: How is everyone?
Kinda stressed right now with finals, planning for study abroad, switching classes, and getting ready for the holidays, but other than that feeling ok(ish)
: What is something SPECIFIC you wished Riot would make in a skin to a champion you like?
CLG ear (NA)
: Do not buy star wars battlefront 2
The only Battlefront II people really should be buying is the original 2005 classic
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: Where'd all the Rivens go?
I mean... what's wrong with them all disappearing and not having to deal with them?
Ralanr (NA)
: IMO Sion already fulfills it with his barbarian skin.
He does kinda with the barbarian skin but in my mind he could also do with a more fantasy themed skin as well. Something like an orc warboss, similar to Grom or Garrosh from the Warcraft series.
Amxen (NA)
: Mindflayer Vel'Koz please. Make it terrifying.
I always imagined more Beholder Vel'Koz
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Sarutobi (NA)
: Remember that there are two UrfWarwick skins. The original, and the newer one. The older one is the one that you can usually see especially if you have the Base skin auto-elected. You would need to find the newer one which is usually the last skin for Warwick.
...you are correct. There are two URFWick skins and I've been picking the wrong one. I feel really dumb now.
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: Zoe's champion interactions are underwhelming......
Exactly what I was thinking. Almost every single one of her interactions are between Lux and Ez and only a few between Sol, the rest is literally with just other female champs. WTF How can you make a champion, an aspect of Targon, and not have them interact with others of their faction? Where are the annoying quotes of her commenting on how Leona is so bright or Pantheon is a bit too violent/mean or anything else that she could interact with? Why spend so much time and resources on her interacting with two specific champs that are in no way related to her region and give so little to the champs that are related?
: I agree that three skins is too much, but there are just so many things that you can do with Jhin. I absolutely adore his character design, and he is my favorite champion in terms of how it feels to play him. I respect Riot's decision to make these skins, but I wish they gave other champions priority if Jhin has already gotten two.
Thank you. As much as I love his PROJECT look, other champs could of worked. And I really don't care if someone says "worlds don't count" to me they do (at least when it comes to how many skins a champ receives in one year)
: I was gonna make this thread but I'd have probably gotten downvoted thanks for pointing this out it's really frustrating I'm a tahm player who despises vayne with a passion and yet I acknowledged she needed a nice one and riot did well, its a cool skin for a champ that fits the theme who hasn't gotten a skin in a while. this is just ridiculous with jhin however.
I think a lot of us are in the same boat as you. I absolutely hate Vayne, especially good ones that just dominate and stomp over you in the first 10 min, but at the same time her PROJECT skin is probably needed for a well deserved higher tier skin since she's been around for a while and, of course is popular. Jhin, on the other hand, may be popular as well but going with technically 3 skins in one year is really pushing it for me. (_AND I WILL COUNT WORLD SKINS WHEN IT COMES TO RELEASE DATES/TIMES! BITE ME!_)
: Shen and Diana honestly should've received PROJECT skins.
Hopefully next year/time they'll be in the line up (If we're lucking and they don't do another Shen teaser mix up)
: I think what they're lamenting is that the three new Bosses are three midlane mages. Along with Veigar that makes four, and Blitz is a support. Not really an optimal lineup on a realistic team
On no you're completely right about the non-optimal lineup, I won't disagree on that. But I also have to say that Riot wouldn't just randomly throw in another set or one random Battle Boss skin after we've gotten a set this year. Though if we do get some next year I would like more variation in roles, like maybe a few fighters or tanks and definitely a marksman.
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Um, they're talking about Jhin. Jhin didn't get a Battle Boss skin.
I know. I'm saying that we've already gotten the line of Battle Boss skins this year so it wouldn't make sense to add in another random one several months later.
: Wish it was the battle boss line instead of this serious mode stuff. Gimme one fun based skin for him riot. Come on.
..we...just got Battle Boss this year
Limrick (NA)
: He got Blood Moon this year too. Meanwhile Taliyah, Kled, Illaoi, Aurelion have no new skins at all and this fucker has 3 in one year.
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FeeNeeX (EUNE)
: DeathSworn Diana ( Am Speechless )
This needs to happen next year
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: Your two highest mastery point champions swap passives
{{champion:102}} & {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} - more starting armor for the first few seconds of a fight, useless secondary since i can't freeze anyone {{champion:113}} - feast or famine passive, not the champ to solo dragon easily even with bonus damage, pretty much near useless for damage without original passive
: My money's on {{champion:67}}. She fits the skin line, is an extremely popular champion, and doesn't have an 1820 skin yet in spite of her playrate which makes her a highly probable (and profitable) choice for this year's PROJECT legendary. If I could choose based purely on personal preference though: {{champion:133}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:141}} Kayn in particular would be a really cool choice as they could innovate with his skin and make it a hybrid PROJECT/PROGRAM. No clue what name they'd give it though.
I always think of Kayn having a PROJECT/Battlecast skin tbh. I just see that working more.
: I believe that the Project, Mecha, and Program skins all take place in the same universe. But I'm just going off of Project{{champion:164}}'s interactions.
I think Battlecast also goes in the same universe with some hidden cameos in some of the splash art and I believe quotes from PROJECT Ashe, but I could be wrong about that one.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25
Can you give us your thoughts on some things now hitting live today, like the insane Galio AP ratio buffs, or just more stuff in general of champ balance, like Eve? Also, what ever happened to the Yasuo or LeBlanc rework you mentioned? Are there any plans for certain champs like {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:127}} ?
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Maybe because it's a 1850 skin. Now feel free to downvote me if I'm wrong about this, but has *anyone* 1850 skin gotten Chromas before? I'm too tired to go look.
Dunkmaster Darius, Brolaf, Primetime Draven (since he technically is categorized as legendary in the shop)
: I guess Riot feels like since Sion is the newest one that currently exists, they can do it later.
But Rengar is now the one that will currently be the newest one and he's getting chromas off of his launch. Meanwhile, Sion has had a few years out now, some people I've seen have requested him for chromas, and now with new Rengar getting chromas before him it feels cheap and almost bullshit.
Cloud273 (NA)
: What was the first video game you ever played?
As far as my memory goes, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for Gameboy As to which got me addicted to gaming, probably Age of Mythology or Mario Kart.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 20
Meddler you mentioned that you're going to be looking at AP when season 8 starts, which I think many approve of, but what about maybe looking at Marksmen or crit? I've seen so many board discussions on how ADC are basically the new assassin, even one post explaining some of their problems. Also is there any news about certain champs like {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} and just champs that haven't really been seen or been doing poorly lately, either it terms of mini reworks, buffs or anything? As well, what's the situation with the {{champion:7}} and even{{champion:157}} you mentioned a while back? What's your opinion on where {{champion:203}} still, like do you possibly still need to look at her again?
: That moment you realise a voice actor voices both your fav characters from diffirent games.
The voice actor for Xerath I believe also voiced Kel'Thuzad from Warcraft 3 , Hearthstone, and HotS
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: We got the Champion Roadmap guys!
Kinda sucks that Mord isn't next, but at the same time Irelia getting reworked (into something that doesn't insta stun you with one health above her and then slices you down) will also be nice. Btw, Metal what are you're thoughts on her now that she's up next? Like what you think of her now and what you want or expect to see in her rework?
SSmotzer (NA)
: Reworks: Who Needs Them?
For an absolute reworks that needs to happen next within the next few reworks planned: {{champion:20}} because people ask for him, he's incredibly outdated, both visually and gameplay, and honestly is just a bore to play as. {{champion:80}} he's super linear in gameplay and honestly there's not much you can do against him in lane except take his spears, hope he doesn't dive you/ burst you down, and try to outscale him if you can later in the game. {{champion:82}} BECAUSE GOD DAMMIT HE NEEDS SOME GOOD LOVE AFTER HIS CLUSTERFUCK OF A JUGGERNAUT REWORK AND IS A CHAMP I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO PLAY Champs that need reworks later on after big ones: {{champion:36}} really generitc, huge meat bag that punches you back and gets easily shut down by GW {{champion:84}} people really don't like playing against since the assassin rework and honestly could use a proper gameplay update along with some visuals {{champion:53}} So much power is put into his Q. Either you land it and make your enemies rage with your Q-E combo or you don't and get called bad. {{champion:106}} he's now one of the new forgotten champions. He really needs something to bring him back to the game {{champion:107}} his assassin rework just failed to satisfy fans and didn't really change anything about the insta-leap delete problem (even though the whole point of that damn class rework was to delay the burst!) {{champion:77}} Even with the insane buffs he's getting soon I still feel he needs a rework as he'll probably just get into the same problems again {{champion:157}} Just general balance issues and maybe make him not so fucking cancerous/annoying to play against {{champion:54}} I just feel he's lack luster and needs an overhaul. Plus, near instant traveling knockup ult isn't that fun to play against. {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} Be nice to have a duel rework with these two as with Nunu are just outdated {{champion:7}} Still has problems from assassin rework and needs to be fully looked at separately {{champion:72}} ...his passive spire mini game is shit to play with and against {{champion:9}} outdated {{champion:23}} isn't fun to play against as he will always just split push non-stop and in low elo be near unbeatable.
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Cerastes (NA)
: Why are the harrowing skins this year very UnHalloweeny?
I don't think the idea of the Harrowing is suppose to always be fun Halloween related. Remember, in terms of lore for League's world, the Harrowing is more of the "one night of the ghostly apocalypse" rather than the Halloween we know in reality. Riot I even think said or mentioned that they want to switch off between dark and series, like Underworld and current Death Sworn, and more colorful and actual Halloween-like, like last years skins. That and like someone mentioned below could be something about China and their taboo against the undead (which in terms that a Chinese company pretty much owns Riot would explain a lot)
: Harrowing died last year when they released those godawful slayer skins and Roit said "well we don't want to make it just a Halloween event. " and proceeded to just never make it an event.
...slayer series was two years ago and that was an OK skin line IMO. Last year we got some classic halloween skins: Bewitching Tristana, Bewitching Morgana and Little Devil Teemo.
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: Who do you want to see updated next for VGU?
Out of the list of champs that I feel need a rework soon:{{champion:84}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:56}}{{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} I'd say that either {{champion:20}} or {{champion:82}} are being looked at the most, since Nunu is in desperate need of visuals and a super outdated (and rather boring) kit and more has just been fucked over after the Jugg reworked, still has pizza feet, and otherwise is just ridden with bugs. Honestly I do want them to focus on Mord cause he's one of those champs that I would love to play. Honorable guesses would be {{champion:84}}{{champion:54}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:39}}
Sukishoo (NA)
: They said it wasn't used.
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: What's wrong with Deathsworn Kat and Deathsworn Zed? Why do they look so bad?
Zed for the most part I feel can work, they just need to tweak some things like the claws to look better, cause I like the idea of that on this skin, and probably change the daggers back to shurikens. Hell, shift some of the colors around a bit maybe. Kat on the other hand I don't feel fits at all with the look or feel of this theme. If anything I get more of, like you said, Death Blossom color scheme from her. The daggers look off, the hair, while they try to make it float, still looks a bit stiff and because she keeps her more human-like appearance it doesn't match with Zed or Viktor in this undead haunting spirit feel.
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] October CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
I might be able to enter in again this if I have enough time to flesh out my concept and not get drowned/go insane from college work. Though I might have to wait until winter.
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: Shyvana
Shyvana does actually have CC but its only the small knockback on her ult, which honestly I don't find very great to begin with as say dragging your enemies along with you all the way. It can still be useful for say interrupting channeling but that's about it and not a lot of champs do that. Her passive I absolutely agree on, ever since her mini rework. It's just makes her more feast or famine in the game since she relies on farming the jungle a lot. Can you get dragons? Yes? Get small bonus to armor stats. No? Keep crappy stat passive for the rest of the game! And yes she's not the best ganking jungler but when you think about it she's not really meant to be that. Most of the time, she focuses on farming, taking objectives, and counter jungling, as well as beat you over the head with all the gold she's gathered (which kinda makes sense since lots of fantasy dragons are greedy for massive amounts of gold). She _can_ pull off some ganks when situations call for it, but it usually has to involve the laner engaging first, especially if they have good CC, to keep the opponent there so she can arrive, have the enemy laner extremely over extended, and have Shyvana have red. Post-6 is a bit better since she now has a gap closer but you can easily miss it sometimes still or they just see it coming and avoid it. I do agree that sometime she needs a tweak or even argue a higher scale rework in the later future. BUT BY NO CHANCE WOULD I EVER SAY SHE NEEDS SOMETHING LIKE SEJUANI'S PASSIVE! Yeah, Sej is insane and has CC and that's one of the problems with most tanks right now. On top of this you also have to realize that with all the power she has to blow up squishies, melts tanks quite a bit, and is slightly faster than most Juggernauts she can't really have any or at least a lot of good CC at the same time or else she'd be broken. She would need to lose something in order for that to happen.
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: Need 2 more for melee misson
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