: LOL Esports login....
Checked it again it's good now. No clue.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Tales from the Rift Splash Arts! (Janna, Ekko and Kled)
Kled skin super disappointing. I'd rather it not be released and something else given in its place. And I have 227k mastery points on Kled.... #HugeSighRiotSkinsDept
Deathgon (NA)
: kled skin
What we don't need is Kledula.... #HugeSighRiotSkinsDept
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: Got kicked out of a game towards the end... can't get back in the game....
There actually was a Taliyah jungler on the enemy team. The match doesn't show up in my match history either. So I'm not sure if the game ever finished... but if it did I didn't want to be held liable for afk-ing when I had no opportunity to get back into the match.
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: Can't log in after patch.
Nice troll Zoe. Rerouting the encryption to hack the mainframe so that I can't play you. GG
: Just reminding myself to be persistent and showcase what I love doing! I can't see anyone stopping me.. Except getting into gold..
There's always Season 6. I got lazy and stopped at Gold 4 though....
Arie (NA)
: Creator Interview: League Boy
Lol I'm not a big watcher of Vines, but every now and then one of them stumbles my way and I see League Boy pop up more than others. What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
: 5.14 Connection issues
Timewarner Cable. Played a few games earlier today but 4 minutes into this very ranked game. Disconnected. Can't reconnect into game. Currently trying to relog into league and can't even do that. Ping ~70-90 ((normal)) FPS ~150+ Mind you that's before it just up and went "Nope X D No more game for you."
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: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
Interesting. Don't think I received anything... but I guess i'm a miserable schmuck on occasion who doesn't possess the gumption to be beaming and bedazzled with good wholesome cheer. Good on those that managed to not be a stick in the mud. And for those of us that failed... well humanity is the crutch that we're cursed with. Hopefully we'll ascend higher than some quirky down syndrome comical robot.


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