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: The Youtube Algorithm guys..... That Algorithm..... Love it.... lol I really do sometimes. Random af
radetari (EUNE)
: One small problem Death animation ... of a child unless they pull a {{champion:20}} on us
PekiCodex (EUW)
: Do YOU support non-meta strategies?
I would say so. It's a good idea to try something new/unusual to see if it can work. Asking for permission is the biggest factor though. If you're going to be doing something like duo top and have no jg or build a champ a certain way it's always a good idea to ask your team before hand to let them know to see if they'll allow it or not. HOWEVER, IMO, I would generally say this is a bit more acceptable in normal games than in ranked games. Normals are just normals. There's no high stakes involved outside of winning/losing the game. You can be a bit more lenient over what you or others play since you're mostly playing for fun, relaxing or a warm up. Ranked is a bit different in my eyes. It's where people are forced to work together in order to climb the ladder and prove their worth, it's all about the climb and ranking up. So, when you have a person or if you want to try an off meta build, people are generally going to be more hostile towards you, thinking that it won't work. They have something something to lose (IP and promos) and if they lost that game, they may turn that hostility towards you, especially if you're strategy did not work at all that game. You have to be extremely confident and have had a lot of practice in order for those strategies to work.
: > [{quoted}](name=Iron Phantom,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gFoUHZXU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-14T15:05:06.734+0000) > > He needs a VU like ezreal got, not a VGU. this is what I was thinking. I'm not a Vlad player, but I've heard everyone say his abilities are pretty damn modern and effective (and fit his theme)
But haven't people talked about him being problematic with his abilities though?
Gubaguy (NA)
: Glad to see kruphix findging work these days
Aahhh, Theros. My favorite Magic block because Greek theme
: How Tencent Games Killed Paragon
I fucking loved Paragon. Was a pretty good game when I jumped on at the time and slowly just started to feel worse. Felt awful when I heard it was getting shut down. Been kind of pissed since because the only other game that I play that was close to it is SMITE but I have some issues with it and it just isn't the same.
: I don't know, something tells me whoever Riot brought on to write the new stories and lore, looked at WH40K, and thought "Hm, let's make Demacia the Imperium of Man, without next to no context or build-up as to why mages are treated like lepers." Like seriously, "Suffer not the witch to live". For WH40K, the Imperium carts off or executes any psykers because every single one of them could be a literal gate-way for demons and monsters to invade the universe. For Demacia, they lock or execute mages because originally Rune-Wars, and now more recently because they are trying to lock up every single possible Sylas before they can cook up an insurrection.
As a 40k player, I can definitely see the similarity. The Imperium of Man is basically just the whole of humanity banded together but have the mindset that anything that isn't human is scum and psykers are extremely dangerous as they are connected to the warp and thus daemons, making them prime targets for manipulation/possession in order to invade. Because, CHAOS! Demacia is REALLY similar to this whole logic, obviously with the mages but at the same time they seem to be very isolated from the rest of the world, viewing any and all outside civilizations as threats as they more regularly use magic (again, similar to Imperium of Man with xenos). It's kind of remarkable how similar the two are.
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: Really? {{champion:145}} Not this?
Before Qiyana, YES! I've had my fair share of issues with Kai'Sa in terms of design and story since her reveal and release. But now with the reveal of Qiyana, she's gone from worst second worse (she's still bad, but not as bad right now)
: I don't have an issue with Yuumi's look, just her lore. I would have rather had her be what I initially thought she was, which was a young, aspiring mage who transformed them self into a cat on accident using the book, and now they have to find their missing master to change them back, learning how to use the book along the way. That, in my opinion, would have been more interesting than her _just_ being someone's pet.
That...actually does sound quite interesting. That's actually a really good idea for that character. ######(~~Damn Riot, why didn't you think of that?~~)
: It's okay to have a wrong opinion.
> [{quoted}](name=The Ecdysiast,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EhETzb36,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-06-08T09:33:25.308+0000) > > It's okay to have a opinion. ftfy
: Yeah, I feel like there is nothing special about her (gameplay-wise).
I wouldn't say that. Gameplay-wise I do think she is interesting about how her abilities augment based on "elements" (River, walls/land, bushes), with my issue being on how many dashes she has and a few other things. But my bigger issue with her right now is her appearance.
: The champions visuals are not to your liking, I get that, it's your opinion, but there are a lot of people including myself which find her design and potential story extremely interesting.
And if you like the visuals, that fine. Good for you guys. But from what I've been seeing from the boards lately is that **a lot** (not all though) of people just don't find her design that interesting. It just feels underwhelming from what we were getting told and imagined.
: I'm fine with Yuumi design, I think it fits. I'm fine with the mage sylas. while yes he is too muscular, I like the fact he uses his chains as weapons, a sorta symbol of oppression used against demacia by being channeled with his magic, which could show that his hate flows through it. it's simply him using its properties to his advantage, and it makes him seem more charismatic to mages in Demacia
uuuuhhhh....OK? I didn't really bring them up here but....OK?
: She's like Sylas and Yuumi for me. I like the _idea_ of these champions, but not the _execution_ of them. A mage that can sense magic and take other's abilities? Cool. A support that can attach themselves to you? Nice. An AD assassin that uses the map's elements in their abilities? Awesome. But our mage became Sylas, a jacked prison escapee who beats the shit out of people with chains more than using actual magic. Our support became Yuumi, who is literally just a magical cat with a magical book looking for her master with no intriguing story as to who or what she is. Our AD assassin became Qiyana, a jungle prom queen with a magical hula hoop who thinks she's going to conquer the world. Its all just so... Meh. There's a ton of directions they could have gone for those themes, but they seemingly chose the easy way out, and that I find a bit disappointing.
To be honest, I actually really like Yuumi's look, but that's just me. Sylas I can see the issues with, but I think currently Qiyana is our biggest disappointment so far.
Fùta (NA)
: You're forcing your own want of look onto her, just get over it. Just because she is from the jungle doesnt mean she HAS to look like nidalee, she is a queen so why not have a crown with green jewels? Commission someone to do fanart of how you want her to look so you can be satisfied.
I'm not _forcing_ my own want of look onto her, I'm expressing my disappointment of how she looks currently. When you hear about a new champion and learn X info, you get an idea in your head. Sometimes its accurate sometimes it isn't. In this case, however, she just looks completely off in general, despite my image of her being off. I only mentioned the Mayan and Aztec look because that's the image I got in my head when she was being talked about. I would of lived with the fact that she didn't meet my expectations of appearance. But as she is now, she looks weird, off and doesn't really feel like she fits in with League. That's the point of my post.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >Her dress just feels too fancy and clean, her headdress is almost generic, and the hair...just throws everything off! Totally agree with the hair. The color doesn't really mesh all that well with the rest of her design and it just seems fake, like she's wearing a wig. If anything is going to get changed it definitely needs to be the hair, unless it's somehow connected to her lore. But even in that scenario I still think it would be a really bad design choice.
> [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EhETzb36,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-07T21:49:26.896+0000) > > The color doesn't really mesh all that well with the rest of her design and it just seems fake, like she's wearing a wig. > YES! Holy shit that's the prefect way to describe this whole thing.
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: Riots champ design is incredibly dull now
There are some points I do agree with you on and others I feel like you're oversimplifying. Yes, certain designs like {{champion:145}} {{champion:10}} are not the greatest and have issues to talk about. But you also just can't over simplify designs like {{champion:350}}. The only other "cat" champions we've had are {{champion:107}} & {{champion:76}} which one is just a giant cat-man and the other transforms into a giant killer cat. We haven't had an actual pure cat in the game yet, one that you have to remember is magical. And, honestly, I love her design. It's not often that I love designs that are more fun, colorful, and almost cartoon like. With how you're presenting some of your arguments, you're just summing up champions in a quick phrase, like you can do with anyone: {{champion:86}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} - guy with a sword {{champion:63}} {{champion:516}} - champion that uses fire {{champion:120}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:83}} - ghosts, ghouls and spirits Will some champs have issues or not be unique? Sure. Does that mean every champ Riot creates is going to be like this? No. Some are going to be unique and some are going to be dull, but in the end it also comes down to who enjoys those designs.
SirEnds (NA)
: What tilts you the most?
1. People saying ez at the end of matches, both from allies and enemies (especially if the game was actually fairly even), and people who just act like general dickbags in and after matches ("wake me up when I get a real challenge zzzzzz". Fucking hate that shit) 2. Not FF when a game is clearly lost (especially if we're pushed in base and haven't gotten past first towers. I mostly play normals and just want to move on to better matches) 3. Losing streaks 4. Certain champs to face against ({{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:77}} to name a personal few) 5. Getting camped 6. Trolls 7. Lag/Not loading into games 8. Missing cannon minions
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: What's your most hated champs to play against
{{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} (both of them on ARAM Mostly) {{champion:23}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:26}}
: What show is this from?
I believe it's Love is War or close to that title.
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: > [{quoted}](name=AIQ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TiQxx7JZ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-05-30T16:15:14.269+0000) > > > grats.... She was the 3rd highest voted, and number one in China. She’ll probably be higher up after these two.
> [{quoted}](name=Chromatic Eagle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TiQxx7JZ,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2019-05-30T20:17:13.275+0000) > > She was the 3rd highest votes, and number one in China. She’ll probably be higher up after these two. Yeah, they did mention this that they would keep her in mind for the next champ to update after Fid and Voli, so there's still a chance she'll get something soon.
: Here are Morde's updated skins
AHHH They're beautiful! Dragonslayer easily now going from worst to best, Infernal doing pretty well, KoC is ok (kind of wish it had the cape), Lord looks pretty good and Pentakill is as badass as ever. REALLY EXCITED TO PLAY THIS!!!
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I just want to say that I appreciate this thread because it is written in a way where we all understand your positives and criticism. Such threads are welcome. Now going to the point I agree that Riot played the safe card here with Ezreal and Lux, however I trust that they will expand in the future due to success.
Thanks. Also, I don't doubt that Riot will expand the series and it may get better, but the fact that they're launching like this just puts me, and from what I can tell everyone else, off. First impressions are a big thing for me and they really missed the mark on this one.
: While i agree that the champ choices you said would have been cool, and i agree that lux and ez have SG. I think people are being way too hyperbolic with it. i think literally ever new Lux skin has had this "how dare you" response for the last couple years, at least ever since Elemenialist. can you find it annoying that lux and ez already have an anime based skin lin, sure but the fact the people are acting like its the new "worst thing Riot's done" feels simply over the top. to me at least. but i will admit i'm not waiting for Riot to give x champion a new skin so i my just be a bystander to the whole thing. like, not liking a skin line because of the champ choices sounds super petty to me.
I believe that's just the mentality of players getting fed up with a small pool of champs repeatedly getting chosen for skins. I mean, when you look at Lux, from her Elementalist skin in 2016, she waited until 2018 for her lunar skin. That's fine. Then by the end of the year of 2018 she got another skin that was just a tweak of her previously launched SG skin. Now we're back at it again roughly 6 months later and she's getting yet another skin. Almost 3 skins within a year, on top of the amount of skins she's already acquired and how she was already in a similar series. This, similarly can applied to Ez who has also been getting a lot of attention in skins, and has even more than Lux. I don't think people are saying "this is the worst thing ever that Riot has done". I feel that belongs more to the metas, items, and champs Riot just releases in terms of the actual game. Here, people are just getting tired and burned out over the fact that Lux and Ez are just getting really popular for Riot to make skins for when there are many other champs that could use a new one, along with them already being in a similar series.
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Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: The point is you count Kalista Esport skin for it (Championship) else she would beat Zac in number of days. Edit: I just realised you missed counting Pool Party Zac which is from 2015 therefore Udyr and Kalista is still ahead of him.
Ah, thanks for noticing that. You're right Zac would be below Kalista and Udyr.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: {{champion:110}} has Conqueror, Conqueror Championship and Victorious are chosen by Riot therefore you should change the list, Riot said on multiple accounts that they def count because they only chose skins for them if there is no other skins in development for them, plus you already counted in Championship Kalista.
I know he already got Conqueror, that is counted in the first list which is my primary one that I use. The second one is for people who don't count Esports related skins because every time I do one of these, someone complains that Esports skins don't count or some shit, so now I need to keep track of both types!
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: Ight, Time to get Downvoted :)
I don't think it's bad, if anything it's kind of...decent? We'll go with decent. I don't, however, think it should be his first skin after his launch. That's my issue. It's like Kled all over again.
: I actually thought it was pretty cool
Then you are one of the few and I can't really judge you for that.
: Can someone explain this "You can't do this as a first skin after a launch skin"?. Why does this matter at all? of course not everyone is going to like it, I personally love it (even though the name "dunkmaster" could be changed a bit) but my question still stands, why does it matter if its their "first" skin or not?
Because depending on how long a newly released champ has to wait for their next skin, it better be one that the mains are really going to enjoy and want to buy from Riot's standpoint. If not, the people who play that champ, who've waited who knows how long, and get a skin that is of a lower quality/not what they really wanted to see come true will feel like a punch to gut/nuts. People at some point may have already come up with cool concepts that would work well with a champ and that Riot could easily make (since they've done so in the past like with DS Orianna). When they fail to deliver on one of those fan concepts OR a concept on their own that those mains despise, it just feels like Riot made it to still keep them around, say they still remember the champ and just get those players to shut up.
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: It was a joke sorry, not very clear. I was saying... Deadly Monsters = Human side Intelligent/common = Dragon side Calling human monsters. lol I agree with you points and Yvva lack of motivation is a writing error. Just a complete miss, but if they had one like the old lore and she still had more eggs it would explain the old lore better why it took Yvva so long to find them. Sorry, I got what you were saying mixed up, it's only in the old lore. I thought you were looking for an explanation in general. I usually make massive post, so I tried condensing it and I did a terrible job lol. What do you think Darkstar Shyvana, her stomach is a Black hole in both forms, E is like a comet, W absorbs the area around her. When a dragon dies and Shyvana is near it gets consumed by her Blackhole.
Ah, a joke. That would make sense. Darkstar Shyvana...I would say I'm mixed on. I do love Dark Star but I don't really feel like she could fully fit into the theme. That and I would also argue that due to her Darkflame skin that it wouldn't be possible, since both are of the dark purple color scheme. Now Cosmic Shyvana, on the other hand, I could definitely see happening.
: @Riot, Please listen to the lore fans and revert Shyvana
I was thinking this more of a Varus situation but Zac now that I look back also comes to mind. But yeah, I would rather have her lore reverted or looked at and revised again for a compensation, similar to Varus.
: > She is a hybrid of arguably one of the deadly monsters on Runeterra and one of the most common, wide spread intelligent beings as well. Dragons are smart, but are they very common in Runeterra? These are the core issues. Another point I did like related to her siblings is it gave Yvva a reason to wait. I believe the Rune shard is why she is a hybrid if I'm reading that right.
I never really state that dragons are smart (though I'm not implying they're dumb, I just didn't mention that for them), I was stating that the intelligent beings were humans. And even then, dragons don't have to be in great numbers to still be considered very deadly beasts. This is just how history has viewed them, where one dragon can cause so much chaos and destruction. I will agree with Yvva staying with her young, I do know that part. I also do think it's an interesting add to say Shyvana now has siblings, that's a good thing to add. But as a whole, with Yvva going after Shyvana, there's no clear motivation for her. She senses her still but it's not clear whether she's out to find and bring her back, kill her like in the previous story or just discover if it really is her. She just goes searching, torches some houses, doesn't find her until the end of the story and even then they just brawl. It's not fully clear on what Yvva is trying to actually do with Shyvana. That's my issue. Finally, to your comment about the Rune shard, where is that mentioned in this new lore? Shyvana is the way she is just because. The mage isn't described as doing anything to her, he just grabs her as an egg and runs. There's no context on what actually made her a hybrid than a normal dragon. In the previous lore, it states that a mage did try tampering with her egg and so there is some context. In this new rendition, nothing.
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: Yordle OR Feed!
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: Why Do You Play A Champion?
{{champion:102}}: did start playing her back I believe in season 5 when she got strong, but mainly was interested in the half-dragon theme along with her lore as I read up on it. And soon after her splashart update, I just was set on her for a while. Seriously the splash made her go from a 3/10 to a full 11/10 for me. {{champion:202}} : he just captures a pure psychopath that I can't help but fall in love with. Crazy murderer but still has style. {{champion:31}} Was one, if not the, first champ I tried to save up for way back in the day simply because I wanted to play a kaiju type champ. Was and still am a huge Godzilla fan and with Cho being able to grow and feel like a giant monster, I knew I had to play him.
Reiizm (NA)
: Lore facts that sound like bullshit but are actually 100% true
{{champion:99}} unintentionally helped set up the Communist Mage revolution. {{champion:236}} 's wife is now part of a light source {{champion:107}} killed his dad because he was too lazy
Moody P (NA)
: What could Malphite be?
My ideas: * Some magical elemental created over time and has finally awakened from the mountain of Targon (or what other mountain may be) * An offspring creation during the Rune War, maybe the energy within the conflict caused him to come to life * Basic golem like creature that existed long ago but may be the last one left simply due to time * Maybe an elemental god, similar to how Janna is an elemental of air (or something like that, I haven't really read Janna's lore) But overall, he first needs a full rework if anything is to happen to his lore.
kayochan (NA)
: Honestly all the old Champs need VU's(ofc excluding the ones who are already updated lol)...They just look outdated as hell. Even the more popular champs (lux and ahri) need VU's its not that their current model is bad but its just outdated with the new champs and what not. Just polishing the game would be nice as a goal for 2019. I was hoping 2019 would be the focus for that, but alas we still have pizza feet champs, and mordekaiser still looks like a trash can.
> [{quoted}](name=kayochan,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sfffpBsv,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2019-02-28T15:39:33.861+0000) > > Honestly all the old Champs need VU's(ofc excluding the ones who are already updated lol)...They just look outdated as hell. Ok, well by what extent are you using to define a champion as "old"? As in their model is still the same from the game's initial release/beta? That their kit isn't up to standards to today's League? >Even the more popular champs (lux and ahri) need VU's its not that their current model is bad but its just outdated with the new champs and what not. Isn't saying it's outdated still saying it's bad? Also, Riot doesn't do pure VUs anymore. The only way that can happen is with a full VGU, either on a Sion or Ezreal scale. What about all the other champs that desparately need updates like Fiddle? Riot should just keep them under the tire to update the already popular champs with their constant new skins? >Just polishing the game would be nice as a goal for 2019. I was hoping 2019 would be the focus for that, but alas we still have pizza feet champs, and mordekaiser still looks like a trash can. VGU one could argue are a way of polishing the game, and Riot still is working on updating champs, such as Mord currently. Outside of that, with how the community has been reacting to Riot's balance decisions for quite some time now, do you really think that was going to be a goal that everyone could agree was going to happen?
: Who do you think needs VGU or VU’s?
VGUs (varying in size and depth) {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} (?){{champion:76}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:102}} VUs {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:59}} (?){{champion:85}} (?){{champion:89}} {{champion:68}}
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