: So there's a problem where after a match it takes awhile before I can see the stats screen in the new client but it doesn't happen with the legacy client. Will it be fixed with this update?
: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
Why do item sets even matter? Do people not notice the recommended builds page in the in-game shop? Besides shouldn't you be itemizing for the game as it plays out not just a static build every game...
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: Also it seems to me as though riots formula for rating supports isn't optimized. It seems to weigh kills much heavier than assists which is not how a support should usually be played. It encourages supports to KS their carries which is actually detrimental to their chances of winning.
I dont understand why everyone on here is crying? i am a support main and get S+,S and S- nearly every game i win. It's simple, support your team, get your adc fed, ward and dont die unnecessarily. There you go mystery solved!


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