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: Get ignite out of botlane
With how much sustain there is in the game now, ignite is used to secure 2v2 kills. Over the last couple seasons we got fleet footwork, doran's blade % lifesteal instead of 3hp per hit, relic shield proc heals came into play. All on top of burst being insane that even if exhaust was put down the damage is usually already done, or theyd just come back to fight again when exh was down
Azadethe (NA)
: To be fair that's an incomplete set of information, and he was originally building right. He wasn't good, but the game had 21 kills before 10 minutes.... 2 people dying a minute is amazing considering walk times. He was 4 of those, so yeah..... he did his part of the feed for sure. He was 1/4 by 10 minutes. It just seemed like a feed fest for everyone though, and rage is from the eye of the beholder, so even though he was the worst, he probably thought, If Xin hadn't fed Sona at level 4, I would have been okay, etc.
He's not building right. No one should EVER open ruunans then boost on top. Auto lose every single trade doing rapid fire tickle damage Pretty apparent thats why he lost lane and continued to feed when he was useless. Still never an excuse to get 20+ deaths. Even 10+ is excessive
: they literally said lets hold him hostage and try for a 100 min game and i never left the game i have the whole game if you need proof, theres no reaosning for me to throw a game because im not ejoying it i literally just got off a 14 day banned i was jsut tired of them letting each other push minions and give eahc other kills so the game owuld never end
You went on a 14 day ban vacation and literally learned nothing. If you didnt type so much they wouldnt try to troll you even more
: permanently banned after being held hostage
Holy shit.. thats you trying NOT to talk? Thats like 90% more than I every say when I do talk
Rexxiee (NA)
: Inb4 riot ignores the negative feedback and releses positional rank anyways
Flex was like that too. They said theyd try it out and if it got negative feedback theyd get rid of it. Everyone despises that queue and its still around
: Ranked 2019 will be more healthy, thanks =)
Plat mid laner main gets autofilled to silver support. "Hey guys I'm plat, let me mid and carry" Have fun silver mid laner vs plat swap It's gonna be a fucking nightmare
OkoiA (NA)
: Riot is sh*tting on mana gated junglers
Why would they ever balance around dumb shit like you wanting to use champs not intended to jungle or demanding to want runes tweaked so you can use them in the jungle. Even if a champ was mana heavy you already have the talisman for mana regen. Taking shit like DRing or tears on a jungler for mana is one of the dumbest complaints ive ever heard to balance the jg
: Game mode with three teams
One team gets totally assfucked from being ganged up on and another will be around just to clean up both sides
shoe6535 (NA)
: herald behind krugs glitch
herald walks thru them now :( I liked saving shelly for later
Taska2000 (EUW)
: how do I not tilt tho. ik I'm the problem I'm trying to work on myself.
Tilting from what? Then taking your jungle? Just ward so you can track where the other jungler is. Get deep wards in or ward where you anticipate where they'll be. so if he comes to invade you then just kill him. Khazix is much stronger than Rengar right now Go take his jungle if hes taking yours Go invade so if hes clearing his camps then you can kill him in his own side Stop buying so many pots and learn to use refillable pots on all your junglers Go invade and gank at level 3. Khazix is so strong right now he can kill most other junglers early on Why did you get a serrated dirk then finish your jg item? Either finish jg item first, or finish duskblade first. Dont get random components that delays your final item. Finished items are much stronger Evolve R first ALWAYS
: What's that site anyway? Look up your name then hit live game to see the player's stats when youre in the game
: "This champion should be nerfed because NA players are lazy and don't respect jungler gank power." ???????????????????????
most dont even know that just hitting WW will take away his bonus move speed, yet will continue to try to run or flash away to get chomped in the back and die. It's totally just more NA circlejerk cryfest
Taska2000 (EUW)
: Rengar counterjungle
sounds like a you problem and not a champ problem
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: My Friend Wants To Be A Jungler
: Kha Zix NEEDS a nerf
1. How the hell is his passive a CC? His leap is a long CD and low damage so i 2. Invis only kicks in if hes out of combat. He cant just fight and walk in a bush to disappear and leave 3. Poke also long CD and high mana. Cant just spam it while sieging. Also heal only applicable when hes in melee range. Get rid of that and he cant jungle 4. Very apparent you dont know what his invis is only out of combat
: I would think a 66 ward score @ 30 mins isn't bad....
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: Can someone that mains Zyra tell me HOW I didn't even get an S?
Low # of wards placed. KDA isnt the highest either, I'm pretty sure a higher value is worth more even if it's the same ratio. IE 6-2-20 is worth more than 3-1-10 especially since a 3-0-0 perfect KDA could get you a B while 10-0-10 also perfect would be S+
: PSA: Do NOT take Ignite when playing Aram.
{{summoner:32}} does true damage too with a much shorter CD than {{summoner:14}}. Does less damage but have gotten plenty of cleanup kills with a snowball. {{summoner:32}} also really useful to check bushes as well. IMO the best 2nd summoner spell regardless of champ. Can use to reposition, gap close, escape, added burst, vision all on a short CD
nm1010 (NA)
: Perfect example of what I think is wrong with smurfing (from a smurf)
I only roll on my smurf when I have to play with my RL friends, where 4 mostly just play ARAM and have never gotten out of bronze 3, and 1 other who is silver 4 at best. I dont want to duo with them in ranked when they have no idea how the game works and play it like ARAM with only 1 lane and totally clueless to the rest of the map. A lot of the time they're so bad its uncarryable IMO thats ok smurfing.
: Guess what champion I am
{{champion:5}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:62}} fits the descriptions
: What playing flex q for a month taught me about the game...
I just play on 2-3 accounts every season and thats how I tolerate it. Get main to gold 5 each season for the rewards then I'll do ranked on it when I feel like its in a fun/good/balanced spot AKA mostly just 40-50 games each season because trying to do ranked and really care when things are messed up just stresses me out Alt accounts to learn multiple champs and play without needing to fully care
Cardmant (EUW)
: Whats the max level? 671 in the lead right now. basically they buy exp boosts and just spam 7 min bot games since uncapped levels started.. nice life
: You're forgetting about AP Warwick buddy.
no one seriously does that shit build nor is the champ balanced around it buddy
Hibeki (NA)
: I would be fine with making his W so much more clear and consistent if they took off some power from Q. And I love warwick by the way, not really calling for nerfs. I liked that on release you could choose the style of maxing Q, W, or E first (I like to max W) But now its just Q every time
It's not Q max everytime. W max first is more beneficial in almost every way unless you do the shitty triforce Q build
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abca98 (EUW)
: Somebody tell me how I'm supposed to escape from Zoe if flashing away just gives her chasing tools.
1. Open Q instead of W first skill item for a healthier and faster first camp clear 2. Buy rejuv bead first instead of 3 pots on opening.... u dont need pots on WW 3. Buy bami cinder before finishing jungle item = faster clear, and more HP which would have helped you here 4. You can use your ult to leap away to easily survive there 5. You wards placed is crap (7 in the entire game) + look at map which could have seen zoe coming 6. Sidestep her stuff rather than flashing it 7. You misplayed A LOT before you even died Fix your shit before before blaming champs and abilities
: How about bringing back junglers to...well, Jungle?
So flipping this to laners PoV then, you think they'd be ok if it was a farm fest in lane with zero interaction with your opposing laner allowed and it's all just about who can last hit better for 15 min. Then at the end of that time we see who wins a 1v1/2v2 brawl based on last hitting abilities? Laners also are not allowed to roam because no one wants to have an unfair impact on another laner apparently That's basically what people bitching about but just tagging it to junglers
: > [{quoted}](name=420 grams,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Up4lRGmr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-19T18:25:39.925+0000) > > But then junglers lose impact because when your lanes start getting solo killed, what can you do? > > Plus have you ever just cleared the jungle for 20 mins? It's very boring It seems that everyone is finding every aspect of this game boring if it doesn't mean trying to kill one another non-stop.
So flipping this to laners PoV then, you think they'd be ok if it was a farm fest in lane with zero interaction with your opposing laner allowed and it's all just about who can last hit better for 15 min. Then at the end of that time we see who wins a 1v1/2v2 brawl based on last hitting abilities? Laners also are not allowed to roam because no one wants to have an unfair impact on another laner apparently That's basically what people bitching about but just tagging it to junglers
: > [{quoted}](name=PANAGIA PARTHENA,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Up4lRGmr,comment-id=00060003,timestamp=2018-04-19T22:08:48.674+0000) > > I was not checking here 2 years ago but why cant we have middle ground?Also it would be fine if gank oriented junglers like lee and elise could gank more than farm, but the fact that a kayn/yi/rengar/warwick can camp a lane for minutes with the laner knowing that if he gives just 1 kill he can fuck the rest of his team up, get outdueled/oneshoted for the rest of the game and losing his first turret is not nice. A few points. 1: To your previous post (about the 2:30 gank), junglers do not perform this gank because they "have nothing else to do". This gank happens because it has always happened. Clear buffs, hit 3, and try to screw top lane has been the early game jungle pattern for as long as there has been an early game jungle pattern. It's literally always been a thing, and is not new. The reason it's currently so fixated is because.. you don't want to keep clearing your jungle. The way jungler items work currently is that half of your sustain **and half of your bonus xp ** from camps is locked behind completing your smite item. This means that clearing a camp after hitting 3, but before you have your smite item, is a detriment. Said camp will kick the snot out of you and reward you with less xp, leaving you at a noticeable level disadvantage for the early section of the game. 2: Giving a single kill in the extreme early game (I.E. pre six) is no more dangerous than it has ever been. If being down one kill completely shuts you out of your lane - without further jungle intervention - than your problem exists entirely between the chair and the keyboard. Furthermore, this has always been a thing, and is not intelligent. A jungler jacking it in top lane for eons is retarded; top lane is the least important land and has the least objective control. You should pray to god that the enemy jungler camps top, sits in a bush, and wastes his time. Any farm you lose is perfectly fine; it gives your team the opportunity to crush more important lanes, clear up easier to take towers, and secure dragon.
> [{quoted}](name=MorganFreemanBot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Up4lRGmr,comment-id=000600030000,timestamp=2018-04-19T22:28:00.859+0000) The way jungler items work currently is that half of your sustain **and half of your bonus xp ** from camps is locked behind completing your smite item. This is wrong. You get the same bonus exp regardless if you have your smite item or machete/talisman. You just get bonus sustain because it combines the effects of the machete and talisman compared to just having one Junglers are hard ganking at level 3 right now because thats the only time where they're on even levels and items to solo laners
: You make the camps harder to kill... but make some camps help you kill the others... Like grump speeds up your attacks against monsters, or krugs de-buff monsters so they don't hit quite as hard. You gate the good rewards of the jungle behind them actually hurting to take. And you make the dragon/herald objectives be much harder early, if one or both of those effects isn't in place. Remember when supports shifting a dragons agro back and forth was a skill that was rewarded? You add more things like that to the rest of the jungle. Each camp should have smart ways to take them, that might be a bit slower but will negate some of the heavy damage.
There will always be some junglers who can just abuse this and power farm even more efficiently then go to gank before another jungler can even finish 3 camps. Will make so many junglers not viable just like the start of last season where only a handful of junglers were playable and super OP If the camps are too hard to kill or take too much time, then the jungler wont even bother w them and just go gank and leech lanes even more
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: Champion to learn and master?
{{champion:41}} High skillcap, can carry, sweet skins, global impact, mid or top, AD item reliant = more stable items
Rıbbon (NA)
: Well also the other team can unpause aswell should work just as a custom So therefore if their team wanted to troll. The other team has the choice to unpause End of story
They have a pause feature in SC2 and 99% of the time no one gives a shit about the other side and just unpauses. It's a free advantage that isnt the fault of the other team who has nothing to lose, while they have to believe other side is pausing for a legit reason and wasting their time. You want to believe that most people online are nice and understanding out there, but in reality when you'll likely never see your opponents again or ever have a face to them you dont care about them and would rather have your advantage and a win Just look at a lot of the Clash team names and tags out there with how racist and douchey people can get behind a computer with no repercussion. The teams I faced were named Jew and Nig
: Yeah, I could see this making it if it was available for the first 30 seconds of the game kinda like early re-makes are a thing. Example: went to get a drink but we loaded in SUPER fast Have to pee - didn't want to miss ban ETc
So just stop going to do shit while in loading screen. You have more than enough time in between games or and during the scouting phase. If you cant hold a piss for 15-30 min for the in game time then you have some problems
C9 Míd (EUW)
: As you said, this isn't LCS, so i think pausing to do regular small things is alright, besides, you only have 5 min of pause time, and waiting 5 min isn't very hard. Now the pauses for "troll purposes" is just a dick move, i don't think it will happen that often, besides, riot can for sure make it a reportable offense. Which means that you can get banned for it.
They wont ban you for using a feature in the game if they put it in, that's just stupid People can go piss or get a drink on their own time and in between games. Wasting "just 5 mins" of other people's time is still a waste of time and will lower the overall Clash experience
: Clash NA beta - What’s changing? Your feedback in action!
Honestly, just screw the set match times for the 4 team bracket. There's enough interest especially if you scrap the flex queue. Once 4 teams sign up at that tier then the tourney begins so people can Clash at any time. Winner of that would get a winners ticket for the scheduled 8 or 16 team brackets. Can use your tickets to pay for a team mate too if you have plenty from doing lots of 4 bracket Clashes, or redeem that ticket for a capsule if people cant do the 8 or 16 formats People playing at non set times can participate in Clash then at least
: If each team gets 5 minutes, then that's _only_ five minutes! When starting a game (especially in clash) we should be ready to dedicate _at least _ an hour of our time.. Sometimes even more! (Of course, most games won't even get that far but still!) Such an important game, like a Round of Clash, should have a function readily available just in case of emergencies. Abused or not, every team gets 5 minutes.. Not every player. When a losing team is just about to lose and they decide to pause.. then they aren't just wasting the other players time.. They are wasting theirs too! 5 minutes is not long.. and if they waste it and then they really need to use it.. Then they shouldn't have wasted it.
They cap the Clash games for a reason because they dont want it to be drawn out too long especially if its the 4 game bracket. Adding 5 min x 2 team x 4 games can max out at 40 mins of stupid wait time Games can be ended in 20. Why add 20% more "game time" for everyone because of 1 person needing to AFK lemme get a drink
: Why is the League of Legends Client so painful and horrible when downloading updates?
Same here. I can barely even open excel or surf a webpage when LoL is updating and it's stuck at the last 0.3mb remaining left to download forever
: We should implement a pause feature into clash so each team gets 5 minutes of pause time in case of bug splats/dcs/technical problems or even just to think/reset
This isnt the LCS where huge $$$ is on the line. This will be abused more than anything for troll purposes -about to win the game [LOSING TEAM PAUSE]. AFK to make them wait 5 min to get their win -about to win the game [WINNING TEAM PAUSE]. Shit talk the losers and hold them hostage for another 5 mintues -fighting over baron [PAUSE]. Fuck up the jungler's smite timing upon continuation In pro play abusing the pause is very punishable. Here anyone can do it for any dumb reason "I HAVE TO PISS, EVERYONE WAIT JUST FOR ME [PAUSE]" "GOTTA LET THE DOG OUT EVERYONE WASTE THEIR TIME FOR ME [PAUSE]" and it wont be regulated or punishable for abuse
: Clash NA beta - What’s changing? Your feedback in action!
I did my free ticket Clash run and my gripe was with the sub structure and screwing over the team if more than two people couldnt make it for the further days. I also didnt really like the spam of trying to find/recruit a team where theres hundreds of posts on the Clash board and you have to just dig through it all like a job posting board to see what applied to you. Make it like * If any of you have every played WoW, make it like a dungeon/LFG finder where you can pull up a page in the game lobby to filter what difficulty (tier) the team will run or you can opt to make your own team and list your team in the finder * The team finder will show the "scouting info" we saw for the other team before the matches, but you can browse the stats for the team you want to apply for * If you created a team, you can see the scouting info for those applying for your team, then choose to accept or reject for each position * Can list to also show if you need people to run for 1, 2 or all 3 days and the can pick accordingly so those who only want to run Friday can choose a team that will only play Friday and no one will feel screwed over
: They clearly want people to max Q instead of W.
W is maxed for the attack speed, not the active
: Clash Name... Tips. (Intended for Riot.)
Yeah the 2 teams I faced on Friday had tags "Jew" and "Nig"... Even the club tags still have some brutal names and they still havent done anything about it. In a game yesterday there was gays and pussy as the tags
: I went through like 50 gemstones so far. I would say you get 1 every...40 chests? so it's more than half a percent really..idk just my experience
> [{quoted}](name=High Quality H2O,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=f9tM4Qhj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-17T20:44:09.058+0000) > > I went through like 50 gemstones so far. > > I would say you get 1 every...40 chests? so it's more than half a percent really..idk just my experience You’ve purchased and opened 2000 chests!? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Question about Clash and smurfing?
yeah adding a Cell # doesnt really do anything. I can just use my GF who doesn't play's number and use it for my other acct. Same goes for other accts using friends cells who dont play or dont want to do Clash
: > [{quoted}](name=Ponderss,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hItNJJcn,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-15T21:53:39.032+0000) > > Do you know where you can look to see total hours played? a couple patches ago made things not so accurate though, ever since some 'API' change not all matches are counted
35 days. seems tiny compared to the years I played on WoW
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