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: Do you find Jarvan IV interesting?
The thing about Jarvan is I just don't find him to be an interesting character, even more so since his lore update. I mean as people pointed out already, he has the potential to be an interesting character with a different view for how his country should be and being a lead-in-front guy. But outside of that there really is nothing else about him. His old lore at least gave some character to him as to what his journey put him through. In fact Necrit even said he has similar themes to Arthas, someone who had gone through something similar of that nature, except this time Jarvan was still relatively the same or so everyone thought. Meanwhile in the new lore it only tells about how he was captured, from the news in Garen's story, and then just repeats the end of Shyvana's story but from his perspective. There wasn't anything new to him. He basically is a blank slate right now that can have something really cool happen but nothing at the moment. Lorewise I don't really hate him, since there really isn't anything there now, but I will comment in saying I hate his voice. Idk if it's the tone, the delivery or just all of it in general, I just hate the way he sounds, especially now with his current lore where he's suppose to feel more commanding and showing compassion towards others. His voice now just makes him rub off to me as an arrogant jerk. In short: Outside of his voice, I really don't have a problem with him but I don't think he's that interesting of a character either at the moment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Forhonor321,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3mJd2z8o,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-19T19:01:39.001+0000) > > You know you also could of disenchanted them for Blue Essence cause when preseason hits, IP will be replaced with BE and your current BE in loot will get multiplied by 6.5 for stuff to buy during that time. WHAT ?Wait no no no no one said anything about my blue essence getting multiplied :o
> [{quoted}](name=Hikari Sakata,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3mJd2z8o,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-09-19T19:15:53.212+0000) > > WHAT ?Wait no no no no one said anything about my blue essence getting multiplied :o yeah thats what their doing when preseason hits. I've just been planning to get a crap ton of champ shards and just turn them to blue essence to get the most out of them when the shop hits. URFWICK HERE I COME!
: I opened 2 Chests and 2 Capsules !
You know you also could of disenchanted them for Blue Essence cause when preseason hits, IP will be replaced with BE and your current BE in loot will get multiplied by 6.5 for stuff to buy during that time.
Besteau (NA)
: What is your favorite game monster?
I'm kinda cheating here but I have to say dragon and hydra. Dragons are pretty obvious since their pretty much the iconic creatures of fantasy, or at least western fantasy. Their giant fire breathing lizards that can fly and have variety in appearance. Who wouldn't love them? Hydras on the other hand are just a classic of mine. I grew up reading about ancient Greek mythology and and the hydra was just the creature I loved the most. It has acid for blood is essentially a giant ass snake, or snake like headed lizard depending on your view of it, and if you cut off one of it's heads it doesn't just grow it right back but it grow two more in it's place. That's awesome!
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: Shhhh, we don't know what they're doing with Eve. Nobody said it was going away, we just can't be 100% sure what the Eve rework is going to look like.
No a Rioter said they're removing her AD scaling. I can't remember who or where it was but they definitely confirmed that.
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: Ran Into the Abusive mother again(The lady who picked cigs over her kid at Gas station)
I think it's hard to say. There could be a case that there's child abuse, in which case you definitely should alert the police/authorities to look into it, but on the other, from what others have commented, if he looks perfectly fine and healthy then it could just be that the kid is just really whiny over stuff that he wants for little logical reason. Hell, I somewhat remember being like that when I was little. My opinion would be if you do see them again out of coincidence at that gas station, if everything is fine, then probably nothing is wrong and the kid just acts up over the little things cause he's just a small kid. However, if the similar action is seen again, maybe just ask the mother if he's always like this and explain that you've seen them multiple times now and you're just concerned ( I know you said you don't want to get involved with other family matters but if you keep seeing this and don't get a clear answer you might never know). HOWEVER if anything more violent happens, like the mother getting aggresive with him or anything that looks more certain of child abuse (maybe look up examples or signs online), then it would definitely be time to let the authorities know.
: My (long) list of ideas for an AP itemization update
I'm just going to do a quick thought process on all of these ideas: Tome of Sustainance - I think it's a pretty ok item and like you said it's not something to buy and then forget your mana issues so I can see this working Rings of Piercing Thoughts - And already I have conflicting feelings. First, 20 flat magic pen is a lot. Not even Haunting Guise or Liandy's gives that much. Second, this doesn't really seem like a lost for buying this than say Haunting Guise. It's 200 gold cheaper than it at the cost of 200 health for the extra 5 pen. but when you look at ruby that's 400 and gives 150 health, it doesn't really seem you're losing that much on buying this and not getting the extra health. Arcane Dagger of Thorns - Again I have conflict with this because Grievous Wounds is already so easily applied through Executioners and Bramble Vest that I don't think we now need an AP equivalent to that. Stuff like this is whats going to make Champs like current Aatrox, Swain and many other drain tanks go out (yes they're getting reworked soon but as of now this would hurt them more). Arcane Blade of Purity - Kind of a powerful item reducing durations of buffs, let alone stuff like Tryn ult, for it's price. I _could _see this working but the effect would have to be more of a higher tier item. Netherstride Grimoire - I like this item for the most part. Most of my reason for avoiding mages is how immobile they are, but this I feel could fix that a bit. My only concern is that this could be abused for kiting or running away from targets more quickly and I can see that as frustrating. Pox Arcana - **ABSOLUTELY NOT!** I can already see this thing as the new DFG and won't be fun to play against. DoT mages will easily stack this, activate it and then just chunk you for little effort since they laned one ability on you and waited for the DoT to add the stacks. Certain champs that are already good with waveclear will just love this and destroy waves, most mages will make it a staple in their builds, it's just not a good item. Rite of Ruin - Again. Far more magic pen at a cheaper price. Don't like. As for the ability, I don't think so. As for the rest of it, I guess it's fine, but only if Riot finally decides to buff turrets again. If they don't then I don't see this working. Morellonomicon - OK, granted this isn't like the current version where its a staple for almost every mage mid lane or ever but at the same time it doesn't really add anything besides stats. It's literally a stat book. Every other high tier completed item has some sort of effect to it but this has nothing. Mercurial Staff - I'm ok with the idea of Silversash with an AP item but I don't see the point in giving increase % damage if it's only for 1 second and for an item that's suppose to be defensive. Hell Scimitar doesn't increase damage so why should this? This is suppose to help people get out of a jam and run, not immediately use and go right into the fray again. Rylai's Crystal Scepter - I'm ok with this. Mord would be screwed over by this changed but considering he's in dire need of a proper rework I'll let that pass. Moonflair Spellblade - I understand that tenacity is a bit of a topic for you on this but here's the thing: this item is already in the game, give the exact same stats except the 10% tenacity, and you made more expensive. Why? No, I'm sorry I don't see why you would have the thought of reworking how tenacity works, make this item give less of that somehow, and yet make it more expensive. As I see it, the game mostly turns into who has the best ADC/bot lane but also a CC clown fiesta. Seriously, the amount of CC in the game right now is ridiculous and I think more tenacity is needed. Fractal Pendant - Basically, this is League's version of Blademail for mages. Ok. I don't really see the purpose of this though. If it's for battle mages that build a bit of health, ok but for everyone else why? Mages for the most part build high end damage and get bursted down super quickly. Staff of Flowing Water - . I have to say this is fairly ok except for a few things. Why have it be you have to wait 3 seconds for the effect to kick in? That just sounds terrible to do, waiting around for that mana regen. Also why add 10% bonus MS when it still gives 30% bonus in river? Wouldn't that mean it goes up to 40% bonus MS? Rabadons Deathcap - So it's 100 gold cheaper, loses 35 AP for 40% effect, and for both items the combine cost is more expensive than it is now. I...I don't even know how. Void Staff - ... Ok I guess? Voidfire Staff - **AGAIN, THERE'S ALREADY SO MUCH GW AROUND WE DON'T NEED MORE!** Sceptre of the Living Void - Now see this I feel could work. Maybe have the duration reduction of buffs smaller on the Purity Dagger but have it really effective in this item. We don't want the Hexdrinker effect of the base item is so good you don't need to build the full item next. Elixir of Grace - Meet Ardent Censer's cousin! Seriously, giving Vayne's passive, and a bunch of CC resistance, even now for knock-ups from what you're proposing, is going to break non-interactive, enchanter supports again. This is ridiculous! Orb of Malice - STOP! NO! JUST...STOP! We don't need any more broken enchanter items! It causes damage to allied champs to heal them and grant mana?!?!! Not only that but if they burst someone's health down, which right now is one of the problems everyone has with fucking ADCs, they gain a shit ton of MS and slow resistance! **JUST! FUCKING! STOP!** Undeath Incantium - I... I don't know what to say. I mean I like the idea that you want to give melee carries an option with enchanters but I'm sorry enchanters are not in the best position right now with either being really passive with Ardent Censor or really aggressive and then Riot reworks them/nerfs them. The Sky Fracture - No. Just no. Mages have their damage come from their abilities mostly, even with champs like Azir and TF. This would only be good for AP champs that actually utilize autos, like Diana or even Akali, who already do enough burst damage. This is a horribly made item and I'm not sorry for saying that! Zephyr - 1. There was already an item called Zephyr. This would be confusing. 2. Again, mages shouldn't be able to crit and this would only be good for champs like Diana and Akali. This might be good for some other's like Kayle or Kog if they want to go more mixed damage but for the most part this shouldn't be used for helping Sky Fracture, which I've already said is horrible. Helix Blade - I don't know about this one. I bring up Diana again (you get it by now) but I just don't see base AP as a thing. If say there were an item like your Zephyr it'd still convert it to bonus AP rather than base. No champ ever has or has there ever been base AP so I don't see why it would be added in now. And this just feels like Nashor's Tooth but with a more Guinsoo's feel to it. Conclusion: A lot of this stuff just On top of this, a lot of these items were made. They were in Black Market Brawlers for crying out loud. I'm fine with the idea of adding more of those items in the base game ( I mean we got Deadman's out of that permanently) but you really didn't seem to mention that ever and so it feels like you were just taking these as your own ideas. As for the ideas that you actually came up with, a few are ok but the rest just feel horrible or aren't fully thought out.
: So are comics going to be a regular thing now?
I really hope that this is becoming more regular because this is honestly the only thing that's keeping me around League at this point. Gameplay at this point is just a joke to me and I know preseason is coming up with runes so it might be better, but considering all the work Riot has done in recent years with mini-class updates (which now have ended THANK YOU), horrid metas by items added and just everything else that makes the game a nightmare, like mobility/CC creep and snowbally/stomp/short-lived matches, I'm just going to assume it's going to be the same. But their lore for the world of League and the champs in it I feel has improved dramatically. The backgrounds, the short stories, the comics, anything like that is what keeps me around. I actually feel more interested in these characters when I look at their stories they have and the characters they interact with than those small dialogues that they have in-game, many of which just feel and are outdated. I honestly would love it if they could make an official comic series that has a narrative story to it, like most comic stories like Injustice or Civil War (not exactly like these stories but just something that has a flowing narrative). I just prefer what the story of League is going to turn or show next than what broken item the game has to show next season.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Let's talk about Morgana for a sec...
New passive for sure. It's pretty much bland in my opinion, especially in early game when all of your damage abilities are on a pretty high cooldown. Can be good late game when you have CDR and lots of AP, but doesn't feel satisfying early on and may feel like hidden power later. Q is a must stay along with E. Both of these are completely iconic to her. A year long root which when it ends the match is over and E gives you the power of an Olaf ult for 5 seconds, so long as the shield holds from magic damage. W I feel could change. It's just not that interesting of an ability, only really used to help farm, heal off of minions, and combo with Q. It could be replaced with something better. Ult is... well... I have mixed opinions. On the one hand, it's a giant root effect that could help set up Q targets even, on the other it's basically a Amumu ult that has a bit much of counterplay with delay and enemies walking away. Maybe it could work if they somehow buff it in a way to make it feel a bit better but I'd honestly wouldn't mind if they tried something new (but bullshit broken or stupid).
gregab (NA)
: Runes Corner: Three More Resolve Runes
So we have keystone that grants tenacity and slow resist on summoner use, increase defense stats on CD of summoner's (10% each for 20% total bonus, wtf!) a keystone that's pretty much Stoneborn but is slightly improved a bit and a keystone that helps demolish towers faster. OK the stoneborn I'm fine with cause I kind of like it, perseverance I feel could be a bit problematic since you get increase defense stats for summoners down, especially with something like Ignite but my biggest issue is Demolish. I really don't like this at first sight cause, 1. we don't know if this stacks with itself if others take it, which would be broken, and 2. towers in my opinion still feel weak. Half of the time I play League it feels like either my team or the enemy team can take towers before the 10 minute mark and base/nexus towers don't feel great like they did when they shot lasers. I don't care if Riot wants faster games by making towers weaker, I want actual towers that I feel can protect me while im under them and don't fall over at the slightest tap of an attack.
: Hiya Forhonor321! Thanks for sharing some feedback. ^-^ We're super excited to finally be giving Yorick a new look, and it's great to hear you're a fan. You're right, he'll be a 1350 RP skin, and will have all new SFX and VFX for this particular skin, and of course, a new recall animation. If you have a chance to catch some footage of this guy, I'd love to hear any feedback!
Wow a Rioter commenting on a discussion of mine. That's a rare occasion for me. Also, I will try to look up footage of the skin in action for futher feedback, but that might be hard since I'm dealing with college right now but I'll still try in my free time.
: Shen has a warlord skin, i feel like it would be redundant to give him another Japanese based skin.
abahnur (NA)
: well this is a start of a whole new skinline, so who knows, shen could be next
I really want to believe that but sadly I don't think that's the case. Someone made a post as to why Shen didn't get picked, and (sadly) he makes a good point - [Link]( . To quote: > the characters in Xianxia, or at least most of them are agile characters with blades...Which is why Shen is actually not a good fit. It would be akin for them to make a heavy armored cowboy skin. The whole new skin line is based off of Chinese culture, which in it looks makes sense with the style of blades and clothing. Meanwhile, Shen is a ninja, more associated with Japanese culture, and though ninjas are typically sneaky and wear light clothing (for the most part) Shen is more heavily armored, like an actual warrior or even a samurai a bit.
GinkoG (NA)
: Woke up from a nap, looked at FF@20, didn't see Shen anywhere. I don't even play Yi/Shen and I already felt the sadness and anger coming from this announcement.
Exactly how I feel. I don't play him but god dammit I'm pissed that he didn't get a skin.
: The fact that it wasn't a Shen skin actually hurts me.
I feel like a lot of people are hurt that it wasn't Shen.
: There seems to be always this kind of thread when new skins hit the PBE. There is a reason the more popular champs get more skins. btw. searching through OP's match history I found out he hasnt picked shen in months, so no idea what's the fuss
No, I don't play Shen, but just because I don't play him doesn't mean I shouldn't be mad that he hasn't gotten a skin in a long time. The teaser looked like he was finally going to receive one, only to be given to Yi, who has already gotten a skin this year with Cosmic Blade, and Janna: a champ known for playing passive and relying way more on abilities than autos. Hell she has the sword sheathed and only unsheathes it in her recall! Shen is one of the champs that hasn't received a skin in a long time. If he did get actually get a skin in this, he'd be up with Cass and Yorick for actually getting new skins. But no. It was an entire let down to the people and mains that wanted a new skin for him. It's given to Yi and Janna, and I'll say it again, **Yi has already gotten a skin this year!**
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 12
Can you give us some insight on what your plans for preseason are? like say looking at marksmen bot lane who most of the time are the deciding factor of the game right now. And at the very least can you tell us any plans for Twitch right now?!?!
: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
I'm just going to comment my thoughts quickly since I need to work on college things: * Removing the armor shred from base passive and giving it old W I feel is good. The armor shred was basically hidden power and the passive on W I feel is a bit more iconic to Xin now since it was added. * His W just sounds like Rengar's Q and Sejuani's W. It just feels a bit too similar to these characters, with the slow on the thrust part reminding me a lot of Sej already. I don't want this to be a thing were Riot adds this kind of mechanic on a lot of other champs cause then I'll feel like some just feel a bit too similar to each other. * Attack speed steroid to E seems appropriate as it's rewarding for dashing and to get in range for the knock up. * Ult basically creates a mini Shen W around Xin, moves with him, and blocks damage to anyone outside of it. I'm kinda mixed on this, cause again it feels a bit much like Shen but at the same time when you're in it you can actually fight back if you're melee. It's also good against dps/ranged comps but kinda sucky against melee focused. Overall, I'm curious to see how it really is tomorrow but I have my doubts. Edit: Is he getting a lore update with this? I don't think he got one in the Demacian update.
: Its been like.. a week
: {{champion:103}} Something kinda cute, a little skanky you know? {{champion:81}} Spacey or future themed, {{champion:99}} has basically no skins all three champions in league of legends need more skins
For the love of- **Did you even read the post?!?! Is this a joke?!?! ** I said champs that haven't gotten a skin in a while, like Urgot! Ahri just got a fucking legendary, Ez got a new skin and Lux's most recent skin was the last Ultimate skin!
: looks more like {{champion:157}} sword then anyone else look at the cloth coming from the handle on side note the way its floating and being purple and whatnot looks very {{champion:98}} like
Plz tell me you're joking. Yasuo already got a skin recently, and that was legendary quality. Plus his sword has a slight curve to it. Shen on the other hand hasn't had a skin in some time and this teaser looks like his current spirit sword.
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: It is finally here... Arclight Yorick!
: From her bio: "though she proved a fine ranger-knight, she struggled with the inflexible hierarchy and (in her view) needlessly prescriptive regulations. Her fellow warriors acknowledged her skills, but still viewed her as something of a wild card, a Demacian who preferred operating outwith the established order, who crafted her own missions and came and went as she pleased. She never remained within the city walls for long, preferring to live out in the wild as opposed to keeping the company of her fellow soldiers. Only the fact that she was so successful in uncovering nascent threats and rooting out hidden enemies allowed her a degree of leeway unheard of in Demacian ranks." She isn't exactly, but she is as close as we get to a Demacian anti-hero. I still think it's a good idea and we could use one but if anyone really wanted that theme Quinn might be able to help scratch the itch.
I mean I guess but when I read this I just feel like she just prefers scouting, getting info and working alone with Valor rather than wait for additional orders for her, she likes to break away from the rules a bit to better serve her country. That's what I get from that. On the topic of what is an anti-hero, the current definition of it is "a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes." On my definition, an anti-hero is someone who is willing to keep peace, but at the same time they don't follow the traditional boy scout method of keeping peace, such as they will kill if necessary if not often or they must injure those with information, whether innocent or not, or just in general are more chaotic in how they do their process. Characters like the Punisher, Deadpool, even Batman to a degree count towards being anti-heroes. Quinn on the other hand I've never gotten this feel from since she only breaks away from her role a tad bit rather than go completely outside her jurisdiction or ability to do what she is allowed to do.
: Quinn kind of fills this role.
How? I never saw her as an anti-hero. If anything I always figured Shyvana was more of the anti-hero.
: Well, it is raining, and the power is already blinking.
: I'm speculating evelynn to come in the next PBE patch(7.19) along with Xin & next roadmap at sep 20
If memory serves me correctly, they said that Xin would come before Eve and Eve would be revealed after worlds or something like that. So with that in mind we might see Xin in 7.19 and Eve possible in 7.20 but more likely 7.21 if worlds goes on that long idk.
AmazoX (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Forhonor321,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=d0sz18Bp,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2017-09-07T18:24:54.739+0000) > > R u talking about having characters like these or directly adding these characters in the game? Because if it's the first that might be hard since some characters or skins share similar themes to those characters and if it's the second then that's just not possible because copyrights. > > I'm asking about what kind of characters you'd like to see based on **League's setting**, someone/thing that has a certain character or look/feel that the game doesn't have yet and canon to the main story so far. Not just random stuff thrown in that completely feels out of place like Jedi or Comic Superheroes. Well take Red hood for example could be some kind of bounty hunter in League's lore who dual wields pistols and has an arsenal of weapons and is a confident yet a cocky bastard who's a crime lord in zaun or Pilt-Over but has a soft side for children & women maybe because his own family was murdered by another gang of criminals so he decided to create his own gang and become a crime lord, An Anti-Hero way of reducing crime just like the Red Hood from DC Universe. Someone like Venom or a Jedi or even a GL, Well, I'm not sure how they could manage to put these characters like League Style. John Constantine could easily be put into League, He fit's league's style. Edward Kenway, Of course could be a shuriman who moved to Bilge-water, because HE WANTED TO ADVENTURE, THATS IT, NO SAD TWISTED BACK-GROUND! Lol.
I still don't think you're getting it. You can have a character similar to Red Hood in say motives or even appearance if it's modified enough to stand out but they way you're still wording things is you still want to just drag these characters into League while they're already established in their own universes. The closest thing we could get to Venom is most likely Zac or maybe a bit of the Void creatures as Venom, if memory serves me correctly, is an alien and Void creatures are pretty much aliens in this world. The only way to get jedi or any Star Wars themes in League is to have skins based on them. Hell Master Yi and Jayce already have skins to prove this! John Constantine is still part of the DC universe so shoving him in would mean that League's universe is a part of DC's, which it isn't, back to the issue of copyright, and because I really don't know that much about the character or how powerful he is he would either be too OP and would need to be nerfed to keep in line with the game, or be kept the same and be stupidly powerful than most of the roster. The whole point of my discussion is what kind of character, built from a original idea for League's world, would you want to see in the game based off of the character made. Maybe you want a similar character to Red Hood and has his crime lord feel, that's fine. Maybe you want a character similar to Edward Kenway and is associated more with Bilgewater, that's fine. **But they cannot be the exact characters from all these other properties! **They can have similar motives, personality, even appearance if you can somehow work that out to still fit the theme of League's world but you can't just cut, copy and paste these characters into the game. It's like having that one mobile MOBA game, Arena of Valor, have a series of created characters in it and then suddenly Batman shows up (_because China has laws to get around that shit for some reason_).
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AmazoX (EUW)
: Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed Black Flag. John Constantine from DC Universe Red hood from DC Universe Venom from Marvel Any Jedi from Star Wars A Green Lantern from DC Universe :- Endless possibilities because the ring allows the user to create anything construct and the user is stronger the stronger his will power is, Or just copy/paste GL's kit from the Infinite Crisis Youtube Channel, Modify it.
R u talking about having characters like these or directly adding these characters in the game? Because if it's the first that might be hard since some characters or skins share similar themes to those characters and if it's the second then that's just not possible because copyrights. I'm asking about what kind of characters you'd like to see based on **League's setting**, someone/thing that has a certain character or look/feel that the game doesn't have yet and canon to the main story so far. Not just random stuff thrown in that completely feels out of place like Jedi or Comic Superheroes.
: Oh man I have so many. None of whom Riot will do, because they are definitely old school Riot heroes. Now most everyone are gods, demigods, ancient evils, or hextech. The only one with a possibility is the first one. Anyway, first and foremost. More trolls. OP mentions orcs but I think currently normal fantasy orcs and Runeterran trolls share a lot of the same design space. So just make some more of them. Orcs and trolls are awesome. I would love to see more of their culture. Now the fun ones. A Demacian soldier. I want to see what a lowclass infantryman is like. Personally I want to see him designed as a medieval pikeman. With a long attack range and practical design. Or, if that proves too difficult to balance, Flemish goedendag wielder. Everyone in LoL is a warrior, there should be a soldier. Admittedly there was one once, but he got retconned. Someone who uses a longsword like an actual longsword. Now this is a bit sad to me since I love swords and weapons. And we have two heroes with greatswords. Or at least large pieces of metal in a vaguely sword shape. And one of them uses his like he's a fidget spinner. Have a character whose abilities are transitional. Each of his four primary abilities puts in a specific stance with some passive. But have the switching from one stance to another be the actual ability. So, maybe Q would put him into Vom Tag Guard, while W puts him into Alber Guard. If you're in Vom Tag Guard and transitioning into Alber Guard he could do a heavy swing down that deals high damage. While if you are in Alber and transition to Vom Tag it could be a knockup. It would be hard to get right and probably harder to balance. But I would love this champion. Noxian Drill-sergeant, not original in any way. But hell yeah I want one. Give him various shout based abilities and a continuous string of abuse at their lane mate. You could even use him to flesh out the Noxians a little. Show those little hints that he is proud of his teammates or affected by them. While still belittling every mistake they make, of course. Similar but distinct concept, I want a Targonian hero that has nothing to do with that damn space empire. I want to see a Roman legionnaire looking guy, and have him be an actual commander. For some reason we have numerous commander heroes. None of them actually act like one. Swain the Tactician is a bird warlock. Azir is a weird sand-bird Mage, who is probably closest to a commander not because his abilities actually are things commanders would do, but because his spells are vaguely soldier looking. Then there's Nasus and Darius who are just warriors with vague hints about them also being generals in their backstory. I want a hero whose abilities influence and command their own allies. Design areas where their allies deal more damage, provide gap closers, designate targets and get additional effects when allies follow his commands. Teamwork, the champion. That's what a commander should be. A knight and squire duo champion. I love the dynamic of a grizzled older past his prime knight teaching his younger squire how to go about being a hero. There have been several attempts to make a duo champion, but I don't think Riot has quite gotten it. But yeah, knights. Knights are great. When I originally thought of these guys there was a mounted/dismounted mechanic. But with the creation of Kled I don't see that happening. The mounted archer. I would love to see a mongol. Unfortunately, mounted archery means two things: fast movement speed and disengage and range. That would be absolutely hell to balance when the key weakness of most adcs is that once you get to them they're easy to kill (supposedly anyway) having someone pepper their enemy with shots while they ride away all game would be a headache. Still awesome though. Because mongols! The Hag. I want an old witch, drawing inspiration from a Baba Yaga or Frau Totenkinder. Now the fun bit, I see her as the nicest most friendly Noxian ever. Calling all the Noxian champions her children and being as sweet as she can. She's strong but she's from the old times where being strong doesn't mean you have to be a jackass. Bonus points if her ultimate involves a house with chicken legs.
> Orcs and trolls are awesome. Yes. This one gets it. Though I doubt they'll add more trolls since we already have a king troll in the game. >A Demacian soldier. I want to see what a lowclass infantryman is like. Sooo HelmetBro? > Everyone in LoL is a warrior, there should be a soldier. Not really true. Garen I'm still pretty sure is a soldier still, just a damn good one, and Darius is a general but but nevertheless is still a soldier for Noxus. Warriors are more like Tryndamere or Olaf in my mind, they can fight but aren't as disciplined or trained like a military. >Noxian Drill-sergeant Some have asked for this and I think this could work for an aggressive support. >a Targonian hero that has nothing to do with that damn space empire OK That I would like to have! >I want an old witch Again I think some people have asked for this and I could see this working.
: - A classic wizard. An old traditional Merlin style mage, I'm surprised League still doesn't have this. A champ like this could finally be LoL's answer to Invoker with a ton of spells. Unlikely this would happen, but would be fun if it did. - A Griffin champ. Another fantasy archetype that I'm surprised hasn't already made it into the game. Could be cool as a Vanguard/Battlemage hybrid, or perhaps a Warden which allows an ally to mount him. Bonus points if the ally can AA and/or cast spells whilst mounting the Griffin.
Classic wizard might be an issue as most games I feel try to break away from the normal look and feel of mages. If anything the closest we might get is still Veigar and/or Ryze. The Griffin champ I could see working a bit but more as a Griffin rider, something Demacian since I think their lore told about Griffin Knights or something.
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: I agree that this would've been a much better concept for a Syndra skin than her Star Guardian one, but your Ahri bashing seems a little out of place.
I'm not trying to bash Ahri (too much), or at the very least single her out, I'm just tired of Riot continuing to make skins for the more popular champs when champs like Yorick and Viktor haven't had a skin in ages. (and yes I know Cass is getting a skin finally and they said skins are coming for many more as well but it's still a long wait for that)
Darkrown (EUNE)
: [Skin Concept] Star Tyrant Syndra
now **_This_** is what Syndra should have been in the Star Guardian series: the tyrant villain. She fits so much better here than being a part of the actual hero group. But _ohhh_ Ahri so much more popular and thus needs a legendary more than her. Such a fucking waste, Riot.
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >On the other hand, the compensation of refund amount feels lackluster and not that great considering the amount of IP we've had to spend on these old runes Unless my math is off, we'll get a ~28% refund.
Really? 28% for the varying prices of all the T3 runes? I don't think that's it. T3 runes cost 205, 410 and 820 IP and Quint Cost 515, 1025 and 2050 IP. Having a 28% refund on these runes would mean getting back 57/ 115/ 230 for normal runes & 144/ 287/ 574 for quints, rounding of course. Having at 28% refund would mean getting less back on the cheaper T3 runes, a little over 100 on the glyphs marks and seals and little less of 300 on quints in second price and obviously more on the highest priced runes. The problem I was trying to get at was Riot refunding a flat 100 and 300 BE for these runes that we got feels lacking when most of us had to grind out IP to earn them. And now with them getting the boot for the new rune system we're only getting a flat number for our refund when they were so expensive to get a full set in the first place. This is already pissing off veteran players from what I can tell on the boards and I think they have a right to be so, as with anyone that had to grind out IP for runes that they needed or wanted. Hell, I'm pissed off since I had to grind for weeks trying to get MS Quints for a Hecarim build and now with the announcement I only get about 900 BE back from the 6300 that I spent on them: That's roughly 7% of the total amount I'm getting back as a refund. **7%!** Finally just to wrap this up, they had a survey a while ago asking about rewards with the runes relaunch and one of the things they asked was giving back roughly 40% of IP back to players who bought runes before the 2017 season. They somehow went backwards on what they were offering! 40% would have been a good amount to refund. It's not a 50% but hey I would've gladly taken 820 refund on 2050 quints anyday. Call me greedy for "asking Riot for more when they already give free stuff" but having a low amount of a refund for all the IP I spent just feels unfulfilling to have, especially to the long time player base.
Wuks (NA)
: Upcoming Changes to Leveling, IP, & Rewards [Major Update]
Here are my thoughts on these changes: **Pros** - No more level cap so there's more feeling of progression when you level up towards rewards - We're now getting more use of blue essence than just having it around for our rare time to level up champ masteries - More drops in chests, even another chest - No more streaks of not getting getting any skin shards or more importantly gemstones (YES!) - Current BE will be multiplied before being applied to your current IP transfer amount - All runes now are dramatically reduced in price and will be refunded if purchased when preseason hits - With any runes pages bought with RP, especially in the bundles, every 4 you've bought you'll receive an epic mystery skin, rounding up (nice) **Cons** - IP boosts now disabled so any thought of grinding out lots of IP before conversion is a no go (Riot was 5 steps ahead of me dammit!) - Disenchanting shards will yield less essence now (not sure if this only applies to BE or both Blue and Orange) - No longer gain permenant champs from rerolling shards (kinda sucks) - Any runes you bought before the 2017 season you only get refunded 100 and 300 essence, which isn't a lot when you compare the prices of the runes like 515-2050 quints and 250-whatever high price runes. Getting that refund doesn't feel like I'm getting compensated, like come on at least 25% or even 50% if you want to be kind. - Rune pages are still a thing and still need to be bought and the compensation for any bought with IP again isn't that great since you only get 1500 when they originally cost the highest tier/newer champs of 6300. - Players who haven't hoarded that much IP or BE will feel left lacking when the special store comes in. - Urfwick will now feel less rare to have since it'll be purchasable again and everyone may be able to get it. Overall: I mean, we are getting something for compensation for spending time and IP in the old rune system and get some rewards when it finally goes. On top of that we now have more progression, more likely chance of gaining gemstones and skin better & level progression again for rewards. On the other hand, the compensation of refund amount feels lackluster and not that great considering the amount of IP we've had to spend on these old runes (especially for pages), those who don't have a lot of IP or BE at preseason may not feel like they can take anything in the store, and Urfwick, as many have already complained, will go through the same thing as Championship Riven or the recent PAX Sivir and be less of a rare skin that's now seen more than being a rare sight to see and have. In short I feel like Riot has the Riot idea but are executing it a bit poorly
: Who do you think is the main character of League of Legends?
I think there can be a bit more interpretation to this. As a stand alone single character{{champion:81}} is more than likely to be selected mainly due to him being an explorer, though this could also head to {{champion:163}} since she's a nomad and has traveled the world. Some have also mentioned {{champion:13}} but I don't find this one too certain since he mostly avoids other contact with people and might not make the best of stories if he doesn't try to interact. However, to my perspective, League is almost like Game of Thrones in the sense that there are so many characters and plot lines happening that you can't simply have one protagonist. There would have to be multiple characters for each faction/region if it were to work. Picks for these regions could be {{champion:86}} and/or {{champion:99}} for Demacia, {{champion:122}} and/or{{champion:55}} for Noxus, {{champion:98}} or {{champion:157}} for Ionia (possibly {{champion:92}} or {{champion:39}} ), {{champion:22}} or even {{champion:113}} for the Freljord, {{champion:51}} and {{champion:254}} for Piltover, {{champion:245}} for Zaun, {{champion:21}} for Bilgewater, {{champion:18}} or {{champion:17}} for Bandle City, {{champion:89}} and/or {{champion:131}} for Mt. Targon, {{champion:75}} or {{champion:15}} for Shurima, and then {{champion:38}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:83}} for misc.
: The narrative team don't credit their accomplishments often. So if OP was interested, here are the names of everyone (that I'm aware of) who are involved in creating and shaping these stories. >[World Building Lead] ANT IN OZ-Anthony Reynolds Lenné > [Senior Writers] DINOPAWZ- Graham McNeill THERMAL KITTEN- Ariel Lawrence REVEREND ANTHONY- Anthony Burch > [Narrative] WAAAARGHBOBO- Odin Austin Shafer FAUXSCHIZZLE- Matthew Dunn JELLBUG- Rayla Heide INTERLOCUTIONER- David Slagle O'DYIN- John O'Bryan COOL RADIUS- Michael McCarthy LOOPING CINDER- KNEECAP PHILLY- JOPP ROBIN- > [Publishers] LOVE COMMANDER- Jake Pierce DYQUILL- Dylan Buck > [World Building Editors] JAREDAN- Scott Hawkes SCATHLOCKE- TIGER LILY- > [Nexus Writers] BANANABAND1T- Nikki Brown CACTOPUS- Ryan Rigney > Special mention to: GLORFT- George Kristic RUNAAN- Devon Giehl TOMMY GNOX- ENTROPY- OPELI- Mark Gibbons (Bilgewater art)
: Runes Corner: Late-Game Focused Runes
Gathering storm I'm completely fine with. Granted game are more early game/snowbally stomping focused right now but maybe that can change in least until I saw the other rune... Ultimore is where I draw the fucking line and say that runes are officially fucked up! Why try to add this in?!?! Do you have any idea how busted certain champs will be when they can basically get 60% CDR on their ult?!?! Considering how much CDR is already in the game with various items I won't be surprised. Get ready for Syndra having a 40 something second ult CD or even a Malphite ult every 40 seconds! I'm calling it here, runes are going to be a fucking joke for balance.
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: Which large-scale rework was your favorite "CHAMPION" wise?
Oh god... my worst weakness...choices! Well let's see: {{champion:14}} really came through with getting an identity from a Schwarzenegger parody to a an actual cool undead champ. Outside of that though he still needs a good story of his life. Gameplay wise his abilities are good. Q is telegraphed but rewarding when you get the small knockup, even more at full, E is good W is nice and ult is fun (even if hard to control). {{champion:78}} was vastly improved! still kept her iconic dash but added some new things for an interesting tank. Characterwise she's ok in my book. {{champion:44}} I'm kinda mixed on. On the one hand, he's fun and really good late game. On the other, current meta is all about fast games so he doesn't do jack in this. I think his kit is OK at least for the enchanter feel but I don't get that feel of building a bunch of armor like old Taric did, which I feel some are upset over. Characterwise I don't really like him but I don't despise him. I just don't find him that interesting (targon's champs outside of Sol and Diana are just bland to me) {{champion:83}} FUCK YES! One of the best reworks I've seen and played! Hits the feel of minion master without making it complex, great splitpusher, design is good, and I actually like playing him. Lorewise I haven't read up on, but what I have read is pretty good. He's one of the few champs that before I never would of touched ever but now is one of my favorites. {{champion:3}} Oh...this guy. Ok gameplay I feel was vastly cleaned up from just anti-mage mage to anti-mage tank, which I liked a lot more, but characterwise and many people will also say this, he got destroyed/replaced. He went from a wise sorrowful sentry to a blubbering jock of a statue. I really didn't like that change. {{champion:13}} Ryze I really can't comment too much on. His backstory now is ok i guess but I don't find interest in it and gameplay is just... well, insert ryze needs another rework joke here. I just don't find this guy to be balanceable as he is, even after what feels like his 5 rework even though it's his 3rd(?). He just has a lot of power in his kit and either he's really strong or needs nerf and really weak. At this point I'm fairly certain that he's just a balance nightmare unless they go all out and completely change thing in his kit, which in turn would destroy the character a bit but that's the only thing I see working for him in the future. {{champion:19}} since his rework he's only been touched up on for bugs. That to me tells me that his rework is fairly good if he doesn't need any buffs or nerfs after a rework release. In fact this might be the only champ to have that done so far. Lorewise I like the change. The whole man hunter bounty hunter theme really wasn't that great in his old lore, so changing it to a horror movie stalking manmade werewolf on the streets was a nice change. {{champion:6}} Like Yorick, he's one of those champs that I never would touch before their rework but now I love them. His shotgun knees are very fun for me to use. Q is a little lack luster, mostly I use it for waveclear, E is ok for getting the opposite legs, W is nice and ult is so satisfying when you drag them in. Lorewise I love it. Having the whole survive pain for true strength is a good motive for a character like this. On a whole, if I have to choose its really close but it comes down to {{champion:19}} and {{champion:14}}. WW was just teh perfect example of a modernization of a champ and Sion is just an old favorite of mine that has really rewarding abilities to land either fully charged Q or ult. Worst rework is {{champion:13}} because reasons up above and close to that is {{champion:3}} because like I said I hate his character now.
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