=aHiW5X9E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-17T04:09:27.193+0000) > > Here's my take > > -They copy LCK instead of playing their strengths > -They're too passive or too aggressive > -They don't take the game as serious as other regions I really agree w this. 1. They try really hard to play meta but it seems like theyre out of practice when they make certain picks. Just super sloppy 2. Day 2 they looked like they were just purely reactive and playing not to lose. Too passive and just playing D doesnt get you a win 3. They seem to think theyre some sort of celebrity rather than a professional player first I'd blame both the players and the coach. The players dont seem to be able to have a plan when they pick the champs they need to play
MysterQ (NA)
: SKT Wolf vs EDG: We weren't Behind
It also depends on where the gold is. Matters more if its on the carries but if its evenly spread then its just half an item on each person, or if on the tanks then taking out the carries makes the gold diff insignificant
VnzKilla (NA)
: Looking to get Gold in Twisted Treeline 3v3 for them Graves Chromas
Thats the last queue I need too. Cant use discord though, have a 2 year old sleeping at night when I play
p0e0ix (NA)
: please send help... let there be someone who can help me T.T
Might want to look at your awful builds, runes and CS before blaming others
needHymn (NA)
: I don't think I'm understanding you, did you mean to say should, or shouldn't? I don't know Kayn very well so I'm not sure sure if he can or can't see like your describing. EDIT: I assume you meant to say should NOT. If so, then I agree, Kayn should only be able to see through the wall he's in. But it's possible there could be a game engine limitation here that would make it hard for Riot to implement that specific vision rules. I donno.
shouldnt* updated He can basically walk into the jungle, hit E then see the entire quadrant
needHymn (NA)
: Yo Riot, Kayn's wall surfing shouldn't reveal him through brush.
Then Kayn shouldnt be able to see through all walls, even the ones hes not in IE. if he's in the wall at blue buff he can see through the walls around wolves
: Im just upset that purple isnt the highest mastery. such a better color than the blue:P
I like purple the most out of those more than orange too
: K. explain mastery colors to me now:D Orange, purple, blue.
Mastery has nothing to do with Honor, and it's Red Purple Blue. Would have made sense for Honor to rank up in those colors too since that's what they started with, but instead RIOT had to copy Blizzard
Rioter Comments
: http://pickem.lolesports.com/share/series/4/user/4319127/my-picks this is mine
same as mine. pick top for every pair
: Predictions for Quarterfinals.
WE > C9 Their jungle impact is just way better than C9's contractz. Rookie exp ftl here
BabyNaix (NA)
: A lot of it was on Parth too. The pick and ban phase was terrible for us rip :(
Jayce pick {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: That was not Sven That was all on doublelift It's a late game adc meta and he loses to the nerfed cait.... he loses with twitch...
Dyrus going over the games with his input now https://go.twitch.tv/tsm_dyrus vs WE - Says Sven was ahead from power farming but didnt do anything useful with it. Didnt get flashes out of anyone or go top or mid since bot was a lost lane. Overall lost because no one had a plan vs MSF - says bot lane fucked up then Sven went in and fucked up on top of it from overstaying
Sukishoo (NA)
: You forgot the most important option Needs a new name :)
TSM is still works: Throw So Much
: Where's My Free Worlds Emote?
Dr Poro (EUW)
: How's your Pick'Em going?
0 points from Group D. I've never hit a goose egg before in the history of pickems until now. 13 on this acct and 14 on my other :/
: They should have kept Wild turtle The issue was, WT is a chill dude. You can see in videos he isn't aggressive, controlling, or the person to start blaming other. Watching videos of WT in TSM, you see Reggi always picked on him for mistake that WT was not a part of. Xspecial would always be the one to stand up. Surprise surprise, both of these players got kicked out So DL likely shittalked his way into ADC role laughing at WT publicly. I'm glad TSM lost 2 years in a role with DL. Clg couldn't keep in knowing how he acts (tilts, ego) and kicked him up. They have been better since
HIs attitude might not be aggressive but his plays are and incredibly reckless. Always caught out and always flashes in for kills to die. They even said with WT after he went to FlyQ that he might fit in better there because that team is aggressive and always forward so WT cant be "caught out" like he always is if the entire team is caught out with him
: TSM’s Big Mistake Was Made 6 Month’s Ago
DL is still better than Wilfturle who makes stupid plays like flash in for a kill vs 3 ppl only to instantly die after. DL also provides some shotcalling while WT is a huge liability. When it came to the decision which ADC to take it was a no brainer
MysterQ (NA)
: For a second, I really thought Sven got smited at the nexus. He was so useless, the game allowed green smite to hit him.
Casters even said Sven was level 8 and has yet to even use his ultimate and still just passively farming the jungle in the last game vs MSF. Totally useless. He almost always just derps around in a bush and waits for something to happen before throwing his ult out
: TSM’s Plan
Misfits wont beat WE
: This actually irks me a lot. But at least it clarifies my confusion a bit. Just bothersome because eSports are different in that sense where different compositions take time, etc. It's not like NFL tiebreaks where Point Differences are the deciding factor. I feel like tiebreak scenarios should have been done differently in a game where time forced strategies don't change a winning playstyle. Just my opinion though. Thanks for clearing that up.
How are you supposed to measure stronger wins then? Cant with KDA, damage, kills, gold, KP etc since those are either ratios or not correlated indicators
MysterQ (NA)
: Sven HIT an ult!!! He actually hit a Sej Ult and they win. Brilliant, if only he hit Sej ult every game.
LoL, ya. Biofrost and Hauntzer were the ones who kept the enemy team locked down though. Bio especially hitting all his stuff and ulting the enemy carries then getting out alive. All he did was Ult open. Look at the entire game too, Sven just sits in the jungle next to a lane for the entire laning phase. Zero pressure or help to lanes. Sven ults were basically vs the first target he saw, most of the time on J4 or blitz
: I really need to know what possessed TSM to put DL, back on the Twitch, and Sven back on the Sejuani. Like why are you doing the same thing over and over and hoping "hey maybe this time we wont get blasted."
Sven back on Sej? he was on J4 the game before and got out jungled hard. Flip the champs and Sven again getting out jungled Twitch x2 is really bad considering they have problems making it to late game
: > [{quoted}](name=ForFoxSakes,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=nH3a9VTO,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2017-10-14T06:09:19.136+0000) > > Bot lane didnt have a censer yet so we cant really say a nerf cait lost to a meta pick. All their champs were late game yes but Sven provided zero pressure on the map. Wouldnt even fight a solo Sej invading his own jungle > > Not just this game, but the other games in week 1 too where the rest of the team had to carry his ass while he got caught out multiple times. It's not JUST on Sven the last game sure, but he's not making any impact in any game You can't stop a Sej with a J4. J4 loses until level 6+. You also can't contest your jungle when your mid and bot lane were losing as bad as they were. I don't think I saw one point when Bjerg had more HP than Jayce. I dont recall one point where bot lane for TSM has decent HP when Sven was being invaded. Also, it's not about Ardent. It's the fact that Cait at this point is really weak. She actually had a 43% winrate. I get why some people here are complaining about Sven. I complained last week in his game vs MSF. The issue is, you can't try to attack the jungler this game. He played fine, almost as consistent as he normally does. The issue is, TSM laners can't enjoy the luxury of winning their lanes so like they do in NA. Fans are expecting Sven to do something to get them to win. You couldn't have swapped Sven with WE's Condi and the result would have been similar. What happened was not really influence by what Sven could have done.
So now it's flipped TSM with Sej and MSF with J4. J4 is now the one invading pre-6, ganking multiple lanes while Sven Sej is always late to help, doesnt gank yet getting outfarmed and running away from J4. There's a slow scaling Ryze mid to gank too, also flipped from the prior game. DL also getting dunked on too
: Yes, Sven is bad, but...
DL is cocky and toxic? Yet there's Sven who got suspended for racism. k
MysterQ (NA)
: DoubleLoss is not useless!! His {{summoner:4}} play almost rivals CodySuns. Except it was a bit too tryhard.
"hey guise i saw this sick move once in pro play"
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