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: Does the new champ look like old swain
That's what I thought when I first saw him
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SatomiKun (EUW)
: Essences: Dr. Mundo
Mundo to me is a glutton for pain, a masochist as described by Evelynn. He doesn't feel it normally as normal humans do, to him it's something playful and makes him happy. And because he was constantly experimented on in Zaun that has only grown on him. In addition, because he was around doctors all the time it makes some sense that he feels like he's a doctor and he "helps" people with the methods used on him. He's almost a child that doesn't know any better. He can withstand the pain and that makes him happy, but to everyone else he just sees them break and terrified and doesn't really know why. He overall needs to keep the theme of being a "doctor", especially keep the meat cleaver since it's so iconic to him. Appearance-wise he still could be kept purple but he definitely needs a new look, preferably more of a cartoon-ish style since that's how I've always felt about him, BUT he still needs to be threatening. I like to think of the Warhammer 40k orks for example if you've played the Dawn of War games (at least up until 2 where then they butchered the series at 3). Those orks were still threatening based on how they worked and their tactics but still had humor to them because of their personalities and dialogue. That's what I feel Mundo's character should feel like: somewhat comedic in character and even in design, but still a threat because he's killing people with a meat cleaver. Lastly, because my keyboard is fucking breaking, he needs to keep a lot of his lines. They're iconic to him like "go where he pleases."
: ***
Soooo.... Shen/Lich Bane that reduces an abilities CD?
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Terozu (NA)
: What characters from other mobas would you like to see in LoL?
HotS: Abathur: Just one of the most creative kits in a MOBA that I've seen. Really turns matches into more of a RTS in a sense. Malthael: To me, this is a fun hero to play. Most of his abilities are situational as you need to mark enemies first but usually that isn't a big problem. This is typically what I think of when I imagine a grim reaper hero in a MOBA. Gul'Dan: He's a champ that requires to spend life to regain mana. Not have life in place of mana,**spend life to regain mana.** Johanna: SHE. IS. A. GOD. DAMN. TANK. And I love her for that! She can be near unstoppable in the right build and hands and she's just fun, not to mention bringing out that actual realistic fantasy of an armored female. Garrosh: Kind of interesting to see a throwing mechanic in a MOBA, such as throwing enemies caught out or initiating or even saving teammates. Plus, he's an interesting solo tank. Leoric: Fun champ that doesn't initially respawn and still has impact on the game, even in death. Kind of like Karthus, except he stays until he revives. Why would I not want that? Rexxar: If only because he can have some control over a pet. Rehgar: I don't really see that many offensive supports, at least the way he is. He gets in the fight while providing healing, CC, can deal some damage, he's fairly decent. Not to mention an ult that heavily boosts auto attack champs and a shield that also damages enemies while up. The Lost Vikings: IF ONLY BECAUSE THEY WOULD BE THE MOST COMPLEX CHAMP IN THE GAME AND I FEEL SOME PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MASTER IT ----------------------- Dota 2: Legion Commander: The closest we have to an infinite scaling AD champ is Nasus and even then that's more of his Q. Legion would more or less be interesting as a melee carry that relies on early/mid game through her duel wins. Not to mention bring some CC removal for some team utility. Chaos Knight: My personal favorite, people would hate the randomness, I love playing him so I don't care. Underlord: Another personal favorite of mine. Overall better Ryze ult, nice passive, good waveclear and CC and I'd love to have that kind of looking champ in the game. Shadow Fiend: All of his basic abilities are the same except the range they're cast. I love that. It's an interesting take on a champ that requires knowledge of which range to use and positioning. Silencer: Interesting choice for more cast heavy team comps. Outworld Devourer: Another favorite of mine. Nothing else. Winter Wyvern: Could be neat to see a mechanic that turns teams against a player or one another but is also guaranteed to be broken/anti-fun. ----------------------- Paragon (now gone R.I.P.): Grux: I love this champ. He was my favorite (before and after his rework). Good CC, awesome duelist, cool look, I'd one trick the fuck out of him if I could still. The Fey: Great CC, awesome caster, one of the few mages/casters I loved to play as. Sevarog: Another scaling champ and good CC. Narbash: We haven't had a wardrummer champ yet so I don't see why we couldn't have one here. Crunch: A combo champ that really felt interesting with combining abilities with auto attacks to get them back quicker. Serath: A neat idea for a melee carry ----------------------- SMITE: Chaac: Good fighter with lots of sustain, decent initiation (I guess?) and a pretty nice ult. Discordia: Forces enemies to fight one another and overall cause massive chaos. An interesting fit for the game. Nike: Bringing quests to complete over the match is an interesting mechanic that League could see.
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: WHOSE LORE IS THIS? (#12) - Lore Spotlight
Hmmmmmm..... considering that there are three champs off the top of my head that relate to anything of dragons but one of which is just said not and the other I doubt having lore of arrogance, I'm going to say Lee Sin.
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: Is PF Shen going to be a Legendary Skin?
Highly doubt that. With it being released along side two other Pulsefire skins and the quality at first look from the teaser it's 1350 at best. That still is a good deal though considering how long it's been since he's gotten a skin.
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: Obligatory Bilgewater theme while reading. That music adds so much life
Oh god I remember this music. The nostalgia. Wish we could still select this music in-game.
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: Some of those champions have had visual upgrades, so their entire skin roster had been redone. Though it's about 2 years with {{champion:203}} . I'm not biased at all. I also love Zilean. I thought his Bloodmoon Skin was new? Damn I'm getting old.
> [{quoted}](name=Battalion,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=NVvrfEHm,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2018-04-24T01:33:28.425+0000) > > Some of those champions have had visual upgrades, so their entire skin roster had been redone. _sigh_ I'm aware of some of these champs getting visual updates recently or are in the works for them, many people have already brought it up. But I've said this once and I'll repeat my argument as many times as this is brought up: **a visual update doesn't fully mean it's a new skin.** Yes, Irelia and Urgot were visually updated but that affected their base and pre-existing skins. Some of their skins, like Crabgot and Frostblade had a drastic theme/appearance shift, but it didn't actually add any new skins to their roster, say like making PROJECT Irelia or Dark Star Urgot. Outside of my rant, yeah it's really weird knowing Zilean's last skin was that long ago. It...really makes you think about how long you've been playing the game.
: Has it really been that long since Heimerdinger got his Hazmat skin and Aatrox his Mecha skin? Jeez, I guess I really have been playing for that long....
: Maybe i'm miscounting here. but shouldn't {{champion:37}} be on this list as well? didn't her last skin drop near the end of Feb 2015?
It was Feb 2016. She's not quite at the 100 day threshold but she'll be getting there in roughly 3 months.
: The {{champion:39}} and {{champion:28}} rework skins turned out to be some of the highest quality skins that you can get for your RP. That's a massive plus that we can hope for going forward with the rest of the VGU. Art direction-wise, Evelyynn and Irelia were both well executed.
That is something I don't doubt. But the fact still remains that even though they got VGU's, it only updated their skins. And while they are beautifully updated (with exception towards Frostblade >: | ), they didn't actually add any new skins. It's like having a car and wanting to buy another one vs. having your car and putting a new paint coat over it.
QMighty (NA)
: You forgot {{champion:154}} He hasn't gotten one sine the same time as Rek'Sai ... [EDIT] and {{champion:429}} who also has not yet gotten a non-event skin since her release in 2014
Maybe I forgot to add context: when I keep track of skins, I count the ones meant for ESports/LCS, so SSW, Fnatic, etc. By Riot's terms and to others, these don't count as true skins, but if I considered that, then this list would probably be so much larger and I'd be flipping the fuck out about it. As for Zac, you kind of have to realise that maybe Riot has trouble coming up with skins for him, as he's a champion that grows and shrinks. While there are concepts out there, it may be how Riot implements them to work. Course that's just my theory. And Kalista has...kind of been problematic in the past. Either she's really strong or in the gutter and, just going off of a quick thought, maybe not as popular as other ADCs. It does suck that she's only gotten event skins, though.
: Eh, {{champion:6}} got Crabgot update which basically makes it the cheapest epic skin in the game, so I'm not complaining. It would be fun to see Star Guardian {{champion:6}} finally, or maybe a Dark Star one.
Dark Star could easily be the next skin for him. There's already fan concept art that Riot could just use.
: A lot of those have gotten visual updates or have them scheduled, though.
I will always make this argument: a visual update doesn't fully mean it's a new skin. Irelia, yes got her VGU recently but it didn't add any new skins along side her pre-existing ones, say a PROJECT skin. Urgot's rework will nearly be a one year old in the coming months and he still has 3 skins. Yes, Crabgot was drastically changed to be more Pacific Rim/Kaiju themed than B movie monster, but that doesn't change how many other skins he has or how long he's gone without a new one. That was a visual change to a pre-existing skin to fit it's title/theme better. This will go the same for champs that are in or are scheduled for reworks, like Aatrox, Nunu, Mord, etc. Are their base and other skins going to be updated? Yes. Does that mean we're getting a brand new skin to see outside of those pre-exisitng ones, say Super Galaxy Nunu or Dreadnova Mord? No.
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: Since Riot is ramping up the VGUs even more...
On a very personal level, I think {{champion:102}} could be added to the list, most like in D or at highest C based on your rank descriptions. She's basically been off and on as the "queen of the Jungle", like during the Devourer jungle era, only to have that later removed. Fast forward to Bloodrazor and it's pretty good with her, so eventually she gets nerfed because she becomes too good for a short period of time. Similar situation with Press the Attack. She's doing fairly fine for now in terms of winrate but that still doesn't cut out some major issues she has: * No CC outside of Ult - This is probably the biggest issue I have with her. The only CC she ever can have is her ult, which only gives a small knockback rather than a drag. It can be say good for a quick disruption of a channel or initiation, but that's only good later on in say mid and late game. But for early game, she basically can't gank pre-6 unless the enemy laner is right at your allies tower, you have red buff and glacial augment (though I think people have just stopped running it on her or at least vast majority). * Item Dependent/Farm Heavy - Shyvana can have a lot of damage based on her kit: % health damage debuff on E, Magic damage mixed with W and AA, & Q is a double auto for more of those bonuses. But she also has to rely on items a bit, both for more synergy for her kit and to fill in some missing gaps. Bloodrazer is an example of synergy, giving % health damage as well as attack speed, and Frozen Mallet is an example of filling in the gaps for her, since it gives her some form of non-ult CC and pairs well with her being AA reliant. In order to obtain these though, you just need to farm constantly. There's a saying with Shyvana of her "beating you with a giant bag of gold" and that can't be more accurate. She's a jungle champ that needs to heavily farm up in order to get her items early and start going and if you steal her camps she can't really get anywhere. In short, she's a feast or famine champ that relies on how much farm she can gain fast. * Her Passive is Terrible! - Speaking of Feast or Famine, let's look over one element of her kit that literally makes her that. Now granted this does bring up the fact that she received a mini-"rework" already, but overall I didn't find it that great, even with additions of a better feeling dragon e and Dragon Form bonuses. Her old passive was basically free stats, doubled in dragon form, but scaled somewhat through the game. INSTEAD NOW her small bonus stats are tied to how many dragons she can collect. Oh, but she has extra bonus to dragons now. Great I guess? Outside of SR, this passive works weirdly, like TT you take the equivalent to Baron, which why is that the only way to get those stats, and ARAM is destroying towers, which that all depends on how well your team comp is vs. the other random team comp. Either you/your team are securing dragons and you can have bonus stats that scale a bit in the game, or not and be stuck with extremely bad bonus stats through the whole game, as you can only get these through the 4 before elder. Yeah, I fucking hate her passive. In short: -She lacks any CC in her base kit to be somewhat effective at early ganks, pre-6 -She has to farm up for items, some of which she relies on heavily -She's a feast or famine type champion -She's mainly pure damage -Her passive is shit I love playing Shyvana but lately that's been going to an extent and I feel like she could use a small proper rework to bring her up a bit than to constantly have her as the "lady with bag of gold for weapon".
: Syndra's passive should be changed into a series of Quests
Quest idea: I like it. Quest idea on Syndra: eeeehhhhh.....meh? I mean, I really do like the idea of a quest based passive, something similar to Nike from SMITE or a variety of hero talents in HotS. Putting something like this on Syndra though feels odd and off to me. I can understand if it helps gameplay wise that through practice she becomes more powerful. Though one thing is though what would be these limits. If they're set too low, they can give a massive power spike early on and if they're too high, they feel like a grind to get. Not to mention that if you can't land these abilities or meet the parameters of these quests, you essentially lose out on power and this leads to a feast or famine situation. Just my thoughts though.
: What's taken the fun out of league for you?
* Games being stomps - it isn't fun to basically lose a game within 10 minutes and be stuck there for another 5, 10 if you can't early surrender and longer if nobody wants to surrender. It's basically gotten to the point where I mainly am playing bots again just so I can feel a tad bit more relaxed. * bot feeling like the most dominate lane - with the mage changes so far and top just being irrelevant most of the time, bot just is the deciding factor and main sight of the game, which has just remained untouched. * various champions to play against - There are just to many to count to how many I just find absolutely annoying/rage educing to play against, such as {{champion:150}} {{champion:126}} top, {{champion:157}} in general and many more * nobody to play with - even with the "friends" i make through matches, we don't really meet up when we're all online. It's sickening to me to play all alone. * Balance around LCS - I've been hating this for a while now, but Riot just wants this game to turn into a sport. I've always hated that view. LCS isn't even that fun to watch from the few games I've seen. Hell, DOTA 2 has better eSports value. * Toxicity - that's nothing new though * The whole process of Riot getting to things feels slow - Why does it feel like an eternity for us to have ADC's finally getting looked at for Mid season? Why do mages have to essentially be hard nerfed across the board because of "seen in LCS too much now" when ADCs are barely any different? The whole process feels slow. * Overall thought and balance is thrown out the window - IDK what the fuck Riot is doing anymore!
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: Blood Moon Evelynn Skin Spotlight
As someone who keeps track of which champions have gone without a skin for long periods, this absolutely pleases me.
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GreenLore (EUW)
: Well she doesn't have to do it on a dime. But what will happen once her dragon form gets revealed to the demacians?If they start rejecting her because of it,then she might grow spiteful towards them or even be forced out of it. Overall I am not saying that she will leave Demacia for sure,just that this possibility will likely be brought up within her story.
You do bring up a good point about her dragon form being revealed. My only thoughts and loose theories if this did happen on how it would go are that either they find out and still for the most part allow her to stay but heavily fear her or more likely they start to have distrust in her, mainly her savage dragon side, and they wonder if she's more monster than human. The distrust continues and there's some sort of incident where she's to blame or people just finally snap, don't care if Jarvan defends for her and want her to go away, essentially reverting to their old ways of shutting magic and magical beings out (at least from what I understand of their culture). She either feels extremely hurt with her human side having wanted to be cast out or more hateful towards them from her dragon side and thus that grows more of the distrust and reason to have them fear her. She then either is courted to leave, leaves on her own, or is forcefully driven out (possibly with a fight even) by the people/guards. Outside of that she would more than likely just become a wanderer, looking out for herself and either have extreme spite towards humans or extreme sorrow with the thought that she can never find a home. In short, she would be cast out but she wouldn't fully go to Noxus, she'd kind of be a wanderer (though I feel we have enough with Riven & Yasuo already).
Elfezen (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Forhonor321,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rJnlotAA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-17T14:42:15.944+0000) > > The difference between almost everyone + Lux and Shyvana is that most everyone is aligned to a faction or were born to a nation. Lux was born into the Crownguard family which was a part of Demacia. To say that she would turn over to Noxus, abandon her family & Garen and basically become a traitor to her home country all because she knows she has magic wouldn't make sense for her as a character. > > Shyvana is different as she wasn't born into any faction. In fact, she only went to Demacia due to her father telling her so. This basically a scenario of two roads and a "what if" should her father told her to head to Noxus instead, who value strength in many forms. Because of that, they more than likely would of welcomed her in and she would of felt more comfortable being around them. Shyvana also has ties with Demacia since she and Jarvan are lovers which makes her directly related to the royal family.
> [{quoted}](name=Elfezen,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rJnlotAA,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-04-17T15:05:23.440+0000) > > since she and Jarvan are lovers which makes her directly related to the royal family. ...wha-no! It's never officially stated that Shyvana and Jarvan are lovers. That is completely fan/player-base speculation. They is no story, in her or Jarvan's bio or short stories, any Rioter comments or anything else that could be deemed official to say that they are lovers, let alone married for her to be a part of the royal family. If anything, based on their stories, they're just really close friends. And her ties with Demacia are that it helped protect her from her mother, Jarvan vouching for her to stay and overall earning a position in the army ranks as they accepted her.
Elfezen (NA)
: This can be said for almost everyone, even for Lux since she is a mage and Noxus is open to any type of powers as long as you act for the faction's profits
The difference between almost everyone + Lux and Shyvana is that most everyone is aligned to a faction or were born to a nation. Lux was born into the Crownguard family which was a part of Demacia. To say that she would turn over to Noxus, abandon her family & Garen and basically become a traitor to her home country all because she knows she has magic wouldn't make sense for her as a character. Shyvana is different as she wasn't born into any faction. In fact, she only went to Demacia due to her father telling her so. This basically a scenario of two roads and a "what if" should her father told her to head to Noxus instead, who value strength in many forms. Because of that, they more than likely would of welcomed her in and she would of felt more comfortable being around them.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Honestly I think you are right about this,however I don't think it is much of a plot hole and more of an opportunity for an interesting story.I mean what will happen once she realizes this herself? Will she abandon Demacia in favor of Noxus?Or will she remain at Jarvans side instead?
I doubt that she would abandon Demacia in favor of Noxus on a dime. With how the story is, she's forever grateful to Jarvan for helping and vouching for her into their home. She may not feel fully welcomed but she's lived there for some time to say that she is one of them. Now if her story went from her dad "go to Demacia" to "go to Noxus", then I could see that happening. Kind of a 'what if' scenario.
RaiNinja (NA)
: Skins, Just Skins Please. Give the older ones some love too.
People will always bring this up and I can't help but agree but more popular champs = more profit for Riot to make skins for them. That's just how it works. I also think it's unfair how Xayah, Rakan and even _fucking Zoe_ are getting skins far beyond say Kled and Sol, but they're more popular or just have more frequent ideas for them first. Riot is a business and so they do need to make the biggest profit they can. That's just how business' work (even with use of shadier tactics in more recent times). HOWEVER, a champion I feel should never go long without a new skin in a while. It will eventually make the small group of mains for those champs feel forgotten or unheard on purpose by Riot and sooner or later they may decide to switch to a new champ or may even leave. That's my opinion and thoughts at least. As well, Sol has been confirmed to be getting a skin later this year & Taliyah is getting SSW skin if I recall. Riot still is (somewhat) getting around to these champs, but it still doesn't excuse them for ignoring them for so long over other champs that are newer or have received skins more recently.
: Dreadnova Swain
All of the Yes!!!!
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: {{champion:86}} he’s gotta be the popular jock with the varsity jacket
oooo that's a good one
: The new Karma bio
While this is good to hear, I think I need more clarification on "improving" her lore. Like, are you still going to keep her whole hear voices thing and being possessed? Or are you going to remove the aspect of her trying to make her a pacifist and disregard violence? Honestly, if you are going to "improve" her lore, just ditch the pacifist route you were going with her. It feels out of nowhere and doesn't play in to her kit, which does require her to be aggressive somewhat. On top of that, ditch the whole possession thing. This is, what, the 6th champion you made into being possessed? Were{{champion:142}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:131}} not enough for Targon so you have to shove it in champions from other regions? Why not just make the explanation that Karma is basically an Avatar like Aang? That the voices are just past lives that don't possess her? I really hope you're listening to this and everyone's feedback because while I don't play Karma, I can see why people are pissed about how you handled her lore.
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: Am I the only person that finds the new Wukong skin to be ... really underwhelming?
The skin overall is lackluster but I also felt unnecessary for him right now. The reason I say that is Wukong is just a outdated, boring champion. Not only is he heavily stat based but his abilities don't have a lot of flash to them. Most of them are just changes to his animations rather than particle effects. Q is just lengthing the staff, E is a dash with effects barely noticeable since it goes by fast, & W is literally just a clone. The only thing I feel got changed was his ult and even then that feels boring. It's a skin made way too early for Wukong because he needs work. A rework. Giving him a skin in the way he is just feels off since there's nothing you can really add to him outside of a different appearance.
: Nice list this time, specially would like if Aurelion Sol got a Worldbreaker skin in the Mayan motif. As for future Academy thread, Ill just point you to the Academy comic that was made by Riot employed fan artist. It has tons of Academy skin inspirations in it.
I am aware of that series and would reference to that. Though I also will be inclined to add my own ideas as well rather than just a majority of champs being students.
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: Kaisa is about as sexualized as Illaoi. Besides, if you really care that much about oversexualization, then leave the game. We have characters that are so broad that you can pick any number of them to love for any number of reasons. If you are going to fixate on a small pool of characters not being to your liking then don't play them. Yes, we have characters like MF (who really badly needs a voice update) and Sona who are pretty sexualized in general for their bare form, but we also characters who are intended to use their body as a weapon to lure people/ deceive them like Eve and LB.
I'm not saying I care that much about oversexualization. If anything, I could give less than a shit about it. If you want to make a character that's very sexual, fine. I don't have a problem with that. I just saw a bunch of discussion somewhat relating to the issue and wanted to hear some opinions.
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KoKoboto (NA)
: What's the point of this post?
It's suppose to be a parody/shit post to two other posts, one talking about overly sexualized characters in general and the other talking about Kai'sa being overly sexualized.
Sukishoo (NA)
: I think they meant more of a Goofy style, like the April Fools skins where they wear Onezies or the Pool Party where they are in Swimwear. Super Galaxy is supposed to be like a defender of the Galaxy so that's still kind of serious even if they are an Anime releated one.
: Shyvana could use a "fun" skin
I'm sorry but does Super Galaxy not count towards a fun skin?
: Rework Concept: Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant
Here's my quick thought of this: Passive: While i think thematically it works and would be fairly unique, the heavy boots thing I just don't see to be that exciting from a gameplay point. Certain items like Righteous Glory like Sad Tyrant mention or Dead Man's Plate are basically useless to him since you can't benefit from the movement speed. On top of that, Mord's MS is still undetermined in this and I feel if it's too slow he just can't catch up regardless but if it's too high, he'll have a strong advantage early on. I also feel his second part is too focused around champs. Maybe make it like 50% or even 25% effective on minions. Q: It just feels odd for him to channel it. The head part I also feel is just like Darius' Q. The extra auto range is interesting but I don't think that's what a juggernaut like Mord should be able to do. Getting hit with the mace should just be like getting hit by a truck or a mountain, it should more or less be where he has some CC. Maybe make it instant cast and enemies hit at the head are slowed. W: Kind of weird saying he cracks his metal, yet it protects him more. Overall though, I feel it could work E: I personally like the original E. That to me is one of Mord's more iconic abilities, just using his dark magic to unleash damage in an area in front of him with a motion of his hand. The one you're proposing doesn't really make sense to why he would suddenly get a spear. R: I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I feel it captures more of that soul tormentor/collector feel Mord is suppose to have and this would be interesting. On the other, I don't know exactly how tanky the Thralls would be, due to how this new Mord would build, or what the damage output would be as you went on, especially when you collect more thralls. On top of that, the necromancer feel is kind of taken my Yorick and that may clash a bit and this may be a bit confusing with his ult as well if they look the same or how they attack. Idk, I feel like there's some good stuff here and there is a direction, but I still say it needs work.
Gapybo (EUW)
: Who is that on the first icon? O.o Guessing it's a new skin but for what champ?
Well on Surr@20, it says Varus is getting a new skin so I would assume it's that.
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