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Audhulma (NA)
: Think you can just drag it off screen (mostly), unless they got rid of that in the last few years?
they didnt remove it and i do that but i still hear the tick when someone types, just do /mute all and watch chat for pings
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: a concept for a twin shield champ
I feel like the r would have to be a low cooldown because bard already has ab ability like that, would also need to gain defenses to make himself not die. I like everything else but with twin shields i would think something with more shields involved.
Spekkıo (NA)
: To be honest, I'd rather they just got rid of ability costs altogether from the game and just balance champions around cooldowns.
I would rather keep mana because if their wasn't mana than characters like xerath would excel even with high cooldowns, mana keeps balance on high damage champions, without it games would feel unplayable.
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: Riots takes on Lore is extremly fascinating and amazing. Well done
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: Why a story or pve mode is good
This is something i have thought alot about also! Imagine an open world with void and freljord and a quest where you go back in time to shurima! i think riot needs to make this NOW!
Kürama (NA)
: The latest patch is causing issues with AMD GPUs, which is why you're crashing. Riot is aware and is investigating a fix for this. I'd advise to take a break from League and only stick to custom games if you'd like to test if it's been resolved or not. Stay away from ranked until you can confirm it's solved.
Thank you so much!
Kürama (NA)
: Could you provide me the following information; 1. Your CPU / Processor type 2. Your GPU / Graphics card
I have an Alienware AX51R2-9310BK with a 3.6 GHz Intel Core i7 processor type and AMD Radeon R9 graphics card
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