: [OPINION] The new reworked Lethality items enforce Xayah/Kai'sa meta even more.
Usually I like the item changes they put in, but those items do indeed look lethal. I am not a heavy tank player and am not constantly asking tanks to be made unkillable like I see a lot of people doing. I personally think tanks are in a good spot for now, even with a lethality item change, I do not see myself having a problem holding my own (Malphite is pretty beast, lethality is not going to help you) as a top lane or support tank champion. The only real quam I have with the latest item changes, is that the builds are so friggen durpy. Like "Duskblade of Draktharr"{{item:3147}} is: just buy a ton of long swords{{item:1036}} . The new "Umbral Blade" is also, buy a ton long swords. Riot Please. You used to need to make some cool combo, not just mash the same button in the store until you were presented with 5 different options of high level gear. Taking out brawlers gloves makes me think they are just going to get increasingly more derpy, but what ever, the casuals probably understand it better. I also agree the whole burstyness of the keystone update, was an adjustment for me, and I would like to see some damage reduction (you know where throwing out 2 spells 2 autos will take you from 100%-0% HP) back to the point where all 4 spells and 4 autos might take you from 100%-20% HP, so that there was some actual battling involved before going in for the take down, not the derpy hooves playstyle of "Damn I hit 6 and I can see the other champ... ALL OUT!" that the game became since the update. Only time will tell, but I am hopeful Riot continues to make changes that people like and also changes people don't like. It always seems that eventually they get it all sorted out in some compromised fashion most of us agree upon.
: Why is AFKing/Intting/Leaving the game not a bannable offense?
"Leaving games" is a bannable offence. I was banned 2 days, 5 days, 2 weeks, then had the Tribunal come speak to me back in season 2 or 3. Why? Because leaver buster automatically detects people who leave games and hands out punishments. How many games did I leave? Maybe 1, but probably 0. The system was totally F'ed, giving me multiple bans for something I did not do, thankfully the Tribunal was a place where I could voice what was actually happening, and I was no longer in trouble (didn't get perma-banned). I don't know if it is still implemented, but the system sure is shit is not just automated. Salty GMs who loose to you will override the system to give players penalties for simply beating them (while trolling... hard trolling). If you want those leavers banned, hope they beat the wrong baby raging GM and then maybe they will get a ban for "leaving too many games" instead.
: Why play the game at all?
Can we start boycotting for balance changes to Diamond anyways?
: Promos < 10 LP... ok
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: Is there an outage or is it my computer?
League is up, no outage. Reboot your PC. or ipconfig /flushdns from command prompt.
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Calabok (NA)
: HAHA not gonna happen
: Petition To Remove Leaver Buster
For all you people voting no, justify as to why you think punishing people is a good thing that should be kept please. I do not understand your justifications, and it does not stop people from leaving just punish them after the fact.
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: Lel
Those are the ONLY two options... And it won't let me add a more options = (
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: Northern Kings Recruiting
IGN: ForbidenSoul Rank: Currently Silver IV. I was 2800 ELO during season 1 (challenger), season 2 started me off at 600 ELO, which is 300 points below bronze 5. I managed to climb up to silver or gold every season after my bronze 5 resets. Mains: I have unlocked 129+ champions, I do not have a main or secondary anymore. I am well versed with just about everyone. Secondaries: Strengths: Have many many years of DotA experience as well as playing LoL since the Beta was publicly released. I know alot of champions and how to play all roles. I have competed and won in many online tournaments and am familiar with playing in a ranked team setting. Weakness's: Dank memes If you are interested and having me play with you and your team add me in LoL, and/or reply on here. Thanks!
: NA Summer Finals coming to Toronto
T-DOT! Awwwe yeah. It's gonna be sick bitches and brohs. New York, Detroit, Vermont, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Kingston, Barrie, and tons I missed, we're all just a car/bus ride away. We can pack this place with people from all over. Don't need a pass-port if you already live in the country or are coming from the States into Canada. Get yo asses in gear, T.dot is gown be lit broh!
Ozyr (NA)
: Attempting to Report in Client Crashes Client
: It's really not that hard to figure out guys. Anyone saying that you can't fix the pathing because it leads to CS blocking seriously lacks critical thinking skills. It's very simple, you make the champion _**PUSH THROUGH **_minions instead of walking over them. I know, crazy concept. It's used quite effectively in starcraft 2 and it will work in this game.
> [{quoted}](name=GlitterPunch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K8Ws7gcn,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2015-11-19T16:42:06.651+0000) > > It's really not that hard to figure out guys. Anyone saying that you can't fix the pathing because it leads to CS blocking seriously lacks critical thinking skills. > > It's very simple, you make the champion _**PUSH THROUGH **_minions instead of walking over them. I know, crazy concept. It's used quite effectively in starcraft 2 and it will work in this game. That's exactly how it worked up until season 2 or 3 lol
Totalis (NA)
: Just get rid of ally minion block.
Agreed. Getting stuck on minions does nothing but drive me crazy, and it never seems to work in your own favor. You used to push minions (on both sides) out of the way. It would slow you down, but you would never get stuck. I think that way was better to be honest. Put it back or don't get stuck on friendlies please.
: That feeling when you get feedback that your report worked
I'm guessing that person got their account banned. That sucks dude. I'd be happier to see everyone get to stay rather then get screwed and most likely make a new account. Instead of tattling to RIOT you should just use your words and do something yourself. Stop the reports...
: Guaranteed way to get THE honor ribbon you want!
Go 25 Kills and 2 Deaths with malphite three games in row, you'll get your badge. Be an Honerable opponent you'll get one too. Great guide by the way...
Earthpine (EUW)
: My game is pretty slow
Go into your video settings in-game. The best fix for FPS increase is to turn shadows to low, or off. Lowering your resolution and other settings may help too. If you have a decent computer (I run the game at 60 FPS all the time on a dual core), and this isn't the only game or program that this happens to, your CPU could be overheating. Did you or someone take the heat sink off to look at the CPU? If you/they did, or it is overheating, apply some new **thermal paste** to it to stop it from overheating.
Mrfishii (NA)
: How to CS when getting harassed in lane?
Watch for when they cast their spells. If they have recently cast their spells, you can't get chunked down if they are on cooldown (heimer's turrets have cooldown as well.)
: Fuck this new Chicago server
Fuck you! Now you know what 79.9% or more of NA had to deal with Time zone..........Percent Eastern..............47.0 Central..............32.9 Mountain..............5.4 Pacific..............14.1 Alaska and Hawaii.....0.6 http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=607227 Good job on the server move better pings for all
: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
Is that 10 v 10 map coming anytime soon? It has only been requested since BETA release...
: It's Time -You- Listen Riot:
Good post. Personally I like the new boards better than the old forums with a few exceptions. Riot does what Riot does and tries to put a new spin on something that really doesn't need it. 1 case example. Let's have an add a new post button clearly marked where it has been located in every forum for the past 30 years. NO! lets put a spin on it and make it in a weird ass spot somewhere on the left, make it incredibly un-obvious and call it "Start a Discussion". Cool... but totally unnecessary You say the mods suck. That's their job... they come in with the ban hammer remove move and ban. That's all they do. The have no purpose here other than to be dicks. You wont see them doing anything in a positive fashion, because if there was something positive about a user post etc. they wouldn't have shown up. Mods suck, but that's their job and it is a necessary evil. You say the popularity thing is bad. Who knows, but the way I found this post is that it was currently the 3rd most popular, so I guess we will have to see how that goes.
: [GAMEPLAY] Kha'zix Teleporting bug/exploit
Just looks like some troll video edit to me. If the bug is real should be fixed, but sounds and looks fake to me. EDIT alright after watching some more videos, yeah looks pretty legit, my bad. That's a pretty intense cheat. FIX DAT SHIT!
: Teemo stealth passive
Try counting 1 Mississippi and 2 Mississippi and see if it is activated at the end of a full second, not the start. Could be possible though the twitches invisibility was off by quite a bit, and they fixed it.


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