: Yuumi combos
I like leaving my adc after lane and sitting on champs like tryndamere, volibear, udyr, nasus, etc. Champions that struggle with gapclosing and being kited. I give them extra speed buffs + survivability, and some ranged cc (the yuumi q is so good for stickiness), and the ult keeps people in place during teamfights. Once I get my mikael's (which is usually 2nd item if I'm duo'd with a jg/toplaner who i can trust, and 3rd otherwise), I basically cover their biggest weakness (getting kited) and the game is super fun for both of us. Thus I find that my favorite ADCs for yuumi are the ones that can get me through lane safely. Ezreal, kaisa, etc. That's especially good because these hypersafe champions are the ones I'd be looking to play yuumi with anyways. If my adc was looking to go hyperaggro in lane I wouldn't be playing yuumi.
: It depends on the support. Enchanter supports like Lulu will not carry the ADC in lane. Their harass is negligible, and they mainly fulfill the purpose of keeping the ADC alive. Lulu has a solid point and click cc, an amazing ult, and mild harass. Supports that carry the early game are "supports" that are actually mages, like Brand, Velkoz, and Xerath. These three deal a LOT of damage, and Zyra's snare is the only actually significant form of cc any of the three have. They focus on harass and base value damage, as well as late game scaling to remain relevant. Mix supports like Lux and Morgana are somewhere else, where they have good cc and good defensive measures, but are lackluster in some other area. For Lux, she dies almost as fast as Sona, and has none of the healing. For Morgana, she brings no damage whatsoever.
Brand getting a stun combo off is the pick you need to win any fight. That's cc (but not peel). Velkoz knockup is 100% cc, and his q slows. Xerath... you're right his w and e cc are pretty negligible. Enchanter supports can also carry a lane. Janna landing a key W for a pick, Nami landing bubble + a good w (let alone ult), sona being sona, etc. A good Sona will be harassing with passive-enhanced Q+autos while keeping her adc topped off, then engaging with stun for a fight that even a bot adc can win. That's the support carrying, not the ADC. And you completely ignored the engage support category (champions like thresh, leona, blitz, etc) who are definitely carrying the lane with their engages/picks. Tell me thresh landing a q -> flail -> ult -> flail again -> adc double kill is not carrying a lane. Tell me leona landing her level 2 all-in + ignite and doing it again at level 3 and 6 is not carrying a lane. Tell me Blitz hooking the adc as soon as they walk into lane 4 times in a row is not carrying the game. You can't. These supports are 100% support champions, and they are 100% doing the carrying.
: Logged in just to upvote this. Fight the good fight. Player Support is largely useless at times, and are always quick to criticize.
Did someone say quick to criticize? > I do want to set you up for success here so I have some advice as to how to deal with trolling [Riot Supports]. I highly recommend that if other [Riot Supports] are flaming you or trolling you do your best to ignore them, mute them in order to focus on your own gameplay, and then report them after the game. Where muting wont necessarily block out trolling behavior remember we are only in control over our own actions, and if we chat negatively with trolls, not only does it worsen the game environment, but chances are they were just trying to get a negative reaction out of us so they "win" in a sense. > > As for [Riot Supports] that legit feed, I feel ya. You have the right to be upset, but if you take yourself out of the game for a second, what can you truly do, right? For me, I just mute that [Riot Support], focus on playing my best, and try to rally my team to cover objectives. This way, I ignore the problem I have no power over and I give myself the best chance of winning the match. It's not worth your time to interact with [Riot Supports] that don't intend to cooperate, know what I mean? > > A bit of advice I'd like to give in those sorts of situations is to mute that [Riot Support] as soon as you notice their negative behavior. Mute them and focus on just playing your own game. It's not worth your time to interact with [Riot Supports] that don't intend to cooperate. > > If you should ever run into this behavior again, remember to mute them and don't respond to anything they are doing using in game chat. The point is to try and focus on the game and just playing it out as much as possible, even if that [Riot Support] is making the game a certain loss. You ignoring them might not change their [Riot Support] actions, but it prevents you from being dragged down with them for responding to their behavior. > > When [Riot Supports] are being negative it may be hard to make the decision to mute them as it can be intriguing to see what they have to say, but this is truly the best way to avoid being inadvertently punished and focus on the game. > > Whenever I see [Riot Supports] flaming in my games I always mute them right away so they don’t get the attention they want. You can also block them in the post game lobby as well. > > If you should ever run into this behavior again, remember to mute them and don't respond to anything they are doing using in game chat. The point is to try and focus on the game and just playing it out as much as possible, even if that [Riot Support] is making the game a certain loss. You ignoring them might not change their [Riot Support] actions, but it prevents you from being dragged down with them for responding to their behavior. > > Each of these was taken from a different report ticket ;)
: lol I was thinking the same thing, I didn't even think they looked at the glitch reports since all the glitches I've ever reported were never fixed, ever. Each patch I scroll to bug fixed section and think maybe this time, only to see "fixed blah blah skin's dance."
they do fix a lot of bugs without saying anything, but yeah the bugfixing team definitely doesn't have enough manpower :(
AidanWR (NA)
: I remember back when you'd report a bug, you would mot likely get some response. Now you report a bug and there's no response, they don't fix it, and it is an issue until some pro ends up abusing it, or they see it happen in an LCS game and decide, "hey, that shouldn't be happening" and fix it. Like with Yasuo's VFX issues, they were there for about a month, and there was no response, but the Rengar VFX bug was going on at the same time and it had a lot more upvotes, and a rioter had dropped a message that they were working on it. It took them 3 more patches to fix the Rengar issues, and two more patches after that to fix the Yasuo ones.
Oh no a bug was there for a couple months what will you ever do? Try [two entire years](https://www.reddit.com/r/DirtySionMains/comments/5b6nwq/basic_attack_glitch_on_sion/) and [still not fixed](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/rmVX7nU2-up-to-date-partial-sion-buglist-sions-14-most-problematic-unintended-features).
: So tell me why, Lissandra {{champion:127}} is having her Q's cool down increased? They changed it from (@ lvl 1) 6 seconds to 10. I understand about the shoving, but then again, what makes champions unique is their characterized play style. If you're taking Lissandra's Q for shoving, why not take Master Yi's Q? It's way more efficient for deleting players, evasion, and wave clearing. But we wouldn't because that's what makes them fun to play. Guess I won't be playing Lissandra in a while then. . .
Because master yi's Q is totally a ranged ability that allows to safe shoving amirite. If you wanted waveclear there's plenty of options out there in the artillery mage list. People don't play lissandra because they find waveclearing enjoyable... they play xerath or velkoz for that lol... Lissandra's defining characteristics are her ability to jump on top of people, ult off a bunch of enemy spells, root, and generally be a nuisance.
EraxD (NA)
: Yasuo still has really no outplay besides playing under tower the whole game
yasuo as a champion is designed to outplay people. Literally all 4 of his abilities are really strong outplay tools...
: I get that Dark seal was a bit strong but now it's completely gutted. Seer percentages alone it was Nerfed 33% initial ap and 43% sellback value yikes.. RIP Dark Seal.
dark seal is still ridiculous as long as you're not a karthus who relies on dying for max potential. If you're taking dark seal that means you're expecting to not die. Even without kills, just by not dying you will rack up assists and stack it to an extremely gold efficient item.
: I mean, cool, but can we also add an option to make it so that you can queue for unranked games and not need to deal with toxic premades? Like, give us an option to opt out of getting premades on the team. I would rather have it be like ranked where the most you will get is a duo or two different duos. (Not sure if the last one is possible, just covering all bases.) And I don't care if the queue takes longer. Rather wait an extra 10 minutes or w/e than play a 15+ minute game with just rampant toxicity. Point is, I have lost a few accounts because of toxic premades who bait you into talking to them and this still goes on till today. I have since been able to manage their BS, but I honestly do not feel that one should need to master the art of dealing with troll BS when they simply want to warm up to play ranked. It is very discouraging when you are trying something and your team makes it impossible for you to learn so that you never want to commit to the purchase and take it to ranked.
if you're trying something new you should be /mute all anyways if your teammates are clearly trying to bait a response you should mute them as well or just move your chat off the screen and be done with bans for the rest of your account
: wow this is good patch adjustments, please buff ahri AP ratio
yes, lets buff a champion whose had 52% winrate for the past 4 years
Dragenik (NA)
: The real reason riot wanted to only allow one tear buy was to stop people from selling all their items and filling their inventory with tears.
it only says you can't buy more if you have an upgraded tear item
: no, that'd fuck up stuff like tank karma and viktor, which are super fun to play
and 0 fun to play against


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