: Old Japanese Art Style Jax
Oriental Asol would be pretty sick. Maybe for a new drawing you could turn a bruiser into a armored samurai, or a more Mongolian-style horseback raider (imagine Darius on a horse)!
: Chroma Purchase Warning System To Prevent Buying A Chroma For Which You Don't Own The Skin
I nearly spent a ton of money for a chroma for a Kha'Zix skin I don't own. I would definitely appreciate this.
: Game Mode Ideas!
I'm curious about the random-ability mode. How many random abilities do you get per respawn (is it _all_ of them, or just one or two at a time)? Can passives be changed as well (Imagine Nasus with Miss Fortune passive)? How will itemization play into this (e.g. you buy AD items, then respawn with all AP abilities)? As for the one-item mode, there are some strange player interactions that may occur as a side effect. For a top lane example, Jax synergizes extremely well with Trinity Force, so the enemy Darius rushes it so Jax can't get it. Jax, in response, buys Thornmail and other tank items so Darius is forced to build lots of raw damage. Now both top laners are in a bad situation: Jax has built like a juggernaut, so he does low damage, while Darius is stuck with all damage items and dies too fast to make a big impact in fights. Note that I don't have any criticism here; I like these ideas and they would really shake up the average player's gameplay. I'm just noting a potential side effect you may want to take into account (or not; who cares about top lane anyways?)
: New Ryze ult
It's a cool ultimate idea, and it makes Ryze fit in better with other, less mobile control mages. However, the major problem with this is that a new ultimate would not agree with Ryze's extensive lore (which often depicts him using his ult for better access to the World Runes, among other things). Because of this, I don't know how likely it is that Riot would agree to change Ryze's R.
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: Dar, The Unspoken
So, let me guess this straight: 2 minion waves (not counting cannon) = 12 minions +20% damage PER ENEMY KILLED So, if you get 12 CS perfectly (assuming the timer between Q's is long enough), you get a (1.2)^12 (about 9) multiplier on your next attack? I'd also like to point out that all of his abilities are dashes. It's a cool idea, but I think there are several instances where Dar's kit is seriously overloaded.
: Riot really nailed Trundle here down to a T.
Rift Crab (EUNE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: As someone who hates using chat, can you implement a system like this?
Why not put them where the new emote messages are? It's not like it's necessary to know when someone is emoting, so it would make a good replacement.
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: Why the fuck is Jhin out running Hecarim right now?
Anybody else think it's time for Predator Ghost Jhin to become meta?


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