: Orianna's VO doesn't really line up with her lore, so I think it's fine and along with it Syndra already got one despite having a questionable VO so why not Orianna until her VO update?
ehh, fair enough i guess.
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SatomiKun (EUW)
: {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:61}} Why do you exclude these from possible candidates? I think they might fit.
Caitlyn I feel just doesn't fit the theme well and when I hear her VO I just think she's a bit too old. Vi on the other hand I actually could see working now that I think about it. And Orianna I didn't really include mostly due to her VO. Most of her skins also depict her as a robot or something non-biological unlike a human or robot. Granted she was human before but she isn't now and even then a legendary for her I feel would be saved for a more human alternative.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 19
Can you give any news on Lissandra and maybe giving her a new passive?
Doozku (NA)
: Yeah that's what I meant. His ultimate sustain is probably my favorite part about him and otherwise his kit is a pretty simple mage with a focus on single target dots as opposed to bursts of damage.
As much as I think many want him to stay that way, I doubt it. Drain tanks as far as my knowledge goes aren't really healthy in League's history. But you never know, we just have to wait and see next week.
: Yea but no one said his 30 shards wereepic or legendary
I'm aware of that but never the less even if you re-rolled 975 skins you still have that possibility of getting a lower tier skin instead. The only time re-rolling is worth it is when it's cheap skin shards in the 520-750 range or skins that you already own. But, again you still don't have any control over what skin you may get and over what champ you may want.
: His voice in the trailer (and what looked like white hair, not sure) reminded me of Tywin Lanister. Although that could just be because I'm watching GoT currently
GoT is truely awesome and I wouldn't be surprised if new Swain was inspired by Tywin. Though imo he sounds more like Jeremy Irons.
Talvaren (NA)
: lifesteal? How does Swain have Lifesteal? What item does he get that from?
I think he's referring to his Ult and how it gains him life, and gave him the reputation of a drain tank.
: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
Yeah I kinda wish they would reverse it already. Ever since the change I've had no interest in the system. Why disenchant 6-8 other skins that I want to craft if it's only to craft one other. Re-rolling is a gamble of what skin I want, gemstones I still feel are rare to come by, and overall the value of the crafting system I just feel became worthless or a beginner's trap. There's no value in disenchanting skins for OE for a shard that you really want to craft. The only thing that's worth it anymore is BE and even then that's still sketchy with it's values
: if you have 30 skin shards, why not reroll them ? you can get 10 free skins. I literally got spirit guard udyr with 3 rerolls. lol
Re-rolling doesn't always mean you'll get a skin you want or of better quality if you don't have cheaper skins to re-roll. Say I have two legendary shards and an epic skin shard. I decide to re-roll them because I don't have any 975, 750 or even 520 skin shards lying in my loot. I re-roll them and I get a extremely disappointing 750 skin or even worse a 520 skin. A skin of that worth for re-rolling two legendaries and an epic doesn't make it worth it. Same thing applies to 975 skins, you're re-rolling fairly pricey skins for a _chance_ of a higher tier skin, maybe a legendary or an ultimate but at most you may get a skin that's around the same price or worse a lower price and quality. Even then you could get skins for champs that you don't even play or skins that you don't like opposed to skins that you do like and want and may just want to craft.
: to me it sound slike jeremy irons
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: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hyped are you for the Swain VGU?
As someone who mains jungle but also top I'm fairly excited for two reasons. One: Swain is a Noxian champion and I'm a pretty big fan of certain champions from Noxus {{champion:122}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:240}} Two: Riot's latest reworks have gotten me to try, and even more play, very old champs that I would never have touched before. Urgot I just thought was a clunky mess but his rework turned that around and he's one of my favorites. Eve just didn't seem that interesting but now is fun and fairly easy to play to an extent. Warwick for crying out loud is one of the best reworks yet and if memory serves me he hasn't been touched in nerfs or buffs so that's saying something. So yeah, as a possible new candidate to add to my roster of top laners and trying new champs, I'm pretty excited. cranked up to 11.
Wuks (NA)
: For YOUR eyes only owo
OK I don't know what coding trick you did to make this happen but damn that is cool. Also, thank you.
: Please understand that not releasing skins with VGU isn't a rule, its just been a common trend lately since they only want to focus on the VGU and not have to come up with a skin too. Releasing skins with VGUs used to happen in Seasons 1-3, Nasus with Infernal Nasus for example.
Fair enough; but with that in mind it's now possible that we might get a new Swain skin with his rework.
: Dragon Master Swain hinted on PBE?
If this truly is what we're making it out to be, then this would be a good step for Riot in doing this. Yeah skins don't release with new VGU but who knows, it's Riot's game and they could change or ignore some rules if they wanted or make a special case for Swain since he's getting updated and is in need for a new skin (over 2000 days might I add). On a whole though, this is keeping me interested in what the rework looks like and thus keep interest in the game (for now)
: A Evelynn Skin Concept(Fanmade)
With Dino Gnar and Moo Cow Alistar, I don't see why this couldn't happen.
Rioter Comments
: When I started playing Alistar Top was a strong choice. Back when Garen used Mana lmao.
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] December-January CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
You know I think I'm going to enter again this year. It's been a while since I made a concept and doing this last time was fun (even with the comma/apostrophe troubles) I even have an idea brewing, I just need to finish it up hopefully by tomorrow if I can get most of my school work done.
: Its not about how many skins are in a skin line rather how often new skins are added to it. The break from the pool party skins last year was much needed, not that I am sick of the skin line. Rather it felt like they would have become a mandatory thing for Riot, especially the way the boards were asking about them when we didn't get any. That said I look forward to new Pool party skin this year or whatever Riot has in store for us, mid-season time around. Fingers crossed for 6 VGU's starting this year.
Now that's a way of looking at it. I was a bit disappoint of no Pool Party this year but looking back I think it was welcomed as a break from it. Also Yes! Can't wait for those VGUs!
: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
* too snowbally * damage way too high * games too short * ADCs * Mobility Creep * duskblade/assassins (or anyone who abuses duskblade really) * defense is too low Other: * Towers gain some buffs only to get nerfed by other things (ex. increase in armor but minions do more damage) * New runes: some are just constantly taken more than others and I don't feel much variety as Riot said there would be in what I want to choose * Bot lane decides who wins the game; kinda similar to ADCs but nevertheless it still applies. You could dominate top but if bot loses/is feeding you basically have done nothing * Top is still an island that has little impact unless you're a split pusher * Way too many champs you want, no NEED to ban with more still left over * AP itemization is shit * Community still feels toxic at times but not much I can really do about that
: Just because you don't like Star Guardians, doesn't make it bloated. It's a wildly popular line, with so much more potential considering how deep the inspirational material pool is. I don't believe any skin line will ever get bloated because there's always potential somewhere to make them fit. They are beginning to create thriving worlds within skin lines, and that will only add to things that people love about this game.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Forhonor321,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ag9B1FeO,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-14T22:43:56.897+0000) > > {{champion:102}} Championship > > {{champion:19}} Grey > > {{champion:6}} Battlecast > > {{champion:122}} Dreadnova > > {{champion:202}} PROJECT > > {{champion:31}} Battlecast > > {{champion:14}} Warmonger > > {{champion:113}} Beast Hunter > > {{champion:89}} PROJECT > > {{champion:45}} Battle Boss Your favorite skin isn't Crabgot? You are a disappointment. >:c Jk that was mean ily <3
> [{quoted}](name=scribbles782,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ag9B1FeO,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-15T03:08:07.248+0000) > > Your favorite skin isn&#x27;t Crabgot? You are a disappointment. &gt;:c > > > > > > Jk that was mean ily &lt;3 Crabgot still is a good skin, I just prefer Battlecast for my tastes
Draehl (NA)
: 10 Favorite Skins For Your 10 Favorite Champs?
{{champion:102}} Championship {{champion:19}} Grey {{champion:6}} Battlecast {{champion:122}} Dreadnova {{champion:202}} PROJECT {{champion:31}} Battlecast {{champion:14}} Warmonger {{champion:113}} Beast Hunter {{champion:89}} PROJECT {{champion:45}} Battle Boss
: I'm on a 22 game win streak on Mordekaiser right now, I don't get why people still think he's weak
interesting. Quick question, have you still been using him bot or solo lane? Also why no use for Rylai, isn't that a core item on him or do you have build that doesn't need it?
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: Why does Riot sacrifice gameplay experience for balance?
Should we maybe include {{champion:516}} on the list or wait till he loses Unstoppable on live and still does damage?
: What makes you want to quit League the most?
1-2-3-5-7-9 and at this point might as well throw in 8 in there.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 10
Might I ask why taking Ornn's Unstoppable on W away when people were mostly complaining about his damage? It's the one thing that made him stand out a bit and had some skill in dodging CC. Why not nerf the brittle damage instead, or the duration it's on a target or even as one person on the Ornn reddit suggested revert it back to current health but add in some base stats?
Rioter Comments
: Will the Warwick and Nasus skins be legacy?
From what I can tell, they're not listed as Legacy from the PBE report on S@20 so maybe they're there to stay.
: Champs that either had a recent VGU or are getting one won't have new skins for them right away.
I'm fully aware of that with past VGUs like Sion and Yorick where we had to wait a whole year to wait on their new skins. All I'm trying to do is say which champions have gone on the longest without a skin, VGU or not, and if they have received a VGU they should be taken into consideration on getting a new skin soon-ish. I mean WW roughly got updated a year ago and now he's getting a new skin, so that's what I do expect at the very least. I just don't want champs that have received a VGU to just still be forgotten and go longer on without any new skins.
: Are you doing this from PBE dates, or Live dates? PBE dates don't quite count as a skin "becoming" a skin, for the sake of this. Amumu and Blitzcrank's skins, Sewn Chaos, were on the PBE but were never actually released.
Why would I do this from PBE dates? I'm doing it from Live when the skins are released to everyone that plays the game rather than the people on the test servers. Yes, PBE had Sewn Chaos but were never officially released thus why I didn't count them and why Amumu is high on the list still. WW right now has a skin coming but is still on the PBE as is Jax's new skin. Until they get released on live servers I don't fully count them.
: That doesnt matter, a new skin is complete different then vgu. Seeing that did work on that and seeing that they still haven't given them a new skin doesn't ease anything. In fact a lot of people was hoping for vgu to come with a new skins, and guess what hey didn't. Turning a blind eye just because yo appreciate the vgu doesn't give Riot the choice to just not give them a new skin.
Thank you. Someone else gets it. VGU don't fully give us new skins. Yes, they are nice and yes a lot of work was put into them. But in the end it's nothing that brings a new concept or skin idea to the table.
Vaermina (NA)
: That's why I said he can remove Warwick of the list?
I am aware that WW is getting a new skin and I will bump him down from the list _after_ the skin is officially released. I don't want to look at the PBE, get ready to change the list and then hear that the skin somehow got cancelled, like Sewn Chaos {{champion:53}} & {{champion:32}}. I like to make sure it hits live before confirming.
: mordekaiser is currently sitting at 963 days I was checking that myself Cause I know the king of clubs skin was a fair bit ago.
: Galio's last skin was Debonair.. That came out around august 2015, no? That's barely 2 years. ~700 days.
Galios Debonair skin came out April 14. Doing the math it's over 1000 days since his last skin.
: If you count Victorious Sivir, she was only 789 days. SKT came after but it was scrapped. Same thing happened to Amumu. Purchasable skins though, nothing that I know of in the past 1000.
I get what you're saying but I'm solely counting skins that are more regular to obtain through purchases, either through the shop or legacy. Victorious Sivir doesn't necessarily count since you need to reach at least Gold to obtain her at the end of the season and after that it's unavailable. SKT would of put her lower on the list yes, but like you said it got scrapped so here we are now with her in top 12 of over 1000 days
DanCast (NA)
: Amumu almost got sewn chaos... {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} It does sound like Galio and WW are getting lunar revel skins (year of the dog, woof woof). I bet 1 or 2 others will get ones this year like Yorick and Cass did last year.
Hopefully some do get a skin so I can boot them down on the list and we can get back down to say 800 range for a while. Also I think you're forgetting something in that year of the dog thing {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}}
Doozku (NA)
: I doubt they'll even consider giving him a new skin until he becomes like a Yorick level meme at which point he'll probably get another legendary in like 5/6 years. Or until a pro-player wins world and asks for a Rumble skin in which case the whole skins team would probably give him the middle finger.
Either that or somehow in the future he will be in need of a VGU or they make a special case for Rumble and bring back VU for that one time.
Doozku (NA)
: I heard that part of the reason why Rumble doesn't get any new skins is because there are some technical problems with his model that make it near impossible to make new skins for him, hence why one of the first skins he got was a legendary with a completely new model/rig.
I've also heard that. And since Riot no longer is doing Visual Updates Rumble players may have to wait a while until he somehow gets a skin that does what Super Galaxy did.
: Well Urgot is the most unique figure, so skin ideas are scarce there
There was already fan concept art of him in Dark Star and Dreadnova to say a few. I'm fairly certain we could get some ideas out of his figure if people can come up with that kind of stuff.
: Has it really been 3 years since the Amumu/Udyr skins that came with Order of the Banana Soraka? Holy shit...
Yup. And I even remember when they first came out....god it feels weird saying that. Just knowing that I was there 3 years ago makes me feel a bit old (not really but you get the idea)
: oh yea, for sure. It would be great if his next skin came out like a month after his Rework launches and even better if it turned out to be that Dragon Master Swain skin people have been wanting for. Also still good to note that he hasn't gotten a skin just for the sake of reference as well, just saying that at least he makes a good amount of sense as to why he hasn't gotten one yet.
Fair enough. And Yes His next skin needs to be Dragonmaster! But a month after the rework I kind of doubt it. It'll be looking like maybe a year after his rework, again similar to Sion and Yorick, but if somehow we got a new skin after say 7-8 months I'd be fine with that.
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