: How to lane against certain champs as certain champs
With nasus at least if you can kill him before 6 you have a good chance of just snowballing the rest of the lane, around level 3 and 4 you basically wanna try going for an all in because your early damage as riven is much higher than nasus. So basically just bait the wither and dive in hard as soon as you can after that, If he's going e max though there really isn't much you can do to him.
: >You can't Ultimate Bravery without Riot punishing you for troll building, thats not a thing. riot doesn't care what you play in what role or what your items are as long as your intention is to win' >Clairvoyance is ~~gone~~ **replaced by blue trinket** ftfy >You can't even talk in game without a fear of being reported - remember when trash talking was allowed? repoorts don't do anything if you did nothing wrong and you can trash talk just fine without being toxic >Not anything obscene, but saying "damn you just got fun'd on" or "nice try kid" can get you reported. won't get you punished if that's all you said tho > You can't interact with anybody, but you have to communicate. You can't strategize, but you have to have strategy. you can do all that as long as you aren't toxic. it's not hard to not be toxic. at all >You can't have fun unless you're winning, because fun equals 600 damage in one hit, and no-fun equals being on the other end. if you've never had fun in a game, despite being on the losing side then you don't understand the point of games in general >I miss Fallout: New Vegas options, but we're stuck with Fallout 4 options. F4 > FNV
> F4 > FNV Imagine unironically thinking fallout 4 is better than New Vegas. For shame, Sir.
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: Illaoi
If you have any kind of dash or mobility you basically insta-win against, Illaoi. She counters divers and people who want to hard engage, that's why she's great at 2v1ing in lane. Her entire counterplay is to run away from her ult, everything else she has is slow moving and fairly short range, plus her e cooldown is pretty long anyway, something like a darius, aatrox, kled, riven or jax can demolish a game 100 times harder than an illaoi can, i'd use my ban on one of them lol and pick up volibear or even teemo, which just destroy illaoi in lane.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OEEwwR3E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-05T02:34:55.706+0000) > > Toplane is the lane with the least impact the higher you climb mid Junglers and adcs have almost double the chance to solo carry the game actually. And if you talk about Jax and Irelia these are special cases that only solo carry if fed to beyond. That’s a good meme. Let’s look at current ops for top lane. Riven - unstoppable monster Aatrox - unstoppable monster Irelia - unstoppable monster Jax - unstoppable monster Camille - unstoppable monster Urgot - unstoppable monster Kled - unstoppable monster Yoric - unstoppable monster But yeah. Totally. Nice meme.
> Kled - unstoppable monster Imagine unironically believing this


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